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An open letter asking the pertinent questions on issues of Brexit & Covid requiring urgent response from Mr Johnson PM and his Tory Government.


Compiling the questions, concerns and evidence shared herein, has been a time-consuming, vitally necessary task and while under duress of at times, the emotionally and psychologically debilitating impacts that current agendas as exposed herein, have brought to bear on myself and others and as one who struggles to live with chronic complex PTSD.

It is important that all of the evidence is accessible in one place and contextualised toward the specific purpose of challenging odious narratives and the imbalanced ambitions they support: I do not state that every scenario posed for question, will definitely happen. I do propose that those scenarios and questions are formed on foundation of valid, lawful suspicion and present important and relevant topics of concern for every British and global citizen.

Please note that this article is published in two parts in order that both documents can be viewed via split-screen and references can be checked with ease. While most of the links are shared in chronological order, due to more information arriving at time of writing, I have had to include those at a later date;

Part H/References can be found via the link below:

Thank you to all who spare the time to read and absorb the information – please share and/or inform others; be prepared to lose the fear, the divides and apathy: Unite to stand up for our Human and Universal Rights because when those rights are erased, fear turns to terror:

Rights & Law = Muscles: Fail to exercise them regularly = We grow weak.

Special thanks to; Last American Vagabond, Whitney Webb, The Corbett Report, UK Column, OffGuardian, Michael of Bernicia, David & Debbie Yates, H Thomas Ackermann, Hank McGurk and the many others contributing support and/or evidence here, for their solidarity, invaluable publications and courageous efforts in challenging the deceptions toward raising social awareness and holding authority to account.

Dear Mr Johnson PM,

Below, are a series of very important questions here presented on behalf of my fellow UK citizens. These questions, being supported by factual and professional lawful evidence, are equally indicative of a need for prompt criminal investigations into yourself as PM and key members of your Cabinet at No10 as well as, members of your Tory Government. Certainly, if law-abiding citizens can be arrested, fined and even imprisoned for failure to comply with dubious and draconian State-imposed directives, so too, can key members of that government be held legally accountable when all such directives are fundamentally opposed to and/or ignorant of, UK citizens human rights, health & safety, national security, common law, democracy and domestic-social-economy.

Britain is presently, as one UK Twitter user has succinctly stated:
‘Facing a no deal Brexit, with no apparent trading partners, one of the World’s worse Covid death counts. Worst ever national debt! A virtual war footing with Iran, and China! Thousands of homeless dying on our streets, a possible three million influx from Hong Kong! Tory Britain?

Part A: Brexit & Trade

Can you please explain Mr Johnson PM, why Britain is about to scrap 168 trade deals and will need to renegotiate at least, 759 treaties via your desired hard exit from EU (1A) but meanwhile, the USA is in process of securing a deal with EU and Israel, another strong Brexit backer, continues to benefit from an EU trade deal (2A) ?

Since Britain already has a trade deal with Israel and a potential deal with USA, does this mean that both those nations will be acting as ‘middlemen’ to basically sell Britain many of the products we now buy via EU directly, but which after Brexit, will be very much more expensive and the bulk of food supplied from USA, providing none of the present health & safety standards as assured by EU and with all manner of other unpleasant caveats included (A3, A4) ?

Why should the UK public be subject to the kind of Brexit that is vastly more beneficial to USA, Israel, China and the Crown Offshore Territories than it is for the average UK citizen (A5-A8, A10) ?

Now the majority of UK citizens no longer want Brexit having had time to absorb the facts as opposed to the pack of lies & xenophobia, promoted by the criminal ‘Leave’ campaign; why is your government, Mr Johnson PM, nonetheless, intent on throwing Britain into an abyss of even worse austerity, deregulation and draconian corporate rules that fundamentally erase human rights and undermine UK Common Law and Constitution, none of which, were mentioned as potential Brexit outcomes during your ‘Leave’ campaign (A9, A11) ?

Why did HMCR sell its 600 regional UK tax offices to a private company – a subsidiary of a tax-haven registered corporation and then, charge the UK public extortionate sums to *rent those offices back to HMRC and thus, earn profits for the private companies to earn revenue for their investors which include, many Tory ministers and their cohorts and which pay minimal if any tax (A12-A16) ?
*Will NHS and other UK public buildings be similarly sold to e.g. USA corporations and then also, rented back to NHS, Councils etc., at public expense ?

Is it not correct that the only true beneficiaries of Brexit within UK, are those with interests in the Crown’s Offshore Tax-Haven Territories which, are not part of Britain and operate outside of Parliamentary Jurisdiction and actually, cause more harm to the average global and UK citizen, than good (A17-A20) ?

Can your government provide an estimate on expected increases in Britain’s national debt after Brexit being as we currently are paying £1bn a week on existing debt; will this be rising to £2bn a week in relation to the post-Brexit devaluation of UK £pound?

Part B Brexit Impacts

Leading researchers and officially recognised studies have defined austerity as ‘economic murder’ due to impacts on public services like NHS, housing, Benefits, job losses etc. By what lawful criteria then, does your Government claim to be acting on in delivering a hard Brexit when it is known in advance, that such a move at this present time, would be disasterous for UK economy, impose major food & medicine shortages, dramatically increase UK debt and likely to result directly, in over 1 million+ excess deaths over the next decade and, not forgetting that a hard EU exit is what a criminal nation would receive on being evicted from the EU Bloc (B1-B4) ?

Given the known impacts on post Brexit UK food supplies; is this why your Government has produced two documents stating you have ‘no legal duty’ to provide food to British people after your no-deal Brexit – does that include NHS treatment & medicines too (B5, B6) ? What about food & medicines for our pets?

Gov’t Fact checker states that the claim about UK NHS losing £500 million per week after Brexit, is ‘fairly extreme’, nonetheless, the fact remains that NHS IS very likely to suffer much worse than this ‘fairly extreme’ impact and, even if not to the tune of £500 million per-week, will incur losses of at least, £350 million pw and after yourself as a Leave campaigner, had promised NHS would be GAINING £350 million pw after Brexit (B7,B8) ?

Some among UK public voted Brexit in hope of curbing immigration and yet, your government has opened up to vastly increasing mass-immigration opportunities for a corporate-workforce which includes, global corporate military like Dyncorp (now established in UK), who are thus at liberty to bring in troops from abroad i.e. In readiness for serving your government and corporate/undemocratic interests, as a hired, mercinary-force available for e.g., crushing domestic social unrest (B9, B10) ?

According to the evidence, it appears that the greatest opportunity Brexit provides, is to a tiny minoriy of UK citizens via transforming UK from a democracy into yet another, Crown-controlled Tax Haven: Since there are other forms of Brexit that would grant a favourable deal for the majority of UK citizens; why were the UK public invited to vote to leave the EU and not instead, to vote on whether or not Britain should become a Tax Haven (B11) ?

Are the UK public now to be on the receiving end of what happened to the Chagos Islanders; evicted from their homes, their pets killed and the people dumped into the squalour of abject poverty, as their homelands are literally, sold from under their feet in favour of financial & military benefits to USA & HM Crown (B12, B13) ?

Chagos – Stealing A Nation:

Why is a no-deal Brexit recognised by your government as an ’emergency’, when you have had to date, over 5 years of planning for an EU exit and yet, nonetheless, rather than organise alternative trade deals, are instead, planning for Martial Law and stocking up on body-bags (B14, B32) ?

Given the known impacts of Brexit-imposed job losses and associated mass poverty, it is likely, the avarage UK citizen will be facing bankruptcy with dramatically decreased tax contributions from UK public – will this result in the ‘need’ for Banking & Building Society Bail Ins, which your government has legislated for in readiness and, will such Bail-Ins include repossession of UK citizens homes as well as, see ever more innocent people criminalised under antiquated ‘vagrancy-laws’ (B15, B16, B24, B25) ?

Since Brexit is set to scrap virtually every single right UK citizens currently hold as Human Beings, as a workforce, as EU citizens and with health & safety, animal rights and environmental protections scrapped too along with scrapping of the *Good Friday Agreement; why were UK citizens not informed about any such impacts during your ‘Vote-Leave’ campaign (B17-B23) ?
*Although for now, you have agreed to a border-in-the-sea in relation to Ireland, the fact remains, your government and yourself as a known liar and conspirator-to-commit-violence against innocents, cannot be trusted to honour this agreement once Brexit is done.

Why have almost ALL of your government’s Brexit promises from fishing rights to money for NHS, to ‘quick & easy trade deals’, been dropped and why then, is your desired form of Brexit not a criminal act of deliberate sabotage against UK citizens interests being as what you are delivering, is the opposite of what you told people they were voting for (B26) ?

With prime benefits of Brexit going to London City Financiers via avoiding the strict, fiscal discipline, imposed by EU against tax-dodgers and various other nefarious and criminal financial activities currently operating on UK shores and within the Crown Offshore Territories; is it not true that in contrast, UK farmers have been sacrificed-at-the-alter on behalf of those largely foreign and minority UK interests (B27-B29) ?

In light of the economic and social impacts of austerity, lack of opportunity and scrapping of UK citizens rights; what measures has your government taken toward addressing the known impacts of severe, psychological illness that will be inflicted as a direct result (B29-B31) ?

If Tory plans for Brexit are not a terrorist threat then why are Britain’s youth “terrified” (B32, B33) ?

Is Brexit to be employed toward satisfying the alarming predictions published via ‘’ i.e. UK population falling from 66 million in 2017 to 15 million by 2025 (B34)? Can you explain why Britain’s military at least, along with those of other nations, have direct links with and why every single item of UK’s military hardware is listed there?

Part C Brexit Conspiracy:

What evidence can yourself and your government provide to prove that Brexit is not the result of a criminal conspiracy to defraud, dispossess, rob and kill the UK public via methods of perjury, austerity, corporate & alternative media-inspired xenophobia coupled with insidious, corporate social-engineering, for sole purpose of satisfying foreign, criminal and minority-interest agendas as desired by Zionist-Controlled-Israel, Corporate-USA, Russian Oligarchs and The Corporate Crown?

By what right does the Crown’s financial interests in their overseas territories, take precedence over the UK economy and citizens welfare, when the Crown’s Offshore Territories are NOT part of Britain and are actually, foreign lands which happen to be owned & controlled by the Crown as a private enterprise and which are all, anti-democratic, lawless domains operating beyond the realms of EU, UK-national and international law (C1-C29) ?

Disturbingly, UK government is now considering ‘updating’ Britain’s ‘Treason’ laws allegedly to deal with Islamic Jihadists but to include also, defining pro-EU UK citizens as potential ‘treasonists’. Since a hard Brexit is known to provide virtually zero benefit to the average UK citizen and indeed, is known to present severe disadvantages; is EU loyalty considered ‘treason’ due to the fact that EU has demanded the Crown and it’s tax-haven investors pay their lawful duties/taxes?

Are we to surmise therefore, that the Crown itself is a treasonist entity being as it is prepared to trash Britain’s economy & democracy purely, for sake of defending its own financial interests as pertain within its own private, foreign territories?

‘…politicians carrying out Brexit could see pro-EU activists as – to quote the Policy Exchange law – committing or aiding “an attack on the UK

Is it not a lawfully evidenced FACT that the present Tory-engineered, hard EU-Exit has been deployed as a strategic attack against every aspect of UK democracy, economy, culture, law and UK citizens legal, human & social rights on behalf of financial & political benefits to a minority of UK & global interests?

Part D Brexit Objectives:

Why have you published a Government PDF document under the title ‘Modernising The UK’, when in fact, all the ideas proposed therein constitute erasing UK’s post WW2 modernisation and in its place, establishing a kind of feudal system comprised of local ‘Sheriff’ Councils (on a par with those run by Communist China) and imposing an environmentally useless ‘carbon-tax’ as well as, rolling out an experimental and potentially dangerous 5G network allegedly, to ‘run alongside’ full fibre broadband as opposed to the FREE fibre broadband & committment to environmental protection protocols offered by Corbyn’s Labour Party (D1-D3)?

Dominic Cummings is on public record stating his intent to scrap Britain’s Civil Service due to their adherence to UK Parliamentiary democracy, citizens human & democratic rights and commitment to upholding UK Civil & Comon Law, all of which, stand in the way of the degenerative rules and regulations your post-Brexit ambitions hope to establish as a ‘new-normal’; by what right does one unelected individual get to impose any such drastic changes which effectively, threaten to return Britain’s political and civil-service infrastructures to those as were in existence prior to Cromwell (D4-D6) ?

Considering that the outlook for a Tory-designed post-Brexit-Britain, heralds a social return to Victorian Britain with Factory-Prisons threatening to replace UK Benefits System, as a modern-day form of ‘workhouse’, coupled with loss of human rights, ignorance of child welfare and child rights to justice alongside Britain’s committment to becoming a Tax Haven; how is it possible for your government to lawfully refute the accusation that this Tory-Brexit constitutes a criminal, corporate COUP intent on erasing ALL of the social progress acheived after WW2 (D7-D13) ?

Given Zionist-controlled Israel’s ambitions toward their ‘Greater Israel Project’ and their recent unlawful/criminal proposals to annex Palestinian lands coupled with Israel’s ongoing war-crimes against Palestine and other nations including Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libya & Syria; by what right does UK Parliament continue to tolerate the ‘Israel Lobby’ when, it is known that Israeli interests are operating to undermine UK society via their support of extremist, racist, anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic organisations in the UK as well as, conspiring to undermine UK politicians as was exposed via Al Jazeera’s ‘Israel Lobby’ Documentary and, despite the fact that Israel has declared itself ‘above the law’ at liberty to ignore the sovereign laws and rights of citizens in every nation (D19) ?

How can your government’s continued alliance with Zionist-controlled-Israel, constitute anything less than a treasonous, criminal intent to harm our United Kingdom and destroy our collective rights as SOVEREIGN citizens via your Russian-USA-Zionist-Oligarchal Brexit (D14-D18, D20) ?

Can you please explain HOW and WHY, Britain’s postal vote more than DOUBLED during the UK’s December 2019 General election and, WHY, your Government had; ‘Rushed through Procurement of Controversial Electoral Services Company IDOX Just Before the General Election – a company with long established Tory Party connections‘ and, how was Dominic Raab party to results of the postal vote (which swung the GE results for the desired Tory-Landslide win in every key constituency), and thus, at liberty to leak those results to the BBC via Laura Keussenberg, the day before the GE (D21-D26) ?

One of the major beneficiaries of Brexit is HSBC whose President Stephen Green (also, a Deacon), has entered the House of Lords and sworn an oath to the Crown; Lord Green who then became Minister of State for Trade & Investment under Cameron and both men keen to strengthen links with China and its economy.

This pact that saved HSBC from US justice system (with assistance from George Osborne), later, facilitated continued ignorance of the Panama Papers exposure of tax evasion at HSBC = 11 million documents revealing a law office specialising in TAX EVASION AND EXPOSING MONEY LAUNDERING VIA HSBC and through other related offshore tax havens: John Christensen founder of ‘Tax Justice Network’ cites HSBC as “One of the greatest threats to the global financial markets” i.e. Creating shell-companies/money-laundering enterprises and now, with Hong Kong based HSBC, effectively closing down and relocating to London as China tightens its grip on Hong Kong: 3 million Hong Kong citizens are now invited to migrate into Britain:

Again – were the UK public invited via the 2016 Referendum, to e.g., save London City interests in the criminal HSBC by leaving the EU and inviting *3 million non-EU immigrants into Britain? Who in Hong Kong will be granted rights to UK citizenship – average citizens or, those directly involved in finance i.e. HSBC? Given UK homeless crisis, WHERE are those 3 million going to live? Is this why you are suddenly committed to mass house-building Mr Johnson PM?

Are those migrants from Hong Kong being imported to staff the 1,000+ Finance Offices set to being established in post-Brexit Britain by various EU Financiers, anxious to escape EU Offshore Banking & Tax Regulations (B11, C21, D27, D28) ?

*On what balance of law, does your Government justify granting refuge to 3 million citizens of a former UK colony, when to this very day, your cruel & callous operation titled ‘Windrush’, is dedicated to expelling people who have lived in Britain for decades, many since childhood, because they have no UK birth certificate or passport and who nonetheless, had arrived in Britain by invitation as citizens of former UK colonies in the Caribbian? Are we to assume, former Caribbian UK immigrants are simply, the ‘wrong’ colour ?

By what methods has your own government & prominent Tory Party ministers & members, managed to avoid arrest and investigations by UK Security Services, in relation to your Party’s collective threats and conspiracies against UK National Security through acts of sabotage against UK Economy via betting against the British £, attacking our Civil Service, Constitution, NHS and Democracy, if not through coercion & bribery i.e. A London City Court recently granting MI5 freedoms to; authorise their agents to commit crimes of kidnapping, torture & murder on British soil and abroad?

Regardless of this suspicion, it is a fact, that just as your government quietly tranforms your majority Parliament into a financial-dictatorship governing a Tax Haven, so too, MI5 dumps their own former duties in favour of employing their new powers toward serving (what amounts to) a Tory-led ‘Crown-Dictatorship’ (and their pet-corporate-entities such as HSBC etc.), as opposed to serving the United Kingdom and UK Public as a lawful, democratic, sovereign citizenship & nation: Is MI5 holding a GUN at the heads of Britain’s Civil Service or, can you provide any reason as to why such a suspicion is unfounded and/or, why UK Civil Servants are so quiet amid this current axing of their powers, jobs & duties (D29-D31) ?

Is this why Jeremy Clarkson, was 8 years ago, granted a BBC platform to air his rant for striking public sector workers to be “executed in front of their families” during a live television interview; was this rant a forerunner for what’s to become the ‘new normal’ in post-Brexit Britain (D32) ?

Considering all of the evidenced concerns as highlighted here, it is unfathomable, that during the 2019 UK General Election, virtually the whole of UK media, both mainstream and alternative and including many prominent Labour MPs, focused all of their attention on the “dangers” of Corbyn and discrediting him as “antiSemitic” = Concrete evidence pointing toward a conspiracy to confuse, distract and divide the British electorate?

Part E: Covid Pandemic: What We Know

According to all of the evidence as shared in References E1-E40, SARS-Cov was discovered in Chinese Horseshoe Bats as early as 2005 (E13) and then more thoroughly identified in 2013 (E31, E33) and then, studied via joint USA & China funded research at Wuhan labs (E6, E29), for studying ‘gain-of-function’ (E27) that would render it transmittable to humans. Thereafter, all attempts at vaccines are proven to produce adverse effects (E32, E38) and, it is likely that Covid leaked from those labs in China and/or America, during 2011- 2013 (E37, E39).

Furthermore, we know by now, the infection fatality rate is 0.001% for children and 0.4%- 0.6% for people over 70, leaving an average of at most, 0.1%-0.3% among adults under age 60. Basically, less deadly than many other flu strains which do have a greater impact on children and adults of all ages.

Also, the virus has been at large since 2013 (E27, E34, E35) and was identified in European sewage water in early 2019 (E8, E9): USA had alerted Israel to the Wuhan outbreak in November 2019 (E2). Therefore, herd immunity had very likely been acquired long before the virus was identified as a ‘pandemic’ (E11), hence, the 50% who show no symptoms and with a 98% recovery rate for those under age 50, who do show symptoms (E1, E14, E14+).

We know the Covid-19 SARS strain has never been isolated, that the tests are very unreliable (E10, E10+), are not testing specifically for Covid but for exosomes which can also be produced by other illnesses including, regular colds & flu (E18). Meanwhile, UK doctors are encouraged according to government directives, to put Covid on death certificates regardless of what the deceased actually died from, if patient was suspected of being infected i.e. They showed signs of a common cold, flu or hayfever and now, even meningitis, srokes and heart problems added to the ever expanding Covid-symptom list (E19, E24, E33).

UK Imperial College had stated that Covid-19 (E3) was no longer rated a ‘pandemic’ and yet, shortly after that statement, UK government decided to impose a lockdown which showed a sudden, sharp increase in excess deaths (E16): Why have you Mr Johnson PM, failed to keep up with the facts such as shared here and instead, strictly followed the game-plan devised in part by Bill Gates and proposed during Event 201’s ‘3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise’ (E4, E5) ?

Is a 3-5 hour exercise really all that is required for developing an appropriate strategy to deal with a ‘global-pandemic’ and considering majority of the nations expected to comply with the resulting strategy are democracies, why were the public not consulted ?

Why has your government cherry-picked medical advisors and failed to consider approaches and impacts which were not included in the Event 201 Pandemic Exercise or WHO directives i.e. Cutting out sugar (E21), taking Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 supplements, all long known to strengthen immunity, would have far greater impact toward combatting Covid potential than masks, social distancing & lockdowns? Would cutting out sugar have caused more harm to UK economy than a lockdown during which, even non-Covid deaths have spiked ?

The President of Tanzania (E22) asked WHO to leave after test results for paw-paw fruit, a goat and other non-human sources, produced positive test results for Covid; did this not alert you to perform a similar exercise in order to be sure that the Covid test-results can be trusted (E25)? Or is it that the President of Tanzania can be casually ignored because he is Black and African and leader of what your close friend President Trump has cited as a “shithole country“?

Other African nations have ruled that the Pandemic lockdown and other ‘compulsary’ measures, are ‘unconstitutional’ and violate human rights (E23); why would they reach this conclusion unless, they had examined all of the evidence and found more appropriate alternatives to the Event 201-plan?

What evidence do you have to prove that the strategy proposed by Event 201 and then, WHO, is lawful, humane and medically viable?

The fact is, ‘we’ are clearly, not “all in it together” (E15) but instead, a tiny minority are following a preset game-plan while the ‘herd’ is cajoled and scaremongered into compliance with what amounts to, viral-xenophobia and government orders on a par with Corporate-Communist China; what honest, counter-evidence do you have, if you had to successfully refute this conclusion and resulting accusation of ‘Pandemic-Fraud‘ (E20), in a Court of Law?

Part F: Covid Impacts

According to evidence cited via References F1-73, your government responses to Covid-19, have inflicted far greater damage to the average UK citizen than the virus itself; lockdown has produced a steep rise in excess deaths, axed jobs, businesses, incomes and denied access to education and NHS treatment, as well as, adversely impacted the nation’s emotional and psychological health, especially, our children (F1-F4): Does your government believe that human emotional & psychological welfare is of lesser importance than physical health when, it is a known fact that psychological & emotional distress not only lowers immunity, sufferers are less inclined to care for themelves properly or seek prompt attention to physical health problems (F5, F6) ?

On behalf of manipulating data in order to dumb-down the news, ‘Fact-Checker’ states that the claim ‘suicides have risen 200% during lockdown’, is ‘false’ when the fact remains, that suicides have according to the evidence, increased by at least 50% if not 100% (F7); on what balance of law then, can you justify a 2nd lockdown as a ‘legally valid’ option when, risk of death and/or severe injury within certain social-demographics, far outweighs the risks presented by a new flu virus?

What kind of ‘Fact-Checker’ dwells on the (allegedly) false 200% rise in suicides but thoroughly ignores the 50-100% rise in suicides? Has the WHO calculated the percentage increase in suicide, sickness & early death risks against under 50’s as compared with percentage risks posed by Covid and subsequent UK Gov’t responses, via resulting impacts on general psychological, economic and physical health?

The evidence confirmed via Covid-data from non-Lockdown nations such as Iceland, Sweden & Japan, now very strongly propose that lockdowns kill far more people than Covid-19 and, many of those deaths, wrongly listed as Covid (which indicates fraud): If Lockdowns were of any health benefit whatsoever, why are you now predicting and preparing for a “2nd wave” and more lockdowns?

How can there be a 2nd wave after a lockdown when, the whole point of lockdown was to inhibit spread of the virus and thereby weaken its presence? Surely, a 2nd Lockdown means the first lockdown has failed? How many more failed lockdowns are the UK public required to tolerate?

Is Covid-19 now replacing ‘Islamic extremism’ as the new ‘terrorist’ on our planet granting State powers to lockdown individual cities i.e. Leicester (F8-F10), on strength of the latest, highly contentious Covid-stat’s ? A lockdown which is already serving to deepen racial divides and will achieve very little by way of limiting spread of the virus (F11) ?

Is the ‘normalisation’ of impromptu lockdowns on individual UK towns & cities (F12), being employed to pave the way for subduing social unrest via Martial Law in your post-Brexit, anti-democratic and lawless, UK Tax Haven/”Singapore-On-The-Thames” ?

Why has addressing Covid-19 become a military operation and simultaneously, shut down our NHS (F13, F14)?

Why are UK police left without any basic (alleged) protection of masks, and gloves, denied ability to socially distance among themselves or from the general public and simultaneously, expected to enforce your actually unlawful and very confusing rules which, equate to a factually unjustified infringement on citizens legal, democratic and human rights (F15)? Does being a UK police officer render oneself and family, Covid-Immune and, since when does a new flu-virus grant police the powers to blindly act as agents of tyranny i.e. Arresting isolated individuals out on a walk in a national park, people indulging in a group-hug or else, horror-of-horrors, sitting on a public park bench?

Is the blatant lack of concern for police officers health (and numerous other key-workers), very strong evidence to support all of the facts as shared herein, that your government has known from the start, that Covid-19 was NOT a serious threat at all and was simply, a pandemic-game-plan being rolled out for mass control, a cover for more bailouts, 5G installation and crashing UK & EU economies prior to, in readiness and as a cover for, the dire impacts of Brexit?

Certainly, the media and yourself, have played the public like a fiddle in your role as ‘health-adversary’ via advocating “herd immunity” in order the media plays role of public protaganist, acting as ‘opposition’ in calling for “necessary” lockdowns and thus, establishing the idea that those in favour of lockdowns etc., are centrist-left while those asking questions are all, right-wing extremists hooked on ‘wild conspiracy theories’.

This strategy has worked well for President Trump who has managed to convince his base-support that he’s a ‘victim’ of a Democrat-bias media who, have ‘forced’ him to impose lockdown & masks etc. However, Trump’s recent withdrawal of funds for WHO in an attempt to reinforce this narrative, are exposed as a sham being as he’s increased funds to Bill Gates vaccine-coalition ‘Gavi’ as key advocates of WHO’s Covid-Agendas (F67, F68) i.e. Another example of evidence confirming how both the media and politicians are serving the very people and agendas they claim to be challenging.

Alongside lockdowns; social distancing and compulsary masks are also implemented as a ‘necessary’ measure to protect the nation’s health – again, despite the fact that social distancing especially for already isolated individuals, is a form of torture and proven via recent-past scientific studies (F16), to inflict emotional & psychological distress and thus, lower immunity and thereby, achieve the opposite of what such measures are claimed to deliver.

Why has your government ignored the medical fact that the surgical and cloth masks now being sold widely to UK public, do NOT protect the wearer or those around them from an ‘airborne’ virus and instead, reduces oxygen intake and increases the amount of germs breathed in by the wearer as well as, fosters repeated touching of the face, an action cited as increasing Covid infection risks (F17, F18) ?

Why are masks now mandatory for public transport and certain other places, when there is not a shred of evidence to support the notion that A-symptomatic people can spread the virus simply through breathing or talking and when it is known that masks generally, will impact the wearer’s health?

Why is your government refusing to answer questions related to a £252.5 million contract granted to an offshore, Tax-Haven registered company with direct links to senior Tory Party members, ministers & backers, under guise of supplying NHS face masks and when that company has no busiess acumen whatsoever in medical supplies and, has a dubious history solely, in finance (F19) ? Is this not yet more evidence of corporate-Covid benefits and what amounts to blatant theft via transferrance of UK public funds into the pockets of global corporatists and Tax Haven financiers?

With millions left facing the reality of Covid & Brexit related unemployment, loss of income and threats of eviction the moment the alleged pandemic has ceased; are all of those collective, economic impacts not being covertly exploited through methods of psychological warfare i.e. Social-engineering toward encouraging public support for lockdowns etc., until, such a time as it is deemed ‘safe’ for your government to ‘take off the gloves’ and introduce the public to your ‘new normal’ of a neo-fascist, corporate-communist post-Brexit Britain where the ‘new normal’ includes austerity-on-steroids and with up to half the population queuing for rations at foodbanks under martial-law (F20, F21) ?

Are the rumours that UK military have been employed to pack millions of ration boxes, true or false?

Many have enjoyed the lockdown; working from home, spending more time with young children, partner and neighbours – perhaps those people now understand more, the benefits of Occupy & Corbyn’s proposed 3 or 4 day working week?

The psychopath does not get invited in by showing teeth & claws – s/he is first accepted as ‘friend’ and the victims unaware of the danger they face until all too often, it’s too late and the damage is done: Those aware right now are feeling preyed upon; is that because we’ve ‘lost our minds’ or because we are well informed and vigilant to the preda-tory antics of people like yourselves Mr Johnson PM, and Dominic Cummings?

What better way than to cajole people into willingly giving up all their rights even, to NHS treatment on behalf of allowing their government to ‘protect the nation’s health’ and while giving the bulk of the workforce, a couple of months of paid leave or else, the ease of working from home?

Is it not a FACT Mr Johnson PM, that your government has exploited Covid to shut down our NHS to the degree 7-10 million are now awaiting life saving treatments and surgery and thousands have already perished through lack of access to healthcare, while suicides have dramatically increased and millions left with worsened mental health problems or else, are now suffering depression directly due to UK Gov’t inept Covid responses (F22-F30)?

Yourself and government have claimed that Brexit was needed to ‘end rule from Brussels’, and despite the fact that Britain was NEVER ‘ruled by Brussels’ and yet, nonetheless, you are committed to honouring EU plans (as cited from 2018), for ‘Vaccination Passports’ by order of the ‘Coalition’ (F31, F32) ? Who ARE the ‘Coalition’ if not a corporate-global-cabal intent on transforming every nation on Earth into one of their corporate farms?

According to a leaked document published by a highly reputable and therefore trusted source, the Coalition at Davos 2018 discussed among other nefarious objectives, a cull of Europe’s elderly as an ‘urgent’ economic necessity (F33) – what evidence can you provide to refute the accusation that Covid responses have been employed toward satisfying that agenda via denial of hospital care to the elderly and sending hospital-infected Covid patients into locked-down nursing homes across the country and where thousands of residents have subsequently died and many, fraudulently added to Covid fatality stat’s (F34): Is it a ‘coincidence’ that the same scenario has played-out in most of EU & USA ?

Can you explain why your government is so committed to a vaccine as the ONLY method of ending the ‘pandemic’ when to date, there has never been a fully safe and successful vaccination against any coronavirus (F35) ?

Considering the fact that USA & Chinese lab’s have been working on SARS-type coronaviruses for over a decade now and found no safe vaccine; by what professional criteria can you justify promising a vaccine within a few months or at most, 2 years (F36) ?

Clearly, UK media are no longer a free-press serving democracy and instead, are now deployed to publishing government propaganda being as none of that media are bothering to ask any serious questions about e.g. Bill Gates & WHO-backed experimental gene-editing vaccines and treatments which, according to recent research, have shown severe, adverse-results i.e. Lukemia in one quarter of test subjects via repeated testing, which were not apparent until 36 months after what had seemingly promised to be, ‘successful’ treatment (F37-F39) ?

By what right does ANY entity on this earth, deign to suggest rewriting our SACRED DNA on strength of profit-motivated, hastily produced ‘solutions’, lies, fraud and xenophobia toward addressing an allegedly “deadly” novel-coronavirus that has been around for over 6 years and was likely created in and then released by, the same vein of scientists and corporations now pushing their new “life-saving” vaccine; what will be included in vaccine? Nano-tec-biology and human-organ-chip micro-culture technology? (F70)

We-the-people don’t get a say? Only the corporations and their employees & beneficiaries (e.g. Politicians), get to write the narratives and anyone asking questions is a ‘threat’ and sharing “fake news” – did truth, sanity, democracy, law & rights die via Covid-19 too?

The BBC is currently dedicated to the task of helping the UK public identify ‘Covid-Fake-News’ (F71) i.e ‘They found posts suggesting sufferers can get rid of coronavirus by drinking aspirin dissolved in hot water or by taking zinc and vitamin C and D supplements…’ = A deliberately misleading statement reflecting a minority among social-media users who have obviously, misunderstood the FACT that combined with cutting out sugar; vitamin C, D3 & Zinc, will boost immunity and thereby, provide greater protection toward fighting & surviving viral infections including Covid. Certainly, they are not realistically proposed as a Covid ‘cure’.

Aside from natural/alternative-medical treatments against Covid, even certain pharmaceutical treatments like Hydroxychloroquine (which, according to many medical doctors, have proved very effective), are being prohibited, despite the medically recorded benefits: Can you explain Mr Johnson, why your government has instead, invested millions in erecting unused, medical Covid centres and oxygen ventilators when it is known by now, that the ventilators are killing patients with the worst Covid symptoms and what they really need is regular oxygen therapy (F72, F73) ?

Unfortunately, anyone suitably impressed under the BBC guidelines, will ‘switch-off’ the moment they hear vitamin C, D3 and Zinc and so, are effectively distanced from genuinely useful advice in favour of e.g. Wearing a virtually useless cloth mask = More evidence of psy-op-propaganda presented as a free-press which typically, achieves the very opposite of what the propaganda alleges on the surface, to be promoting ?

Will your police & military soon be rounding up those asking questions and sharing facts & evidence – will questioners be identified as ‘non-violent terrorists’ ?

Is such pessimism ‘melodramatic’ or, is it not an entirely reasonable consideration when one juxtaposes the solid evidence supporting this concern against the horrific actions initiated via alleged ‘evidence’ as cited in the Official Report on 9/11 and how that apparently, orchestrated crisis proved beneficial toward serving Zionist & globalist agendas in the Middle East?

Is it not a fact that Mr David Cameron PM, had during a UN speech, cited those asking questions and sharing evidence on 9/11, as “non-violent terrorists” every bit as deadly as violent ones?

Had Mr Cameron PM at that time, any knowledge of the facts as shared via the links below…?

Federal Grand Jury Petition Filed for New 9/11 Investigation
May 2020: World Trade Center 7 building did not collapse due to fire:
September 2019: First Responders Urge Congress to Reopen 9/11 Investigation

…And though it may appear we’ve at this point strayed from the topics in question, with the dust of 9/11 still hanging heavy in the air, a war raging in Iraq for the last 20 years and various wars around Palestine throughout the 70 years that have passed since the Zionist boot stepped into occupation on the lands they title ‘Israel’; how is it possible to ignore the impacts of all such ongoing mistrust and suspicion, during this pandemic when, according to lessons of our own lived experience, we’ve witnessed a multitude of lawfully suspect orchestrated events and with each one, granting more wealth & power to those most strongly suspected of instigating them and precisely, for purpose of yet more wealth & power?

Questioning 9/11 is by now, widely accepted as ‘proof’ one is a ‘wild conspiracy theorist’ and never mind that the truly wild conspiracy theorists have maimed, murdered and displaced millions on stength of their own conspiracy theory (as well as littering the Middle East with deadly depleted uranium), meanwhile, deeply concerned, compassionate and intelligent, educated individuals, have invested their own funds, time and energy into examining all of the 9/11 evidence and witness testimony, performing professionally and academically competent studies and then, presenting those studies and conclusions before the USA Grand Jury: How can lawfully evidenced facts be described as a ‘theory’?

This entire article, is dedicated to that same task of breaking fact from fiction in an effort to establish lawful reality as opposed to criminal fantasy and why, if only because lies of such gross proportions are an insult to human consciousness and, when liars are wielding the highest power and have orchestrated those lies to grant themselves liberty to commit crimes against humanity with impunity, for purpose of even greater power & profit, those liars present an existential threat to our species and our planet.

Intelligent people do not need to lie, cheat, steal & kill: Are you intelligent Mr Johnson PM and, if you are not, by what right of being are you occupying Number 10? What evidence do YOU have, to assure even yourself, that the agendas you presently serve are truly intelligent and not a deadly threat against even, your own children?

You claim the vaccines will not be mandatory and yet simultaneously, casually ignore that corporate control of public healthcare, workplaces, leisure centres, pub’s etc., transport and education, is already set on establishing requirements for ‘digital-covid-vaccination-immunity-passports’; why are private interests granted such powers to systematically abuse human rights and insist that the public submit to becoming guinea-pigs and risk their lives and health, for sake of earning profits for big pharma & Bill Gates etc., and in order to work, shop in a supermarket, receive healthcare, travel on public transport, enjoy a meal in a cafe, dance in a nightclub or receive an education?

Once such powers are granted, how many more vaccines will be added each year? How long before mass-vaccinations are swallowing up most of NHS funds? What guarantee do we have to reassure us this won’t be the case, when it appears vaccines etc., are the latest ‘interest’ earning profits for the too-big-to-prosecute money-men now vested with military and political power beyond even Stalin or Hitler’s wildest dreams?

How soon will it be, before only the upper classes can afford the vaccines and instead of racial-discrimination, the human-race can be equally exploited via vaccine-discrimination? The fascistic benefits & possibilities are endless when one is consciously disabled enough to have no cares for billions of children’s welfare and future, and has callously and wrongfully concluded there are “too many” of them (F72) ?

What guarantees can you provide, to assure the UK public that thousands if not millions of us, will not be dropping with cancer and lukemia 2-5 years after the vaccines, or, that the vaccines will not spread the virus and/or render people more susceptible to the viruses they’re being vaccinated against and/or other viruses (F40) ? If such scenarios are not a genuine risk, why have you erased indemnity for medic’s, NHS and vaccine manufacturers (F49) ? Basically, yet again, the public are expected to pay every which way while the corporations are laughing all the way to the Corporate-Crown’s Tax Havens.

When one considers that for the vast majority of Britain’s population, Covid-19 is generally, less harmful than other flu strains, by what logic can a government agree to implement Covid-vaccine-passports etc., when in 2019, gene-editing vaccines are shown to at best, produce only a 78% efficiency rate and on average, only 20%-50% effecy in the gene-edit (F47) and, bearing in mind that in America, there have been several successful lawsuits against vaccine producers, after they have regularly falsified test-results or else, failed to focus on the potential for unexpected, adverse effects (F44, F48) ?

The notion that mass-vaccination can be universally accepted as safe and beneficial to health, has long passed its sell-by date. According to all of the most recent medical research and studies, many vaccines are proven dangerous, found to contain toxic and unethical ingredients and have in many cases, inflicted worse problems than or same diseases as, they claimed to resolve (F52-F57): How can you justify placing children (and possibly pregnant women) at the known and potentially fatal risks of an experimental vaccine, when those risks pose a much higher harm-pecentage-threat than the pathogen they’re being vaccinated against and in some cases, infect the vaccinated with that pathogen?

While you have publicly expressed your distaste against people you call “anti-vaxxers”, the reality is that people are not anti-vaccine, rather, they are righteously and lawfully concerned about what’s in the vaccines i.e. aluminium, mercury, human or animal cells, bio-technology etc., and the known or potential impacts on themselves and their loved ones. Their collective complaints and adverse experiences are silenced under harsh judgements issued by those with most to lose, should a majority of the populous take heed.

We have witnessed the same negative response against anti-nuclear lobby, protests against the fossil fuel industries and those promoting effective, ‘alternative’ healthcare: When 150,000+ USA citizens die every year from correctly administered & prescribed medical drugs, at what point do we-the-people have a lawful right to question and/or demand safer, less risky treatments: How long did it take for cigarette profiteers, to accept that their product is highly addictive and is killing people?

Why is the WHO so quiet on impacts health of Chernobyl & Fukushima = Evidence that the WHO is little more than a corporate lacky? Otherwise, it is strange how the WHO thinks Bill Gates vaccines are a more viable option for global health than e.g. Clean water, food, adequate shelter, rights & education among billions left suffering deprivation, hunger and starvation? More strange is the fact that the poorest peoples are those inhabiting the most resource-rich nations!

In a world where all manner of noxious products and chemicals are pumped into our skies, lands, seas and rivers annually and our politicians barely issue a word of complaint about any of it – even lead-poisoned water ignored, can we really accept that your own and the WHO’s concerns about ‘anti-vaxers’ are genuinely about health & safety Mr Johnson PM and, not forgetting that you had recently proposed to axe schoolmeals for economically disadvantaged children and only capitulated under major public pressure?

Do you not agree that in light of lower infant-mortality rates during lockdown, when pre-school-children’s vaccinations have been uniquely suspended (F41, F42), that as a nation, Britain now needs to have a rethink about the true impact of vaccines injected into our babies & toddlers, as opposed to the idea that ‘falls in [vaccine] uptake must be reversed quickly‘ (F43) ?

New Research Study of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children in Three U.S. Medical Practices:

Results indicate better health outcomes of developmental delays, asthma, and ear infections in children who did not receive vaccines within their first year of life

While your crony corporate backers and the likes of Bill Gates, WHO etc., have all profited hugely from major bailouts & Covid profits, what compensation has been paid to those who’ve lost jobs, businesses, education, healthcare, homes and sanity (F58) ?

Your lockdown has inflicted severe harm to millions of people who are not infected with Covid-19 and were unlikely to suffer any of the worst impacts of Covid-19. Women & children in particular, have suffered the trauma and injury sustained via steep rises in domestic violence, sexual abuse and murder (F59-F65): Social distancing has left children psychologically damaged and left many vulnerable adults, especially women, at severe risk.

How can you justify inflicting such levels of harm (F66) as caused by domestic abuse, allegedly to protect those people least at risk from an already low-risk virus, when the law demands that the remedy does not inflict more harm than the disease? And meanwhile, the elderly who are most at risk from the worst impacts of Covid, are placed at highest risk of contracting the virus and succumbing to its worst impacts!

On whose behalf have people’s welfare and lives been sacrificed, if not the global ‘Coalition’ and their/your lawless ambitions toward etablishing a new ABNORMAL whereby, millions of people can be placed at a 1%-25% or even 50% risk of contracting severe and even fatal illnesses via their adverse reactions to an experimental vaccine, allegedly created to ‘protect’ them from an at most, 0.6% fatality risk to a minority among people with severe existing illnesses and/or age 70+?

Part G: Covid Opportunities & Agendas:

In reference to evidence cited under G1-G69; prior to the Covid-‘crisis’, Dominic Cummings is on record (G1) as stating a “beneficial crisis” is what your government needed to ‘get Brexit done’ and thereby, transform Britain into ‘Singapore On The Thames‘ (G2), via axing huge swathes of UK Civil Service, scrapping Human Rights, jobs, businesses, devalue the £ and rolling out 5G etc.

Is Covid-19, the “beneficial crisis‘ Dominic Cummings so desired?

What kind of government needs a crisis to to assist with their policies and, if any such crisis arrives to serve those actually criminal agendas, by what right does yourself or government, slap the label ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘non-violent-terrosist’ (according to Cameron PM, as “deadly as ISIS“), on those expressing the lawfully valid suspicion that the crisis is manufactured precisely, to serve the ambitions of e.g. Dominic Cummings and those he represents i.e. Corporate & Zionist interests?

In light of the evidence to date, we the public strongly suspect that Covid-19 has been used as an opportunity to shut down our NHS as part of your agenda toward privatisation (G3) and, that part of the ‘new-normal’ is about ‘training’ the public to accept that we can no longer expect a prompt or even any service from our NHS hospitals; what evidence could you provide to refute this accusation in a Court of Law?

Are NHS staff being (unlawfully) threatened with dismissal and/or suspension on half-pay, if they speak out about the 95% reduction of patient-intake and how they are required to perform repeated Covid tests on each patient and every single test added to the list of ‘new-positives’ or else, how they are expected to list Covid as cause of death even without any test performed? Since when did being an NHS employee deny the rights of free speech in relation to valid public interest concerning care & standards provided by our publicly-funded health service ?

I am a consultant at a major, regional hospital in Surrey. By major you can take that to indicate that we have an A&E department. I had agreed to give an interview to an anti lockdown activist in which I would have revealed my identity. I have since changed my mind and only feel able to give an anonymous statement. I have changed my mind simply because that all staff , no matter what grade, at all hospitals have been warned that if they give any media interviews at all or make any statements to either the Main Stream Press or smaller, independent press /social media we may, immediately be suspended without pay. I have a family, dependents and I simply cant do it to them. I therefore can not reveal my identity at this time but wish to state as follows:
“In my opinion, and that of many of my colleagues, there has been no Covid Pandemic, certainly not in the Surrey region and I have heard from other colleagues this picture is the same throughout the country. Our hospital would normally expect to see around 350,000 out patients a year. Around 95,000 patients are admitted to hospital in a normal year and we would expect to see around a similar figure, perhaps 100,000 patients pass through our A&E department. In the months from March to June (inclusive) we would normally expect to see 100,000 out patients, around 30,000 patients admitted to hospital and perhaps 30,000 pass through A&E. This year (and these figures are almost impossible to get hold of) we are over 95% down on all those numbers. In effect, the hospital has been pretty much empty for that entire period…

If not for purpose of axing NHS expenditures and shutting down service, can you explain why NHS A&E are very recently being closed by order of your government and thereby, putting lives needlessly at risk despite hospitals being under-used and severe Covid cases declining ?

Is it not a fact that people sick with any illness other than Covid, are being unlawfully discriminated against in terms of available healthcare and even so, people with Covid symptoms being told to “protect the NHS” by staying at home? And, if they do contact their GP to report any among the ever-increasing list of Covid-symptoms, they get added to the Covid-positive data minus any test to justify that; why should all such levels of fraud & discrimination be necessary, if this alleged pandemic is not a cover for supporting a variety of criminal agendas which include, depopulation as part of ‘globalisation’ AKA ‘Corporate-Communism’?

Otherwise, how can your government justify denying e.g., vital cancer-screening and equally vital operations, on the now disproven pretext that hospitals will be struggling under a ‘deluge’ of Covid patients, when the cancer epidemic is far greater and very much more deadly than Covid-19 and, when it is known that cancer-survival rates depend greatly on early diagnosis and treatment and this, in face of the indisputable fact that according to present data, one in 2-3 UK citizens, are estimated to develop cancer, making CANCER the TRUE global-pandemic (G4) ?

Was Britain’s NHS established to serve the UK public who fund it or was it established to serve corporate-pharma and sustain medical industry profits? If not the latter, then why are many alternative cancer treatments (which are known to be at least as successful as regular treatments), being systematically ignored and even, those providing alternative remedies & treatments arrested and forced to stand trial i.e. David Noakes given a suspended 15 months prison sentence in relation to his provision of GcMAF? Why isn’t UK’s NHS studying GcMAF?

Strangely, UK politicians, Imperial College and media including BBC, have failed to focus any attention on the Cancer-Pandemic which, impacts people of all ages and regardless of underlying health issues; is this ignorance a deliberate strategy toward minimising public concerns about losing access to prompt NHS diagnosis & treatment via privatisation and age discrimination, as has applied with Covid-19?

Is the collective response to Covid therefore, not an absolute distraction and confirmation of Jesus’ warning that criminal powers “will strain at a gnat to swallow a camel” ? No one’s demanding a quick vaccination against cancer and why not? Why is there still (allegedly), no cure? Why no questions about HOW so many people are all developing cancer, even children? And yet, we are expected to believe a new coronavirus is the greatest health-threat ever and that a cure will arrive in just a few months or at most, a couple of years?

Short of placing people into concentration camps and gassing them, scrapping Britain’s democracy & human rights would be a ‘necessary’ foundation from which to advocate the kind of policies that ‘depopulate’ covertly i.e. Austerity, denying healthcare, denying justice, education, shelter, choice, hope – producing toxic products that cause cancer – injecting people with toxic, potentially cancer-causing ingredients – enforcing wearing of health-damaging masks – investing in geo-engineering, 5G and more nuclear power (G5) ? = Another Tory scheme quietly moving forward under cover of Covid…

Can you please explain Mr Johnson PM, HOW demolishing buildings and even people’s homes, can help defeat a new virus? Not only has Covid destroyed our rights, freedoms, jobs, businesses, healthcare, education, health, sanity and even, our relationships, we can expect it to litrerally, bulldoze our HOMES via new powers granted by your government???

In respect of the facts; yourself and your government Mr Johnson PM, represent a terrorist threat; armed with the powers of your Coronavirus Bill granted via Covid-19 (G6), you have freedoms to quietly seize, isolate and kill via experimental ‘medical-treatment’, countless citizens including babies and children i.e. They all die from Covid-19 and no one has a right to ask questions and there are no inquests? And naturally, we have utmost trust in UK authorities don’t we? None of them ever exploit their positions to abuse women & children or to abuse individuals within social minority groups, do they? Agenda 21 is a ‘conspiracy theory’ ?

The concern is, that anyone identified as ‘hostile’ to official narratives, might find they are identified through a track & tracing app, be seized by police as a ‘Covid-suspect’, with no legal right to query the digital data and failure to willingly submit to that process, suspect is deemed ‘criminal’ and with added risk of being labelled ‘mentally ill’ and thereafter, can be ‘legally’ subject to cruel & callous treatment which may result in death and no one liable? Is this suspicion unreasonable in face of the lies, fraud and disinformation UK media are currently promoting on your behalf and in conjunction with known, egregious objectives toward oppressing e.g. Free speech ?

Surely, if there were any valid concerns about the Covid threat, the propaganda would not be necessary? Surely, you would not need the Coronavirus Bill nor your 77th Brigade to monitor and spy-on UK citizens online activity (G7, G8) ? Is it not a fact that from the very start, the Covid pandemic has run along exact same lines as you ran your ‘Leave’ campign for Brexit i.e. Social engineering, media-psy-op narratives pushing lies, fraud, stealing data and promoting xenophobic fear & judgements – except, this time round you have full control of BBC, police & military and even, Parliament, from your office at no10 (G9) ?

Which do you serve Mr Johnson PM; Britain as a democracy on behalf of its citizenship or Britain as a Tax Haven on behalf of its global ‘elite’?

It appears UK is no longer an independent nation – we are now solely subject to the dictates of the WHO and their global, corporate-backers & beneficiaries (G11) ? If this is not the case, why are officially endorsed internet sites like ‘FactChecker’ and ‘Verify’ being used to justify deleting posts on FaceBook, Twitter etc., in Britain and many other nations, while simultaneously, denying or twisting the facts they claim are ‘false’ i.e. Discrediting medical advice on surgical-mask boxes which states very clearly, that the contents ‘will NOT protect the wearer from Covid-19’ ? How is this any different than the way Corporate-Communist China operates?

Why are medical and legal facts suddenly ‘dangerous’?

Why would such sites as ‘FactChecker’ be established if not purely, for purpose of promoting a corporate-backed, global narrative as part of an agenda keen to exploit an alleged pandemic, as an opportunity for global control of every nation and with Israel at the centre of that web? If this is not the case, why has Israel requested USA to record voices of all (alleged) Covid patients in order to help develop an ‘app’ on pretext of digitally identifying Covid via voice (G12, G13)?

Since there has never been any medical evidence to validate the notion that one can deterimine a specific strain of cold or flu virus from a patient’s voice, is this not more evidence to support the strong supicion that all such voice app’s could be used for nefarious purposes i.e., utilising a global data-bank to wrongly incriminate people via manufactured statements etc? Or else, to reference such techno-ability in denying covertly recorded or leaked statements from powerful individuals? Is the same request from Israel to USA applied to Britain also?

Either way, by what right does Israel wish to claim ownership of any such data – surely, this is conclusive evidence of at the very least, Israeli-Zionists attempts to profit from Covid via gaining powers to identify global citizens via voice alone ? Since Zionists are now lobying USA & UK governments into criminalising anyone (even Jews) speaking out about Zionist atrocity and associated racist, sexist anti-Islamic beliefs, as ‘anti-Semitic’, it is not difficult to comprehend why Israel in particular, would want to develop such technology is it?

How long before Israel is ‘identifying Covid’ via their voice-data-banks on strength of e.g. YouTube videos presented by individuals publicly asking questions, and those ‘suspects’ being subject to prompt removal from their homes into Covid-Isolation?

Will Covid be used as an opportunity to criminalise otherwise innocent people and fine or imprison them for e.g., questioning the WHO narratives? What assurance can you provide to UK public, that people who repeatedly refuse to abide by increasingly mandatory ‘advice’ on e.g., wearing a mask, won’t be facing 1 year in prison as is now being implemeted in Texas USA?

As mentioned previously, even surgical masks will not protect the wearers or others from Covid, and, according to scientific studies, they lower immunity and thus render the wearer more susceptible to all viruses: Why is the science losing out to media & politicians if not because there’s globalist money and power behind the lies i.e. The Davos forum promoting ‘Masks-4-All’ (G14), including the elderly and this, within a couple of years after one of their key-note speakers, director of IMF, spoke about the urgent need to cull sick people and the elderly?

One of your recent government dictates, threatens UK public with fines etc., if we fail to uphold your Covid-‘advice’ as the ‘new-normal’; how can you simultaneously claim the rules are “advisory” when clearly, they are effectively, new ‘laws’ creating new criteria for identifying ‘crime’ & ‘criminals’ = Suspects assumed guilty of carrying Covid and with any proof of innocence reliant at best, on results of very dubious tests ?

Why use the word “advice” if it is a criminal offence to refuse that advice, unless, the reality is, you have no legal right whatsoever to impose any such restrictions but instead, hope to scaremonger mass-compliance with aid of MSM broadcast social-judgements and thereby, normalise your illegal ‘laws’ as ‘common-law’ via commonly accepted compliance?

By what valid, democratic method have such draconian Covid-‘laws’ as are outlined within your fraudulently & deceptively titled ‘Coronavirus Bill’ been passed and by what lawfully valid criteria, when it is a medical fact that all such measures increase stress, deny healthcare, impose unnecessary fear over a minimal risk and thereby, damage health via lowered immunity in otherwise, perfectly healthy individuals and all on strength of what amounts to, wild-exaggerations about the true level of risk (G15) ?

According to all of the evidence as shared herein, Covid-19 represents the perfect vehicle for attacking and diminishing herd-immunty for purpose of enforcing in its place, a herd-mentality whereby, the public are programmed to accept losing their rights to freedom of speech, expression and movement as a means to factually and legally challenge misleading, discriminatory, dangerous and downright dishonest narratives.

Why has UK Gov’t from 2010 on, been actively engaged in developing social engineering programmes aimed at manipulating & influencing public opinion and behavour, toward satisfying desired government-endorsed objectives & narratives – how is this level of control acceptable within a democracy?

MINDSPACE: Influencing behaviour through public policy

Since global interests have collective vested interests in Brexit outcomes, which includes all the top backers & financiers of the World Health Organisation (with UK as THE top donor), and with £trillions riding on a hard Brexit; what evidence can you provide to prove that the WHO’s global reactions to Covid-19, are not designed to also, covertly facilitate a ‘smooth’ transition from EU to Brexit Britain?

Already, the wealthy corporate-globalists have received huge tax-breaks and bailouts in readiness for establishing their cashless-society = yet more absolute control over the public (G16-G18), but meanwhile, UK general public can expect to lose their pensions (G19) ?

Your government has now ‘rejected calls from across the political spectrum to extend the Brexit transition period’. This means that there are now less than six months remaining, to negotiate a deal that works for Britain’: Does being UK Prime Minister grant you the right to operate without compassion? Is Britain a nation and its populous or, is Britain now only the square-mile that constitutes London City? Otherwise, why engineer the kind of Brexit that ONLY serves London City and its crony-elite’s globalist interests, at expensense of the average UK citizen?

Is it not a FACT that Covid-19 is being exploited toward satisfying and/or masking all of the impacts threatened by a no-deal-Brexit, right down to imposing Martial Law and locking down entire cities?

Regardless of the mass suffering imposed by your despicable responses to Covid-19, the hospitality industry is effectively placed on notice for permanent redundancy or, do you plan to pour public funds directly into those private businesses for purpose of providing emergency-accomodation as the proposed 3 million immigrants from Hong Kong begin to arrive?

After Brexit, it is highly unlikely that most of the UK public will be at liberty to afford the ‘luxury’ of e.g., eating out or staying in a hotel. Again, is this attack against economy and small-business, not solid evidence to support the suspicion that Covid has been deliberately engineered to inflict the kind of damages against the global & UK economy, which Brexit and inevitable banking collapse was bound to inflict anyway, and the prime motive being to limit social unrest and/or credibly justify banning e.g., anti-no-deal-Brexit protests via Covid-19?

What evidence can you provide to successfully refute the lawfully evidenced suspicion that Eugenicists (G20) are presently, covertly governing every nation including Britain, under guise of monitoring Covid-19 and in that process, are at liberty to ignore data-protection and impose all manner of intrusions against citizens privacy-rights i.e. Track & Tracing, building a DNA data-base, facial recognition, mandatory ID etc (G21-G26) ?

Will what remains of our NHS be funded via selling medical & digital data on their patients (G27-G28) to big pharma and then, using those funds to buy vaccines from same Big Pharma?

The reality is, all of the data identifying SARS-Cov-2, is based on what amounts to a set of footprints-in-the-snow = the prints may look like a ‘cat’ but until we have that cat, no one can say its true breed, age and capability: How is it possible to have an ‘immunity-passport’ for a virus your top medic’s still have no reliable nor conclusive tests for? Indeed, why does anyone need a ‘passport’ to say they haven’t got the new-flu?

Doubtless, those refusing the vaccines will be accused of ‘putting others at risk’ despite the fact the vaccinated will presumably be protected from Covid and if not then what’s the point of the vaccine?

How is it possible without a vaccine, to prove one’s immunity if one can apparently catch the virus repeatedly? And, why should millions of people and children be placed at even greater risk than the virus via having their immunity-DNA chopped up by Bill Gates & Co experimental bio-tech-AI-friendly-vaccines (G29) ?

Who is Bill Gates or any scientist on Earth, to give themselves the right to ‘teach’ Human DNA with vaccines, whilst expecting to be granted freedom from laibility in event of mass harm delivered by those? Bill Gates and the World Health Organisation are not ‘God’ and neither are YOU Mr Johnson PM.

Why is Bill Gates, as a known Eugenicist and advocate of mass depopulation, placed at the healm of creating a Covid vaccine, when his vaccine programmes have to date, inflicted such terrible injury and even death, to countless children in ‘developing’ nations, to the extent that India expelled the Gates Foundation from their nation (G30, G31) ?

However, with wads of cash-bribes on offer, there is little to stand in the way of corporate-objectives in a world where money = ‘God’ though in reality, serving only the ‘Devil’ because what is a ‘devil’ if not simply, a lawless criminal? Besides Britain (32), how many African nations will succumb to being among the first Covid-Vax-Lab-Rats (G33-G35) ?

Is it not a lawfully confirmed fact of evidence that Mr Gates has under guise of his alleged ‘health’ foundation, committed crimes against humanity (G36)? Indeed, the global ‘Lockstep’ response to Covid, has already maimed & killed thousands in the poorest nations and with millions facing famine (G37).

Being already at the forefront of computer software and as prime beneficiary of all such related profits, can you explain why Mr Gates desire to utilise Covid-19 as a means to test & develop online track & tracing and facial recognition app’s, is now a UK government backed social ‘policy’ and a condition for ‘national security’ (G38-G40) ?

How does a DNA data-bank and ‘facial-recognition’ assist with protecting the public from Covid-19? Is it not a fact, that all such testing & development requires mass social distancing (G41) and masks, in order to refine that technology and, is it a coincidence that such steps are to operate in conjunction with 5G? Exploiting a ‘pandemic’ to erase privacy laws?

What isthe point of tracking & tracing agendas, when it is known that regardless, the tests are effectively void in terms of definitively confirming Covid in A-symptomatic subjects or even, subjects who display mild symptoms of a common cold or regular flu? Why are people showing symptoms, not being tested first, to rule out other flu strains, common colds and allergies?

Is the statement below (in light of your own friendship with Trump and his insidious agendas on behalf of Israel & globalism), a conspiracy theory or a conspiracy fact? Is the author a ‘terrorist threat’ or a Human Being compelled to do the job UK MSM has failed to do, due to its eslavement in service to your government by way of dedicating news reports to promote propaganda = tool of all fascist dictatorships?

‘Buckle Up For A Bumpy Ride
Those who don’t already know exactly where this urgent rhetoric is heading, really should buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride, if you are not already fully availed of the undisputed and demonstrable facts, in relation to Trump’s relationship with Rothschild.
Nevertheless, if you are a committed Trump supporter, you will win my genuine admiration if you manage to read this article in full, check the references given and not have an emotional breakdown of some form or another in the process of doing so.
Because there appears to be an unspeakably nefarious deception at play, which has your kind, loyal and trusting heart ensnared, in its complex webs of plausible deniability, hearsay and gobshite, spun with military precision, by armies of well trained propagandists for the self-appointed ‘elite’.

Is it not a fact that your government has employed the 77th Brigade to spy on, monitor and engineer, public responses and reactions to your Covid dictates and Brexit ambitions? How is this online army any different than the USSR’s KGB ?

Apparently; ‘77th Brigade specialise in “non-lethal” forms of psychological warfare, using social media including Facebook and Twitter to fight with information in response to external factors, like Russian misinformation.

How is it possible Mr Johnson PM, for that statement to be accepted as ‘fact’, when there is lawful suspicion that yourself and fellow Tory ministers, have subversive relations with Russia and all information about that, considered so politically sensitive, you delayed to release the Russia Report which, was unlawfully buried prior to the 2019 (probably rigged) GE = How can the 77th Brigade be serving your government when yourself as PM, is lawfully suspect as covertly serving Russian interests here in Britain (G42) ?

Or else, is the 77th Brigade, alongside yourself and President Trump, operating now in service to Zionist Israeli-duel-citizen, global oligarchs too and therefore, it is the UK public who are now the ‘enemy’? Zionist Russian agendas for Britain are fine (G43) ?

Since successive Israeli-Zionist governments have employed their own subversive/extremist interpretations of religious-faith as justification for terrorising people and children, stealing their lands and imposing Martial Law; how is that government any different from e.g. ISIS?

Is this the reality behind your “new normal”? A Britain where protests are permanently prohibited and where independent small business is a thing of the past? Where the UK public is set to become a corporate slave workforce on minimum wages or else, facing the ‘Benefits’ of a Factory-Prison? A place where those age 50+ needing life-saving treatments, receive at most, ‘compassionate’ NHS care only ? A place where the £ crashes to value of 25p and a host of global-hedge-betters, leaping for joy as they reap the dividends on winning their collective bets = a Crown Currency for the latest Crown-controlled Tax Haven i.e. A land without Trial-by-Jury and with no Inquests (G44), into any death listed ‘Covid’ = A clause that could prove useful toward ‘bumping-off’ undesireables by anyone with authority enough to apply the Covid-Stay-Out-Of-Jail-Free card (G45) ?

Are UK Intelligence Services & Data-Banks operating on behalf of Britain or, on behalf of British, American & Russian-Zionists operating in service to Israel (G46-G48) – or is it both ?

What evidence can your government provide to successfully dispel, the lawfully valid suspicion that many individuls occupying positions of authority in UK and abroad (even HM Queen), are not subject to blackmail on strength of information gained via e.g. Israeli-Intelligence whom it appears, handled Epstein as an operative employed to gather ‘sensitive’ intel’ on people like Prince Andrew (G49, G50, G50+)? We ask this question in face of the total silence as the very fabric of our society, is torn apart and our institutions demolished along with centuries of legal & Constitutional precedents.

Did you think we-the-people would not notice? Do you believe the public are all ignorant animals/livestock on your Globalist-Tory-UK-Farm ?

Hopefully, yourself and your government can respectfully and adequately answer all of the questions as presented herein and reassure the public that:
A) Britain will leave EU with a favourable deal that does not leave UK citizens with no no fuel, food & medicines.
B) Our £ will not crash to below 70p in value.
C) Human Rights, Common Law, food safety and envirnomental protections will continue & 5G cancelled pending a public inquiry.
D) NHS will not be privatised but instead, vastly improved.
E) You will abandon present Covid propaganda and stand by facts instead of globalist-fiction.
F) You will abandon mandatory; vaccinations, masks, track & trace, a DNA database, voice-recognition data, Immunity or vaccination-passports and, your Coronavirus Bill.
G) You will expell the Israel Lobby from Parliament until any time Israel ceases annexation of Palestine, relinquishes claim to the unlawfully occupied territories of Palestine, Lebanon and Syria and, has agreed to uphold and respect International Law and the sovereign rights and law of other nations.
H) The UK populous will receive via the Corporate-Crown, financial and therapeutic compensation for the losses sustained via Brexit and your WHO-directed responses to Covid-19.

Failure to faourably comply will very likely lead to revolt and this is not a threat, it is simply, a matter of lawful probability because although British citizens are long socially conditioned to be a very tolerant populous, there comes a point where ‘tolerance’ in face of blatant, criminal and even terrorist government agendas, is itself, a crime – a crime which historically, has inevitably led to civil-war: Is civil war part of your plan for post Brexit, post-Covid Britain?

What’s next on your agenda – bubonic plague (as has just broken out in China)? How many pandemics do you need before the public are terrified into begging for vaccine & immunity-passports? Or else, once the Covid objectives are satisfied, will the ISIS ‘terror-alert’ be ramped up again (G51) ?

The lies & disinformation now have control of every nation and many perceiving this as ‘proof’ that that the Covid-threat truly is a ‘major pandemic’ when equally, if not more-so, it is proof of organised crime and criminals taking over our planet and with plans to vaccinate billions orchestrated by people pushing for ‘Global Identity Verification‘ via the ‘solution’ of ‘AI-powered facial biometric identity authentication‘ – because that’s where the profits are now = profits to serve hidden-in-plain-sight agendas(G52): Is big pharma and genetic-data-software, the new stock-market ‘bubble’ except, when that bubble bursts, it’s not jobs & homes people will be losing but their autonomy, health or even their lives – and YOUR government Mr Johnson PM, is willing to take that risk ?

When it comes to literally, monetising the human immune system – even our DNA and every aspect of our physical data – explain how this is not a form of bio-technocratic-economic-cannibalism (G53) ?

With billions at risk of severe harm via gene-altering vaccines; in event of the worst outcomes being realised, will that manufactured problem then call for the ‘solution’ of prohibiting reproduction in most of humanity in order to halt the risks of passing on corrupted DNA and instead, we’ll turn to those same DNA lab’s for our offspring to be grown by a corporation in artificial wombs using their patented ‘synthetic’-DNA (G54, G55) ?

*How long before, like the infertile seeds farmers must buy every year, the vast majority of humans are infertile too and forced to buy our offspring?

At what point can we expect certain corporations to be growing their own workforce?

*From a world established on foundation of cruel & callous colonisation and just a couple of centuries ago, had commonly accepted that God and Jesus supported enslavement for Black people, our concerns are by no means ‘outlandish’ and especially not during a century in which slavery, is once more becoming ‘normalised’.

We cannot feign surprise that Eugenicists will ultimately, deliver a manufactured realisation of their warped philosophy on ‘genetic-inferiority’ being as that is the only way to justify their Frankenstein visions for total control over every aspect of humanity; the very last thing they can take from a human child is their UNIVERSAL RIGHT, to a living, human mother and there is no denying the facts behind the question: Is the machine waiting to devour the human child from conception?

New technology requires new laws, new ethics, new codes of conduct via indepth and accurately informed oversight but there is no oversight happening – the new technology is granted the same rampant dereguilations & liberties as currently apply to the current thoroughly corrupt and criminal global banking system: Bill Gates funded projects find a new vaccine = let’s rush it out, no need for lengthy testing i.e. A host of investors in e.g. Moderna, are waiting for their dividends so they can pay the interest off their loans from the globalists corporate banks (G56-G60) ? Please explain Mr Johnson PM, why this despicable level of ignorance toward basic medical-science protocols, is not ethically and legally repugnant in face of the Covid facts as exposed herein?

Perhaps on a deeper level, you are presently agreeing to globalist objectives because you’re a secret Evangelicist, convinced we must fulfill ancient Rome’s Biblical ‘Revelations’? In which case, maybe you need to read the story of Jonah and get to grips with the LAW and how agreeing to uphold the law and live ethically, deletes any chance that a terrible prophecy will ever come to pass? While yourself and many others may ask; “what’s ‘God’ got to do with any of this?”, please go ask the same of those Zionist powers now pushing ahead with their lawless, Greater Israel Project.

Zionist-Israel appears to be the prime beneficiary of every disruption that has hit various nations over the last 20 years; 9/11, 7/7, wars in the Middle East, the Trump & Tory governments, Brexit and now, Globalisation via Covid-19 (G61, G62) ?

Robert Maxwell, a criminal UK-media-mogul and by all accounts, an Israeli-Intelligence asset, who stole UK pensions, was buried a “hero” in Zionist-Israel – his daughter, co-conspirator with that lawfully suspected Israeli-Intelligence blackmail-lacky Epstein. One can oly wonder what levels of ‘intelligence’ a UK gutter-press mogul, has managed to pass onto Israel to extent, he’s cited a hero and given a State-Burial there?

In face of the evidence, we can only surmise that most of what’s happening on Earth today, is by order of criminals controlling the variety of fraudsters, drug-addicts and paedophiles, they’ve placed in almost every office of power.

Where do the crimes end and a REAL chance for i.e. Israel & Palestine to find lawfully sustained prosperity & peace begin? Or is that just a ‘pipe-dream’ because there shall be no peace until the Zionists control every nation, every sect of Judaism, own every part of Palestine and their ‘ethinic-cleansing’ is finally complete via e.g. Mandatory coronavirus vaccines? Will Israeli military be vaccinating Palestinians via bribery or with military force?

The dire suspicions have not arisen out of thin air, they are based on evidence of what is known by what has passed through time. Doubtless, yourself and others, especially Zionists, may likely judge the questions and queries raised herein, as ‘offensive’. However, considering Zionists are the kind of people who jail, maim, torture and kill Palestinian children (whom they refer to as “little snakes“) for their alleged “terrorist” actions of e.g., attending a protest or throwing stones at a tank (G63-G66), who is causing most offence?

Is Britain to support Israel without question? Does a friend ignore their friend’s gross crimes? Does that ‘friendship’ not render Britain complicit in war-crimes and/or genocide?

After reviewing all the evidence and Trump’s, ‘Deal of the Century’ (G67), these questions are entirely appropriate and completely necessary because Israel has placed itself at the centre of globalist-agendas; controlling finance, data, media, multi-national & corporate military and even, the bulk of every country’s politicians; from perspective of the average UK citizen, Israel = Terrorist-Threat due entirely, to that nation’s commitment to lawlessness being controlled by Zionists; a sect of Judaism founded on elitist, racist, and sexist judgements which includes the notion that all non-Jews, as form the majority of UK populous, are unclean, inferior humans akin to cattle.

Clearly, yourself and lawfully suspect global conspirators, are banking on the ‘boiling-frog’ analogy whereby, the public don’t realise the gradually increasing ‘heat’ until it’s too late for them to leap out of your pot?

Fortunately, we-the-people are not frogs and that is very fortunate for ours and your own children Mr Johnson PM; without the multitude of hands to clean up the corporate filth and establish a true paradise on Earth, yourself and global elite, are doomed to perish to extinction and there shall be no forgiveness nor redemption for any of you because all of your current, colletive efforts are not about ‘saving the planet’ but merely, to save an elitist, selfish and inherently psychopathic global elite and their powers – an ‘elite’ who are entirely responsible for present levels of pollution and damage against our planet: A ‘win’ for your globalist-coalition = Lose for our planet and our species; their ‘over-population trope is founded on MYTH (G69).

For 10 long years, the British public have suffered attack under your Party’s successive Tory-leaders Mr Johnson PM; people are waking up and stepping out of the left-right paradigm because what’s going on right now, against humanity, our nation and our planet, is not about politics, it’s a battle of antiquated ideologies against new knowledge and new ethics born from new realisations about who we are as a species and what is our true universal purpose of being on this amazing planet; one thing we are completely sure of, is that we are NOT here to be held in captivity as slave to the dictates of thieves & thugs calling themselves ‘the global elite’:

Do you truly believe humanity has forgotten about our lawful right and duty to expell tyrants from power? Did you forget we fought World War 2 for exactly that purpose (G70) ?

Change is needed and change will happen and those changes will begin when the real criminals on this planet are arrested in their tracks and the people free to live by what is; GOOD, HONEST, ETHICAL, HUMANE, LAWFUL, COMPASSIONATE and RIGHT = INTELLIGENCE: It is indeed, a great shame that none of those words currently apply to this present UK Government and alleged ‘allies’.

Part H: References Of Evidence

Part A: Brexit & Trade:

1) After Brexit: the UK will need to renegotiate at least 759 treaties
FT research reveals that agreements with 168 countries must be redone just for Britain to stand still
The nearest precedent you can think of is a cessation of a country — you are almost starting from scratch,” says Andrew Hood, a former UK government lawyer now at Dechert. “It will be a very difficult, iterative process.

2) EU Aims to Clinch U.S. Trade Deal by End of 2019

3) In depth: Concerns about a UK-US trade deal
As the deal is yet to be negotiated and the UK Government is secretive about its objectives, we do not know exactly what its provisions will be. However, the US has been more explicit about what it would seek in a UK-US trade deal. Some of these provisions would have a profound negative impact on health, welfare and the environment.

4) Leaked papers from the US-UK trade talks: A guide to the revelations
The US’s initial economic modelling suggests that a hard Brexit scenario would be good for the US but not for Britain.

5) Trump’s ‘massive’ U.S.-UK trade deal faces big hurdles
Even before the digital tax issue arose, the Trump administration threatened to tax foreign car imports, which could hit British-made Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini, and Honda Civic hatchback cars.
Stiff U.S. trade demands include increased access for U.S. farm goods, concessions that will be difficult for Britain’s entrenched natural food culture to swallow.
The United States also wants Britain to change the way its National Health Service prices drugs and allow in more U.S. pharmaceuticals, which could prove politically unpopular for Johnson’s government.

6) TJM is concerned about the following potential impacts of a UK-US trade deal:
Trump adviser Ross says UK-US trade deal will mean scrapping EU rules

7) The World Trade Organization ruled in favor of the U.S. imposing tariffs on the European Union.

8) No-deal Brexit is ‘commercial suicide’, manufacturers tell MPs

9) Boris Johnson’s US trade deal will make Britain a paradise for disaster capitalists

10) How Israelis can benefit from Brexit
Individual Israelis can benefit from Brexit thanks to a weaker GBP. Britain is a popular tourist destination for Israelis. Now with a fluctuating Pound Sterling – Israelis have at times, since the referendum, received 15% more for the Shekel – travel has become more affordable and attractive for the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who travel to Britain every year.

11) Brexit: UK would now vote 54-46 to stay in EU, new poll suggests

12) A reminder that HMRC actually rents its offices from a company registered in a tax haven
David Cameron’s father Ian, six Conservative peers, three former MPs and several Tory donors are also linked to tax haven networks, the investigation alleges.
Despite the prevalence of offshore bank accounts and shell companies owned by UK based people and organisations, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Office (HMRC) has only prosecuted 11 offshore tax evaders in the last five years.
On top of that, this small detail about HMRC’s regional offices which has re-emerged in light of the scandal seems like it just can’t be true:
But it is.
HMRC pays rent on its 600 regional offices from a company called Mapeley Steps Limited, which is registered in the tax haven Bermuda, as the result of a private finance initiative (PFI).
PFIs were started by the Conservative government in the early 90s, and have been continued by all sitting governments since. They are agreements in which companies fund construction such as buildings, infrastructure or IT systems and then effectively lease them to the public sector.
They have been widely criticised as bad value for money for the tax payer, lining private interests’ pockets at the expense of public services.–bJ2PgGt9eZ

13) Britain’s Tax Office, HMRC sold 600 state owned buildings to offshore property company
Back in 2001, Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer of the time, Alistair Darling, authorised a privatisation deal by selling around 600 of HMRC’s buildings. One could argue that selling off state owned assets only to be charged with exponentially rising rent is a bad deal for the taxpayer and makes no common sense whatsoever. In the meantime this story goes from farce to tradegy.
At the time HMRC said it had signed a private finance initiative (PFI) deal with the UK-registered Mapeley Limited, transferring “ownership and management” of the entire estate. The truth was that HMRC had sold the properties to a Bermuda-based sister company called Mapeley Steps Limited for £220m, while paying rent to a UK company called Mapeley Steps Contractors Limited. The former off-shored huge profits, the latter posted losses to HMRC and therefore paid no taxes to the treasury. This in itself should be a scandal

We own and manage over 500 properties in most major towns and cities across the UK, making us one of the UK’s largest commercial landlords. We provide over 9 million square feet of space, which is 84% occupied by our customers.
We were established in 1999 in order to bid for the contract to provide outsourced management to the HM Revenue & Customs estate. We won the bid in 2001 and went on to win other large outsourcing contracts for Abbey, now part of Santander UK, and for HM Passport Office.

15) Inland Revenue’s property sold to company in tax haven
The revenue agreed an arrangement in March 2001 with the UK-registered Mapeley Limited that involved transferring the “ownership and management” of the estates.
Offcials omitted to say the deal was split between a company called Mapeley Steps Contractors Limited, which was due to be paid for maintaining the revenue’s offices, and Mapeley Steps Limited, a Bermuda-based company which bought the buildings for £220m.
Both companies are owned by Mapeley Holdings, a property company part-owned by George Soros and US investment company Fortress Investment…
The BBC reported that Mapeley Contractors had received payments from the Inland Revenue of £136m in the last nine months of 2001. The payments, however, failed to prevent the company reporting a £12m loss for the year. Crucial to its financial position was a transfer payment of £81m to the Bermuda based Mapeley Steps…

16) Revenue sell-off to tax haven firm
The Inland Revenue has confirmed that it sold its estate of more than 600 buildings to a company based in a tax haven, and admits it wrongly announced the properties were sold to a UK firm…
How much Mapeley charges the Revenue in rent and service costs is not known, because commercial agreements between the government and the private sector are confidential.
Further details of the contract cannot be uncovered from Mapeley Steps’ accounts, because the firm is not UK registered and neither files financial reports nor does it pay tax in the UK.

17) UK overseas territories top tax haven risk list
While the UK itself is ranked at 13, the top three jurisdictions contributing the most to corporate tax avoidance are the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, all of which have ties to the UK. Jersey is ranked at number seven, and the Bahamas at number nine…
Eight of the 10 jurisdictions identified as the highest risk corporate tax havens were part of the UK network: BVI, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, Jersey and Guernsey…
The group also claimed the UK is one of the top three countries, along with France and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which used double tax treatie
s to aggressively lower low income countries’ withholding tax rates.

18) Bermuda named world’s worst tax haven – Oxfam
Four UK-linked territories – Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Jersey and the British Virgin Islands – appear in a new list of the world’s 15 worst corporate tax havens revealed by Oxfam today.
The 15 countries earned their place on the ‘world’s worst’ list because they have adopted an aggressive set of policies to enable companies to minimise their tax bills.

19) It’s our sovereign right to set 0% corporation tax rate, UK-protected tax haven Bermuda says
Bermuda has dismissed a study suggesting it is the world’s worst tax haven, arguing that it is the country’s “sovereign right” to set a corporation tax of zero per cent.
The British Overseas Territory books more profit that China, Canada or Germany, despite having a smaller population than Basingstoke and being a remote island 1,000km off the eastern seaboard of the US…
Overseas territories rely on the UK for protection and foreign relations but are allowed to govern themselves.

20) The UK Gold film: now available online
“Where is the gold buried when crisis is looming and society begins to demand its share?
With eloquence and polite mutual support, the British business establishment elegantly winds its way out of society’s demands of accountability and community, and vast amounts of money are diverted away from the state coffers through a net of confusing transactions, Caribbean tax havens and a shelter of bureaucracy. All wrapped up in the “Union Jack”.

Part B: Brexit Impacts:

1) 50 Years of Austerity: Two, 50 or 100 years: when do leavers think Brexit will pay off?
Jacob Rees-Mogg says the benefits of leaving the EU may not be felt for 50 years – and he’s not the only Eurosceptic asking the people of Britain to wait patiently

2) Austerity is “economic murder” says Cambridge researcher
A research report, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open – the Effects of health and social care spending constraints on mortality in England: a time trend analysis, concludes that austerity cuts are correlated with an increase in mortality rates, confirming what many of us have proposed for some time. The research revealed that there were 45,000 more deaths in the first four years of Tory-led “efficiency savings” than would have been expected if funding had stayed at pre-election levels.
The new study strongly suggests that austerity policies will have caused 120,000 deaths by 2020.

3) No-deal Brexit would push UK debt to 50-year high, says think tank

4) US drug firms say it will be easier to hike prices to NHS after Brexit, document reveals
US health firms are confident it will be easier to gain access to the NHS and hike the price of medicines after Brexit, a document reveals.
The prospectus sets out how pharmaceutical companies will demand new rules that “prohibit discrimination” against foreign suppliers and end “restrictions on the number of suppliers”.

5) 2019 Government says it has no duty to secure food supplies in a no-deal Brexit (nor any other crisis)
‘Two official documents this week reveal that our Government feels no legal responsibility for securing our food supplies in an emergency – neither fire, flood, disease epidemic, conflict, supply chain disruption, nor no-deal Brexit.’

6) Anticipated impacts of Brexit scenarios on UK food prices and implications for policies on poverty and health: a structured expert judgement approach
The number of households experiencing food insecurity and its severity is likely to increase because of expected sizeable increases in median food prices after Brexit. Higher increases are more likely than lower rises and towards the upper limits, these would entail severe impacts. Research showing a low food budget leads to increasingly poor diet suggests that demand for health services in both the short and longer terms is likely to increase due to the effects of food insecurity on the incidence and management of diet-sensitive conditions.

7) Fact Checker:Paying £500 million more a week for drugs post-Brexit is based on a fairly extreme scenario
It’s certainly possible that drug prices could increase following a trade deal as this fits with US priorities from past negotiations. But the £500 million figure is a rough calculation based on a scenario that the Nuffield Trust has said is fairly extreme.

8) Brexit “like declaring a war on ourselves” as plans drawn up for emergency shipments of food and medicine

9) Corporate Immigrant Workforce

10) Corporate Military

11) Brexit Britain will be ‘huge tax haven in middle of Europe’ – ‘UK will PROSPER’

12) Missing in Action – Boris Johnson’s ‘Global Britain’ in a Post-Brexit World
‘“Global Britain is about reinvesting in our relationships, championing the rules-based international order and demonstrating that the UK is open, outward-looking and confident on the world stage.” However, relations with the USA and EU have dramatically soured in recent weeks and other international allies look on exasperated at Britain’s rapid decline, knowing that Boris Johnson and his administration do not have what it takes not just to repair the wounds of Brexit but rebuild Britain fit for the international arena.
It is laughable to think that Britain can claim to be championing the rules-based order. It’s dubious global arms and munitions sales is a good example, so is London’s reputation as the world’s laundromat. The Chagos Islands is a lesson in global immorality. The treatment of Julian Assange is another. Attacks on the judiciary, legislature and the media are the new rules and order. Even Boris Johnson’s rise to power has been built on a raft of lies, facilitated by a foreign state global surveillance machine that stole the privacy of millions and usurped democracy. Britain’s ruling elite is now seen as little more than a criminal clique of billionaires aided by a syndicate of corporate malfeasance facilitated by shadowy geopolitical players. Deep down, we all know this – but so does everyone else.’

13) Boris Johnson’s US trade deal will make Britain a paradise for disaster capitalists

14) Government ‘planning for martial law’ under emergency no-deal Brexit preparations 2019

15) Brexit Job Loss Index: 436,296 Jobs Lost As Of 31 January 2020

16) Banking & Building Society Bail-Ins: Mr Cameron has already established the legislation

17) Rights of UK citizens in EU at risk as member states’ legislation not yet in place

18) Donald Trump’s ambassador urges Britain to ditch EU’s ‘traditionalist’ food standards for post-Brexit trade deal

19) The Tories have voted that animals can’t feel pain as part of the EU bill, marking the beginning of our anti-science Brexit

20) Northern Ireland: Is Brexit a Threat to the Peace Process and the Soft Irish Border?

21) Workers’ rights: endangered by Brexit

22) Theresa May refused EIGHT times to rule out scrapping vital workers’ rights after Brexit

23) 2020: We have to fight a bonfire of health and safety protections after Brexit
The government have failed to enact their international obligations on workers’ rights, a new report points out.

24) Why are we still using a 19th-century law that criminalises homeless people?

25) ) Hundreds of homeless people fined and imprisoned in England and Wales

26) 11 Brexit promises the government quietly dropped
Leaving aside the £350m for the NHS, Brexit has promised quick and easy trade deals with the EU and the rest of the world, an end to ECJ jurisdiction and free movement, and British control of North Sea fishing. None of this has come to pass. Here are 11 key abandoned claims

27) Sarkozy and Cameron ties questioned after euro row
France and the United Kingdom were at odds on Thursday evening after British Prime Minister David Cameron opted out of a new EU treaty championed by France’s Nicolas Sarkozy.
In front of the press, Cameron said the new treaty, meant to impose stricter fiscal discipline on EU member states, went against UK interests.

28) Are the Tories really on the side of Britain’s farmers?
It’s strange, then, that as part of ‘getting Brexit done’, the current government are proposing a raft of ideas that will be far from helpful for British farmers. The Agriculture Bill has already caused its fair share of controversy. MP Neil Parish, chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, proposed an amendment which would have prevented any trade agreement from being ratified if it allowed the importation of food products produced to a lower standard than is allowed in the UK. His amendment was defeated by 51 votes, after being supported by only 22 of his fellow Conservative MPs. This was despite support from the National Farmers’ Union, British Veterinary Association, RSPCA, Soil Association and other groups.

29) ‘I’m worried for my children’: your key concerns with a year until Brexit
Readers share what they see as the most pressing issues as we reach a new milestone in the countdown to Brexit

30) Figures spark call for inquiry into ‘alarming’ levels of nurse suicide

31) Top GP issues mental health warning as 400 doctors die by suicide

32) Government ‘stockpiling body bags’ says doctor who contributed to Yellowhammer

33) ‘We are terrified for the future’ say young people as Brexit crunch talks fail again

34) Deagel.Com: UK

Part C: Brexit Conspiracy:

1) Why Is Dominic Cummings So Important?
His rich backers have bet big against the UK economy and Dominic Cummings must stay in Westminster to deliver a No Deal Brexit.

2) “Who wants Brexit so much that they are prepared to kill for it?” asks Margaret Georgiadou, 77, who started the [Cancel Article 50] petition.

3) The 2016 referendum was a badly designed rigged vote corruptly and unfairly won. Why is there so much deference to it?

4) I was one of the 700,000 British people denied a vote in the first EU referendum – that’s why we need another Brexit vote

5) Hedge funds make £7bn bet against pound as Brexit bites

6) Brexit and the future of tax havens
What the Singapore-on-the-Thames visionaries appear to have in mind can be summed up as:
A commitment to sweeping tax cuts for corporations and mobile rich people – tax wars as a fiscal weapon;
Tax measures such as accelerated capital allowances to attract mobile investments to UK;
Comprehensive de-regulation, removal of social and environmental protections;
Weak or non-existent compliance with international anti-money laundering measures;
Retaining golden visa arrangements to provide residence rights of wealthy non-British citizens, increasing exposure to oligarchs and corrupt illicit financial flows.

7) In front of the press, Cameron said the new treaty, meant to impose stricter fiscal discipline on EU member states, went against UK interests.

8) Is this the real reason why Farage and Rees-Mogg want a speedy Brexit?

9) EU corporate tax avoidance rules come into force

10) EU rules to eliminate tax loopholes come into effect

11) New EU corporate tax avoidance measures to take effect

12) ’ve seen how the EU tackles tax evasion versus the US – and if Brexit Britain follows Trump, we’re headed for disaster

13) Softer Brexit option would cause Tory party to ‘explode’, May warned

14) Cambridge Analytica did work for Brexit groups, says ex-staffer
Brittany Kaiser, the former head of business development at the firm, said that Leave.EU used datasets created by Cambridge Analytica to target voters with online political messages to potentially sway public opinion in 2016. The company has been at the center of a worldwide scandal about the illegal scraping of digital information from millions of Facebook users without their consent, and how this data was potentially then used for targeted political advertising.

15) Vote Leave ‘cheating’ could have swayed Brexit – Cambridge Analytica whistleblower to MPs (VIDEO)

16) The Tories rely on Russian money – that’s why they ignore Russian meddling

17) Israel is the first country to finalize post-Brexit trade deal with UK
Israel’s trade with Britain in was valued at more than £10 billion in 2018.

18) Netanyahu’s Annexation, Brexit, and the Doctrine of National Self-Harm
Both Brexit and the proposed annexation of Palestinian territories are right-wing projects. One of the key slogans of the “Leave” campaign in the Brexit referendum was the call to “take back control.”

19) The wife of a former Putin ally has donated £325,000 to Boris Johnson’s Conservatives as he continues to sit on a report into Russian interference

20) Israel lobby in the United Kingdom
Russian Zionist Chaim Weizmann began the process of convincing Earl Balfour that Palestine should be the Jewish national home and, according to the website, the “British Zionist movement began actively lobbying the British government.”[6] The British Palestine Committee in Manchester also, according to, “lobbied for the mandate and Jewish rights in Palestine.”[7]

21) A thousand EU financial firms plan to open UK offices after Brexit


23) Private Finance Initiative (PFI)
A private finance initiative (PFI) is a way of financing public sector projects through the private sector. PFIs alleviate the government and taxpayers of the immediate burden of coming up with the capital for these projects.

24) The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary)

25) Associated British Foods Plc
Associated British Foods is a major international manufacturer of branded grocery products, many of which are market-leading household names.
Our focus in this area has been to invest in a brand-leading position whilst increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

26) British sugar giant caught in global tax scandal
Associated British Foods accused of Zambia tax avoidance after sending massive profits abroad

27) Find out about Controlled Foreign Companies and tax avoidance
The CFC rules are anti-avoidance provisions designed to prevent diversion of UK profits to low tax territories. If UK profits are diverted to a CFC , those profits are apportioned and charged on a UK corporate interest-holder that holds at least a 25% interest in the CFC
[Devising strategic gov’t tax policy/CFC Rules: “Advisory panels comprised entirely of corporate executives representing leading London listed footsie-100 companies” ‘UK Gold’]


29) The Brexit Syndicate Who is taking back control?
Rupert Murdoch was once asked why he hated the EU so much. ‘That’s easy,’ he replied.’When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.’ No wonder, then, that he was an avid supporter of Brexit.

Part D: Brexit Objectives:

1) Modernising the
United Kingdom
Unleashing the power of the Union – ideas
for new leadership

‘The UK Government should establish a Council of UK Civic Leaders
– chaired by the Prime Minister – that should meet regularly over
the course of the year with Ministers and officials. This should
include civic leaders from across the UK, for instance the Mayor of
the West Midlands and Leader of Glasgow City Council.’ p7
‘d. Working directly with local authorities – where close
government involvement in the rollout of full-fibre
broadband is needed (for example, in the context of
providing subsidies for hard to reach areas) the UK
government should work directly with local authorities.
e. 5G coverage should be integrated into the full-fibre
strategy – the goal of making access to ‘ultrafast’ internet
speeds should include not just the rollout of full-fibre
infrastructure, but also be coordinated with the rollout
of 5G coverage, which is at least just as important for
connectivity as broadband (and in the future, even more
so) and in harder to reach areas, mobile broadband may in
the long run prove more economically viable.’
‘One Green Nation:

  1. The UK Government should create a single, economy-wide
    carbon tax that will establish a trajectory for the total carbon price
    towards net zero by 2050 (set by an independent body such as the
    Committee on Climate Change to ensure investment confidence).
    This should be payable by UK producers and those importing to
    the UK and a rebate on the tax should be paid to British exporters, | 13
    Executive summary
    to avoid carbon leakage and disadvantaging British industry.’ p12

2) We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe (Scientific American):
“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”
‘The scientists who signed this appeal arguably constitute the majority of experts on the effects of nonionizing radiation. They have published more than 2,000 papers and letters on EMF in professional journals.‘

3) Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns

4) Civil Service Reform 20
‘He said that such change would be possible because of so-called “beneficial crisis”.
Cummings, who led the campaign group against Britain’s membership of the Euro, said: “People will say it’s impossible to do this, but people have told me too, ‘You’ll never beat Blair on the Euro, you’ll never get more than fraction of your crazy plans through the DfE’. Things are possible, particularly when crisis hits.”
Speaking two years before the 2016 referendum on EU membership, he added: “The EU was created on the basis of what they call beneficial crisis, and because of the nature of the world and the way things are going we’re going to see lots of beneficial crisis shortly, that would enable us to change things along the lines I’ve suggested if we want to.”

5) Call for inquiry into Dominic Cummings’s centralisation of special advisers 2020
‘The head of the FDA union has called for a parliamentary inquiry into the role of special advisers to examine the increasing centralisation of the appointment of ministerial aides by the prime minister’s top spad Dominic Cummings.
In a letter to the Public Administration and Cuonsititonal Affairs select committee chair William Wragg, Dave Penman said the increasing role of No.10 in the appointment and oversight of spads, who are temporary civil servants, was creating “a series of constitutional contradictions” that should be reviewed by the committee.’

6) Permanent civil service ‘an idea for the history books’: New No.10 adviser Dominic Cummings’ views on Whitehall 2019

7) Conservative nostalgia for Victorian era is dangerous

8) Tory spending cuts send us back to the misery of the Victorian workhouse

9) Tory housing minister was member of private Facebook group that called for workhouses for the poor and end to all council housing
Dominic Raab says he was not aware he was part of social media page that also proposed privatising the NHS
The group also lists as members current Tory MP Henry Smith and a former MP who lost her seat last year. Mr Smith’s office said he would not have joined the group himself.
Other members appear to have worked for the Conservatives or stood as candidates for the party.

Tax havens, like Jersey, sit right on Britain’s doorstep. With a population of 87,000, the island is the home of some £400 billion of footloose capital. Jersey is effectively run by big business. It rents out its legislature to big business, which writes its own laws. Jersey has never had a general election in its entire history.
It does not have the usual checks and balances, or separation of the legislative, executive and judicial functions. It has no written record of major parliamentary debates and adequate consumer protection laws. Anyone speaking out is clobbered and ostracised. Members of Jersey’s Parliament who dare to ask uncomfortable questions are threatened with indefinite suspensions.

11) 2013: It was hard to stomach David Cameron preaching [permanent] austerity from a golden throne

‘Analysis of data shared with Newsweek shows that, according to the Department of Education’s statistics for the year ending March 31, 2013, around 1,910 children (legally defined as under the age of 18) left the care system in England for unknown reasons, including 180 babies under the age of one. In the same period in 2012, about 2,260 children left the system for unknown reasons, including 160 babies.‘

13) David Cameron to ‘scrap’ Human Rights Act for new ‘British Bill of Rights’

14) The Greater Israel Project
The following document pertaining to the formation of “Greater Israel” constitutes the cornerstone of powerful Zionist factions within the current Netanyahu government, the Likud party, as well as within the Israeli military and intelligence establishment.
President Donald Trump had from the outset in January 2017 confirmed in no uncertain terms, his support of Israel’s illegal settlements (including his opposition to UN Security Council Resolution 2334, pertaining to the illegality of the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank). The Trump administration expressed its recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. And now the entire West Bank is being annexed to Israel.

15) Jews against Zionism @TorahJews
“Jews all over the world are not responsible for the actions of the State of Israel.
Israel does NOT represent the Jewish people.
Netanyahu is a Dictator he does not speak for us nor represent us.”

16) How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis
The Electronic Intifada can reveal that a key player in Labour’s “anti-
Semitism crisis” covered up his involvement in the Israel lobby.
Most Labour members so accused are in reality being attacked for expressing opinions in favor of Palestinian human rights and particularly for supporting the boycott of Israel.
Labour activists, many of them Jews, have told The Electronic Intifada that false accusations of anti-Semitism are being used as a weapon against Corbyn by the party’s right-wing.

17) Israel bombing

18) Syria airstrikes | The Times of Israel
7 Jun 2020 – Fires caused by a reported Israeli attack on a site in Masyaf in northern Syria

19) Israel declares it is above the law
Documents published this week shows a legal representative of the Israeli government audaciously claiming that Israel can “legislate anywhere in the world,” that it is “entitled to violate the sovereignty of foreign countries,” and that it “is allowed to ignore the directives of international law in any field it desires”.
The bold declaration was made in legal materials recently submitted to the Israeli Supreme Court in which the government representative said that the Knesset is allowed to ignore international law anywhere it desires.
These remarks were made last month in a written response the government filed to the Israeli Supreme Court relating to the petition against the Settlement Regularisation Law filed by Palestinian legal groups, Adalah, The Legal Centre for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre (JLAC), and Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Gaza). Their petition was made on behalf of 17 local Palestinian authorities in the West Bank.

20) Al-Jazeera: The Lobby


22) The unexpected Conservative election victory of 2015 transformed British politics. Now an unprecedented Electoral Commission investigation has raised the question of whether it was even a fair fight.

23) Conservatives accused of trying to ‘rig next election’ as analysis shows boundary changes will disproportionately benefit them

24) Dominic Raab just freely admitted to electoral fraud (viewing postal votes)

25) Why did Cabinet Office
Rush through
Procurement of
Controversial Electoral Services Company IDOX
Just Before the General Election?

26) Britain’s Dirty Election
A serial liar. A campaign of online disinformation. The risk of foreign meddling. Sound familiar?

27) Banksters – French Documentary on HSBC
If HSBC were a country, it would be the fifth world economic power. From tax evasion to money laundering for the mafia and manipulation of currency, “this bank had done everything bad that a bank can possibly do.” Who would dare attack it?

28) UK offers home to 3 million Hong Kong citizens after China crackdown

29) Security Services Act 1989

30) Intel’ For Investigation: Brexit
*Proposal for official investigations into Boris Johnson PM and various others as cited herein, via Security Services Act 1989 for the protection of national security and, in particular, protection against threats from espionage, terrorism and sabotage, from the activities of agents of foreign powers and via actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means and to safeguard the economic well-being of the United Kingdom against threats posed by the actions or intentions of persons within and outside the British Islands.

31) Court Rules British MI5 Agents Can Murder, Kidnap and Torture
Britain’s domestic intelligence service MI5 can authorize its agents to engage in criminal activities, potentially including murder, kidnap and torture, a London court ruled, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new government prepares to overhaul espionage laws.

32) Jeremy Clarkson’s anti-strike rant on The One Show prompts on-air apology

33) Scientists Warn of Potential Wave of COVID-Linked Brain Damage

Part E: Covid 19 Pandemic:

1) Covid 19 — What the Data Tells Us
The Punchline: We got it wrong and now we’re largely tracking it wrong…
Did you know the “new cases” in daily reports are actually “old infections newly reported”??? Most of what is reported is old news and not indicative of what is happening or how we are trending.
We must look at “Date of Onset” to do ACCURATE trend analysis, but the CDC stopped reporting onset data in April.
Risk & Symptoms: For every 100 people infected ~20-50 of them will show no symptoms (i.e. asymptomatic). Of the symptomatic, ~80% have mild symptoms. Even among 70–79 year olds, about 60% remain symptom-free. So when accounting for symptomatic + asymptomatic, ~90% have mild or no symptoms. While most won’t know it, for a few, it’s vicious and deadly. I had it, and it was brutal

2) US alerted Israel, NATO to disease outbreak in China in November — TV report

3) Status of COVID-19 UK Imperial College
As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.

4) Event 201
Event 201 was a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.

5) How to respond to COVID-19
And prepare for the next epidemic, too.
By Bill Gates February 28, 2020

‘There are two reasons that COVID-19 is such a threat. First, it can kill healthy adults in addition to elderly people with existing health problems. The data so far suggests that the virus has a case fatality risk around 1%; this rate would make it several times more severe than typical seasonal influenza and would put it somewhere between the 1957 influenza pandemic (0.6%) and the 1918 influenza pandemic (2%).’

6) Multiple Scientists: C0R0NAVlRUS Altered in Lab
Multiple highly regarded scientists who have studied C0R0NAVlRUS say that the VlRUS has been manipulated in labs to better attach to human cells. Turns out, research on that very thing was conducted here in the United States until the research was banned in 2013 [but nonetheless, with USA involvement, was continued in Wuhan China]. In 2014, the research appears to have resumed through funding to several labs in China through payments to Eco Health Alliance. We break down the timeline.
What we know:
US funding gov’t altering bat-coronavirus in labs.
2013, funding stops.
2014 US National Institute for Health begins sending $3.7 million to Eco Health Alliance.
Eco Health Alliance sent funds to:
Wuhan Institute Virology (Wuhan)
East China University (Shanghai)
Institute of pathogen biology (Beijing)
Duke NUS mwedical school (Singapore)

7) Fact check: CDC’s estimates COVID-19 death rate
Internal versions of the CDC scenario documents acquired by the Center for Public Integrity show that on April 14, the CDC had estimated a 0.33% fatality rate. That was up from a March 31 estimate of 0.16%.
Some experts say CDC estimate is too low
Some scientists have said the death rate is likely higher than the CDC estimate. University of Washington biologist Carl Bergstrom, a modeling and computer simulation expert, told CNN on May 22 that he disagreed with the number in the report.
“While most of these numbers are reasonable, the mortality rates shade far too low,” he said.
Harvard University epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch told the “80,000 Hours” podcast in a May 18 episode that he believes the fatality rate is “clearly above 0.2% and probably above 0.4%,” likely lying somewhere between 0.2%-1.5%.
“I would put most of my money in the intermediate range,” he said.

8) They detect Sars-CoV-2 in wastewater in Barcelona on March 12 last year
‘The SARS-CoV-2 was already in wastewater from Barcelona on March 12, 2019. This emerges from a new study led by the University of Barcelona (UB) in collaboration with Aigües de Barcelona. According to the UB, the results of the study, sent to a high-impact journal and published in the medRxiv repository, would indicate that the infection was present long before any case of COVID-19 in the world is known.’

9) Coronavirus traces found in March 2019 sewage sample, Spanish study shows

10) COVID-19: What Does Being Positive Really Mean? What Are We Really Detecting?
‘Similarly, the CDC says the following regarding antibody testing:
‘If you test positive: A positive test result shows you have antibodies as a result of an infection with SARS-CoV-2, or possibly a related coronavirus. It’s unclear if those antibodies can provide protection (immunity) against getting infected again. This means that we do not know at this time if antibodies make you immune to the virus. If you have no symptoms, you likely do not have an active infection and no additional follow-up is needed. It’s possible you might test positive for antibodies and you might not have or have ever had symptoms of COVID-19. This is known as having an asymptomatic infection [ie you have a healthy immune system!] An antibody test cannot tell if you are currently sick with COVID-19. If you test negative If you test negative for antibodies, you probably did not have a previous infection.However, you could have a current infection because antibodies don’t show up for 1 to 3 weeks after infection. Some people may take even longer to develop antibodies, and some people may not develop antibodies. An antibody test cannot tell if you are currently sick with COVID-19. What? Wait!
Doesn’t the vaccine industry call the IgG a “protective antibody”? Isn’t this the marker of immunity they assess after you’ve had an infection with measles or chickenpox or mumps to determine if you are immune to future infections? Isn’t this the marker of induced immunity they are trying to achieve by administering a vaccine? If the FDA does not know if an IgG antibody to SARS-CoV-2 after recovering from the infection is protective against a future infection, then they certainly don’t know if an antibody caused by a vaccine will prevent infection either.
Doesn’t this completely eliminate the theory that antibodies afford protection and antibodies from vaccines are necessary to keep you from getting sick?…
…People have had enough. They are beginning to see the huge scam that has been perpetrated on the entire world over a viral infection with a global death rate of 1.4% (meaning, 1.4% of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 have a fatal outcome, while 98.6% recover). This is far fewer deaths than a severe flu season.’


11) *STUDIES: 60% of people naturally RESISTANT to SARS-COV2
New research suggests majority of people may already have resistance based on previous infections
A new study has found that Sars-Cov-2, the virus linked to Covid19, maybe five times more widespread than previously thought, and therefore five times less deadly.

12) *Related Study: Systemic and mucosal antibody secretion specific to SARS-CoV-2 during mild versus severe COVID-19

13) Historical Research Bat-SARS Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Sep 27
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-like virus in Chinese horseshoe bats

14) The fatality rate of Covid-19 in Sweden has been around 0.6 percent, but with sharp variations between age groups, according to a new Public Health Agency report.

14+) Stanford doctor: Coronavirus fatality rate for people under 45 ‘almost 0%’

15) CORONA VIRUS The End is Here
Corona was a smokescreen and excuse to engineer a bailout of massive corporate debt bubble before bursting.
It also served to crush workers earnings momentum (remember “fight for 15”? That’s dead for a decade if not longer).
Without a catalyzing event the Fed would have never been able to pull it off without the Guillotines rolling.
The second I heard “we’re all in this together” it was obvious a crime was about to be committed.

16) CORONA VIRUS NHS Doctor: This Is so Weird that I Can’t Fathom It
If you try to compare lockdown vs no lockdown, the Covid-19 mortality figures appear incomprehensible. Belgium, for example, entered lockdown on March 18, while Belarus didn’t lockdown at all. Belgium has a population of 11.5 million, while Belarus’s is 9.5 million.
As of June 22, Belgium had suffered 9,696 coronavirus-related deaths, while, Belarus, as of the same date, had suffered 346. The death rate in Belgium, per million of population, on that date, was 847. In Belarus, it was 36.
That means the death rate in Belgium was over 23 times higher than in Belarus. Yes, two European countries sitting at approximately the same latitude, both starting with the letter ‘B’, have a vastly different rate of death.
What can we make of such statistics? The simple response would be not to believe the figures from Belarus. Alternatively, we could decide not to believe the figures from Belgium either, because it has the highest death rate from Covid-19, per million, in the entire world. Why? Who knows? However, I’d caution against dismissing figures we don’t like or don’t feel make sense.
After all, there are other countries that didn’t lockdown to any extent, such as Japan, where there’s been a death rate of seven per million, or one fifth that of Belarus. But I think it would take someone very bold to simply dismiss the Japanese figures.

17) ‘Are the world’s happiest countries better equipped to deal with the coronavirus?‘

18) Thousands of contaminated test kits delivered to New Brunswick

19) Dr Malcom Kendrick: COVID deaths – how accurate are the statistics?
Was every person in a care home now to be diagnosed as dying of COVID? Well, that was certainly the advice given in several parts of the UK.
Where I work, things were left more open. I discussed things with colleagues and there was very little consensus. I put COVID on a couple of certificates, and not on a couple of others. Based on how the person seemed to die.
I do know that other doctors put down COVID on anyone who died from early March onwards. I didn’t. What can be made of the statistics created from data like these?

20) Grand Jury Finds Prima Facie Evidence of Pandemic Fraud


22) Tanzania coronavirus kits raise suspicion after goat and pawpaw test positive

23) S Africa court rules some coronavirus curbs invalid:
South Africa’s gov’t said it was studying a High Court decision declaring its COVID-19 restrictions as unconstitutional.

24) The covid fiddled figures…
1 Billion people contract flu each year (WHO) & 650,000 die as a result. Covid has not inflicted anywhere near that same number of fatalities.

25) CDC acknowledges mixing up coronavirus testing data

26) Sentinel surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater anticipates the occurrence of COVID-19 cases
SARS-CoV-2 was detected in Barcelona sewage long before the declaration of the first COVID-19 case, indicating that the infection was present in the population before the first imported case was reported.

27) Detailed phylogenetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 reveals latent capacity to bind human ACE2 receptor
We used detailed phylogenetic analysis, ancestral sequence reconstruction, and molecular dynamics simulations to examine the Spike-RBD’s functional evolution, finding to our surprise that it has likely possessed high affinity for human cell targets since at least 2013.

28) COVID-19 origin: University of Calgary research shows SARS-CoV-2 may have been evolving slowly since 2013

29) Why The U.S. Government Stopped Funding A Research Project On Bats And Coronaviruses
…once the current pandemic began, the Wuhan Institute researchers on the project were able to consult their library of bat coronaviruses. They found an extremely close match.
Who approved funding for this project?
At the April 17 White House news conference, a reporter mischaracterized key details about the project, stating that “the NIH, under the Obama administration, in 2015 gave that lab $3.7 million in a grant” and asking Trump, “Why would the U.S. give a grant like that to China?”
In fact, while the first grant for the project was indeed given in 2015 (for $3.25 million over five years, of which nearly $3.1 million was ultimately disbursed), the $3.7 million was approved last year as a five-year renewal.

30) H5N1 Researchers Announce End of Research Moratorium
Almost a year after they announced it, leading influenza researchers are ending a voluntary moratorium on certain types of controversial experiments…
It also prompted discussion of whether scientists should be doing such “gain-of-function” studies at all.

31) September / October 2013: Chinese bats likely source of SARS-CoV, researchers report
Scientists say they’ve produced “the clearest evidence yet” the SARS virus originated in Chinese horseshoe bats and that direct bat-to-human transmission is “plausible.”
The EEID program is a joint NIH-NSF initiative that supports efforts to understand the underlying ecological and biological mechanisms that govern relationships between human-induced environmental changes and the emergence and transmission of infectious diseases.
Fogarty manages NIH participation in the venture and oversees the Daszak award (R01TW005869).
Additional U.S. government funding for the research came from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH (R01AI079231), a Fogarty award supported with International Influenza Funds from the Department of Health and Human Services (R56TW009502) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Emerging Pandemic Threats PREDICT initiative.

32) 2012: Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus
SARS is caused by a Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) [8], [9]. Limited data are available about the ecology of SARS-CoV, but bats are thought to be the animal reservoir for the virus which may be transmitted to small mammals with exposure to these small animals as the source of human infections [10]…
…An early concern for application of a SARS-CoV vaccine was the experience with other coronavirus infections which induced enhanced disease and immunopathology in animals when challenged with infectious virus [31], a concern reinforced by the report that animals given an alum adjuvanted SARS vaccine and subsequently challenged with SARS-CoV exhibited an immunopathologic lung reaction reminiscent of that described for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in infants and in animal models given RSV vaccine and challenged naturally (infants) or artificially (animals) with RSV [32], [33]. We and others described a similar immunopathologic reaction in mice vaccinated with a SARS-CoV vaccine and subsequently challenged with SARS-CoV [18], [20], [21], [28]. It has been proposed that the nucleocapsid protein of SARS-CoV is the antigen to which the immunopathologic reaction is directed [18], [21]. Thus, concern for proceeding to humans with candidate SARS-CoV vaccines emerged from these various observations.

33) 2013 New Sars-like Coronavirus Discovered in Chinese Horseshoe Bats
NEW YORK – October 30, 2013

EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit organization that focuses on local conservation and global health issues, announced the discovery of a new SARS-like coronavirus (CoV) in Chinese horseshoe bats. Ten years after the SARS outbreak, EcoHealth Alliance scientists and an international group of collaborators have uncovered genome sequences of a new virus closely related to the SARS coronavirus that erupted in Asia in 2002 – 2003, which caused a global pandemic crisis…
Dr. Daszak is also principal investigator on a National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Science Foundation (NSF) Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) grant, and leads EcoHealth Alliance’s work on the USAID PREDICT project, both of which funded the current work. “Since 2003 there has been disagreement about the origin of the virus that directly evolved into human SARS-CoV, the causative agent of the first emerging pandemic threat of the 21st century. Even though our team reported that bats are natural reservoirs of SARS-like coronaviruses in 2005, we have been searching for this missing link for 10 years, and finally we’ve found it,” said Dr. Zhengli Shi, Director of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and co-senior author on the paper.

34) 2013: A decade after SARS: strategies for controlling emerging coronaviruses.
In fact, bioinformatic analysis suggested that there were at least three and possibly more transmission events that occurred between civets and humans: the first occurred before the 2003 epidemic, as indicated by the presence of SARS-CoV antigens in serum samples from uninfected individuals; the second occurred during the main SARS epidemic in 2003; and the third occurred in the winter of 2003–2004 and consisted of a series of sporadic infections45,46. Additionally, molecular analysis of samples that were taken from healthy individuals in Hong Kong in 2001 revealed a prevalence rate of 1.8% for antibodies against SARS-related viruses, which suggests that SARS-CoV or a close ancestor circulated in humans before the 2003 epidemic47…
In addition to SARS-CoV, there is evidence that other human coronaviruses have emerged from bats, including HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63 and the newly emerged MERS-CoV. MERS-CoV-related viruses (which can be as little as ∼1.8% divergent from MERS-CoV) were identified in a recent survey of Pipistrellus bats that were captured in Ghana and Europe15.

35) 2013: NEWS SCAN: Coronavirus patient visited farm…
Latest coronavirus patient had visited farm, Saudi official says
Investigators in Saudi Arabia learned that the latest person to die of a novel coronavirus (NCoV) infection had visited a farm before he got sick, according to a Saudi Arabian health official. Similar findings have been reported in at least 2 of the 14 other NCoV cases reported since the virus emerged last year.
The source of the novel virus has not been identified, though it is related to coronaviruses found in bats.

36) Project Number: 5R01TW005869-09 Former Number: 1R01TW008245-01 Contact PI / Project Leader: DASZAK, PETER (principal investigator on a [USA] National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Science Foundation (NSF) Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) grant, and leads EcoHealth Alliance’s work on the USAID PREDICT project).

We will use our results to parameterize a mathematical model of NiV dynamics within and among bats, livestock and humans. We will examine which factors cause sustained human-to-human outbreaks, and assess NiV’s potential for pandemic emergence. We will test 4 hypotheses: 1) That NiV spillover risk from bats to humans is a factor of fruit bat population biology, especially their synchronous breeding patterns. We will examine how colony aggregation, birthing dynamics, and other interactions affect the potential for increased viral prevalence, and initiation of an outbreak. 2) That bat behavior in the human-dominated environment in Bangladesh has increased their contact with livestock and people, and led to a more advanced stage of NiV emergence.
Project Start Date: 1-AUG-2002
Budget Start Date: 1-JUL-2012
Project End Date: 30-JUN-2014
Budget End Date: 30-JUN-2014

37) The Case Is Building That COVID-19 Had a Lab Origin
Historical lab releases, a brief history

An accidental lab release is not merely a theoretical possibility. In 1977 a laboratory in Russia (or possibly China), most likely while developing a flu vaccine, accidentally released the extinct H1N1 influenza virus (Nakajima et al., 1978). H1N1 went on to become a global pandemic virus. A large proportion of the global population became infected. In this case, deaths were few because the population aged over 20 yrs old had historic immunity to the virus. This episode is not widely known because only recently has this conclusion been formally acknowledged in the scientific literature and the virology community has been reluctant to discuss such incidents (Zimmer and Burke, 2009; Wertheim, 2010).
…according to an April 14 article in the Washington Post, US Embassy staff visited the WIV in 2018 and “had grave safety concerns” about biosecurity there. The WIV is just eight miles from the Huanan live animal market that was initially thought to be the site of origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Wuhan is also home to a lab called the Wuhan Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (WCDPC). It is a BSL-2 lab that is just 250 metres away from the Huanan market. Bat coronaviruses have in the past been kept at the Wuhan WCDPC lab.
…Nikolai Petrovsky of Flinders University. Petrovsky first addressed the question of whether the natural zoonosis pathway was viable. He told the Media Centre:
“no natural virus matching to COVID-19 has been found in nature despite an intensive search to find its origins.”
That is to say, the idea of an animal intermediate is speculation. Indeed, no credible viral or animal host intermediaries, either in the form of a confirmed animal host or a plausible virus intermediate, has to-date emerged to explain the natural zoonotic transfer of Sars-CoV-2 to humans (e.g. Zhan et al., 2020).

38) Jonathan Latham PhD on Gene Editing

39) The Long History of Accidental Laboratory Releases of Potential Pandemic Pathogens Is Being Ignored In the COVID-19 Media Coverage

40) COVID-19: Public immunity ‘significantly higher’ than tests suggest
Professor Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren:
“Our results indicate that public immunity to COVID-19 is probably significantly higher than antibody tests have suggested. If this is the case, it is of course very good news from a public health perspective.”

Part F: Covid Impacts:

1) Coronavirus and the impact on output in the UK economy: April 2020
GDP fell by 20.4% in the month, the largest fall since monthly records began in 1997, reflecting record widespread falls in services, production and construction output1. For more details please see GDP monthly estimate, UK: April 2020.

2) UK Covid-19 business bailouts have already cost more than £100bn

3) Coronavirus: Child psychologists highlight mental health risks of lockdown

4) Lockdown ‘has left pupils withdrawn and disturbed’, says top London head

5) Health chiefs concerned after increase in suicides on Teesside during covid-19 lockdown

6) Five suicide attempts in Jersey linked to coronavirus

7) There is no evidence that suicides have increased 200% under lockdown

8) Leicester lockdown: ‘Shocked’ residents prepare for new restrictions

9) No 10 accused of sowing confusion over Leicester lockdown

10) Muddled messaging over Leicester lockdown leaves locals baffled
Confusion over city boundaries and a lack of warning marked the return of coronavirus restrictions

11) Racists Are Using The Leicester Lockdown To Spread Lies About Its Asian Communities
The East Midlands city is the site of the UK’s first “local lockdown”. Many believe poverty is to blame – but some have used the crisis to spread racist views.

12) Is YOUR area at risk of a local lockdown? Interactive tool reveals whether Covid-19 cases have spiked or dropped across every authority in England — as data shows outbreaks are GROWING in 36 areas and Leicester becomes first to get shut down
Leicester recorded a 5 per cent jump in cases – going from 39 cases between June 13-19 to 41 in the following seven-day spell. Leicester actually had the smallest percentage jump week-on-week out of all the local authorities where cases have risen, according to government statistics.
But the numbers compiled for England only include pillar one swab tests, which officials say are only given to patients with a medical need or key workers.
Positive results from pillar two tests – carried out by commercial partners – are added into the overall case toll but no geographical breakdown is currently given.
Furious residents blamed ‘idiots’ in the city for not sticking to social distancing.

13) 10,000 extra troops to join British army’s Covid support force
MoD doubles size of force amid fears over ability of police and NHS to cope with crisis

All bases have received the guidance issued by Public Health England and the precautions taken at our establishments are the same as those for the public. As you can imagine, we have well-rehearsed plans in place for dealing with a whole range of health matters, so we are using these to inform our approach on a daily basis.

15) No 10 criticised after unclear lockdown advice confuses public

16) June 2015: Follow Up Study: Masks
Unmasking the surgeons: the evidence base behind the use of facemasks in surgery
…overall there is a lack of substantial evidence to support claims that facemasks protect either patient or surgeon from infectious contamination.

17) April 2015: USA NHI Study: A cluster randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers: Cloth masks make people more sick and ‘should not be recommended’
The use of cloth masks is widespread around the world, particularly in countries at high-risk for emerging infections, but there have been no efficacy studies to underpin their use.
This study is large, a prospective randomised clinical trial (RCT) and the first RCT ever conducted of cloth masks.
The use of cloth masks are not addressed in most guidelines for health care workers—this study provides data to update guidelines.
The control arm was ‘standard practice’, which comprised mask use in a high proportion of participants. As such (without a no-mask control), the finding of a much higher rate of infection in the cloth mask arm could be interpreted as harm caused by cloth masks, efficacy of medical masks, or most likely a combination of both.

18) Masks: Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures
‘Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids (36). There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.’

19) Calls for inquiry into PPE contract
The government is under pressure to explain why an obscure finance business was granted a £252.5 million government contract to supply face masks to the NHS and care workers, despite having no apparent record in the area…
…Ayanda is owned by a company based in a tax haven and its directors have a chequered trading history. It describes itself as an investment firm focused on currency trading, offshore property, private equity and trade finance.

20) COVID Coercion: Boris Johnson’s Psychological Attack on the UK Public

21) Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures
22nd March 2020

‘Use media to increase sense of personal threat’ p6

22) NHS on life support: Up to one in six will be on waiting lists as health service turns to private hospitals

23) The NHS Confederation’s warning that the health service could have waiting lists of up to 10 million might sound alarmist but it’s probably not way off.

24) Britons with life-threatening conditions denied care during pandemic
Exclusive: Majority of people with diabetes or high blood pressure had care cancelled by NHS

25) Man ‘fighting for life’ after Covid-19 crisis delays NHS cancer scan

26) “I am very angry at the way I have been treated due to Covid-19”: Horrendous toll on non-virus patients is emerging

27) NHS nightmare: Two-year wait for surgery – ops backlog at 650,000

28) NHS faces waiting list of 7.2 million after coronavirus lockdown
More than seven million patients will be on hospital waiting lists by the autumn, according to a study that lays bare the damaging side effects of the Covid-19 lockdown.

29) Thousands of hospital beds are EMPTY – despite non-COVID-19 patients denied treatment

30) Britons with life-threatening conditions denied care during pandemic
Exclusive: Majority of people with diabetes or high blood pressure had care cancelled by NHS

31) REPORT: EU Planning “Vaccination Passport” Since 2018
“Roadmap on Vaccination” outlines 3 year plan for boosting “vaccine confidence” and advancing “electronic tracking”

‘Annual meeting from 2020, to take note of compliance with commitments made by members of the Coalition for Vaccination’

33) The ‘Christine Lagarde Memo’ FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, from ‘the Coalition’
“Old people live too long and this is a risk for the global economy. We must do something, urgently”
‘This secret memo was discovered in the waste basket of a high-ranking staffer in the European Commission. It was sent to us by Dr. Margaret Morganroth Gullette, author of Ending Ageism, or How Not to Shoot Old People (2017).
‘The memo from “the Coalition” begins “Dear Angela, Teresa, Emmanuel…” and has a further list of first names (heads of state and secretaries or ministers of finance, health and human services), mostly scribbled over with marker. Monthly Review is pleased to be publishing this important leaked document here for the first time.’

34) Covid-19: the war against the elderly in uncaring “care” homes
‘While governments literally yell at people to stay at home, going so far as to arrest some intrepid joggers or park walkers they systematically ignore the charnel houses senior care facilities have become. In Spain soldiers entered a care home to find residents, unfed, unwashed, some lying in their own waste, others already dead from neglect…’

35) Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind

36) Vaccine Adverse Events In The New Millenium: Is There Cause For Concern? WHO 2000
‘Despite the difficulties inherent in evaluating the potential, long term, adverse effects of vaccines, that are successful in the short term, the focus of current VAAE surveillance programmes on the first month after vaccination is too narraow.’ p212

37) Potential DNA Damage from CRISPR “Seriously Underestimated,” Study Finds
‘From the earliest days of the CRISPR-Cas9 era, scientists have known that the first step in how it edits genomes—snipping DNA—creates an unholy mess: Cellular repairmen frantically try to fix the cuts by throwing random chunks of DNA into the breach and deleting other random bits. Research published on Monday suggests that’s only the tip of a Titanic-sized iceberg: CRISPR-Cas9 can cause significantly greater genetic havoc than experts thought, the study concludes, perhaps enough to threaten the health of patients who would one day receive CRISPR-based therapy.
The results come hard on the heels of two studies that identified a related issue: Some CRISPR’d cells might be missing a key anti-cancer mechanism and therefore be able to initiate tumors.’
‘The possibility of adverse consequences from CRISPR’d cells has caused some company officials to argue that if, say, their therapy cures a child of a devastating disease, but increases her risk of cancer, that might be an acceptable trade-off.
That argument may well prevail. In 2003, however, when a boy in a gene therapy trial in France developed leukemia because the repair gene landed in the wrong place in his genome and activated a cancer-causing gene, it shut down gene therapy development on both sides of the Atlantic for years.

38) A Serious Adverse Event after Successful Gene Therapy for X-Linked Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
‘We recently reported (April 18 issue)1 the sustained correction of X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency disease by ex vivo, retrovirally mediated transfer of the γc gene into CD34+ cells in four of five patients with the disease. These results have since been confirmed in four additional patients with typical X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency. Of the first four successfully treated patients, three continue to do well up to 3.6 years after gene therapy, whereas a serious adverse event occurred in the fourth patient. At a routine checkup 30 months after gene therapy, lymphocytosis consisting of a monoclonal population . . .’

39) A serious new hurdle for CRISPR: Edited cells might cause cancer, two studies find
‘Editing cells’ genomes with CRISPR-Cas9 might increase the risk that the altered cells, intended to treat disease, will trigger cancer, two studies published on Monday warn — a potential game-changer for the companies developing CRISPR-based therapies.’

40) FEBRUARY 25, 2020 Researchers Are Substantially Undercounting Gene-Editing Errors, Concludes a New Paper
In describing these findings the researchers called such oversights “serious pitfalls” of gene editing (Skryabin et al., 2020). In all, the new results suggest that gene-editing is more error-prone than thought and, further, that identifying and discarding defective and unwanted outcomes is not as easy as generally supposed.

41) Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity? 2011
‘Many nations adhere to an agreed upon International Classification of Diseases (ICD) for grouping infant deaths into 130 categories.11–13 Among the 34 nations analyzed, those that require the most vaccines tend to have the worst IMRs. Thus, we must ask important questions: is it possible that some nations are requiring too many vaccines for their infants and the additional vaccines are a toxic burden on their health? Are some deaths that are listed within the 130 infant mortality death categories really deaths that are associated with over-vaccination? Are some vaccine-related deaths hidden within the death tables?’

42) Infant mortality down; number of vaccinations down
“One very clear change that has received publicity is that public health officials are bemoaning the sharp decline in infant vaccinations as parents are not taking their infants into pediatric offices for their regular well‐baby checks…”

43) Routine vaccination during covid-19 pandemic response
falls in [vaccine] uptake must be reversed quickly


45) SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 Gene-Editing Unintentionally Adds Bovine DNA, Goat DNA, and Bacterial DNA, Mouse Researchers Find
As far back as 2010 researchers working with human cells showed that a form of gene-editing called Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) could result in the insertion of foreign DNA at the editing target site (Olsen et al., 2010). The origin of this foreign DNA, as with Recombinetics’ calves, was the plasmid vector used in the editing process.

46) AUGUST 12, 2019 FDA Finds Unexpected Antibiotic Resistance Genes in ‘Gene-Edited’ Dehorned Cattle
in a paper just published online (July 28th, 2019), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) researchers re-examined the DNA of the genetically dehorned calves, whose genome sequences had been posted online by Recombinetics (Norris et al., 2019). In fact, the two calves’ genomes did contain unintended DNA alterations.

47) New CRISPR tool has the potential to correct almost all disease-causing DNA glitches, scientists report
The molecules that accomplish prime editing’s genetic legerdemain have three parts. A guide RNA, which the Liu team calls pegRNA (where “pe” stands for prime editing), makes a beeline for a pre-programmed spot on the genome. The pegRNA also contains nucleotides that will substitute for the disease-causing ones in the DNA target. The second component, a hobbled Cas9 enzyme, cuts one, but not both, strands of the DNA. The third component, an enzyme called reverse transcriptase that’s fused to Cas9, copies the RNA nucleotides carried by the pegRNA and transforms them into DNA nucleotides, which replace those at the target site.
“The net result is a permanent edit that has been copied from the information encoded in the pegRNA,” Liu said. As for versatility, he and his colleagues used the prime editor to, in one case, precisely delete two DNA nucleotides and, at the same time, convert a G into a T five letters away, “all in one edit” — the genome equivalent of a pool shark’s banking the 9 ball off the 7 and sinking the 1, 5, and 6.
So far, Liu’s team has tested the prime editor on human cells and on mouse neurons. In both, the rate at which unintended spots in the genome were edited was extremely low: rates of such off-target edits were below 10%. Efficiency was high, typically 20% to 50%, depending on the kind of edit, and as high as 78%. Other CRISPR systems struggle to get into the double digits. And only 1% to 10% of prime-edited cells had unwanted insertions or deletions (“indels”) of nucleotides, compared to upwards of 90% for some older CRISPR systems.

48) Lavishly funded Moderna hits safety problems in bold bid to revolutionize medicine 2017
‘Using custom-built strands of messenger RNA, known as mRNA, it aims to turn the body’s cells into ad hoc drug factories, compelling them to produce the proteins needed to treat a wide variety of diseases.
But mRNA is a tricky technology. Several major pharmaceutical companies have tried and abandoned the idea, struggling to get mRNA into cells without triggering nasty side effects.’

49) Covid-19 Vaccine Community’s call for indemnity from lawsuits

vaccine makers have been fraudulently exempt from what all other pharmaceutical drug makers have been forced to do concerning biannual recertification for quality and effectiveness — meaning that that their vaccines have never been tested for quality and have had no proven safety or effectiveness for over 30 years;
This case can now be legally cited by all parents fraudulently mandated by any government/organizational regulation/requirements that they must vaccinate their children for school or any other activity to stop
the forced vaccination of their children

51) ICAN Court PDF
These requests sought the clinical trials relied upon by the FDA
prior to approving any currently licensed influenza or Tdap
vaccine for use in pregnant women as an indicated use. … We
have no records responsive to your requests.

52) Officials investigate how bird flu contaminated vaccines in Europe
‘ Officials are trying to get to the bottom of how vaccine manufacturer Baxter International Inc. made “experimental virus material” based on a human flu strain but contaminated with the H5N1 avian flu virus and then distributed it to an Austrian company.’

53) More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus

54) Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine
‘What causes GBS?

‘The exact cause of GBS is unknown, but about two-thirds of people who develop GBS experience symptoms several days or weeks after they have been sick with diarrhea or a respiratory illness. Infection with the bacterium Campylobacter jejuni is one of the most common risk factors for GBS. People also can develop GBS after having the flu or other infections (such as cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr virus). On very rare occasions, they may develop GBS in the days or weeks after getting a vaccination.’

55) Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC Paperback – E-BOOK: Adobe Reader, 26 Oct. 2017
Vaccine Whistleblower is a gripping account of four legally recorded phone conversations between Dr. Brian Hooker, a scientist investigating autism and vaccine research, and Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist in the vaccine safety division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Thompson, who is still employed at the CDC under protection of the federal Whistleblower Protection Act, discloses a pattern of data manipulation, fraud, and corruption at the highest levels of the CDC, the federal agency in charge of protecting the health of Americans. Thompson states, “Senior people just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable.”
This book nullifies the government’s claims that “vaccines are safe and effective,” and reveals that the government rigged research to cover up the link between vaccines and autism. Scientific truth and the health of American children have been compromised to protect the vaccine program and the pharmaceutical industry.
The financial cost of the CDC’s corruption is staggering. The human cost is incalculable. Vaccine Whistleblower provides context to the implications of Thompson’s revelations and directs t
he reader to political action.

56) CDC Blocks Testimony of Vaccine Whistleblower says World Mercury Project
WASHINGTON, Oct. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Director of the CDC, Thomas Frieden, has sent a letter blocking CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, from testifying in a Tennessee court case involving a 16 year old boy who claims his autism is caused by vaccine injuries.
The boy’s attorneys, Bryan Smith and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., both of Morgan & Morgan, sought to have Dr. Thompson testify to explain his charges that the CDC committed data manipulation in a series of studies that found no link between vaccines and autism. Dr. Thompson has publically stated to Congressman William Posey and others that he and his colleagues in the CDC Vaccine Safety Branch were ordered to commit scientific fraud, destroy evidence and manipulate data to conceal the link between autism and vaccines.

57) Aluminium in brain tissue in autism
Human exposure to the environmental toxin aluminium has been linked, if tentatively, to autism spectrum disorder. Herein we have used transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry to measure, for the first time, the aluminium content of brain tissue from donors with a diagnosis of autism. We have also used an aluminium-selective fluor to identify aluminium in brain tissue using fluorescence microscopy. The aluminium content of brain tissue in autism was consistently high.

58) Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination
Promising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate polio, Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), which mandated up to 50 doses (Table 1) of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.

59) Coronavirus: Domestic violence ‘increases globally during lockdown’

60) Coronavirus: Impact of domestic abuse on children in lockdown – BBC Newsnight

61) Children at increased risk of sexual abuse during lockdown – warning from police and charity
Police Service NI and a child protection charity are today (Monday) warning that the current lockdown is likely to lead to an increased risk of child sexual abuse in Northern Ireland, and are urging the public to know how to play their part in keeping children safe.—warning-from-police-and-charity/

62) Children in care at risk from new lockdown rules with demand for review of ‘unjustified’ cuts
Children in care are at risk from “unjustified” rules that have stripped back visits and inspections during the pandemic, a watchdog is warning – calling for them to be revoked immediately.

63) Covid-19: Risking a rise in online child sexual abuse?
Research by the Internet Watch Foundation has supported these concerns. On 20 May 2020, it reported that more than eight million attempts to access child sexual abuse material online had been made in the UK during the lockdown. However, it said this was a conservative estimate as the data used came from only three companies.


65) Domestic abuse chief fears more murders [will be revealed] as lockdown eases
Calls to Britain’s national domestic abuse helpline have soared 66% since a lockdown to curb the coronavirus was imposed on March 23, leaving many women trapped with violent partners.
Domestic murders also appear to have more than doubled during this time, according to one organisation that monitors reports of femicides.
Jacobs fears more cases may emerge as lockdown may have made people less concerned if someone had not been in touch.

66) The impact and risk of domestic abuse has been magnified by lockdown, according to new research.
A report on domestic abuse over the first eight weeks of lockdown found that although perpetrator tactics did not change significantly, in some cases victims and their children were at greater risk due to the increased time spent in isolation with them.
It also found that, in some cases, children have experienced domestic abuse more severely during that period, with several reports of children being present in the room during domestic abuse, including physical violence.

67) Trump: U.S. will terminate relationship with the World Health Organization in wake of Covid-19 pandemic

68) As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Admin Commits Billions To Gates-Founded Vaccine Alliance

69) Vaccine Bait & Switch: As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded GAVI: Video Source Links:

F70) DARPA and Harvard ink $16 million agreement to identify and test FDA-approved drugs for COVID-19
“Over the past few years, the Wyss Institute has been building up its computational approaches to identify compounds as potential therapeutics and validate them using our human organ chip microfluidic culture technologies to validate them, but the emergence of COVID-19 has really galvanized us to quickly integrate all of our capabilities and bring full force to bear on that challenge,” said Donald Ingber, Wyss founding director and a professor of bioengineering at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, in a statement.

71) Coronavirus patients on ventilators are unusually likely to die, causing some doctors to change strategy

72) The doctor who’s curing Covid-19 with zinc and hydroxychloroquine

Part G: Covid Opportunities & Agendas:

1) New No.10 adviser Dominic Cummings’ views on Whitehall
Speaking two years before the 2016 referendum on EU membership, he [Cummings] added: “The EU was created on the basis of what they call beneficial crisis, and because of the nature of the world and the way things are going we’re going to see lots of beneficial crisis shortly, that would enable us to change things along the lines I’ve suggested if we want to.”

2) Brexit and the future of tax havens
What the Singapore-on-the-Thames visionaries appear to have in mind can be summed up as:
A commitment to sweeping tax cuts for corporations and mobile rich people – tax wars as a fiscal weapon;
Tax measures such as accelerated capital allowances to attract mobile investments to UK;
Comprehensive de-regulation, removal of social and environmental protections;
Weak or non-existent compliance with international anti-money laundering measures;
Retaining golden visa arrangements to provide residence rights of wealthy non-British citizens, increasing exposure to oligarchs and corrupt illicit financial flows.

3) NHS For Sale: NHS Privatisation: The Evidence

4) ‘1 in 2 people will develop cancer in their lifetime’
In the US, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer in their lifetime. Now, a similar rate has been reported in the UK, with a new study published in the British Journal of Cancer claiming 1 in 2 men and women will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in their lives.,some%20point%20in%20their%20lives.

5) Momentum Builds for UK Government to Self-Fund New Nuclear Plants
The U.K. government wants new nuclear capacity. How it will be funded
remains a highly contentious question.

6) Coronvirus Bill (HC Bill 122)

has Parliament formed an assessment of how MI5’s new powers might be abused during e.g. Post-Brext Martial Law and with UK citizens simultaneously, stripped of all their legal & Human Rights to the point that people criticising Government Policy are now defined as ‘terrorists’

7) 77 Brigade is countering Covid misinformation
77th Brigade specialise in “non-lethal” forms of psychological warfare, using social media including Facebook and Twitter to fight with information in response to external factors, like Russian misinformation.

8) Video: Chief of Staff confirms army ‘non-lethal warfare’ group active on UK population during pandemic

9) Dominic Cummings to tour sensitive MoD sites amid defence review
PM’s adviser will visit SAS and Porton Down, and has been to MI5 and MI6, leaked email says

10) Innovation for Pandemics: Bill Gates 2018
‘The world took a step to begin addressing this risk with the launch in 2017 of a public–private partnership called the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). With funding commitments of more than $630 million, CEPI’s first order of business is advancing the development of vaccines for three of the priority diseases on the World Health Organization (WHO) list for public health research and development: Lassa fever, Nipah virus, and MERS.’

11) COVID–19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown
‘The UK Government has been promoting the concept of “immunity passports” as a means of loosening the draconian lockdown measures. It is very possible that facial recognition technology may dictate who can exit lockdown and return to work. To get a passport, individuals must upload an image of their face to the app along with their ID (passport or driving licence). They are then tested to ascertain if they have had the virus and developed immunity. The app will then generate a QR code, which the employer will use to verify ID and immunity before allowing the employee back to work.’

12) Israeli defense ministry launches COVID-19 voice-test study
JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An analysis of coronavirus patients’ voices could yield a “vocal fingerprint” to help detect COVID-19 symptoms in others and prioritize testing and treatment, the Israeli Defence Ministry said on Tuesday.
Starting this week, an Israeli startup company working with hospitals and academic institutions will sample voices of confirmed coronavirus patients through a mobile application in a research project led by the ministry.

13) Israel Defense Ministry Launches COVID-19 Voice Test for Americans
A company formed at the behest of the Israeli Ministry of Defense has begun collecting voice data from Americans to detect COVID-19 symptoms through technology with dubious diagnostic value, but highly profitable applications in law enforcement.
…Vocalis Health CEO, Tal Wenderow, said he decided to make a $1.1 billion exit from his medical robotics company, Corindus in 2019 and pursue opportunities in “health, voice, and AI” after realizing “the untapped sense of the human body” presented him with “a very good opportunity.” The “COVID-19 Voice Study” initiated by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and actualized by Vocalis Health will seek 100,000 volunteers to conduct the research which is slated for completion by December 1 with an anticipated product release by the beginning of 2021.

14) Cloth masks can help stop the spread of COVID-19, save lives and restore jobs #Masks4All

15) “No one has died from the coronavirus”
Important revelations shared by Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association
Another stunning revelation from Bulgarian Pathology Association (BPA) president Dr. Alexov is that he believes it’s currently “impossible” to create a vaccine against the virus.
He also revealed that European pathologists haven’t identified any antibodies that are specific for SARS-CoV-2.

16) Tax avoidance, bailouts and bribery – The UK government’s Corona Corporate Finance Facility

17) ‘COVID-19 bailouts’: The great corporate rescue at any price?
First, corporate bailouts divert public funding from micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) which rarely have more than a month’s worth of operational reserve but employ the biggest chunk of the working population in developing countries. This is sure to result in cascading unemployment and business closures in the medium term, if by some stroke of luck, MSMEs survive initial shocks of the lockdowns.

18) ‘You can’t pay cash here’: how our newly cashless society harms the most vulnerable

19) Pensions triple lock at risk from Covid-19 fallout

20) The Guarded Gate’ Review: Elites and Their Eugenics Projects
You know that it is well determined by the biologists that the Jewish race is to an extraordinary degree pre-potent, that is, if a Jew marries a woman of another race, in two, at any rate in three generations, all the children will look like Jews, all of them. Charles W. Eliot, President Emeritus of Harvard University 1923

21) The EARN IT Bill Is the Government’s Plan to Scan Every Message Online
Imagine an Internet where the law required every message sent to be read by government-approved scanning software. Companies that handle such messages wouldn’t be allowed to securely encrypt them, or they’d lose legal protections that allow them to operate.

22) Bill Gates says countries will probably use interviews and databases to track the coronavirus

23) Weapons of Mass Surveillance
Weapons of Mass Surveillance: the international cyber arms trade giving governments the tools to spy on their citizens.
“It used to be ‘walls have ears’, now it’s ‘smartphones have ears'”. Activist
The digital age has revolutionised the way we live our lives, giving us the tools to connect with people and share information in ways that would have previously been impossible. But this same technology has also given governments the ability to spy on their citizens on an astonishing scale.
“Every country willing to write a pay check to the right party can do this sort of surveillance but no one wants to admit it.” Cyber security specialist.

24) Contact-Tracing Apps Aren’t the Technology Panacea People Hoped

25) Cellebrite Can “Hack Any Device” with UFED Extraction Technology | DD18 The Wikileaks Archive
The company who was able to break Apple’s encryption was an Israeli tech company established in 1999 called – Cellebrite. Though, the identity of the company was not disclosed at the time, the Israeli company would come to prominence in the tech world for it’s ability to “hack any device” gaining notoriety and a long list of new clients…
…Reuters recently reported that Cellebrite software could be used by law enforcement for tracking the spread of COVID-19.

26) Mass surveillance by another name (2015)
The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill, introduced by the UK government on Wednesday, threatens to institutionalise some highly intrusive surveillance powers, the likes of which the UK has never seen before. This flies in the face of the UK’s international human rights legal obligations to protect peoples’ rights to privacy, freedom of expression, and others.

27) COVID19 Grants Tracker/Covid 360
Based on data published by UK grantmakers in the 360Giving Data Standard
For UK grantmakers, we have developed the 360Giving Standard for this purpose. We use this Standard to make sure that when all your data is linked to the 360Giving Registry, it can be easily “read” by different applications. This is how we make sure that when you use the data, the results that come up can be compared.

28) NHS test and trace: how it works
An overview of the NHS test and trace service, including what happens if you test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) or have had close contact with someone who has tested positive.

29) Bill Gates says ‘final hurdle’ to distributing a Covid-19 vaccine will be convincing people to TAKE IT

Yes, the Microsoft founder and the icon of the Third-World Humanitarianism has been kicked out of India as his fraud was called out.

31) Controversial vaccine studies: Why is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under fire from critics in India?

32) 46) UK to start huge vaccine test; China reports promising hints (Update)

33) African nations missing from coronavirus trials
And a new, influential research consortium launches a bid to accelerate trials in low-income countries.
The World Health Organization says it wants many more African nations to participate in its SOLIDARITY trial, a global study of four potential COVID-19 treatments. The call comes as a new international consortium of researchers urges faster action on clinical research in countries with weak health systems — and offers to help coordinate the process so that researchers from Africa can more easily join.

34) Crafting a framework for Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine access
“We want vaccines to be tested in Africa so we understand the safety and we understand the immune response in African populations.”
— Seth Berkley, Gavi, CEO

35) Bill Gates Offered $10 Million Bribe For Forced Vaccination In Nigeria
Based on an intercepted human intelligence report, a controversy has erupted in Nigeria whereby it is revealed that Bill Gates offered $10 million bribe for a forced vaccination program for Coronavirus to the Nigerian House of Representatives.

36) Corbett Report: Bill Gates – Vaccinations & Depopulation

37) Unicef warns lockdown could kill more than Covid-19 as model predicts 1.2 million child deaths

38) UK starts human gene sequencing project to aid COVID-19 fight

39) UK Biobank: DNA to unlock coronavirus secrets

40) The Coronavirus (Retention of Fingerprints and DNA Profiles in the Interests of National Security) Regulations 2020

41) The phenomenon of facial recognition technology in the time of social distancing
In 2015, Bill Gates gave a Ted Talk on the biggest threat to the human population. Not a war. But a virus. Today, we live out this prediction. In 2018, Bill Gates’ company, Microsoft, was the first tech giant to warn of another threat to our way of life: facial recognition technology.
Without proper regulation, we have started to witness the often-undetected spread of this technology, much like a virus taking over a host body.

42) The curious case of the UK-Russia report
Whilst the United Kingdom negotiates a new relationship with its more immediate neighbours, the Kremlin has also proven to be a regular fixture in British politics.

43) Russian oligarchs in Israel: Welcome to the Promised Land
Most oligarchs purchasing a private stronghold in the Promised Land do not spend more than a few weekends a year there. Even so, many of them have gone to the trouble of obtaining Israeli citizenship. Since the businessmen in question have Jewish origins, they are entitled to this under Israel’s Law of Return.

44) Reviewing the case for trials without a jury
Nick Moss says removing juries is bad for defendants, while Michael Heath offers a temporary solution to clear the huge backlog of cases

45) The inquest process during COVID-19 restrictions
The very substantial strain that COVID-19 is placing on the healthcare system is going to significantly reduce the availability of such expertise to coroners, and is likely to prevent medical organisations and their staff from participating in inquests. The Chief Coroner has acknowledged the demands on pathologists, and has also suggested that coroners grant or invite extensions to any healthcare organisations required to provide evidence. He has asked coroners to recognise the “primary clinical commitments” of medical professionals.

46) Israeli startup can predict the spread of Covid-19
Diagnostic Robotics is based on a decade of research by the 33-year-old Ukrainian-born Kira Radinsky, one of Israel’s top tech stars.
Diagnostic Robotics’ software “analyzes a patient’s medical history and current medical case using AI and NLP technologies,” while integrating “multiple sensory output data” – such as blood tests and EKG results – along with “billions of medical records and patient historical records” from around the world.
The system, dubbed COVID360, is now integrated with all four of Israel’s HMOs and the Magen David Adom system – all for free.

47) Dutch parliament calls for curbs on Israel | News Bulletin | Indus News

48) Israel Launches Spy Satellite to Keep Better Eye on Enemies

49) Ex-Israeli Spy Claims Jeffrey Epstein Blackmailed Politicians For Israel’s Mossad
We speak to alleged former Israeli spy Ari Ben Menashe about the case of Jeffrey Epstein, convicted sex offender and American financier. He alleges Jeffrey Epstein used honeytrapping to blackmail politicians to be recruited to work for Israel’s Mossad, Jeffrey Epstein allegedly being introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell before the 1990s as mainstream media claims, Prince Andrew allegedly being used as a useful idiot by Jeffrey Epstein, former Israeli PM Ehud Barak’s relations with Jeffrey Epstein, why he believes Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide, who could have killed Robert Maxwell and more!

50) Two American billionaires and their shady deals with Israeli intelligence
Epstein worked closely with Israel, at the forefront of a private initiative to bring cutting edge Israeli military intelligence technology to the private sector, available to the highest bidder.

50+) Jeffrey Epstein – An Empire of Corruption and Blackmail – Too Big to Fail Pt.1
…rumors of Epstein’s links to intelligence have since been confirmed. The CIA-Mossad links to Epstein were detailed in a recent MintPress investigative series and several mainstream media reports have corroborated Epstein’s time as a self-described “financial bounty hunter” who hunted down embezzled funds and also hid stolen money for powerful people and governments.

51) Schools, offices and hospitals told to prepare for terrorist attacks
The Home Office has republished advice urging various locations to rehearse their responses to what it calls marauding terror attacks. Such attacks are categorised as ‘fast-moving and violent’, with assailants moving through a location aiming to kill or injure as many people as possible, and with most deaths occurring within minutes, before police can arrive.

52) Global Identity Verification

53) We Make DNA
At Twist Bioscience, we work in service of customers who are changing the world for the better. In fields such as medicine, agriculture, industrial chemicals and data storage, by using our synthetic DNA tools, our customers are developing ways to better lives and improve the sustainability of the planet.

54) The world’s first artificial womb for humans

55) Scientists grow lamb fetus inside artificial womb

56) Is Moderna and NIH Partnership “Rotten To The Core”?
Ben Swann takes a look at the highly unusual timeline by which Moderna Therapeutics is developing its C0-vId 19 virus vaccine. Now, 4 scientists with the NIH claim they hold partial patent rights on that vaccine and stand to make up to $150,000 per year. Meanwhile, as Moderna’s stock price continues to soar, 5 top executives have sold off $89 million dollars worth of shares, even as the company continues to bypass standard vaccine protocols in the development of its C0-vId v@ccine

57) NIH claims joint ownership of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine

58) Moderna executives have cashed out $89M in shares this year, as stock price has soared on vaccine hopes
The top five executives at the biotech company Moderna have sold more than $89 million of stock so far this year — initiating nearly three times as many stock transactions than in all of 2019 — as the company’s share price has soared on hopes for its Covid-19 vaccine

59) Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Early Results
The company said a test in 8 healthy volunteers found its experimental vaccine was safe and provoked a strong immune response. It is on an accelerated timetable to begin larger human trials soon.

60) NIH Signed Secret mRNA Vaccine Contract With Moderna In DECEMBER 2019, Before This COVID Event Began

61) Coronavirus hasn’t killed globalisation – it proves why we need it

62) Globalization after COVID-19
Generally speaking, these are anecdotal stories, but they are likely to predict a larger trend of the direction in which globalization is shifting. In our view, the current pandemic will accelerate the process of digitalization that was already underway in the global economy.

63) On Palestinian Child’s Day; 250 Children Imprisoned By Israel

64) Hundreds of Palestinian children suffer worsening health conditions in Israeli jails
Concerns have been raised over the conditions of hundreds of Palestinian children held in Israeli prisons, where they are subjected to torture and a lack of medical care amid coronavirus outbreak, the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs and Ex-Prisoners in Gaza reported Sunday.

65) Report: 95% of Palestinian children detained by Israel were tortured

66) PDF Report: The Treatment of Detained Palestinian Children by the Israeli Authorities
Palestinian child detainees have been subjected to many of the methods which, in the case of adults, have been considered to constitute torture or other ill-treatment, such as: beatings including with objects; painful manacling of hands and feet; pouring of freezing water onto the child’s head, being kept in fetid isolation cells; preventing the child from changing his or her clothes for long periods of time; covering the head with a foul smelling sack; tight blindfolding; shooting at the child’s head with small plastic pellets from as close distance; placing weights on the detainees shoulders for an extended period of time; denial of water; denial of access to the toilet; continuous long interrogations; and prolonged incommunicado detention 4.

67) ‘Steal Of The Century’: Trump’s Palestine-Israel Catastrophe (Documentary) | Episode 1/2
The ‘Steal Of The Century’ (Part 1) is a documentary, by Robert Inlakesh, filmed on the ground in occupied Palestine, investigating the peace process, Donald Trump’s proposed ‘Deal of the Century’ and why the Palestinian people have unanimously rejected it. It also seeks to show the occupation faced by the Palestinian people, as well as the a brief look into the history of Palestine-Israel.

69) Bill Gates and the Myth of Overpopulation
The following is adapted from my chapter in the forthcoming second edition of the Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism, Immanuel Ness & Zak Cope, eds. I am publishing this excerpt now because the poisonous ideology of “population control” — a branch of eugenics — is rapidly being revived in Western public discourse, typically under cover of the corporate climate change movement. — Jacob Levich

70) Tyrants HATE This 500 Year Old Trick for Ending Tyranny
Keith Knight of Don’t Tread on Anyone interviews James Corbett about The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude, the 16th century treatise on tyranny and obedience by Étienne de La Boétie. James and Keith highlight some of the book’s key insights and detail how they apply every much to our situation today as they did when they were written.

All of the links of evidence shared here are merely a fraction from among a wealth of other online sources; readers are advised and hoepfully, inspired to also, do their own research: When it comes to determining a balanced perspective, objectivity is key = No room for partisan prefences.


Addressing The Trials & Tribulations Of Covid-19

On behalf of myself and fellow UK citizens, in response to Mr Johnson PM’s ‘Coronavirus Bill’ and in address to UK legal, political and, medical professionals (within both NHS and privatised healthcare), it is imperative that the issue of language, professional terminology and law, are clarified in relation to aforementioned Bill as well as, taking into account, a variety of extremely important factors.

Considering that among numerous other concerns, the Coronavirus Bill grants police & State, powers to at worst, remove a child from the family home on strength of being deemed at risk of or else testing positive for, a ‘coronavirus’, to place child into isolation with no legal representation and devoid of contact with family, that child may die via medical error and/or forced, experimental treatments with no investigations or inquest into the resulting death, no liability on part of the healthcare provider and, child’s cadaver cremated minus knowledge or consent from the family; without doubt, the Bill is far more terrifying and potentially deadly, than the threat via Covid-19 (SARS CoV-2).

The Golden Rule of Law prohibits any such absurdity whereby, the application of a Gov’t House of Commons Bill (published while Parliament is prorogued on strength of a pandemic-lockdown), poses a more serious and (as threatened in the Bill), ‘indefinite’ risk to the populous than the disease that Bill is allegedly, devised to inhibit.

Coronvirus Bill (HC Bill 122)

‘The Bernician’s’ presentation in layman’s terms (see link below), exposes the full scope of how this Bill could or will be ‘legally’ enforced, applied, interpreted, and experienced. Stalin himself could have written it:

Since Michael of Bernicia has devoted his life to studying and applying the law with success, in UK Courts and on behalf of defending his fellow citizens homes, his interpretation is received as from a trusted source who understands very well, how laws can and are, regularly and ‘legally’ exploited to provide room for crime and abuses of power, which heavily infringe on citizens legal and human rights.

Confusion begins via the curious title: ‘Coronavirus Bill’. Coronavirus is a medical term related to all strains of colds and flu viruses due to the corona-style spikes which, are the common feature of those. According to the letter of the law, the Bill’s title and content, strongly implies that anybody testing positive for any strain of coronavirus would be considered either sick with and/or transmitting Covid-19.

Noticeably, on page 25 of said ‘Bill’, section 8, line 25, it is stated:
coronavirus” means severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

This is a blatant falsehood in light of the medical and therefore, legal definition of what a coronavirus-infection actually signifies i.e. Covid-19 or, any one of a variety of coronavirus strains of flu and colds among which, Covid-19 is merely included.

On page 20, the document states:
Suspension of requirement to hold inquest with jury: England and Wales
(For the purposes of section 7(2)(c) of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 requirement for inquest to be held with jury if senior coroner has reason to suspect death was caused by notifiable disease etc), COVID-19 is not a notifiable disease

This again, is a blatant falsehood since Covid-19 is listed as a ‘notifiable disease’; ‘At 6.15pm on 5 March 2020 – a statutory instrument was made into law that adds COVID-19 to the list of notifiable diseases and SARS-COV-2 to the list of notifiable causative agents.’

Is the aforementioned statement on Inquests, evidence that the Bill was written prior to Covid-19 being publicly recognised as ‘pandemic’?

If so, how could that be possible being as Johnson PM held the position that Covid-19 was not a pandemic and his preferred action was to let it “run through the herd”? Indeed, is it feasible that a Bill of such magnitude was compiled in just a matter of weeks? Or else, is the blatant slap-dash terminology evidence of a ‘rush-job’? Can a whole nation be rendered subject to point of enslavement to the dictates of any such hastily produced, literally ambiguous and factually incorrect, HC Bill?

Since Covid-19 is now a ‘notifiable disease’, the aforementioned paragraph on page 20, is lawfully ambiguous or even, entirely false; according to the letter of the law in association with the principles of the Golden Rule of law, that entire paragraph is rendered absurd because a lawful fact is ‘legally’ defined as false and, since this fact relates to UK citizens lawful rights to justice and their human rights, again the Golden Rule, does apply in regard to legal wording and, in its broader application; Justice & Human Rights are foundations of public policy.

The above UK Gov’t document-link (as issued to UK GPs), does also, clarify one aspect of aforementioned section on page 25 of the Coronavirus Bill i.e. ‘severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 [SARS-CoV-2].’ as the ‘notifiable causative agent’ of Covid-19.’

Essentially, the Bill states that Coronavirus = SARS-CoV-2 = Covid-19.

The above interpretation of terminology is then confirmed in a Government PDF, Crown Copyright 2015: ‘List of reportable diseases to be notified to health protection teams by prison and other detention centre healthcare teams

*Second on that list reads: ‘COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2

One then wonders how is it possible that Covid-19 could be listed in a UK Gov’t PDF published during March 2015? On questioning, government response is that the document was “recently updated”. However on closer inspection, the URL states very clearly at the end:
Furthermore, any alterations to Gov’t published Crown Copyright documents are legally required to make mention of that and the copyright updated to i.e. 2nd Edition March 2020.

*Due to WordPress editing, PDFs cannot be shared within text – please scroll to end of the article for both PDFs referred to here.

If indeed (as seems most likely), the document has been re-edited with failure to include the legally required copyright update, this reflects an appalling level of legal incompetence which in turn, does not instill confidence in the government and its ability to enact a new Bill and especially, a Bill which effectively strips every UK citizen of all their human and legal rights. Livestock on farms have more rights; the farmer is liable to prosecution should he treat his livestock cruelly such as e.g., leaving them to starve.

In contrast, Mr Johnson PM’s Government produced two documents in 2019, stating; ‘the government feels no legal responsibility for securing food supplies in an emergency – neither fire, flood, disease epidemic, conflict, supply chain disruption, nor no-deal Brexit.’

While it may be argued that a farmer may legitimately be compelled to leave his or her livestock to starve during an emergency or crisis, a human population with rights in a democracy and who are not property of a landowner as stock/slaves, have a government in place precisely, to be prepared for emergencies; why else do people bother electing a government or pay their taxes, if not for purpose of assuring their own collective welfare and national security?

How can UK citizens trust a government which first claims there’s no risk of a pandemic and then, after a flurry of media-led public pressure, agrees to a ‘lockdown’ (just at the point UK Imperial College has stated they had vastly overestimated the impact of Covid-19), and then, in a matter of weeks, produces this draconian, legally shoddy and dubiously titled ‘Coronavirus Bill’ amid a global financial meltdown and while issuing threats of Martial Law because a minority of the public are e.g., going out to buy ‘non-essential’ items when, during a lockdown, items such as e.g., paints and paper, may be a necessity for psychological welfare via art-therapy to help relieve the prevailing stress of fear and uncertainty?

Given that the government allegedly took steps to include Covid-19 in the list of ‘notifiable diseases’ for the 2015 directives for prisons and detention centres, it is remiss that they chose to update the 2015 PDF and not the 2016 PDF which, was re-edited in 2017 and thus, is titled ‘2nd Edition’, with Crown Copyright updated too and every page carrying the original heading from 2016. Why update 2015 and not 2017?

Clearly, the government had to pass a law to update the 2010 directives for GPs, to include Covid-19 in their list of ‘notifiable diseases’, why not also the same for prisons & detention centres since clearly, it is not listed among their most recent, 2017 directives for those institutions?

This level of confusion via official government documents citing legal directives and duties for public servants within government institutions such as, NHS, police-forces, prisons etc., not only fails to inspire public confidence, it fosters a strong sense of national insecurity and now, terror among the populous, as we absorb the dreadful implications of Johnson’s ‘Coronavirus Bill’ with its myriad loopholes and open invitations for immense abuses of power.

The ‘Coronavirus Bill’ is quite literally, an abomination – a blatant power-grab via callous exploitation of an alleged pandemic. ‘Alleged’ is the only term that can reasonably apply, in light of Imperial College updated recommendations and equally, the present coronavirus mortality being at present, statistically lower than in previous years and nowhere near, the peaks of 1996, 1999, 2000-2002 & 2014-2015; how did the NHS cope during e.g., the Winter of 2014-15 with a death-rate of 43,900 and many thousands more hospitalised, in the space of 4 months?

There were an estimated 43,900 excess deaths in England and Wales last winter, the highest number since 1999, figures show.

Why do we need makeshift ‘isolation centre’ hospitals erected all over the country?

Why are the public being asked to “protect the NHS” presumably by not getting sick when the NHS exists precisely, to treat the sick?

Is it because the NHS has been so badly decimated under 10 years of Tory governance and having lost thousands of professional staff via Brexit, they can no longer cope with an average flu-season?

Did UK Gov’t not consider the impacts on the NHS, when they implemented national austerity and decided to push for Brexit?

Is Covid-219 a ‘pandemic’ because it threatens the lives of many UK citizens or because after a decade of Tory attack, Britain’s NHS is no longer fit for purpose?

Members of the public are alarmed to learn that NHS staff are being asked by UK Gov’t, to record ‘Coronavirus’ as ’cause of death’ for all patients who had tested positive for a coronavirus, regardless of whether a coronavirus had in fact caused the death i.e. A patient who dies of kidney-failure but testing positive for a coronavirus, is added to the list of coronavirus deaths and then in turn, the Gov’t then adds that death to the national statistics citing Covid-19 fatalities and then, utilising the bumped-up figures to implement powers of said Bill ‘indefinitely’?

Certainly, Dr Deborah Birx has openly admitted at a recent (April 7th), USA White House Press Conference; “If someone dies with Covid-19 we’re counting that as a Covid-19…

Are UK medic’s testing specifically for Covid-19 or simply, for evidence of any coronavirus?

How can we collect reliable data for purpose of assessing the true risk and nature of infection spread and mortality rates, if the data collected is inaccurate and based on assumptions?

This Tory government, now headed by Mr Johnson PM, appears to have lost sight of their professional and ethical duty-of-care to the democratic-citizenship and have decided that lack of a written Constitution means Britain’s Constitutional norms, citizens rights, democracy and legal duties of historical and present-day precedence, can be casually ignored. It may be, that as a direct result of this dire risk as now exposed via Johnson PM’s Coronavirus Bill, the UK populous have a legal and democratic duty to lawfully insist that UK Parliament commits to producing a written Constitution: Trust in the traditional system is broken.

For purpose of restoring trust and with it, a sense of balance and rational approach, it is beholden on legal, political and medical professionals to speak out, to ask questions, to provide evidence toward supporting a vastly more politically, legally and medically humane approach:
Sugar for example, is known to dramatically inhibit immunity:

In the 1970’s Dr. Linus Pauling (one of the greatest researchers in the field of microbiology) discovered that vitamin C helps the body to combat the common cold. As part of the same research, Dr. Pauling found that sugar severely slows down this same process…
‘…In fact, at a blood sugar level of 120, the white blood cell’s ability to absorb and destroy viruses and bacteria is reduced by 75%. This blood sugar level would be easily obtained by any normal person eating some sugar (cake, cookies, candy, soda or even drinking fruit juice). Further, it can take four to six hours for the vitamin C concentration in the white blood cells to reach that optimum 50-times concentration again

Naturally, a corporate world addicted to profits from sugar and all of the products which include sugar, would not welcome strict limitations or a temporary, even indefinite ban, on sugar. Far better instead, to lock people in their homes, ruin millions of small businesses, inflict major unemployment and roll out a Coronavirus Bill to enforce mandatory isolation, callous or even fatal treatments/experiments and, in that same process, strip every citizen of their human, democratic and legal rights?

Since stress is known to lower immunity, it is a medical fact that forcibly removing those testing positive for ‘coronavirus’, from their homes and loved ones (to be placed in total isolation and facing potentially deadly, forced treatments), can realistically, cause what would have been a mild or symptomless Covid infection, to reach its full potential. This is just one example of the numerous ways the Bill has potential to cause very much harm than it claims to reduce.

Clearly, Johnson PM’s Government, do not have the vital medical knowledge required to assess and address an infectious disease and according to the evidence herein, not even the legal competence to address that via their legislative directives.

What the British public needs now, is clarity and compassion within a world not only dealing with a new virus but also, a major financial collapse; millions have lost jobs and businesses – stress levels have increased exponentially and as previously stated, this does have a dire impact on human immunity against all manner of infections and immune responses. This present government appears to believe that police and military operating under dictates of the Coronavirus Bill, are the best ways to address both problems: A Bill to be in operation for two years and reviewed every six months with a view to implementing that Bill ‘indefinitely‘.

We need to consider other less draconian approaches to both disease and economy.

Iceland, unlike other Western nations, refused to bail out the banks and therefore, has not suffered the levels of austerity imposed in UK and in fact, their economy is strengthened via tightened regulations as a direct result; a unified population and a genuinely free media mean people are more reliably informed and as a result, are moved to act accordingly. Iceland began testing specifically for Covid-19 from February and has tested a greater proportion of their population than UK. Their findings are that 50% of those infected are asymptomatic and the majority, dsplaying only very mild symptoms.

Iceland has not imposed a lock down though public gatherings have been limited to no more than 50 people. Due to stringent testing and quarantine, Iceland initially, showed the highest number of recorded cases and yet, the lowest number of severe cases and mortality. Why? Could that have something to do with superior and less stressful social & economic conditions?

According to Iceland’s findings to date and equally, the fast emerging picture in UK, can Covid-19 truly be considered a ‘pandemic’ given that human responses appear to be no different to any other cold or flu coronavirus in the sense that most, display no, or very mild symptoms, while the aged and those with lowered immunity and/or known and unknown, underlying illnesses, succumb to the worst impacts?

‘As countries around the world scramble to fight back the spread of the coronavirus, Iceland is doing things a little differently from the rest — and the approach could have a much larger impact on our understanding of the virus.’

By today, it is clear that antiquated political, social & economic ideologies and agendas be they far ‘right’ or centrist-right ‘left’, are inappropriate and in fact, the ongoing battle between one side and the other, often means facts and the solutions the facts support, are denied as ‘subversive’, ‘fascist’ or else, ‘communist’: Is a national health service ‘communist’ or is it an institution of a democratic-socio-capitalist society, which seeks to satisfy the needs of both right & left?

Certainly, nations such as Norway and Sweden, where democratic-socio-capitalism is the norm, are shown to record the highest levels of human wellbeing and happiness.

Are the world’s happiest countries better equipped to deal with the coronavirus?

The current national and global economic and health concerns require a fundamental re-evaluation. Clearly, Johnson PM’s government need expert, balanced assistance. While some may judge the content herein as ‘criticism’, the fact is, exposing legal and medical anomalies and failures are a necessary task; one cannot successfully tackle a problem if one does not have a true understanding of the problem and, what is the point of a right and left if they are not going to unite toward a common objective of eradicating present imbalances and resulting afflictions?

Burying embarrasing and damning social and economic problems via a heavily controlled media, only serves to permit those to quietly fester, to the point where the only ‘solution’ is to enforce a police-state in order to surpress ‘unsavoury’ information and resulting actions that will undoubtedly, demand major reform. Certainly we have witnessed a media ‘psy-op’ mechanism at work whereby, the unpopular PM states his plan to ‘do nothing‘, the media then incites mass public alarm toward calling for the kind of measures then, only imposed by China and Italy.

It is difficult to avoid what amounts to lawful suspicion, that this ‘pandemic’ is part of a globalist agenda designed to covertly satisfy their depopulation agendas, prohibit questions, information and mass public protests over 5G roll-out and yet another banking collapse now blamed on Covid-19; it was well understood among all economic pundits that this present financial collapse was long overdue. It appears that when it comes to New World Order ambitions, Covid-19 is the ‘virus with all the gifts‘!

While the globally corporate, mainstream and equally controlled ‘alternative’ medias, attempt to confuse the issues of EMF damages to life via memeing ridiculous & fake-narratives such as; 5G causes Covid-19′ – clearly, with a malicious intent to thereby crush ALL scientifically validated concerns about 5G as “fake-news”, the reality is that the 5G-grid coupled with connections to smart-meters in every homes, is scientifically proven to impact immunity via EMF radiation:

We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe (Scientific American):

Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”

The scientists who signed this appeal arguably constitute the majority of experts on the effects of nonionizing radiation. They have published more than 2,000 papers and letters on EMF in professional journals.

Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns

Is Switzerland operating under the foolish idea that 5G is responsible for a viral infection or, is Switzerland concerned about overall health risks to their populous and wildlife, as is confirmed via numerous scientific studies?

The answer is clearly, the latter and it is with alarm, we witness the levels of subterfuge in operation within the network of controlled medias, especially those commonly believed as ‘alternative’ but which are in fact, established to deliver ‘fake-news’ in order to detract from the genuinely important information as regularly delivered via genuine alternative news-providers who base their news on trusted and factual sources .

Major reform is the only solution; what this world and its political & professional classes need to realise, is that such reforms do not have to be punitive against any particular class, faith, politics or culture when we collectively understand the exponential benefits to our economies, societies and planet. Models presented by the Nordic nations, stand as an important lesson to the world.

The true ‘pandemic’ afflicting this world is not a viral infection, it is a psycho-sexual disease attacking the children in every nation. Because many of those afflicted, are high-profile individuals involved in other criminal activities such as, use of illegal drugs coupled with financial crimes and illegal trade in weapons etc., control over mainstream media is a vital compenent toward maintaining serecy around ‘sensitive’ issues and while simultaneously, protecting an inherently corrupt global elite who themselves, despite their immense wealth and power, fall victim to same depressions and afflictions as befall their lower social orders.

At some point we all need to accept that crime and criminals cannot be trusted nor relied on, to positively address the myriad problems that crime has caused by one method or another: As developing human beings, children’s safety and welfare is exceptionally important when we consider that today’s children are the foundation for and future of, UK society.

Examining Johnson PM’s Bill in light of what is known in relation to individual and organised child abuse, opportunities for child abuse are immense and we need to be very wary of any legislation that is fundamentally ignorant in terms of recognising the existing facts which, indisputably expose the reality that professionals within every UK authority, are known to have abused their powers to gain access to children. Certainly, the Coronavirus Bill provides ample, unrestricted opportunities for child abusers and this, is a deeply disturbing and very real concern. The same risks apply equally to women.

All is confirmed within the United Nations Child Protection Committee Report for Britain July 2014. The situation has worsened since then.

The Committee is strongly concerned that thousands of children continue to be trafficked every year in the State party, particularly for sexual exploitation and labour, and it expresses its deepest concern about reports that hundreds of children have been abducted from their families in Africa and trafficked to the State party for brutal religious rituals, such as the so-called voodoo and juju rituals. The Committee is particularly concerned that:
(a) The number of prosecutions and convictions of perpetrators of trafficking and other offences covered by the Optional Protocol is extremely low across the State party, leading to impunity for perpetrators; and that the prosecutors often choose to charge perpetrators of human trafficking with other offences, such as rape or abduction, in order to secure convictions

‘Thousands of child sex abuse cases go unreported, says report

Up to 400,000 cases of child sex abuse behind closed doors, says children’s commissioner, as police chief calls for crackdown on internet pornography
‘Anne Longfield, the children’s commissioner for England, found there had been 50,000 reported cases of sex abuse over the last two years – but estimated the true number was 400,000 to 450,000.

‘Only 1 in 8 children who are sexually abused are identified by professionals.

Children’s Commissioner calls for urgent action to improve the prevention and early identification of child sexual abuse and the support provided to victims.

A UK MPs Report into organised paedophilia states:
‘Organised child sex abuse is widespread in England’:

MPs said all councils across England now needed to review child protection policies.
Their report said: “On the evidence we took, the alarming conclusion is that Rotherham was not an outlier and that there is a widespread problem of organised child sexual exploitation in England.”
The MPs inquiry was prompted by a report by Prof Alexis Jay, which revealed up to 1,400 children were estimated to have been victims of abuse in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013


Analysis of data shared with Newsweek shows that, according to the Department of Education’s statistics for the year ending March 31, 2013, around 1,910 children (legally defined as under the age of 18) left the care system in England for unknown reasons, including 180 babies under the age of one. In the same period in 2012, about 2,260 children left the system for unknown reasons, including 160 babies.

We cannot forget either, risks against Britain’s ethnic and religious minorities when factions of police, government and military, are aligned with racist and extremist/’elitist’ agendas (*far right (Islamaphobic) ‘Britain First’ has encouraged their membership to join Johnson’s Tory Party in order to provide ‘security’ for his leadership). Forced cremations for example, will cause immense distress among Muslims & Jews whose faith requires burial and specific religious ceremonies. Indeed, most of Britain’s society has specific cultural and religious customs in relation to honouring and burying their deceased: Tackling a new virus should not mean such customs are rendered obsolete.

*’Senior Britain First officials and rank-and-file members have been receiving their Conservative membership cards in the post.’

Given the powers made available to any extremists employed within UK police & security services relied on to enforce the Coronavirus Bill, it does not require a mathematician to note the exponential risk that some will abuse their powers toward persecution against religious and ethnic minorities.

The office of governance does need to take everything and everyone into account when it comes to devising a Parlimentary Bill. Johnson’s Bill is here shown to be largely ignorant of prevailing crime, corruption and risks against minority, vulnerable and/or commonly oppressed, social groups; indeed, the Bill does appear to not only protect high profile criminals but also, handing those, even greater liberty to commit crime with impunity.

On the otherhand, when it comes to the average, non-extremist UK citizen, Johnson PM’s ‘Coronavirus Bill’, typically (as with ‘drug’-prohibition), creates crime and criminals in that individuals going about what was previously, their normal daily work and leisure activities within their rights as generally, peaceful and law-abiding citizens, may now be judged ‘criminal’ and fined, prosecuted and/or imprisoned without trial.

At what point does Britain cease to be recognised as a ‘democracy’ if not at the point when ‘our’ government decides to prohibit all criticism of its errors and fascistic policies ‘indefinitely‘ and with powers to kill thousands via power of an HC ‘Coronavirus Bill’ allegedly devised to protect our health? Surely, a well equipped and staffed NHS was established in UK, to do that?

Mass incarceration and death are not the answer; the “too many people” trope needs to be recognised as a false narrative supporting a eugenicist ideology along with the notion that humanity needs to exist under strict control implemented via an alleged ‘superior’ self-professed ‘elite’.

From a more balanced/informed perspective, what we actually have right now, is a wealth of humanity with unlimited potential for positively addressing and erasing a majority of problems we currently face and which include, issues such as climate change and child development.

It is a known fact that in every nation where women have rights, education, contraception and opportunity, birthrates rapidly fall and while this does mean initially, an aging population within this present and next generation, the fact is, the numbers between young and aged will inevitably reach a ‘favourable’ balance.

Since aging is a natural aspect of life on earth, the most positive way is to accept that benefits of the elderly, far outweigh the alleged ‘disadvantages’ in terms of social and economic sustainability.

For a start, healthier lifestyles and diet are crucial; an aging population does not need to be an inactive, unhealthy or non-productive entity and indeed, the elderly embody an important, living historical record of life experience and wisdom, which are essential to the younger generation. Certainly, the relatively stress-free conditions within democratic-socio-capitalism coupled with a balanced economy, rights and free-press, are known to promote longer and healthier life-spans.

Present global agendas however, are known to preceive the elderly as posing a ‘pandemic’ risk against economy minus any regards to the fact that the elderly, commonly provide immense resource via assistance to the younger generation as parents and grandparents; it is fair to say that without assistance from elderly relatives, many young adults would suffer decreased capacity to survive independently and with ever increasing numbers becoming reliant on State assistance.

Therefore, the objectives exposed via the ‘memo’ as shared below, are inherently imbalanced. While some may claim this leaked memo is a hoax/’fake-news’, Dr. Margaret Morganroth Gullette as a highly acclaimed and academically accredited individual, cannot be described as the kind of person who would put her name to a hoax document; the narrative therein cannot be casually dismissed and surely, needs taking into account in terms of assessing the true nature behind current political, economic and social agendas such as, those emodied within the Tory-created Coronavirus Bill:

Old people live too long and this is a risk for the global economy. We must do something, urgently.”

—Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund

As a species, we either embrace the innate and natural compassion as is commonly found within every sphere of human culture, religion and society and, incorporate that into every aspect of governance, or else, we silently submit to a minority narcissistic, psychopathic governance via people who perceive compassion as a ‘weakness’ leading to disorder and ultimately, Soviet style communism despite the fact that Soviet style communism is precisely, what globalist agendas appear to be intent on establishing via centralised corporate-control over every nation.

Our collective compassion needs to extend equally, to those commonly perceived as ‘enemy’ by non-extremists dedicated to compassionate living; an amnesty is required in order to liberate those who have for whatever reason, fallen victim to following criminal ambitions, coercion and/or are unwitting servants to corrupted objectives inasmuch as, such individuals are rendered entirely unaware of the reality, that those objectives are inherently ignorant and therefore, are doomed to worsening the very problems their methods claim will be resolved. It is no one’s fault to be rendered mystified in a world of confusion and traditionally unquestioned privilege; mystification is not ignorance; as Jesus said: “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do“.

Johnson’s Bill is dangerous – very much more dangerous than Covid-19; it projects a forecast of repression, oppression and depression far into the future. Considering that Bill is established purely, on dealing with a new virus which natural, human immunity will eventually learn to fight and manage below ‘pandemic’ proportions (as is already proven among the Icelandic population), the Bill is both extreme and unnecessary as too, are the proposals for forced vaccinations whenever the proposed Covid-19 vaccination appears: A vaccination devised in a rush, minus the usual protocols required to determine the safety of that vaccination; there is a risk that whole populations being forcibly injected with an essentially, experimental remedy, will soon begin to exhibit an even greater pandemic via the proposed ‘solution’.

Again, taking everything into account, we cannot ignore historical errors, failures and resulting risks, toward increasing illness or disabilities, inflicted via new medications and vaccine impacts which, are often, unrecognised until it’s too late and the damage is done.

‘ Officials are trying to get to the bottom of how vaccine manufacturer Baxter International Inc. made “experimental virus material” based on a human flu strain but contaminated with the H5N1 avian flu virus and then distributed it to an Austrian company.’

More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus

Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine
What causes GBS?
‘The exact cause of GBS is unknown, but about two-thirds of people who develop GBS experience symptoms several days or weeks after they have been sick with diarrhea or a respiratory illness. Infection with the bacterium Campylobacter jejuni is one of the most common risk factors for GBS. People also can develop GBS after having the flu or other infections (such as cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr virus). On very rare occasions, they may develop GBS in the days or weeks after getting a vaccination

In face of present day and historical knowledge, forced vaccination against a virus to which 50% of those infected, exhibit no symptoms and with only a minority of fatalities among the relative minority of those needing intensive care, inadequately tested new vacines are defintiely not the answer and instead, present risks as severe, if not more so, than the disease that vaccine is meant to prevent.

All of the issues, facts, evidence and concerns, expressed herein, are of paramount importance with far reaching implications for every future generation, hence, it is of prime importance and as a matter of utmost urgency, that UK professionals as listed at the start of this document, take notice and move to act accordingly.

Britain as a nation and humanity as a species, is heading toward a precipice of eternal doom & gloom leading ultimately, to our own extinction as well as, ongoing depletion of life on our planet in general as one pandemic leads to another and only because we have collectively endeavoured to treat the symptoms rather than the underlying causes of disease such as e.g. Industrialised animal farming along with production and consumption of animal products. As stated previously, vastly reducing our consumption of sugar and increasing vitamin D3 and also, vitamin C (which is necessary for the body’s absorption of vitamin D3), will dramatically improve natural resistance to all viral infections.

Lack of vitamin C and associated minimised absorption of vitamin D3 coupled with a high sugar diet, are very likely why the Black population of USA, are suffering a statistically proven, greater imapct of the worst symptoms via Covid-19. Included in this result are the levels of poverty and resulting stress the USA Black population are ‘traditionally’ and presently experiencing in terms also, of racial inequality and what amounts to, State enforced persecution.

*Darker skin colour is a known cause of lowered vitamin D3 in countries where climate is not conducive to maintaining healthy levels of human vitamin D3 absorption via the natural sunlight levels, darker skin colours have evolved to thrive under.

The pandemic seems to be hitting people of color the hardest.

In Michigan, black Americans comprise 14.1 percent of the state population, but an ungodly 40 percent of coronavirus deaths. In Washtenaw County, home to Ann Arbor, 48 percent of residents hospitalized with the coronavirus are black, though black people make up only 11 percent of the county.

All such evidence does need now to be professionally accepted as valid and, we do need to learn from such evidence in order to arrive at the most appropriate and genuinely successful courses of action, for purpose of not only addressing the impacts of Covid-19 but also, toward improving humanity’s health generally.

The truth is, there is too much waste in this world and that includes waste of knowledge, experience and wisdom, along with human lives and potential. In this sense, the democratic-socio-capitalist approach combining both left & right interests within social and economic systems, which do not negatively judge and discriminate against people on grounds of age, race, religion, class or gender, are shown to be most successful in raising a fair and balanced human consciouness and, in acheiving those ends, education and a genuinely free media, are key.

We have witnessed how the power of media has inspired mass lockdowns throughout the world and even, calls for martial law, as well as, covertly facilitating the draconian measures as proposed via Johnson’s Coronavirus Bill. Therefore, we can be in no doubt that a media liberated to focus on facts as opposed to publishing propaganda, can and will, have same powers of influence toward encouraging more balanced and humane social responses; it is the professional classes who are called upon now, to take the lead in this ongoing information battle via engaging in necessary discourse which both informs and challenges current proposals and agendas.

Covid-19, heralds a tremendous turning point within the human world and which way we choose to turn, will determine either a heavenly or hellish future existence for billions of people and the life of our planet. And, ‘choice’ is the prime point of importance here; who is making the choices for us and are those ‘choosers’ making the right choices ?

Every problem brings with it an opportunity for improvement, or else, the problem will increase, while all opportunity for vital change, is dramatically decreased until the point of no-return.

Our collective decisions need to be based on solid foundations of law, facts, evidence and wisdom. Our human world and our planet, are presently rendered extremely fragile and left vulnerable to the very worst ambitions devised by the very worst aspects of human consciousness; a consciousness traditionally established on historical faith in agendas which themselves, were established within then, seemingly rational beliefs based on what we now know as; misunderstanding, abuses of power and misinterpretations in relation to ourselves as a species, and our true place among the splendour of life on Earth.

If we cannot learn from the lessons of history, what is the point of that history? Why bother keeping records and teaching those to future generations if we actually, have no need for any such education? The point is, we do need to learn from past and updated studies, experience and associated outcomes, precisely, when addressing the issues we are challenged with today.

Are we facing a ‘deadly pandemic’ or are we not now invited to step-up to a higher level of existence and consciousness?

Humanity is thoroughly aware we need drastic change and it is not humanity standing against eco-technology, organic food and sustainably healthier living, it is not ‘humanity’ destroying Earth’s natural resources and poisoning our Pacific Ocean with nuclear-radiation. All of the above is by will of those same corporate-interests who have traditionally ridden roughshod over the evironmentally-friendly native populations of every land, and only to now claim. there are “too many people“.

The only thing there are “too many” of on this planet are lawless entities and privileged groups who know full well, that positive change for the many and our planet, demands a fair and balanced economy, strict financial & industrial regulations and also, a justice system, which does not discriminate according to e.g. Wealth & social status.

Since change is coming whether we like it or not, it seems the people of this generation are required to arrive at a judgement on the issues of right and wrong, law and crime, and why we need to progress within a spirit of unity, in honour of all it is that makes us most truly human: The greatest weight of responsibility inevitably falls therefore, onto the shoulders of those now positioned with most power of social credibity and influence, to challenge prevailing negative or suspect directives and simultaneously, support the numerous positive solutions.

Were we created to be like a devil or were we not, created to; “be like God” and, what would God do in face of all of the issues as highlighted herein, when dealing too, with a new and life-threatening virus: Johnson PM’s Coronavirus Bill or the Icelandic model ?

It’s high time we made up our minds about who we are and where we stand and what we hope to leave for our children’s children’s children.

*UK Gov’t PDFs below cannot be uploaded into WordPress.

We-The-People & The Crown

The Crown & Her Majesty’s Government as agents thereof and also, as agents of other subversive, foreign and domestic interests as identified herein.

Class Action litigation proposal in Appeal to UK Supreme Court, seeking payment & pledge for damages as compensation to the British public for our collective losses as being and to be further imposed, via ‘Brexit’/Britain’s exit from the European Union; a process known to be almost entirely, of profit and advantage to members of her Majesty’s Government, financial backers and direct supporters of said government (including London City Financiers), and The Crown as prime beneficiary of Britain’s Crown, offshore Territories.


The purpose of this article is to present the foundations for debate as pertains to the validity of the proposed claim against The Crown via We-The-People: Do we have a case or not?

And, if we do, then how can we set about this – who is willing to assist?

The evidence, concerns and information shared herein, is broad in scope, height and depth as is relevant and necessary to the purpose of identifying the full nature of risks & damages and exposing the crimes & criminals as constitute the imposition of ‘Brexit’ on our currently, United Kingdom.
I do not here attempt to ‘try’ the case, simply, I am articulating the reason, sharing the evidence, exposing the lawful suspicion, the lawful concerns and supporting our duty to act to prevent crime and to address all issues of national security and threats to economy and democracy, in face of the evidence exposing; Motive, Intent & Opportunity:

Intel’ For Investigation: Brexit
*Proposal for official investigations into Boris Johnson PM and various others as cited herein, via Security Services Act 1989 for the protection of national security and, in particular, protection against threats from espionage, terrorism and sabotage, from the activities of agents of foreign powers and via actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means and to safeguard the economic well-being of the United Kingdom against threats posed by the actions or intentions of persons within and outside the British Islands.

There is a story that needs to be told, the other side of the narratives espoused by the mainstream media coupled with their collectively banal coverage of the severe circumstances about to afflict a resulting, largely unsuspecting British populous.

This story is one usually related with benefit of hindsight of history except, sometimes, the future is as easy to see as one sees a fast-approaching-lorry and one takes a step back in time to stay alive – shall we hedge our bets on not stepping back and hoping for ‘minor-injuries’ because hey – we don’t know for ‘sure’ what will happen? With Brexit, like a speeding lorry racing toward us, those aware of the facts, we do know we’re going to get hit and hard, if we fail to act.

It is not the fault of the British populous to have fallen victim to an extremely powerful force of influence, which has direct control over our media and government as well as, our economy, finances and public offices and also, courts, police & military institutions. As a force of benign and docile power, the public had minimal ability to either foresee or prevent, the sudden the appearance of the speeding-Brexit-Bus rushing toward us.
Amid this era of austerity, the general populous is heavily burdened with the stress of survival; tensions run high, people are not so alert to what’s really going on in the far-away world of politics; they’re being asked to vote about leaving the EU – the issue they’re told, is ‘”sovereignty” and saying “No” to “rule from Brussels” and then a few side issues like how money paid to EU could go to NHS instead, or millions of Muslims are about to flood-in from Turkey and impose Sharia Law if we stay in EU, or, EU is creating its own army and then, might invade Britain.

Allegedly, in interests of defending our nation from Sharia Law and protecting our jobs and rights from immigrants, we need to lose all of our rights, jobs, social & national security, in order to stop being a democracy and become a Tax Haven instead because rights and democracy lead to mass immigration and Sharia Law? Does any of that alleged ‘reasoning’ make any sense at all?

And yet, this Tory government and even the BBC, have sold it to the UK public as ‘viable’ in the form of Brexit?

Lies were told. Fear was stoked. To assist with the lying and stoking up the flames of xenophobia, the Tory-led Leave Campaign employs a corporate, social-engineering firm; Cambridge Analytica (with a track record of assisting various despot powers throughout the world via underhand/criminal methods), is relied on to breach all manner of data-protection & privacy laws in order to target, troll and harass, online groups & individuals, via an army of fake accounts within various internet based social platforms i.e. Twitter etc. The prime objective is to ‘Get Brexit Done’.
The BBC and other mainstream news platforms give their overt or covert support i.e. BBC help immensely, by failing to ask the necessary questions, nor raise the serious alerts or challenge the blatant lies. The public were subsequently, left at best, only very casually informed to what Brexit was about and virtually all of the media and members of Parliament, failed to alert the public (as an important matter of public interest), about the dire consequences of leaving the EU without a deal.

Those who did ask questions about risks of a no-deal were hastily reassured or else judged a “scaremonger”; of course we weren’t going to pull out without a deal – we would have a new-deal that frees us from Brussels and closes the door to immigrants and frees up cash for our NHS. We could thus be ‘liberated’ to get lots of new trade deals too!

For virtually half the population, who identify as EU as well as UK citizens, racist xenophobia over immigration and rancid, Islamophobic threats of ‘Sharia Law’, were not enough to persuade them that Britain needed to swiftly vacate the European Union and to thereby, lose all of those numerous advantages which UK citizens are now dependent on for study, holiday, family, business and jobs as well as, rights, funding, food, medicines and all of the low-priced goods we consume via the 160+ Trade Deals we access directly, through UK inclusion into the EU Bloc.

Tory Minister Mr Boris Johnson (now PM), took to his big London bus, emblazoned with lies, to assist with the ‘Be-Leave’ campaign…

Brexit is the creation of a specific British class, a mindset, a centuries-old ‘culture’ existing far above the often grim reality of the ‘common’ citizen. It is a culture where an Eton education virtually guarantees a seat in Parliament or in some other Westminster office where the same Etonian style school order continues with its ‘fags’ and its ‘prefects’ and ‘whips’.

These are people who rarely get held to account for their actions nor suffer the impacts of them; no one is going to tell Mr Iain Duncan Smith that he’s to have no income for 3 months and will likely lose his home because he was 5 minutes late to sign his name to receive his lawful entitlement. No one is going to lock Eton’s Bullingdon Boys up (Cameron, Osborne, Johnson), in jail for 6 weeks for vandalising pubs, no, that punishment is reserved for the hapless JSA claimant on a ‘sanction’ who steals a chocolate bar – at least the thief earned some public funds for the private prison service provider?

Sexism, vandalism and bullying: inside the Boris Johnson-era Bullingdon Club

When it comes to the Corporate Orders, every citizen may as well be a battery from which to drain some energy/cash. Britain’s sick & disabled have been squeezed hard, as too, has the NHS and all public services; only people very far removed from reality, who cling to an antiquated system of social hierarchy and all of the negative judgements sustaining that hierarchy, could operate with such blithe disregard for the lives they deliver to ruin on behalf of profit & power.

Britain is experiencing a ‘reincarnation’ of a psychology and approach to life, which had been left-for-dead by the social and political consciousness that gained progress from 1945 on; by stealth, deception, entrapment, cunning and lies, the predator has circled its prey with the specific purpose of halting that progress and dragging the populous back to a time when slave-masters were respected and their slaves scorned, and this time around, with 21st century technology…

Beyond the din of battles and intricacies between truth & lies, the stark reality is that we have a choice: Do we sacrifice the child’s future and even, leave our planet at risk, in order to keep a dead-consciousness alive or, do we rise up for our rights on behalf of the living child?

Getting Brexit Done

Who wanted Brexit? Did we witness thousands of UK citizens regularly out demonstrating in protest over our EU membership? No we did not.

Prior to the 2016 referendum there had been no publicly visible demands to leave the EU beyond rumblings from fringe-minority socio-political groups such as UKIP, EDL/Britain-First etc., all known to be far-right extremists supporting an undercurrent of racist, homophobic, Anti Jewish, anti-Islamic and anti-feminist doctrines, on behalf of ‘Making Britain Great Again’/”getting back to British culture”.

The Tories wanted Brexit and their call to leave the EU, came immediately after the EU announced their proposals for the new tax regulations as are now set to combat tax avoidance, money laundering, fake businesses and to monitor money leaving EU into various offshore Tax Havens, the majority of which, operate within Crown offshore territories:

The British overseas territories (formerly known as British dependent territories or Crown colonies) are: Anguilla; Bermuda; British Antarctic Territory; British Indian Ocean Territory; British Virgin Islands; Cayman Islands; Falkland Islands; Gibraltar; Montserrat; Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands; St Helena and St Helena Dependencies (Ascension and Tristan da Cunha); South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands; Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia (Cyprus); and The Turks & Caicos Islands.

London alone, is home to hundreds of thousands of fake businesses all registered at a handful of ‘boiler-room’ addresses, a pattern repeated to a lesser degree, across Britain; money-laundering fronts legitimising criminal proceeds from around the world and fake, triple-A-rated investment schemes absorbing private pensions, Trust Funds etc., bankrupting & asset-stripping numerous independent UK businesses. It is due to such underhand methods, the global economy has suffered a banking meltdown which in turn, has generated an unrepayable debt.

The Tories and their corporate-backers, proposed that the only remedy now, was to make Britain a Tax Haven; ‘Singapore On The Thames’ is the vision presented by Sajid Javid now Chancellor of the Exchequer and previously, employed in the Singapore Banking Industry:

One can only wonder about the magnitude of crime & criminals Britain and the Crown’s offshore territories are harbouring because it takes some serious levels of desperation to knock a whole nation of people off their feet with lie after lie and with full intention threatening them with guns under Martial Law, when they realise they’ve been ‘had’ and protest.
Despite all the promises to be transparent and cooperative, Britain’s offshore secrecy jurisdictions have resolutely refused to make their company registries open to public scrutiny, and some have even threatened to secede if this is forced upon them.
Shamefully, these threats of secession have a historical echo; during the period of huge public campaigning to end Britain’s slave economy in the early C19th, some of the same Caribbean territories currently resisting anti-money laundering measures also threatened to secede in order to protect the interests of their slave plantation owning elites.

Tax Havens & Democracy are opposing forces of power when democracy is a political and social foundation of governance in service to a sovereign public, who enjoy all of the laws & rights their democracy is founded on: Tax Havens don’t do law, rights & democracy for any but their private investors, who may elect one or another for their boards of representatives; ‘law’ equates to their own in-house rules and often, brutal subjugation of the natives relied on to provide service to the Tax Haven Territory and its global clientele; tax havens rarely deliver any balanced, non-discriminatory sense of justice either.

Tax havens, like Jersey, sit right on Britain’s doorstep. With a population of 87,000, the island is the home of some £400 billion of footloose capital. Jersey is effectively run by big business. It rents out its legislature to big business, which writes its own laws. Jersey has never had a general election in its entire history.
It does not have the usual checks and balances, or separation of the legislative, executive and judicial functions. It has no written record of major parliamentary debates and adequate consumer protection laws. Anyone speaking out is clobbered and ostracised. Members of Jersey’s Parliament who dare to ask uncomfortable questions are threatened with indefinite suspensions.
People everywhere need to challenge the privileges of tax havens and the companies that are hiding there.

For a comprehensive evaluation of Tax Havens and their impacts on native populations, see the link below:

Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs
Shedding light on darker practices
Working for an Open and Democratic Society

Britain as a tax haven? It already is

LONDON — As Britain readies itself to trigger Article 50, it appears to have given up on seeking EU allies for the negotiations to come, threatening instead to turn itself into a full-blown tax haven. This is a worrying sign of the number of paddles with which Prime Minister Theresa May has equipped herself for the planned expedition up Brexit creek.
As many of those sitting across the table from the British prime minister know, turning the U.K. into a tax haven will cause more damage inside the country than it will across the Channel. Indeed, if the May government carries out its threat to be a bad neighbor, it is the remaining 27 EU countries that stand to benefit.

Can the Tories and their backers, prove that protecting their collective criminal activities and sustaining their criminal privileges to avoid taxes and commit crime with impunity, is not the prime function of Brexit ?

The Damages

Brexit is guaranteed to deliver immense hardship and suffering onto a nation already severely debilitated via a decade of an unnecessary economic policy titled ‘austerity’ which to date, is estimated to have killed 200,000 UK citizens via a process professionally cited as ‘Economic Murder’. One of the government ministers most responsible for austerity-related deaths, Mr Iain Duncan Smith, gets his name on the honours-list for a Knighthood.

Leading Tory ministers during the December 12th General Election, informed the public that Brexit will deliver “50 years austerity”. None at the BBC nor many among rest of main-stream-media, saw fit to dwell on that prospect which a vote for Johnson was bound to deliver. Instead, the BBC focused like most of other medias, on the “dangers of Corbyn” and his actually non-existent “anti-Semitism” and “Stalinism”.

Strange that the BBC had no concerns about the dangers associated with the inevitable protests and mass, social unrest, when Brexit begins to bite?
Leading UK financiers have foretold of massive hikes in price of food, fuel and various other commodities, as well as scarcity of many products including vital medicines. Top experts predict a steep increase in reliance on Food-Banks, homelessness, job losses, foreclosures on homes and business premises as well as, loss of personal-transport, a plummeting £pound, falling house prices, increases in interest-rates, all very likely followed with a banking & building society bail-in, along with further cuts in all areas of public spending.

UK’s finance chiefs say Brexit is biggest risk to business
Finance chiefs at UK companies believe that Brexit presents the biggest risk to their business, with almost 80 per cent predicting a worsening corporate environment after the country leaves the EU, according to new survey data.
More than 100 chief finance officers responding to Deloitte’s latest quarterly CFO report said Brexit presented the gravest threat to business over the next 12 months, above other factors including weak UK demand and US protectionism.

As if all of that wasn’t terrible enough, added to the long list of Brexit disadvantages, is the dividing up of our NHS into hands of mostly USA health-insurance providers, who undoubtedly seek to profit from their investments i.e. A £10 charge per GP visit has already been suggested along with steep increases in costs of prescription medicines.
A £10 charge to visit a GP would be just the start of a slippery slope for the NHS

A slow hand clap for Andy McGovern, a London hospital nurse who has proposed that the Royal College of Nursing supports a £10 charge to visit a GP. On its own terms, the proposal is an unacceptable assault on the very foundations of the NHS: that it is free at the point of use.

The very worst aspect of Brexit is that it comes with the government’s intent to “scrap” every single right established since end of WW2: Human rights, workers rights, children’s rights, animal rights, freedom-of-movement, environmental protection, food & medicine, health & safety regulations – all just waiting to be ditched by the proponents of ‘Singapore-On-The-Thames’. It transpires the people of Britain are not to be invaded by Sharia Law and instead, to be rendered fully compliant to corporate-law of ‘no money = no rights…’

Effect of Brexit: A Bonfire of Rights? EU Employment and Equality Law after Brexit
Leaving the EU has no automatic effect on employment law. But a number of Brexit supporters, including cabinet ministers like the employment minister, have specifically stated that they want to use the opportunity that Brexit would create in order to remove protections guaranteed by EU law.
In particular, in their own words, they aspire to scrap the laws on: collective redundancies; atypical workers; working time (including paid holidays); driving time limits for the self-employed; rights for pregnant workers and women on maternity leave; and worker consultation rights.
For his part, Nigel Farage has argued that women who have children are “worthless” to an employer.
It should be noted that changes like these would not even have to go through as an Act of Parliament – Vote Leave supporters plan to fast-track the abolition of EU laws after Brexit.

Joining the EU, is not what established many of the rights now enshrined within EU Law, most of those rights were established throughout UK prior to creation of the EU. Furthermore, virtually all of the later rights implemented and upheld by EU, were formulated with Britain’s direct involvement.

Further damages are foreseen via all of the risks associated with Martial Law, as Johnson PM has planned to implement, immediately post his no-deal Brexit; men with guns patrolling UK towns & cities, imposing curfews, restrictions on movement, prohibiting protests, with powers to enter private properties and with far right extremists e.g. Britain-First, already publicly dedicating their members to serve the Tory government and on behalf of getting Brexit “done”.

The brutal reality of martial law – how it works and what happens:

Brexit planners are considering imposing martial law in the event of a no-deal Brexit , it has emerged.
An emergency plan being drawn up would see sweeping powers exercised under the Civil Contingencies Act if there is unrest such as rioting, according to reports.
A source told The Sunday Times that planners were using the disruption caused by the volcanic ash in Iceland during 2010 as a model for possible disorder.
But the source warned: “There is nothing that can replicate the scale of chaos threatened by a no-deal Brexit, which will be about a thousand times worse than the volcanic ash cloud crisis.
“The only thing that would be comparable would be something like a major Europe-wide war.”
Troops would occupy all of our towns and cities, and would patrol key sites such as council and government buildings, power stations, airports hospitals, financial institutions and other places which could be likely targets for protestors or saboteurs.
Military checkpoints would be set up and soldiers given powers to stop and search anyone they suspect could be involved in or planning acts of unrest or rebellion.

Meanwhile, the top Brexit backers of Britain & abroad, will be profiting via the hoards of goods they hope to sell at the post-Brexit vastly inflated prices, via bets against value of the £pound, via remaining at liberty to continue enjoying the financial rewards and gains of tax-avoidance, money laundering, fake businesses and investments etc. London’s hundreds of thousands of fake businesses acting as conduits for depositing tax-free, ‘legitimised’ illicit cash, into the Crown’s offshore-territory Banks, will remain at liberty to commit their crimes with impunity.

The global collective of corporations, keen to gorge on what’s left on Britain’s public assets and individual wealth, hope to equally profit from an impoverished, wage-slave workforce, whose £ is devalued to 25p which, in real-terms, equates to quartering UK wages as paid in £’s to the hour. 25p being the value of Britain’s pre-decimal ‘Crown’/5 shillings = a Crown currency for a Crown-controlled territory?

It is extremely unlikely that UK citizens will experience a quadrupling of their wages in response to the decimated £pound.

Brexit is an attack and an act of war in the sense that finance is employed as a fiscal-tool and weapon. A ‘tool’ to buy and command the media & public, a ‘weapon’ to decimate all who ask questions and/or resist the ambitions of London City’s global corp’s and top investors. The rabid attack against the very popular opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is a prime example as to just how veracious the decimation can be.

Certainly, there is a case to be answered by Britain’s Security Services regarding their collective failures toward investigating the bringers-of-Brexit, on behalf of defending UK economy, democracy and national-security, from attack by agents of hostile British & foreign powers.

Aside from imposing Martial Law, establishing Singapore-On-The-Thames and doing a trade-deal with USA in exchange for NHS contracts, Johnson’s government have stockpiled body-bags and simultaneously, informed the public that the government has “no legal responsibility to provide food after Brexit or after any other disaster”. Still, at least the government will provide a body bag? The levels of callousness on public display are frankly, incredible and abominable to any persons of care, compassion & conscience.

A medic who contributed to the Yellowhammer report has made the alarming claim that the government is stockpiling body bags in case of an increased mortality rate after a no-deal Brexit.

Whichever way the average UK citizen looks at Brexit now, it is clear that Brexit delivers no advantages whatsoever – even immigration is set to increase via corporate-migrants brought into Britain from anywhere in the world, specifically, to work for various global corp’s established here, these include corporate military outfits like Dyncorp.

With education costs rising, it is unlikely Britain will be in a position to supply its own armies of professional employees; doctors, dentists, nurses, plumbers, electricians, teachers – all can be recruited from abroad by the corporations who have collectively absorbed the once numerous, national & independent UK businesses & services, providing employment to professionals and skilled workers.

Many corporate employers are already emboldened by Brexit; UK supermarkets are insisting their employees agree to sign zero-hour contracts or else, lose their jobs. Most despicably, the first of these moves began immediately prior to Christmas 2019; a time when people are most vulnerable to needing a regular wage.

In comparison to harsh corporate rules that will even ‘sanction’/deny an unemployed or disabled individual’s Benefits and deny workers rights to maternity leave or a break, ‘rule-from-Brussels’ upholding human & workers rights, is undeniably, a far better prospect for the majority of UK citizens.

If indeed, leaving the EU was such a brilliant thing to do, why are so many of the main Brexit-pushers all rushing to secure their own EU citizen status i.e. Farage, Jacob Rees Mogg etc.? Talk about having-your-cake-and-eating-it!

“The people’s vote happened in 2016. And the people voted to leave.”

But the people didn’t vote for an almighty, calamitous mess…
The people didn’t vote to have vital foods and medicines in short supply.
The people didn’t vote to be poorer.
The people didn’t vote to trash our economy – which before the referendum was the fastest growing in the G7 (now it’s the slowest).
The people didn’t vote to put at risk peace in Northern Ireland.
The people didn’t vote for utter uncertainty and chaos, just weeks before we are due to leave.
Now, the evidence is overwhelming that a majority of the UK public not only don’t want the Prime Minister’s Brexit.
They don’t want any Brexit at all.

The Recompense

Without doubt, Brexit is on behalf of London City Financiers as a state within the State of Britain. The only people who need to be “free from rule of Brussels” are those corporate-financial interests and senior members of the Tory Party, now employed toward exclusively serving those same minority interests and even, with a promise of police ignorance toward ‘historical’ paedophiles thrown-in; allegedly, investigating such crimes is money “spaffed up the wall“.

In the interests of ‘getting Brexit done’, UK laws and rights, our institutions of authority and courts, even the mechanisms of media and democracy itself, have been ridden over roughshod: Powerful rich men are eager to stay rich, stay out of prison, avoid taxes and to use and lose their work-forces as easy as one buys a product and then throws it to the trash soon as it’s served its purpose or, is no longer fit for use i.e. a pregnant employee?

The UK public have the right to an independently monitored & honest 2nd referendum to vote on either, a favourable deal or else, to Remain in EU.
A ‘no-deal’ is absolutely off the table:

The notion that a nation can vote to stab itself in the guts is ridiculous and it is a macabre ‘credit’ to BBC and all of Britain’s corporately-controlled MSM, that the UK public could be persuaded even to entertain the idea that what amounts to a punishment for rogue EU nations, can be ‘voted-for’ as part of a democratic referendum i.e. Shall we have a referendum on placing all people aged 50+ in a factory prison so we can e.g., save money and free up more jobs & housing? Makes ‘sense’ doesn’t it, so long as we can just casually ignore the fact that people age 50+ are not collectively guilty of any crime and each of those people have rights!

What the Tories have done is to threaten millions of UK citizens of every age, with destitution and once destitute, those individuals can be thoroughly ignored and/or trivialised as a social concern, they apparently, have no rights; allegedly, It is not a crime that their government has opted to act in denial of their rights.

In event of a 2nd Referendum granting either a Remain ‘win’ or Brexit ‘deal’, Johnson PM as agent of The Crown and its off-shore territories and associated interests, needs to agree to a deal with the UK public as compensation for the immense damages and trauma inflicted via Brexit and, for reparation of all the damages inflicted via the last decade of Tory governance which to date, has specifically served and protected The Corporate-Crown’s interests against the interests of the United Kingdom and its citizens.

Our demands are as follows:

1) Full repayment via The Crown, of the £trillion+ debt induced via banking collapse & bailouts and accumulated debts of successive, incompetent HM Governments who, despite privatising vast swathes of UK services, jobs, public assets & industries and while imposing life-destroying cuts denying people homes, healthcare, jobs, rights & benefits, have somehow, managed to create such a heavy debt from which, the UK populous have received no advantage but instead, have been compelled to survive on less and less during the creation of it and simultaneously, fund interest payments to the tune of £1bn per week!
We understand The Crown is presently estimated as worth approximately, £20 Trillion and therefore, we request return of £5-trillion from the £trillions Britain has earned the Crown, in order to now bail out we-the-people, as a perfectly reasonable sum when juxtaposed against the very poorest UK citizens who in real terms, have forfeited one 3rd of their incomes to fund Britain’s £1+bn a week interest payments on the £1+trillion debt. The additional £4-trillion will fund most other proceeding demands herein:

2) Nationalisation of every aspect of NHS.

3) Free education for children of all ages and for adult education & training in professions of nurses, doctors, lawyers, electricians, plumbers, therapists, politicians etc.

4) Nationalisation of all UK public transport services previously nationalised prior to Thatcher.

5) Nationalisation of UK postal service.

6) Nationalisation of British Telecom.

7) Nationalisation of all Fire & Police services.

8) Nationalisation of Social and Child Protection Services.

9) Council-run care-homes and homeless shelters for the destitute, elderly, disabled & children, in every town & city.

10) House building for providing both social housing and affordable private homes.

11) Free super-fast-fibre-broadband for every home.

12) A halt on 5G roll-out pending further investigations toward assuring public & wildlife health & safety.

13) Wage rises in line with inflation and deflation of the £pound. Minimum wage to be set as a standard for the basic living-wage at £20 per hour.

14) Retirement to commence at age 60 or else, to continue working until such time those of pension-age, choose to retire.

15) Increase in Benefits in line with inflation and deflation of the £pound.

16) Written legislation to ensure this and every future government, is committed to upholding all of the rights UK citizens, environment & wildlife, enjoyed prior to entering EU and continue to enjoy, during our inclusion in the EU bloc. Never again shall any UK government have powers to reduce or erase those rights.

17) A sum of £5,000 cash-compensation to be paid immediately, to every UK citizen over age 18 and with added stipulation that this sum is not subject to deductions via loss of any State-paid or other benefits recipients receive.

18) Recruitment of 100,000 extra police officers.

19) Recruitment of 200,000 extra NHS staff.

20) All aspects of UK Benefits system to be nationalised and run solely, as a public service by government and its civil-servants.

21) Prohibition of sale or privatisation of UK military, police, fire, water, social, council and security services.

22) Guaranteed government bonds and private investments into e.g. nationally owned and run Hemp farms and industries etc.

23) Free nursery care for pre-school children age 2 and over.

24) Maternity Leave extended to two years and interchangeable between both parents and/or guardians.

25) A 3 day working week for parents and guardians with a child or children or disabled dependent.

26) A 4 day working week for all citizens.

27) Free after-school care and/or youth facilities for school children under age 16.

28) Free school and college meals for all children under age 18.

29) Legal Aid provided to all persons dependent on any form of State benefits and persons deemed low waged.

30) State Pensions to rise in line with other EU nations.

31) Free public transport for all people age 60+ and all children age 17 or under.

32) Full financial recompense to WASPI Women.

33) An end to ‘Windrush’ via a full UK passport granted to all persons who have resided in and continue to reside in UK, for the last 18 years or more and, to persons who have resided in and continue to reside in UK, from age 17 or under.

34) Government investment into every town & city, toward funding community, social, therapeutic, mediation and food-growing projects and local eco-power-centres & community-credit-banking.

35) Continued Benefits & subsidies to UK farmers.

36) Nationalised electric-car manufacturing.

37) Nationalisation of British Gas, Electricity, Oil & Water.

38) Britain adopts EU Child Protection Directives as our own.

39) Increased funding for all forms of treatments & therapy & social assistance for UK war veterans and CSA survivors.

40) Increased protection for animals, UK environment & wildlife i.e. Fracking to be banned.

41) Private and corporate services and industries, shall be permitted to operate independently alongside nationalised interests (manufacturing, processing, retail etc.), and those will be subject to same laws and workers rights, as afforded via those within nationalised services & industries: Zero hours contracts are prohibited for all but the individually self-employed and who are not recruited by or beholden to, an external agency.

42) Youth Hostels and Women’s Refuge Centres established in every town & city.

43) All private interests to be prohibited from handling any aspect of UK elections, referendums and local votes. These shall be publicly funded as too, shall referendums, local & general election campaigns, candidates and MPs.

44) All Parliamentary lobbying groups to be prohibited and replaced via a system of formal, written reports & written requests to be considered by individual MPs as grounds for debate and/or votes, within House of Commons.

45) Courts and prison services will be de-privatised and returned to full, national ownership.

46) As a publicly funded service, the BBC will adhere to reporting accurate news and information focusing specifically, on news and information pertaining to public interest and to act as a warning and a challenge to official, corporate and/or private interests which threaten to undermine Britain’s democracy, economy and social structures.

47) BBC will provide a daily, nationwide news coverage, picking up on news items from across Britain.

48) The Monarchy will actively participate via their traditional means of governance and providing public trust funds toward improving the ambitions, health and education of UK citizens. The ‘honours’ list is to be abolished and replaced with a system of honours granted exclusively to outstanding MPs, Clergy, Police, Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Teachers, Architects, Pilots, Public Transport drivers, Engineers and members of the Judiciary, or, any UK citizen who has greatly contributed to the welfare of UK citizens and/or furthered Britain’s interests; each of whom, on receiving an Honour, will be offered opportunity to occupy a seat in the House of Lords under the title of Lord or Lady (titles to be afforded according the specific gender-identity of the recipient).

49) London City, via its choice to leave the EU, will continue in its capacity as a foreign and independent State, operating outside of EU Law and will therefore, be subject to a hard border around the square mile that constitutes the sum of its territory.
All goods and services entering London City will be subject to tariffs; visas and ID will be required for non UK citizens residing in London City, who wish to enter into Britain. So too, will UK citizens require visas and ID to enter into London City.
Or else, London City will lose its independent status and be part of the United Kingdom.

50) UK banks and building societies will be nationalised. London City will operate independently by licence and all financial transactions between UK & London City, will be subject to the same laws, legal-scrutiny, careful monitoring and stringent regulations, as shall apply to all aspects of UK finances and for both national and private/independent business.

51) Compensation and every necessary assistance to be afforded to citizens of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen & Afghanistan for cleaning up chemical & depleted uranium fall-out, treatment of weapons & war-related losses, injuries and disabilities, restructure of demolished areas.
To those ends of providing the vital compensation, Britain will instigate establishment of an EU & USA Fund of £50bn, for funding and/or training, skilled workers to assist with organising and establishing, the necessary social infrastructures for assessing and delivering aid from a fund of £5 trillion, to be paid by The Crown and its global collective of military and corporate-investors. Where ever possible, all aid will focus on employing local citizens, towns, cities, and businesses, toward rebuilding, managing and designing of their public amenities.

52) Britain’s government will initiate UN discussions toward establishing a global Trust Fund of £20 trillion to be paid in full, via a new Earth-Tax to be collected via the World Bank & IMF, and extracted directly, from present interest-payments charged by those entities, as the major global corporations and nations currently repay on their collective loans.
The £20 trillion will fund a variety of national and universal environmental ‘clean & replenish’ projects in every nation and with immediate focus of attention on addressing the ongoing catastrophe at Fukushima.

53) Britain’s government will initiate diplomacy and leverage toward reclaiming Palestinian territories as property of Palestine as an independent nation, restoring Israel to their pre-1967 border and facilitating a respectful and peaceful transition toward those objectives e.g. Jewish settlers occupying Palestinian territories might have the option of remaining where they are as nationalised immigrants. Palestine and Israel will be included among ME beneficiaries of aforementioned Trust Fund, as to be allocated to other war-torn ME nations.

54) Prohibition against presently ‘illegal drugs’ will be abolished. All such drugs will be subject to same health & safety measures as provided for regular food & medicines. Those drugs will be legitimately produced and sold via State-endorsed, independent companies and all taxes on those, will contribute to government public spending.
Simultaneously, addiction-rehabilitation centres will be established throughout Britain as part of the NHS. Those centres will identify and address, any underlying physical, psychological and/or emotional illnesses and ensure the afflicted receive appropriate treatment.

55) Britain’s government will establish its own National Bank with branches throughout Britain and the UK government will be responsible for printing & minting UK currency as founded on value of both sterling-silver and hemp. Interest on loans will be abolished and replaced with a fixed sum of not more than one 5th of the original loan. Savers will be rewarded with an increase of up to 10% on every £1,000 saved for a period of 12 months via associated earnings gained through investment into the bank and subsequent income earned via loans.

56) Removal of the legal definition of a child as a “minor” human being and to be replaced with the legal term; ‘developing-person’/’DP’.

57) Immediate suspension of Mr Boris Johnson PM and his Cabinet pending criminal investigations, to be replaced with an interim government committed to honouring these demands.

Perhaps these demands appear ludicrous, unreasonable, undo-able, insane even? Yet, it is not insane to ruin the lives of the 99% for sake of protecting a largely criminal, morally renegade 1% and even, with our very planet at stake here too?

While it may seem ‘outrageous’ to request a £5,000 payment to every UK citizen of age 18+, it’s not at all abominable to burden every single UK citizen with a £60,000+ debt created by our government and its top financiers and business “professionals”?

It’s perfectly reasonable to build numerous, highly dangerous nuclear power plants throughout the lands of Earth (even in areas prone to natural disasters), and while having NO prompt and safe remedy in event of a melt-down?

It’s fine to restrict freedom of movement for millions, to have them queuing up to buy their extortionately priced rations under point of a gun via Martial Law? How long can Martial Law last under a lawless government? How many other government and corporate agencies will be included in ‘keeping the peace’ – Dyncorp? MI5?

DynCorp International Targets UK Expansion

DynCorp International provides base operations, supply chain management, and infrastructure support for the U.S. government, military, and commercial customers around the world.
We combine extensive real-world experience with resourceful, innovative planning to create the right solutions for the most challenging needs.
We go wherever and whenever the mission calls to support a safer and more stable world. Contact us today to inquire about how we can support your objectives.

‘Naturally’, the British public are to be judged ‘conspiracy theorists’ if we express concern about the risks posed by an ‘accountable-to-no-one’ corporate military, available for hire to either lawful or despot governments and corporations, for purpose of ‘supporting’ their ‘objectives’ and with UK legislative power to bring in as many troops as they need from abroad?

There’s no problem at all to end provision of free school meals for 1 million+ children?

No problem to march forth and invade Iraq on strength of lies?
No matter if millions lose access to vital medicines, jobs, homes, savings, hope…

The nameless faceless masses: Who noticed when 200,000 died through ‘austerity’/economic-murder? Not the BBC.

But we’ll notice if 20 London City bankers are all suddenly driven to an early grave won’t we? It would be akin to a ‘terrorist attack’!

Fact is, Britain remains a fundamentally Christian nation and according to Jesus, half the money belongs to God/The Universal-Intelligence that created us and without which, there would be no humanity to create and earn money in the first place: What does God need money for if not to assist and improve the life S/He has created on Earth?

How can money serve to assist & improve life on Earth, without Law to defend and protect the rights of life on Earth? Surely, without a fair, balanced & compassionate rule of law to protect & defend the rights of life, the whole planet will end up being be sold to the most unscrupulous, highest bidder = the prospects we’re facing this very day!

Humanity has not destroyed our planet; powerful rich people and their collective corporate-interests, acting against our wishes, in ignorance of our concerns and even, against our rights and law, have vandalised and are destroying our planet, in pursuit of profits to satisfy their lusts, vanity & greed. Without doubt, left unchecked, those despotic and corrupted powers will lead humanity and virtually all life on our planet, to extinction.

The only thing that’s ‘ludicrous’ is this idea that the public can just keep on giving and giving while receiving less and less and even, completely abandoned to face the terror of total destitution in a world where an ability to subsist and satisfy our universal rights as planetary-beings, is denied via force of ownership and economic-control: Iphones & computer games are no valid substitute for social care, vocation, ambition, law, education, healthcare, rights and active community.

The only thing that’s ‘unreasonable’ and ‘undo-able’ is the covert agenda to establish some kind of corporately controlled New World Order, with every nation ensnared in a web of finance and at mercy of all of the political and social strings, the spider at the centre, can pull. A spider power is inhumane and we are human precisely, for our purpose of being humane and in order to live with compassion/intelligence and on strength of our own free will that is recognised as sane and lawful.

Lack of intelligence and accurate perception, as presently displayed by those corporate-elitists now hoping to take full command of Earth, is evidence of why our worlds are currently struggling under a heavy weight of oppression and equally, that same lack of intelligence is evidence of exactly WHY that same force of consciousness can in no way, be entrusted with the survival of our species; collectively, they hate the law, they hate rights, they hate respect, love, dignity, for anyone but themselves – they hate being judged wrong for doing wrong things and all their desires yearn for freedom to do wrong things/commit crimes without fear of arrest & prosecution i.e., as Zionists thus far have achieved in Israel & Palestine, hence, their popularity as a global, corporate & pseudo-religious, cabalist ‘leadership’.

All of the demands as previously listed herein (with a few additions as reflective of progressions made and problems identified via knowledge gained through time), are close to what Britain provided its citizens prior to entering the EU. We-the-people see absolutely no reason why we should not on leaving the EU, be in a similar if not far superior position, as we were when we entered that bloc.

Once re-established, all of Britain’s nationalised services & industries, will run for a profit to be reinvested toward necessary improvements over time and all excesses to be paid toward funding NHS, education, pensions etc. Britain as a nation will strive toward gaining true independence either within or outside of the EU, via a vastly increased capacity for self-sustainability.

Lawful Rebellion

The truth is, that WE are the engine that runs this country, the engine that keeps the money rolling (and where is it rolling to eh?), the engine that feeds their privileged lifestyle and those that guard and protect them, them being our so called leaders.
When the engine stops working or refuses to start what happens?

Rebellion is lawful when the rebels are responding to a government & Justice system which have revolted against the law, democracy, national security and all the rights of the people.

The alternative to satisfaction of the proposed ‘deal’, is that we-the-people lawfully and dutifully rebel/revolt against tyranny; a government acting on behest of foreign powers which seek to destroy our United Kingdom and to renegade on all the social, political & economic progressions as agreed to by HM Government after WW2 and to which, Her Majesty Elizabeth Regina swore on oath to honour and uphold, as the laws and traditions of her people, as are known to be in keeping with God’s Law and by whose Will Her Majesty asserts, herself and her line, as preordained to reign King or Queen over these lands and, as trusted servants and defenders of Jesus and all who thrive in light of his guidance and teachings: Her Majesty was crowned Queen by a Christian Bishop for a reason: The ruling monarch is also, head/’Pope’ of the Christian Church of England.

In event of lawful rebellion, the Crown and its Monarchy shall be once and for all, abolished from the United Kingdom and forced into exile into their beloved London City and/or their Crown Offshore territories whose interests, the Crown clearly, holds more ‘dear’ than the whole of the UK populous whom it appears, can be casually shoved off the edge-of-a-cliff for sake of The Corporate-Crown and its globalist, neo-fascist cronies; a Crown & Monarchy, which would not today exist, without the tremendous efforts and sacrifices of a public who fought through two world wars.

Those courageous men & women will never be forgotten. They did not suffer through such terror and horror so Britain, 70+ years later, could become a Tax Haven where the public are “stock” on the corporate shelves and subjected to nothing short of Nazi policy masquerading as ‘Tory’ under the banners of a lawfully dead democracy: Referendums and elections ‘won’ on lies, crime and coercion are legally VOID.

The Monarchy does of course, have the option to lose the corporate powers presently laying claim to its Crown & Throne, along with all of their off-shore territories and to instead, focus attentions on the running of our nation according to the terms as cited in HM Coronation Oath and as committed to upholding and honouring all of the demands of we-the-people in response to the impacts of Brexit, as presently desired by nefarious and largely foreign/alien, criminal interests: Will Her Majesty opt to stand with the aliens or will she choose her natural & native UK citizens?

The Legalities

“It is a principle of our law that every citizen has a right of unimpeded access to a court… [It] is a ‘basic right’. Even in our unwritten constitution it must rank as a constitutional right.”
Steyn LJ, Leech 28

This case is here articulated and validated as supported by the foundation of UK Law and therefore, cannot be ignored; ignorance of the law = crime. The demands and lawful suspicion and supporting evidence from we-the-people, warrant a fair hearing in Britain’s Supreme Court and also, criminal investigations into key suspects i.e. David Cameron and Boris Johnson PM.

The Crown’s Offshore Tax Haven Territories are completely separate from mainland UK; The Crown’s territories do not include EU and UK rights & laws and they are none of them, democracies. Therefore, the Crown’s offshore interests are lawfully recognised as ‘foreign interests’, supporting foreign powers and those interests do include nations such as Israel & USA as well as, Kremlin-connected Russian & USA oligarchs.

Being as Johnson and his government who now commandeer Parliament, are evidenced to be acting solely in favour of the Crown and its offshore interests, legally, Mr Johnson PM is an agent of those foreign powers and the Crown has abused its place of trust and perception as a benign influence within UK: The Crown now controls UK government and that is not acceptable, it is a revolt against we-the-people and an act of violence against all the lawful precedents that found our Constitution; those precedents include UK membership of Europe’s Free Trade Union.

One thing we know for certain, far-right extremists do not at all like Free Trade Unions.

When a government ignores the law in order to pass Acts which fundamentally, undermine/threaten the foundation of law and public policy which in turn, are equally the foundation of democracy; regardless of how great is the majority of the ruling party in Parliament, the government cannot claim itself to be above the law it has chosen to ignore; Parliament sits as a result of and in service to, democracy according to the will and/or welfare of the electorate, whom Parliament and government are entrusted to lawfully represent and, that representation is only deemed ‘lawful’ inasmuch as Parliament honours the cornerstones of the Law it is founded on i.e. Democracy, Equality, Rights and Justice:

The rule of law is the most precious asset of any civilised society. It is the rule of law which protects the weak from the assault of the strong; which safeguards the private property on which all prosperity depends; which makes sure that when those who hold power abuse it, they can be checked; which protects family life and personal relations from coercion and aggression; which underpins the free speech on which all progress – scientific and cultural – depends; and which guarantees the essential liberty that allows us all as individuals to flourish.”
Rt. Hon Michael Gove MP, Lord Chancellor

Democracy values each person equally. In most respects, this means that the will of the majority must prevail. But valuing each person equally also means that the will of the majority cannot prevail if it is inconsistent with the equal rights of minorities.”
Baroness Hale, Belmarsh

By requiring that legal rules must generally be applicable to us all, the equality principle also provides a defence against *arbitrary government. Equality is not merely abstract justice…there is no more effective practical guarantee against *arbitrary and unreasonable government than to require that the principles of law which officials would impose upon a minority must be imposed generally.”
Justice Jackson, Railway Express Agency, US Supreme Court

Equality before the law
Every person within the [UK] enjoys the equal protection of our laws…He who is subject to English law is entitled to its protection.”
Lord Scarman, Khawaja 23

The law must apply equally to everyone, regardless of their status, background or wealth. It should not impose arbitrary distinctions between some individuals and others. Laws that do this are inconsistent with the rule of law. [arbitrary adjective (UNFAIR)
using unlimited personal power without considering other people’s rights or wishes: an arbitrary ruler i.e. ‘The company has been the subject of an arbitrary take-over.’ ]

Not the word ‘arbitrary’; the last thing a nation needs is a government which makes arbitrary decisions; the whole concept and implementation of Brexit was and is, an arbitrary decision and therefore, was unlawful on balance of the law which in terms of Parliamentary decisions, is duty bound to focus on advantage to the majority over the few, as well as, impacts on vulnerable social groups i.e. Children, ethnic minorities etc., social stability, economy and national security:

Acts of Parliament confer legal powers on the government or rights on individuals within the country. The act (or statute) itself will normally specify when it comes into force: some come into force straight away; others in a few months or years; others, only when the government passes enabling legislation. Statutes are imperfect instruments and a key role of the courts is to interpret them. In interpreting acts, the courts are meant to realise Parliament’s intention. They do this by following a number of rules:
The Literal Rule: the courts give a statute its plain meaning;
The Golden Rule: the courts depart from the Literal Rule where following it would produce an absurd outcome;
The Mischief Rule: the courts ask what “mischief” exists in the common law which was intended to be corrected by statute, then interprets the statute accordingly; and
The Purposive Rule: the court considers the statute’s purpose and interprets it accordingly.
Traditionally, the courts begin with the literal rule and work down as necessary; however, the purposive approach has become more popular in recent years. Look at the case of R v G and another [2003] UKHL 50 ( In that case, the court explores what the meaning of the word “reckless” is in the Criminal Damage Act 1971 and how word has been understood differently by the courts: how does the court resolve the issue?
…The current debate about whether the Human Rights Act 1998 should be replaced or clarified is partly about the role of judges and the role of Parliament. Do the courts mitigate harsh laws in individual circumstances? Do unelected courts undermine the democratic will or Parliament?

According to the evidence as presented herein, in facilitating the vote for Brexit, Parliament acted recklessly and effectively, has inflicted criminal damage against the United Kingdom.

What happened to Britain’s Security Services? Corrupted UK Courts have decided that Britain’s Security Services Act 1989, “implies” MI5 and other government intelligence agents etc., have ‘rights’ to ‘kidnap, torture and kill people’. Such ‘rights’ granted just prior to regular citizens losing all of their rights and facing prospect of Martial Law?

Britain’s domestic intelligence service MI5 can authorise its agents to engage in criminal activities, potentially including murder, kidnap and torture, a London court ruled, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new government prepares to overhaul espionage laws.

Imposing martial law in a no-deal Brexit is ‘on the statute book’, says Matt Hancock
Health secretary Matt Hancock has said imposing martial law in the event of a no-deal Brexit was “on the statute book” and that the government was looking at “all possibilities”.

Meanwhile, the fact of the 1989 Security Services Act, demands immediate arrest of Mr Johnson PM and various other Tory ministers for their crimes against democracy, UK economy and national security i.e. Inciting public unrest via hard-line and actually fascist/criminal politics and policy, is a threat against social stability and therefore, equally against national security, as it is known that an unstable populous renders a nation at greater risk from malicious foreign powers and domestic ones too e.g. Tommy Robinson and his crowd of Muslim & Jew & immigrant hating supporters from among whom, extremists have harassed, traumatised, maimed and killed; women, children, Muslims, Jews, people of colour & “Corbynistas”.

That Mr Robinson and his supporters are now welcomed into the Tory Party, is cause for serious alarm and especially for a populous facing the prospects of Martial Law: Who will be holding the guns and assisting with security?

Clearly, Mr Johnson’s government have no cares for vulnerable social groups: Brexit is a ‘free-for-all’ it seems.

Without doubt, Brexit has liberated a minority voice of far-right, extremist rhetoric as ‘anti-establishment’ and yet, in reality, serving the worst elements of the old, pre-war-establishment in order to demolish all of the powers that have since end of WW2, operated to keep extremism at bay. Only via corruption of the law and Parliament, can extremist ambitions find a place in government.

The June 2019 High Court hearing in London, presided over by Lady Justice Rafferty and Mr Justice Supperstone, is blatant evidence of internal corruption; their decision to quash the case against Mr Boris Johnson as “politically motivated and vexatious“, is in face of the evidence, outrageous: The whole point of the case is that Johnson told ‘politically [and financially] -motivated and vexatious’ lies in order to persuade the electorate to vote against their own best interests and in favour of the interests of those who have already, inflicted hardship and misery against them and ultimately, on behalf of protecting the vested interests of those criminal London City Financiers, who now want Brexit.

The High Court has thrown out an attempt to prosecute Boris Johnson over claims he lied during the 2016 referendum campaign by saying the UK gave the EU £350m a week.

Since the High Court is a branch of government, it is no surprise to witness corrupt judgement coming from a corrupt court serving a corrupt government: Brexit is “politically motivated and vexatious” not just to a few individuals but to the millions who constitute the nation of Britain.

Britain’s institutions of Courts & Parliament are fast becoming little more than a 2-dimensional holographic illusion of democracy, law and order; when measured against the Golden Rule in its broader application, the ‘City’ has no depth nor foundation.

The reality is that the Tories and their backers are in a desperate situation; EU Tax Regulations plan specifically, to scrutinise; ‘companies’ that ‘don’t have any “genuine economic activity” = Money Laundering fronts that involve many among Britain’s monied & political ‘elite’ who currently thrive above-the-law:

EU corporate tax avoidance rules come into force
European Union members will step up the fight against corporate tax avoidance this year as rules to close loopholes in the system come into force.
The legally binding rules to stop multinationals shifting their profits to low-tax jurisdictions and minimise their tax bills came into force on 1 January.
The Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive sets out five key measures to counter-act some of the most common types of aggressive tax planning.

Oligarchs launder dirty cash in our courts

Corrupt Russian oligarchs are bringing lawsuits in English courts to launder hundreds of millions of pounds in dirty money, research reveals.
British lawyers and academics claim that there is “ample evidence” that they have attempted to manipulate the UK judicial system to wash ill-gotten gains and settle old scores. They accuse law firms and other City professionals of being “pin-striped enablers” of Russian manipulation.

‘What we are talking about here is a global asset-stripping £multi-billion money-laundering operation on an industrial scale being carried out by MPs, Lords, Knights, Dames, celebrities and sportsmen alike, and Gordon Bowden can prove it. He has got files and documentation to back this claim up, information that could, potentially, bring the whole House of Cards and ‘The Establishment’ down with it and put a lot of well-known people behind bars for years for their involvement in what is, essentially, theft and money-laundering on a grand scale.’

With many facing criminal prosecutions and/or at the very least, deeply embarrassing questions coupled with cuts to their ‘profits’ via taxation; hence, Johnson PM’s attempts to perform a reckless, socially and economically, dangerous, exit from EU on October 31st 2019 and precisely, to avoid the EU Tax Regulations commencing January 1st. Johnson’s failure to exit via further crime, during October, simply gave himself and his party, time to orchestrate a general-election “landslide win”. To those ends, the Anti-EU corporate media were happy to assist:

The Brexit Syndicate: Who is taking back control?

Rupert Murdoch was once asked why he hated the EU so much. ‘That’s easy,’ he replied.’When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.’ No wonder, then, that he was an avid supporter of Brexit.
The reason why UK politicians find it so hard to resist Murdoch’s manipulation is simple: Murdoch controls well over 30% of the UK press, including the newspaper with the largest market share – the Sun. Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox also owns nearly 40% of Sky plc – the UK’s largest broadcaster in revenue terms – and is making strenuous efforts to gain full control of the company.

The only way to avoid EU Tax regulations and the inevitable criminal prosecutions, resignations and top-rank bankruptcies, is to exit from the EU and use that also, as an opportunity to scrap all of the laws, rights and social progressions established after 1945, in order to re-establish Britain as a Crown-Territory Tax Haven; let the independent UK business owners go bankrupt instead, let ‘the people’ once again, bear the brunt of the costs = let the public pay for the crimes of their “superiors” and most despicably of all, convince them it’s what they voted for!

Were the British people offered a referendum on whether or not we want to become a Tax Haven? Were the people of Northern Ireland offered a Referendum on restoring a hard border across their land? Were the British public given a Referendum on scrapping all of our Rights? The answer is ‘no’ and yet, those are the realities of Brexit along with mass business closures, major job losses, inflation and a falling £:

No one at the BBC thought it might be in public interest to warn the electorate about the drop and how steep it is to be? And the High Court says it’s fine for Johnson to persuade people with lies, to unwittingly throw themselves and their children, under his Brexit Bus? A man who as PM, has stated his government has no legal responsibility to feed people after Brexit but has stocked up on body-bags? And ‘that’ is ‘law’, ‘equality’ and ‘democracy’?

Again, the BBC is a government controlled entity – a corrupt government relies on a corrupted media; democracy’s in the trash – it’s gloves-off and the public receive a psychological hammering of no-news-propaganda presented as ‘news’. It is a criminal offence for a free, democratic media, to knowingly comply with criminal agendas to deceive the public and place the public at risk of severe harm and even death, as a direct result.
The real news is that the people of Britain are living under rule of a COUP and all this government’s decisions and acts are ‘arbitrary’ in favour of hostile forces, who wish to harm the UK populous with yet further cuts against our health & safety, our food & medicine supplies, our jobs, homes & incomes: People will die.

The purpose of a coup is to overturn the previous establishment and replace it with something completely different and sometimes, that means ‘restoring’ antiquated, ignorant traditions and their associated laws which, new knowledge and new traditions established on new laws had eradicated i.e. Brexit returns British people to the same social standards as existed at start of the Industrial Revolution. The rights and progressions gained via two world wars can be smoothly erased as a “failed social experiment”. An ‘experiment’ which apparently, includes human and animals rights.

This fact of motive and intent cannot be denied. It cannot be ‘justified’ as ‘reasonable’ on balance with problems of ‘immigrants’ or ‘Muslims’ or ‘Jews’ or the ‘Benefit Culture’: Brexit is a criminal plot, an act of war via a corrupt government acting on behalf of domestic and foreign agents = an issue of National Security:

BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and
with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal,
and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the
authority of the same, as follows:—

1.—(1) There shall continue to be a Security Service (in this Act referred The Security
to as “the Service”) under the authority of the Secretary of State. Service.
(2) The function of the Service shall be the protection of national
security and, in particular, its protection against threats from espionage,
terrorism and sabotage, from the activities of agents of foreign powers
and from actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary
democracy by political, industrial or violent means.
(3) It shall also be the function of the Service to safeguard the
economic well-being of the United Kingdom against threats posed by the
actions or intentions of persons outside the British Islands.
2.—(l) The operations of the Service shall continue to be under the The Directorcontrol of a Director-General appointed by the Secretary of State. General.
(2) The Director-General shall be responsible for the efficiency of the
Service and it shall be his duty to ensure—
(a) that there are arrangements for securing that no information is
obtained by the Service except so far as necessary for the proper
discharge of its functions or disclosed by it except so far as
necessary for that purpose or for the purpose of preventing or
detecting serious crime; and
2 c. 5 Security Service Act 1989
(b) that the Service does not take any action to further the interests
of any political party.

Brexit is a crime and the force of consciousness delivering it, is a criminal force of power and it is fundamentally recognised as ‘criminal’ because it utterly ignores the Golden Rule:

‘The Golden Rule: the courts depart from the Literal Rule where following it would produce an absurd outcome.’

An ‘absurd outcome’ is where democracy is subverted by lies and liars hoping to conceal and profit further from their crimes – whereby, an electorate is (allegedly) persuaded to vote against their own interests and for people who have openly stated they will deliver “50 years austerity” and who are committed to “scrapping” all of the electorate’s rights.

An ‘absurd outcome’ is also, where a liar is granted freedom to lie by the High Court and regardless of the fact his lies will harm and kill people, as austerity is already recorded as doing i.e. ‘Economic Murder’.

An ‘absurd outcome’ is where a highly unpopular, known liar, wins a GE by a “landslide” against his highly popular opponent. Certainly, the alleged ‘landslide’ does not reflect public wishes being as the GE only arrived through Johnson’s previous unlawful attempts to “get Brexit done” and, it is a known fact that the UK majority no longer want Brexit, at the very least, not in the form Johnson and his government are eagerly planning for:

Brexit news latest: New poll finds majority of Brits want to stay in EU weeks before departure date (12/01/2020)

The BMG survey for the Independent found that, with Boris Johnson set to take the UK out of the bloc on January 31, voters are 52-48 per cent in favour of Remain.
This is the reverse of the result of the 2016 referendum.

We-The-People have lawful grounds of suspicion that the December 12 2019 General Election was rigged in Johnson’s favour:

Opposition MPs and big-hitting former Conservative Cabinet ministers have said the prospect of Boris Johnson even considering breaking the law to force through Brexit is “extraordinary”.

Pledge to resist Boris Johnson

There’s a lot to reflect on and learn from with this election result. But what we already know is that Boris Johnson fought the dirtiest campaign this country has ever seen and the threats posed by his government equal those the country faced under Thatcher.

“The Supreme Court in the UK doesn’t trust Boris Johnson – neither should the Irish government,” says a commentator in the Irish Independent.
“Neither Mr Johnson nor his cabinet are serious people. They are charlatans and self-promoters who can only be relied upon to act disreputably… They have contributed precisely nothing to the Brexit negotiations, except bluster, bombast, prevarication and lies.”

Britain’s postal-vote system is wide open to abuse and it is of major concern that counting of postal-votes is performed by a corporate-entity with direct financial connections to leading Tory Party members – hence, a BBC reporter was at liberty a day before the GE, to publicly disclose on BBC News, strong hints about results of the postal vote via her connections to a Tory Minister.

Idox Elections, part of the Idox Group, is responsible for delivering digital software and services to UK central government and over 90% of UK local authorities
Objectors have questioned the rationale of awarding contracts to Idox when it has links to one political party [Tory], and about the “creeping privatisation” of elections. One objector who has lodged a complaint said:
“Elections should be free of any issue that might raise any questions.”

Tories were only governing conservative party in western Europe to support Hungarian far-right in EU vote

Fresh evidence of Hungary vote-rigging raises concerns of fraud in European elections

PRIME MINISTER Boris Johnson was in the same building as a Hungarian Minister and Hungarian ambassador when he claimed to be holding an “emergency” Cabinet meeting on Friday morning.

Shocking! Laura Kuenssberg reveals information about postal votes a day before an election

The average citizen of Britain, is a victim of attack from both domestic and foreign enemies, who have operated with malicious and avaricious intent. Mr Johnson PM and his government now, via lawfully suspected unscrupulous means, also, control Parliament as agents of hostile domestic and foreign powers; ‘hostile’ because their collective interests are fundamentally against the EU and all of the laws & rights the EU is committed to protect and grant; laws and rights which belong equally, to the British public.

Donald Trump an ardent supporter of both Johnson and Brexit, is on public record as stating that the European Free Trade Union is “worse than China”, is “brutal” and the EU was created specifically to “screw the USA”. Donald Trump is demanding that any trade-deal with UK, must include scrapping of all EU health & safety regulations on food, livestock & medicines.

Again, this constitutes a threat against UK citizens health & safety and what is the purpose then, of abandoning perfectly reasonable trade deals with the EU, in favour of actually terrible deals with USA that offer risky products and at vastly inflated prices? Even, Trump wants USA health insurance corporations to have exclusive access to Britain’s NHS contracts.

The purpose is ‘mischief’.

The purpose of the Brexit Referendum was alleged to be the result of an attempt to thwart the ‘mischief’ from Brussels and its Laws. Since the Laws upheld by Brussels are the same laws also upheld by Britain and the bulk of them created by Britain and/or with Britain’s direct involvement, which Law from Brussels did the Tory government consider ‘mischievous’? Without doubt, it was the EU Tax Regulations.

However, as a fact of law, the new EU Tax Regulations are not ‘mischievous’ at all, they are established to the purpose of exposing and eradicating mischief in the form of financial crime and tax avoidance.
The Tories and their far-right extremist cohorts, engineered Brexit which from its concept, was and remains, a ‘mischievous’ plot for protecting tax dodgers and financial criminals.

Johnson himself, told outright lies on behalf of such mischief and yet, adding insult to injury, Britain’s corrupted High Court decided the Plaintiff Mr Marcus Ball, was the one acting out of ‘mischief’ for attempting to hold Mr Johnson to account and thereby, achieve justice and strengthen the law in order to defend and protect the British public from high-profile liars and their reckless activities = To employ the law as it is meant to be employed = Defend the weak from the crimes of the strong. This existing High Court Judgement in Johnson’s favour, is indefensible according to UK Law and the Golden Rule and is itself, evidence of corruption at the highest levels of UK authority.

Effectively the UK High Court has delivered a mischievous judgement to defend and protect the mischief of Boris Johnson and his Brexit.
The Tories and their complicits, have collectively, turned the law upside-down on behalf of the absurdity of protecting powerful criminals from the laws and righteousness of a largely powerless, law abiding populous.

The Human Rights Act (1998): Under Articles, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 14 suggest considerable leeway in British citizens favour; there are strong grounds to protect the rights of Remainers, especially as the referendum was marred with lies, fraud and the leave campaign already charged for criminal behaviour. Under Article 9 for example; ‘Public authorities cannot interfere with your right to hold or change your beliefs’; this could include one’s rights to the belief that remaining in EU is best for them? Further; Article 13 makes sure that if people’s rights are violated they are able to access effective remedy; if the High Court proves corrupt there is no ‘effective remedy’ other than to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Human Right to ‘private life’ also covers ‘right to develop your personal identity and to forge friendships and other relationships’. This includes a ‘right to participate in essential economic, social, cultural and leisure activities.’ Has the average UK citizen ever had rights to participate in The Crown’s economic activities? The answer is ‘no’ = Why then, should The Crown expect UK citizens to suffer immeasurably, on behalf of protecting The Crown’s economic, social, cultural and leisure activities?

As the ‘Equalities & Human Rights Commission’ states on its website “The Commission is the regulatory body responsible for enforcing the Equality Act 2010. We are also accredited by the United Nations as an “A status” national human rights institution. Our duties include reducing inequality, eliminating discrimination and promoting and protecting human rights.”

The difference between a world where criminals can operate with impunity so long as they’re big & powerful, and a world where criminals fear prompt investigations, arrest and prosecution regardless of their wealth & power, is to the citizens of Britain, the difference between a Tax-Haven and a Lawful Democracy: Law and rights are established to ensure that crime does not pay and that no one is above the law.

We-the-people wish to retain and dramatically improve on, what yet remains of our democracy, currency, economy, law and rights. The referendum on leaving or remaining in the EU, at no point, placed erasure of those on the table. The UK public did not vote for the now known severe disadvantages of Brexit and therefore, Brexit is most definitely NOT on behalf of satisfying the “democratic will of the people” a statement regularly meted out by Mr Johnson PM = another of his numerous lies.

When it comes to Referendums, information is of paramount importance; give people false information and they will make a wrong choice = Exactly what many people were duped into doing in 2016 which is why, so many on learning the facts, have withdrawn their support for Brexit. It is why over 1 million have twice marched through London in as many years. It is why there were mass protests throughout the whole of Britain when Johnson illegally prorogued Parliament to “get Brexit done”. It is why we-the-people are deeply suspicious about Johnson’s alleged landslide win.

‘…The current debate about whether the Human Rights Act 1998 should be replaced or clarified is partly about the role of judges and the role of Parliament. Do the courts mitigate harsh laws in individual circumstances? Do unelected courts undermine the democratic will or Parliament?’

Naturally, Court Judges are not publicly elected because the public needs impartial, non-partisan judgement. We trust that the long established and trusted institutions of law and Parliament, will have the best skills in assessing who may sit as Judge. Democracy and the laws & rights it is established on, have selected the Judges of UK Courts and therefore, UK Courts are duty-bound to first & foremost, uphold Britain’s Security Services Act 1989 = Protect Democracy, Protect Economy, Protect National Security, Act to prevent more serious crimes from being committed.

Therefore, it is proposed here that the present UK Justice system as a democratically established and accepted entity, is perfectly empowered to rule on side of the people and against government and/or Parliament, when it comes to clarifying issues related to Human Rights and most especially, in relation to upholding the Golden Rule without which, law is based on what premise exactly?

Human Rights are a foundation of public policy and any changes to to Human Rights are equally therefore, a threat against the foundation of Law too and, when the law itself is threatened, equally so, is the very democracy on which the law is as yet, established.

Johnson’s Brexit lies and his plans for post Brexit Britain, are a direct and known threat against everything the Security Services Act is designed for to defend. Brexit is an act of recklessness if Johnson cannot leave the EU with a better deal for the UK public than the one already in existence with the EU. That millions will face lack of basic necessities, food & medicines, loss of jobs, businesses, homes, income & rights and even, Johnson’s supporters hedging bets against the £; the attack really could not be more blatant.

Instead of Acting to prevent more serious crimes and finding Mr Johnson guilty of fraud, deception and perjury committed on behalf of a mischievous and egregious agenda that is Brexit, the High Court gave him a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card and from there, Mr Johnson gets to be Prime Minister and then, abuse his power to unlawfully shut down Parliament and lie again to the whole country, to Parliament and even, the Queen and from there, to rig an election for his alleged “landslide-victory” that simultaneously, topples the head of the opposition, while granting himself absolute power to “get Brexit done” in the way he and his co-conspirators want Brexit done = a hard Brexit, with no food, no medicines, no rights, martial law and rationing for the public and lots of money and UK public assets, up for grabs to the global corporations and more power to the global collective of far-right extremism that wants to erase the EU and all of the rights it upholds…

The various quotes and associated links below, bear testimony to what is really going on behind the holographic-reality as broadcast by a conspiratorial government & media. We are witnessing and experiencing an organised attack, using economy and inside-influence (which includes coercion) among the top echelons of UK society. At the fore is Zionist-controlled Israel via its ‘Israel Lobby’, which is known to engage in all kinds of nefarious activities both here in UK and USA i.e. Funding far right extremists groups for example, who then, can be relied on to attack Muslims and in particular, non-Zionist/’leftist’ Jews.

Mr Johnson PM is proving to be a dictator of the kind one regularly finds as ‘Leader’ in Tax Havens; concealing damning reports about his dealings with Russian oligarchs, forbidding his ministers to appear on TV, taking steps to curb voting rights and even, to limit the powers of Britain’s Supreme Court.
We can be in no doubt as to the true level of criminal-desperation now acting as government to “get Brexit done” when a suspected ‘traitor’ at Number 10, is forced to hand over her private cell-phone, to be promptly sacked and marched out by armed police!

The Labour shadow Attorney General claimed a top adviser of Chancellor Sajid Javid was escorted out of Downing Street “at gunpoint” after she was dismissed after allegedly leaking details of no deal Brexit planning. Sonia Khan, who also worked for Philip Hammond, was accused of working with the former Chancellor to stop Britain from leaving the European Union without a formal agreement and was escorted out of Number 10 by police.

Boris Johnson plotting ‘vindictive revenge’ on Supreme Court with plan to overhaul justice system
Just days after a general election won on the back of a campaign blaming MPs and unelected judges for blocking the will of the people, Mr Johnson announced plans for reform of the UK’s constitution, democratic institutions and legal system in what he termed “the most radical Queen’s Speech in a generation”.
Emboldened by his landslide 80-seat majority, the prime minister made clear his intention to use his new-found dominance in the House of Commons not only to drive through Brexit on 31 January but to institute reforms that will alter the face of the nation for decades to come.

Certainly, transforming Britain into Sajid Javid’s proposed ‘Singapore-On-The-Thames’, will require ‘reforms that will alter the face of the nation for decades to come.’

Brexit and the future of tax havens: Singapore-on-Thames

Hedge funds make £7bn bet [and the rest] against pound as Brexit bites

Tories accepted £200,000 from Russians days after refusing to publish interference report
Business Insider has reported that the prime minister’s party received £5.6 million in donations in the first week of the campaign, from senior business figures and hedge funds, more than 25 times the amount raised by the opposition Labour party.
The largest single donation received in the first week of the campaign was £200,000 from Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of Russian oligarch Vladmir Chernukhin.
Chernukhin has reportedly paid £160,000 for a tennis match with the prime minister, and £135,000 for a night with former prime minister Theresa May.
Before parliament dissolved, Johnson’s government refused to publish a report by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) into potential Russian interference in UK elections.

Boris Johnson’s new cabinet – jobs will be on the line.
Boris Johnson is to tell cabinet ministers that they must focus all their energy on developing policies for post-Brexit Britain – or face the sack in a wide-ranging cabinet reshuffle within weeks.
In an extraordinary move, Johnson will tell his most senior ministers that they must concentrate on “delivery” and hard work that will help “level up” the country, rather than “touring TV studios” and trying to raise their personal profiles in the media.
The decision by the prime minister to exert his personal authority is part of a clear attempt, agreed with his chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, to establish control from No 10, and represents a break with tradition.

REVEALED: How Boris Johnson and three of his ministers are being courted by a US institute pushing for war with Iran
An influential US institute with close ties to the Trump administration and which supports regime change in Iran has gifted more than £70,000 to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and three of his closest allies in cabinet.

Lynton Crosby’s firm in illegal lobbying inquiry over Boris Johnson link
Sir Lynton Crosby’s CTF Partners is under investigation for a potential breach of lobbying laws amid suspicions that its employees’ work for senior Conservatives including Boris Johnson could have overlapped with their day jobs representing paying clients.

The Guardian can disclose that the inquiry began in the summer after concerns were raised that the business or its staff could be illegally operating as an unregistered lobbyist. CTF Partners has so far failed to provide sufficient information to satisfy regulators that it did not use its employees’ access to senior politicians to improperly influence government policy.
This has prompted the registrar of consultant lobbyists to take the rare decision to exert its legal powers and formally demand CTF Partners provides detailed evidence showing how the company ensured it did not allow the aims of its clients – which include major corporates and foreign governments – to influence their staff’s unpaid work with senior politicians including the prime minister.
Evidence uncovered by the Guardian in a series of stories this year shows CTF has worked with the Saudi Arabian government, major fossil fuel producers, and anti-cycling campaigners, tobacco firms and sugary drinks producers on campaigns.

How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks
Through its main investors, SoftBank and Lockheed Martin, Cybereason not only has ties to the Trump administration but has its software running on some of the U.S. government’s most classified and secretive networks.
If the networks of the U.S. military, the U.S. intelligence community and a slew of other U.S. federal agencies were running the software of a company with deep ties, not only to foreign companies with a history of espionage against the U.S. but also foreign military intelligence, it would — at the very least — garner substantial media attention. Yet, no media reports to date have noted that such a scenario exists on a massive scale and that the company making such software recently simulated the cancellation of the 2020 election and the declaration of martial law in the United States.

Why a Shadowy Tech Firm With Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations

Super Rich Hide $21 Trillion Offshore, Study Says
According to an early report on the study in The Guardian, Henry’s research shows that at least £13tn [$21 trillion] – perhaps up to £20tn [$31 trillion] – has leaked out of scores of countries into secretive jurisdictions such as Switzerland and the Cayman Islands with the help of private banks, which vie to attract the assets of so-called high net-worth individuals. Their wealth is, as Henry puts it, “protected by a highly paid, industrious bevy of professional enablers in the private banking, legal, accounting and investment industries taking advantage of the increasingly borderless, frictionless global economy”. According to Henry’s research, the top 10 private banks, which include UBS and Credit Suisse in Switzerland, as well as the US investment bank Goldman Sachs, managed more than £4tn [$6.2 trillion] in 2010, a sharp rise from £1.5tn five years earlier.

The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America
It all starts with the money flowing from a select group of foundations. A small group of foundations and wealthy donors are the lifeblood of the Islamophobia network in America, providing critical funding to a clutch of right-wing think tanks that peddle hate and fear of Muslims and Islam—in the form of books, reports, websites, blogs, and carefully crafted talking points that anti-Islam grassroots organizations and some right-wing religious groups use as propaganda for their constituency.
Some of these foundations and wealthy donors also provide direct funding to anti-Islam grassroots groups. According to our extensive analysis, here are the top seven contributors to promoting Islamophobia in our country:
Donors Capital Fund
Richard Mellon Scaife foundations
Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Newton D. & Rochelle F. Becker foundations and charitable trust
Russell Berrie Foundation
Anchorage Charitable Fund and William Rosenwald Family Fund
Fairbrook Foundation
Altogether, these seven charitable groups provided $42.6 million to Islamophobia think tanks between 2001 and 2009—funding that supports the scholars and experts that are the subject of our next chapter as well as some of the grassroots groups that are the subject of Chapter 3 of our report.

The Report: Facts on the Islamophobia network

Why are US ‘pro-Israel’ groups boosting a far-right, anti-Muslim UK extremist?
According to a recent investigation by The Guardian, Robinson is being bankrolled by a nexus of international organizations. Many of those groups, it turns out, are part of the American right-wing infrastructure supporting the Israeli cause.
The Philadelphia-based think tank Middle East Forum is one of the British extremist’s biggest sponsors. Daniel Pipes, MEF’s president, confirmed to The Times of Israel that his group has spent roughly $60,000 on three demonstrations defending Robinson’s legal trial.
Pipes said that he first met Robinson in December 2017 and was “impressed” by him. He described Robinson as part of a group of people who are “trying to sustain their civilization, trying to keep Europe Europe, trying to keep the West the West. Overall, I think that their effort is sound and needed.”
Robert Shillman, a US-based billionaire who gives frequently to Israeli institutions, financed a fellowship that payed for a position Robinson held in 2017 with a right-wing Canadian website, The Rebel Media, according to The Guardian. (Shillman did not respond to requests for comment.)
Other groups, including the Gatestone Institute, an Israel-focused think tank, and the far-right David Horowitz Freedom Center, have published a series of pieces defending Robinson. One on the Gatestone website was titled, “Swift Injustice: The Case of Tommy Robinson.” (The piece’s author, Bruce Bawer, also did not respond to requests for comment.)

The Board of Deputies of British Jews [BoD] wants to erase Jewish voices like mine from Labour politics
Any action that tackles racism should be welcomed. However, there are elements of these pledges that can only be described as chilling. If adopted, they essentially position the BoD and the Jewish Labour Movement as the only legitimate voices on antisemitism. In particular, clause 8 dictates:
Labour must engage with the Jewish community via its main representative groups, and not through fringe organisations and individuals.
In other words, the party must only listen to certain voices. It must ignore socialist Jews. And it must ignore Jews who don’t support the actions of the Israeli state.

Far-right Britain First is urging its supporters to join the Conservative Party in order to “make Boris Johnson’s leadership more secure”.
The extremist group, whose leaders were jailed last year, sent an email to subscribers claiming “thousands” of its activists were becoming members of the Tories.
It came after Mr Johnson was endorsed by Tommy Robinson and garnered public support from other far-right figures.
“If you haven’t joined the Conservative Party yet, we urge you to do so immediately, to make Boris Johnson’s leadership more secure,” Britain First said in an email sent on Wednesday.
“Senior Britain First officials and rank-and-file members have been receiving their Conservative membership cards in the post.

How is it possible that the whole of UK media virtually, were allegedly, deeply concerned about Corbyn’s alleged “anti-Semitism” and “Stalinist” collaborations (without even a shred of evidence to support what in reality amounts to BBC-promoted xenophobia), while simultaneously, those with most power in Britain i.e. Johnson’s government, are openly colluding with Russian oligarchs and very dangerous, Zionist-funded extremist groups who have an equally open and ongoing agenda to oppress not just Muslims but also Jews and regular UK citizens who do not support their ideology?

Anti-Semitism election row was stoked by Israel, Labour report says
Labour’s overseas members have been accused of “conspiracy mongering” after compiling a report that claimed the party’s anti-Semitism row was “stoked by Israel’s government”.

Britain’s Ultra Nationalists
The Far Right is on the march. With an uncertain future before us, Britain’s political landscape is unstable, and violence is on the rise. The combination of Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency has empowered the Ultra Nationalist cause, leaving communities more divided than ever. Journalist Aran Tori is on a mission to track down these Far-Right Extremists and get to the bottom of what drives their hatred.

While the Jewish BoD is now demanding that Labour expels anyone who criticises Zionist crimes as “anti-Semitic”, who is demanding that Mr Johnson PM and his Tory government expel far right extremists who are known to have harassed, maimed and killed numerous UK citizens and who, as an ongoing force-of-consciousness, have an extremely well documented historical, case-history, of committing the grossest crimes on record, against humanity?

Surely, Britain’s Supreme Court has every right to address Brexit’s attack against Human Rights, on behalf of maintaining the balance of Justice?

Summary of other Brexit-Related Issues

Collectively, the citizens of Britain are facing an existential threat via a covert, attack-by-stealth, from a pervasive and all powerful global elite whose own collective interests, are directly opposed to those of UK and all other EU citizens.

Since their known agendas include depopulation, Austerity & Brexit appears to be satisfying ‘New World Order’ directives and on premise of belief that there are currently “too many people” and we are “unsustainable” and as a result, are “destroying the planet”. Policies and Acts which leave people dead are therefore, a “necessary evil”?

The facts tell us there not too many people and that every pair of hands is needed to help clean up the corporate filth and tend to the damages subsequently afflicting all forms of life including humanity; our aforementioned demands reflect those needs.

All of the evidence to date, tells us in no uncertain terms, that where ever women have rights, where there is democracy, equality, opportunity, fair law, democratic governance, free education & justice, populations rapidly stabilise as birth rates drop. The nations with the highest populations are those where women and the populous have least rights and most poverty.

The answer to problems related to fears about ‘over-population’ are clear and demand a more compassionate approach within our human worlds; the cabalist interests Mr Johnson PM and Co are serving, are intent on delivering the very opposite of compassion in favour of a psychopathic approach instead, which naturally, the psychopaths and narcissists of power prefer, being as they have no skills in compassion nor ability to empathise with any but themselves and their cronies.

Certainly, the global-elite understand that true progress delivering real and lasting solutions, inevitably means the existing global elites will be required to relinquish large portions of their wealth & power, hence their readiness to pour huge sums of cash into denying any possibility for sense & sanity to gain momentum.

Nowhere is this crony-nepotism more evident than today in America, where the Senate is quite prepared to ‘stand-by-their-man’/Trump and even, subvert the Law in order to ignore his numerous crimes against individuals and the American Constitution: The plans and ambitions of people who need to operate outside the Law, can never be trusted to take control of our planet via a network of finance, crony-lobbyists and corrupted politicians who then, command police & military in every nation: Fascism prevails where ever rights & law are oppressed.

Brexit represents one large step forward for fascism and its appearance in the UK did indeed, impact on Trump’s election into the White House. Noticeably, Cambridge Analytica was employed to promote Trump too:

For two years, observers have speculated that the June, 2016, Brexit campaign in the U.K. served as a petri dish for Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign in the United States. Now there is new evidence that it did. Newly surfaced e-mails show that the former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, and Cambridge Analytica, the Big Data company that he worked for at the time, were simultaneously incubating both nationalist political movements in 2015.
Emma Briant, an academic expert on disinformation at George Washington University, has unearthed new e-mails that appear to reveal the earliest documented role played by Bannon in Brexit. The e-mails, which date back to October of 2015, show that Bannon, who was then the vice-president of Cambridge Analytica, an American firm largely owned by the U.S. hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer, was in the loop on discussions taking place at the time between his company and the leaders of Leave.EU, a far-right nationalist organization. The following month, Leave.EU publicly launched a campaign aimed at convincing British voters to support a referendum in favor of exiting the European Union. The U.K. narrowly voted for the so-called Brexit in June, 2016. The tumultuous fallout has roiled the U.K. ever since, threatening the government of the Conservative Prime Minister…
Bannon did not respond to requests for comment. But his name and private e-mail address appear on the chain of three e-mails in October, 2015, between Brittany Kaiser, the director of program development at Cambridge Analytica, and Arron Banks, who headed the Leave.EU campaign and referred to himself in the title of his memoir as one of “The Bad Boys of Brexit.” Banks could not be reached for comment regarding the e-mails, which were first published Saturday by the British Web site openDemocracy.

What chance does a hard-working public with barely time to catch glimpse of mainstream news (let alone spend the hours on research required to understand the issue of Brexit), have, in face of such a highly coordinated and fluently funded information attack? With most of UK Public’s internet users relying on FaceBook for socialising, entertainment & news, they were easy targets for the army of online activists and paid employees devoted to delivering all of the ‘Fake News’ so regularly cited by the likes of Trump and even with himself, as a prime beneficiary of fake news!
Still, how successful was the fake news?
Did Scotland really vote against Independence?
Did Britain really vote Brexit?
Did Britain really vote for Mr Johnson PM by a Landslide?

Why should the UK public trust in or believe anything coming from a corrupted government & media, who have conspired to harm Britain and its people, who have failed to act in public interests and provide important information as news, who have implemented cruel and murderous policies (with barely a whisper of concern from the BBC), who all have vested interests in discriminating against millions in favour of advantages to a selected few?

A few, whose Courts can be relied on to ignore the law and if they don’t, they can expect to have their powers curbed as indeed, Mr Johnson PM now fully intends to apply to Britain’s Supreme Court?

We’re looking at a government & media that expressed dire concern about the threat of Saddam’s alleged WMDs; why no equal concern in relation to Israel’s cache of illegal nuclear weapons: Why has Britain ‘lost’ the relevant documents?

More than 400 documents, including government files relating to the UK’s involvement in Israel’s alleged nuclear arsenal, have gone missing over the last four years, it has been revealed.

Already, we have evidence that confirms both Mrs Thatcher PM and David Cameron were directly involved in recruiting the expertise of Dr David Kelly, in order to address the small matter of South Africa’s illegal nukes during the 1980’s – a programme overseen by despot USA & Israeli powers colluding with far-right UK politicians who wanted to “hang Nelson Mandela”:

It appears that Apartheid South Africa was permitted via UK, Israeli & USA far-right interests, to build 10 nuclear weapons one of which was tested, leaving a total of nine. Those weapons were then removed from South Africa in the weeks before Mandela came to power:

‘Sometimes you come across a story that seems so unbelievable that you simply can’t absorb and process the information properly. It doesn’t compute or make much sense – until an investigation produces evidence.
The allegation is this. David Cameron sold three nuclear weapons of a foreign state, put them in unsafe hands and the Conservative party banks nearly £19 million which then sets the pretext for a conflict that kills a million people. ‘

Further evidence exposes just how low the cabalist-interests are prepared to stoop to get what they want i.e. Invasion of Iraq – how to get the United Nations to agree? = Find some “dirt” on UN officials and use it for leverage:
UK Intelligence translator Ms Katharine Gun, who blew the whistle on ‘intelligence’ from America requesting UK Intelligence assistance toward ‘finding dirt’ on various UN officials, in order to put pressure on them to support military invasion of Iraq.

15 Years Later: How U.K. Whistleblower Katharine Gun Risked Everything to Leak Damning Iraq War Memo

Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel
A recent interview given by a former high-ranking official in Israeli military intelligence has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail enterprise was an Israel intelligence operation run for the purpose of entrapping powerful individuals and politicians in the United States and abroad.

Alexander Acosta: EXPLOSIVE: Acosta claimed Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence,’ report says
Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney who cut Epstein a sweetheart plea deal back in 2007, did so because he had been told to “back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade.”
“I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” Acosta, who resigned as Secretary of Labor on Friday, [had] reportedly claimed [on oath before Congress].

With clear, incestuous relations between the worst elements of USA, Israeli & UK corporate & political ‘elites’, the public are very dim indeed if we are to ignore the evidence supporting lawful suspicion that the very worst kind of criminals are behind Brexit, Trump and Johnson’s government. How many have been silenced or rendered complicit via the ‘Epstein files’ or similar type operations commandeered by UK Intelligence agencies e.g. “Sir” Jimmy Savile and “Sir” Edward Heath? We know that targets of such coercion extend even into the UK Royal family.

We know pro-Remain MPs and even members of the Supreme Court Judiciary received death threats during Britain’s Supreme Court Hearing against Johnson’s unlawful proroguing of Parliament.

The very offer of the EU Referendum was an act of violence against prevailing British consciousness; Brexit was employed as a vehicle to incite verbal and physical attacks against Muslims, immigrants, women, Jews, socialists, homosexuals… The far right have no qualms if their leaders are liars, predatory sex-offenders, use illegal drugs or are involved in tax-avoidance etc. Criminal sects among the public look forward to the ‘freedoms’ fascism grants i.e. Freedom to tell persons of colour to “go home”.

For British citizens who survive on the ground in the wilderness that British society has become, it feels like some big-shot coloniser arrived on our shores, made pals with our leaders and then casually set about dismantling our founding institutions from within i.e. The High Court still stands but the level of justice it delivers is majorly compromised.

The same has happened in USA where Congress subpoenas can be casually dismissed; the President it appears, is allegedly granted ‘rights’ by the Constitution, to do as he pleases; he is above the law.

Despite the fact that the USA Constitution states no such thing, President Trump and his accomplices, can twist the facts to support blatant lies and then, they can just regularly repeat the blatant lies and their corporate and ‘alternative’ medias will repeat them: Apparently, it no longer matters who is right or who is wrong, it is simply about “winning”.

Except, it is not just about winning, it is about robbing, raping and killing for purpose of fulfilling specific objectives i.e. The Greater Israel Project; not a conspiracy-theory but a conspiracy-fact and sole reason for all the Western-instigated wars in the Middle East:

“The Israeli Dream”: The Criminal Roadmap Towards “Greater Israel”?
Ethnic Cleansing Planned in the Middle East? History, Legality Ignored

The infamous 1982 Oded Yinon document titled “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” explained Israel’s agenda in clear, unambiguous detail – a regional divide and conquer strategy, needing US involvement to work.
The scheme was likely updated several times, the objective unchanged, including a greater Israel through a redrawn Middle East map.
To survive, the Jewish state believes it must dominate the region and become a world power.
Achieving its objective requires partitioning Arab nations into smaller ones along ethnic and sectarian lines as Israeli satellite client states.
Israel’s 1967 Six Day War, seizing the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Syria’s Golan, and Lebanese territory followed the plan.
So did its aggression on Lebanon in 1978, 1982, 1993, 1996, and 2006, along with occupying the country’s south up to the Litani River, remaining for 18 years until withdrawing in May 2000.
It still illegally holds the Ghajar Lebanese village bordering Golan, along with Sheba Farms, a 14-square mile water-rich area near Syria’s Golan.
The late Israel Shahak said longstanding Israeli plans for regional control follow German “geopolitical ideas (from) 1890 – 1933, which were swallowed whole by Hitler and the Nazi movement, and determined their aims for East Europe.”

Britain is seems, is to become an Israeli-USA colonial-outpost: Will we be enduring sanctions if ever, like the people of Venezuela, we elect a government not to their liking? Will the majority British people ever have any chance to vote again?

Shall we quietly ignore the plight of the impoverished, single pregnant woman, sacked from her job because she’s too pregnant to work, left penniless and homeless while waiting for Universal Credit and struggling to access minimal support from a run-down, corporatised NHS?

Can we ignore the risks associated with lack of adequate social-security, where bosses feel emboldened to abuse their staff because they know, their staff are too poor to endure a month or more with no income?

We can equally, casually ignore the prospects of people being told by the prospective USA-controlled NHS, that because we’re “over 60”, we “aren’t eligible for NHS cancer treatment”? These are not ‘idle’ concerns.
Of course, Mr Johnson’s ‘class’ of consciousness can ignore all such aforementioned scenarios, just as they did in throughout the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. It was once, quite common to find oneself compelled to giving one’s servant or slave, a “damn good thrashing” and/or, provide a ‘whipping-boy’ to take the punishments for wealthy children’s bad behaviour.

As for the banking & building society bail-in, the Tories have legislated in readiness for, well, that’s not going to happen is it? The Tories are not known to give themselves and their financiers, powers of alleged ‘right’ to steal UK citizens homes and savings and assets are they?

Except, we know full well that criminals do not grant themselves power without hoping for a chance to use it; the Post-Brexit Banking & Building society Bail-In is inevitable and the UK public are totally unprepared for it and have absolutely no idea of the grave consequences and associated dire threat, against predominantly middle-class wealth & properties: It’s called a ‘fleecing’ in the corporate-farm-industry:

HM Treasury: Bail-in powers implementation
Since the financial crisis, a wide-ranging programme of financial sector reform has been underway at domestic, European and international levels. The government set up the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), charged with considering structural and related non-structural reforms to the UK banking sector to promote financial stability and competition. It reported in 2011, and one of its key recommendations was the introduction of a bail-in tool. Bail-in powers were also recommended by the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards (PCBS) in its June 2013 report. The Financial Stability Board’s (FSB), ‘Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes’ – endorsed by the G20 – has recommended that resolution regimes put in place a bail-in tool in order to improve the toolkit for dealing with the failure of large, globally systemic banks.

Brexit reflects an antiquated consciousness that wishes to return to the same social structures and divisions as were the backbone of Victorian Britain; Thatcher’s dream to be realised via Brexit; a populous under total control and scrutiny of the 5G network and never mind how many humans and wildlife it harms: Victorian Britain with 21st century technology.
Is only the technology permitted to progress?

By what rights of law and reason, does a global-collective of rich people (who form a tiny minority), seize control of and even dictate and control, the production of new technology and then use its power to erase all of the social advancements that gave rise to technological progression in the first place?

5G is a very serious concern and with some severely alarming implications and it is therefore, of prime importance that Jeremy Corbyn’s offer of super-fast-free-fibre-broadband, has effectively been quashed and instead, a host of global corporations, with Zionist-Israel at the fore, are set for a nationwide 5G roll-out and to hell with the nay-sayers i.e. Brussels has suspended 5G in their nation in suit with a few other nations, until further research has proven it is safe.

While it would be fair to assume that 5G technology has been tested for risks, this is simply not the case. There is no compelling data on health risks. When 5G launches, it will be the first actual test on human beings ever performed. This is unprecedented for such a wide-scale, public tech launch.
While 4G’s wavelengths travel along the surface of the skin, 5G’s millimeter waves are more insidious. When 5G wavelengths are emitted, our skin will automatically absorb them, which will naturally cause the skin to rise in temperature…
…Many scientists understand that the electromagnetic radiation leaking through the doors of our microwave ovens are carcinogenic, and therefore, can cause cancer. Most of these scientists also believe that these waves are mutagenic, meaning they change the DNA structure of living beings.
The launch of 5G will be similar to turning on your microwave, opening its door, and leaving it on for the rest of your life. There’s a good reason why hundreds of scientists are taking action against the wireless industry.

Is 5G yet another corporate-method of covert-depopulation?

The Child

We are dealing with a very nasty bunch of people who, as a force-of- consciousness surviving through time, have been covering up high profile crimes against children for decades if not centuries. Brexit will provide even greater opportunities for child abusers of every ilk, to commit ever more crimes against even greater numbers of children both here in UK and abroad.

Further evidence, some not yet available publicly but nonetheless available to the Supreme Court, exposes Britain’s ongoing conspiracy to protect paedophile gangs, the majority and worst of which, are comprised of individuals from all walks of UK society and of various ethnic backgrounds: How do, on average, around 1,000 children under age 18, including around 200+ babies under age 1, go permanently ‘missing’ from UK Local Authority care every year and with no one accountable except the missing children’s names to be placed in the category ‘other’ or ‘E8’?

“It’s disgraceful,” says Phil Frampton, the former national chair of the Care Leavers Association. “It is clear that the government and local authorities don’t take seriously their responsibilities for the young people in their care. It’s quite likely that these children have fallen into the hands of sexual exploiters, they may well have been trafficked; who knows what’s happened to these children.

In a nation like Britain which receives “thousands” of trafficked children every year, it is very strange that arrest & conviction rates of organised CSA rings and traffickers are “extremely low”. London has been cited by the United Nations as ‘Child abuse Capital of the World’! Criminal professionals are suspected to be abusing their powers to gain access to children and even, to legitimise trafficked children and earn benefits for their traffickers, who groom them here in UK and then, send them to earn cash for their pimps in e.g. Bangkok:

BANGKOK. The little girl winks, then runs her tongue around her upper lip. ‘Do you want a good time, Mister?’ she says.
‘Come and have some fun with me. I’ve got a room nearby,’ she adds, describing the sex acts on offer in perfect English.
Too perfect.
‘Where are you from?’ I say.
‘London. Well, Nigeria.’
‘How old are you?’ I ask.
‘Do you like them young? I’m cute.’ She winks again.
Horror, revulsion and pity sweep me in equal measure. I make it clear why I’m here. I’m a researcher and she agrees to talk at the nearby cafe. Her name is Grace.
I knew I would encounter sex tourists: it is what I’ve been investigating for my next book. But I hadn’t expected to meet a child from Africa with a London accent on the streets of Thailand.
Grace explains she was brought from Nigeria to Britain where she was moved from house to house. Then, after two years, she was flown to Bangkok.

When trafficked children are identified and rescued into State Care, many invariably go missing – most London care-providers have no idea if children in their care are trafficked or not! Allegedly, the ones that go missing have “run back to their traffickers” – strange then, how police had been unable to identify and arrest those traffickers to whom, cared-for children are thus, at liberty to “run back” to?

Child trafficking victims and unaccompanied children are going missing from local authority care at an “alarming” rate according to a new report, which reveals that in one year, nearly 30% of all UK child trafficking victims and 13% of unaccompanied children disappeared from care services. New research by child trafficking NGO Ecpat UK and the charity Missing People has found that 167 of the 590 children suspected or identified as child trafficking victims in the year from September 2014 to 2015 vanished from foster and care homes across the country.

It’s as easy to abuse and murder a cared-for child in Britain and no one barely bat an eyelid, as it is to steal a bottle of milk from a doorstep.
Denial of Human Rights, democracy, law and income, is the prime foundation for all forms of child abuse:

The UK’s compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Eighth Report of Session 2014–15

Children in England are experiencing the hard edge of austerity, with mounting threats to their basic human rights. The cumulative impact of cuts to services, the cost of living crisis, and changes to the welfare system, means some children in England are not having their basic needs for shelter and food met and can’t access the services which are supposed to support families, while many more are not able to enjoy a fulfilled and happy childhood.

High-profile organised child abuse, is a prime concern on facing prospect of Brexit/Corporate-Fascism (any nation that operates in denial of Human rights, is on principle, a fascist State); it is a known fact that impoverished children are most at risk from sexual and other forms of abuse. We know for a fact that organised child abuse is an ongoing feature of ‘entertainment’ among the very highest echelons of UK society.

The top suppliers of trafficked babies and children are the poorest nations, especially Africa, India and the Far East – often, trafficking is managed by an overhead of UK, EU & USA professionals who set up local charities i.e. Orphanages, assistance to unmarried mothers-to-be etc. Development of the world-wide-web has facilitated greater connections between child sexual abusers and associated profiteers, with illegal drug dealing and use, being a key, underlying factor and motive.

All is confirmed within the United Nations Child Protection Committee Report for Britain July 2014. The situation has worsened since then.

Child trafficking

  1. The Committee is strongly concerned that thousands of children continue to be trafficked every year in the State party, particularly for sexual exploitation and labour, and it expresses its deepest concern about reports that hundreds of children have been abducted from their families in Africa and trafficked to the State party for brutal religious rituals, such as the so-called voodoo and juju rituals. The Committee is particularly concerned that:
    (a) The number of prosecutions and convictions of perpetrators of trafficking and other offences covered by the Optional Protocol is extremely low across the State party, leading to impunity for perpetrators; and that the prosecutors often choose to charge perpetrators of human trafficking with other offences, such as rape or abduction, in order to secure convictions.

As developing human beings, children’s safety and welfare is exceptionally important when we consider that today’s children are the foundation for and future of, UK society.

Though legally classified as ‘minors’, there is nothing at all ‘minor’ about the levels of crime and suffering children residing in UK, have and are experiencing. Britain is a nation where genuinely loving parents who have never harmed their own or any child, are losing their children to privatised Social Services on grounds of a “future emotional risk”.

Apparently, UK parents human right to aid via Family Support cannot be relied on to address and minimise the ‘future emotional risk’. Instead, children must be endure actual emotional trauma on being forcibly removed from their family and community to be thrust into hands of strangers. As a direct result, the vast majority of such dubiously “rescued” children, develop behavioural problems, suffer abuse in care, are prone to go ‘missing’, are very much more likely to fall into crime, drug addiction, prostitution, are unlikely to gain entry into higher education and will be left to suffer a life-time of depression as a direct result of the permanent grief that is the result of being controlled by an overbearing ‘parent’.

Dr Mai Stafford’s indepth, Study which involved thousands of people and children from all walks of life, over the course of decades, is of profound significance and applies just as equally to the State and its designated ‘corporate-parents’ as it does to natural parents; her findings and recommendations need to be promptly, incorporated in all decisions concerning child-assessments or removal from the family home:

Overly-controlling parents cause their children lifelong psychological damage, says study: The negative impact on wellbeing was comparable in scale to that observed in people who have suffered a bereavement, the experts said:
‘Parents who exert too much control over their children could be causing them lifelong psychological damage, according to a study which tracked a group of people born in the 1940s until the present day.
‘Researchers found that people who reported their parents[/police & social services] had intruded on their privacy in childhood or encouraged dependence were more likely to have low scores in surveys of happiness and general wellbeing carried out in their teens, their 30s, their 40s and even their 60s.
‘The negative impact on wellbeing was comparable in scale to that observed in people who have suffered a bereavement, experts from University College London (UCL) said.
‘In contrast, people who said their parents were more caring, warm and responsive to their needs tended to be more content well into adulthood.

Globalists can now buy shares in UK Social & Child Protection Services on the Stock Market. On average, the corporate care provider i.e. G4S (a subsidiary of Israeli Intelligence), receives up to £200,000 per year for every child in their care. Social Services are paid up to £1800 per week for each child on their books.

Dubious financial incentives to remove children from their family home unnecessarily: Professor Ray Jones Report on the risks posed by privatisation of child care services:

Considerable Risk:
‘No other country anywhere allows decisions about the protection of children to be contracted outside of public services and the state’s immediate responsibility.
Nowhere else takes the considerable risk of these services only being accountable back to the government or local authorities through a contract. Why not? Well just look at how G4S, SERCO, A4e, and ATOS have let down the public so badly on their expensive profit-generating contracts for the tagging of offenders, provision of out-of-hours GP services, helping long-term unemployed people into work, and the welfare benefits assessments of disabled people.
Is it sensible to place child protection and other children’s social services in the same jeopardy?
When the regulation which opens up children’s social services to the market place was considered in September by a Parliamentary committee Labour did not oppose it. Instead there was a statement from a Labour MP that “if people’s worse fears are realised and these measures prove to be the route to fragmentation, unaccountable, unregulated provision, riddled with conflicts of interest and dubious financial incentives, a future Government will have to repeal them. By that time, however, thousands of children might have suffered needlessly”.’

Over 2,000 UK children per month are taken into care. Fosterers from private agencies are paid an average £400/week per child (birth mothers get around £20/week), and a foster agency founded by social workers getting around £1500/week per child was recently sold for £130 million! A real money driven industry!! Parents whose children have been taken are gagged and *threatened with prison if they protest publicly.

Again, by stealth, the British family has suffered an ongoing and ever worsening attack, except, few are at liberty to talk about it; parents are gagged by the corporate Family Courts (a law unto themselves) with threat of up to 7 years imprisonment if they discuss their case in public, supporters are equally gagged and threatened with 10 year prison sentences, be they professional or friend.

Meanwhile, in 2014, a central London Catholic Friar who gets caught with thousands of indecent images of children and is convicted even, of making such images and which were so bad, members of the Court were in tears; he receives a two-year suspended sentence and is told by the Judge that he “may continue working with people under age 16”.

While saying he was not “deserving of any pity” the judge said he had to consider what was in the public interest. He said the chance of Gardner committing further offences was “very small indeed” and even said that it was “disproportionate to order that you not have contact with people under 16 years”.

If only one could dismiss such travesties of Justice as a ‘one-off’ error, the tragedy is however, that such judgements are the ‘norm’: Paedophiles are protected and defenders of child rights are prosecuted. That is what is happening. That is the FACT.

Brexit can and will, worsen the current, already ghastly predicaments British children daily face; be it racist taunts and attacks at school, abuse & neglect in the family home or in State care, abuse via organised groups, or abusive judgements from privatised schools/’Academies’, who think a child can be denied their right to an education and safety within the school and to thereby, instantly suspend children because their clothing is not bearing the school logo and usually, because the child’s family is too poor to afford the very expensive official school uniform = just one of the myriad ways, privatised public services can be turned to grind a profit and simultaneously, discriminate against the poorest and even, place them at greater risk and disadvantage.

It appears Mr Johnson PM and previous Tory Prime Ministers have scant regard for children; it appears millions of children’s lives can be “spaffed up the wall” on behalf of the plans and schemes concocted with assistance from Earth’s most senior and high-profile child abusers as presently and secretly listed in Epstein’s files, which we know, do include Prince Andrew, Clinton & Trump as “very good friends” of Epstein and frequent passengers on his private-jet, the ‘Lolita Express’.

To the top orchestrators of Brexit: A “minor concern” are Britain’s children and a “minor concern” the children will remain post Brexit should we-the-people fail to stand up in defence of their rights, welfare & future: Hence this case against the Crown and its associated criminal government. It is time to face reality:

Major study reveals true scale of abuse of children living in care
‘More than two out of five foster carers in proven abuse cases had been subject to previous allegations – yet they were still caring for children. About a quarter of foster carers in these cases were looking after children who fell outside the age they were formally approved for.
More than 60 per cent of abuse victims in care are girls and the mean age of victims is nine. More than half of all substantiated allegations related to under-nines. Of those affected by a proven incident, 45 per cent were removed immediately from care, but almost a quarter remained where they were.
The researchers put in freedom of information requests to Britain’s 211 local authorities on allegations of abuse in care and had responses from 156. They found evidence that warning signs were missed where children appeared to be settled in long-term placements but were in fact suffering ill-treatment.’

‘Thousands of child sex abuse cases go unreported, says report
‘Up to 400,000 cases of child sex abuse behind closed doors, says children’s commissioner, as police chief calls for crackdown on internet pornography
‘Anne Longfield, the children’s commissioner for England, found there had been 50,000 reported cases of sex abuse over the last two years – but estimated the true number was 400,000 to 450,000.’

‘Only 1 in 8 children who are sexually abused are identified by professionals.
Children’s Commissioner calls for urgent action to improve the prevention and early identification of child sexual abuse and the support provided to victims.’

While the above report states: ‘The children’s commissioner said the country must “wake up” to the fact that most abuse takes place in the home.‘ This statement is somewhat ambiguous, when we consider the increased, corporate-control cared-for children are under and the increased risks cared-for children face in the form of child-care professionals acting in gangs and groups to abuse children. Many children’s ‘family home’ is a foster-carer, adoptive-parent, or a corporate-parent ‘home’:

What to do with a 100 kg guard who fatally restrains a 40 kg boy? Promote him to health & safety manager, G4S children’s homes. Behind the corporate image at the company responsible for some of Britain’s most vulnerable children: Concealment and trickery – that’s G4S children’s homes:
’15 year old Gareth Myatt, on his third day at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre near Rugby, refused to clean the sandwich toaster. He was sent to his room. He complied.
‘A note on Gareth’s file said that if he became aggressive, which didn’t happen often, the best thing was for staff to leave him alone to calm down. They didn’t do that.
Instead, six foot, sixteen stone David Beadnall and a fellow guard followed Gareth (4 ft 10″ and 6½ stone) to his room. They told him off. They later claimed that Gareth, who was of mixed race, responded defiantly, asking them to leave.
‘The guards chose not to leave. Instead they began the punishment procedure known as ‘single separation’ in a stripped down room. All Gareth’s personal possessions would be removed from his room.
‘Gareth had few personal possessions. One was a scrap of paper. His mother’s new mobile phone number was written on it.
‘They took it. He objected.’

A UK MPs Report into organised paedophilia states:
‘Organised child sex abuse is widespread in England’:

MPs said all councils across England now needed to review child protection policies.
Their report said: “On the evidence we took, the alarming conclusion is that Rotherham was not an outlier and that there is a widespread problem of organised child sexual exploitation in England.”
The MPs inquiry was prompted by a report by Prof Alexis Jay, which revealed up to 1,400 children were estimated to have been victims of abuse in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.

Britain’s present Child Protection system and associated Family Courts, are little more than a legitimised form of child trafficking when one considers the dire impacts on thousands of children entering that system every year, as juxtaposed with the opportunities to corporate-profiteers and equally, abusers who manage to position themselves in role of Social worker, Judge, police officer etc.

With things as bad as they are even with our rights and while part of the EU, life for Britain’s children is certainly not likely to improve under total domination of The Crown and its corporate-cronies, which leads to the next very important issue as relates to the rights of The Crown to receive positive discrimination as opposed to the rights & welfare of UK citizens as recipients of negative discrimination:

Brexit & The Female Man

There remains the as yet, thoroughly unresolved issue of women’s rights i.e. Her rights to rest and external support during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and menopause. Her rights to raise her children in a fair, honest, respectful and lawful society which affords dignity and trust; why should the female be expected to deliver an endless stream of human bodies to earn profits and power to global corporations and simultaneously, be expected to work for the corporation herself, receive no adequate level of financial assistance during pregnancy and childbirth; she is expected to pay for her children’s every need and when they’re grown, what share of the corporate-profits does she as ‘manufacturer’ of the workforce, receive?

Woman it appears, is a mysterious ‘freebie’ who will go through the discomfort of pregnancy, the agony of childbirth, the emotional trials and traumas of child-raising, to provide nations with a workforce, soldiers, police etc., and even, a prison-population. She allegedly, has no rights to expect anything in return except, to be scorned because she menstruates; why are women paying for the fact they menstruate?

It is when we examine women’s despicably denigrated but nonetheless, vital contribution to society, we understand exactly why the rich need to pay their fair share of taxes to fund schools, nurseries, hospitals, public transport, housing, police etc. We understand why half the money belongs to God/Compassion/The Law and therefore, it is not truly a ‘tax’ the richest are now required to pay, rather, it is their lawful and ethical duty to curb their greed: When there is no limit to how rich an individual can get that is precisely because there is no limit on how poor masses of people may become on behalf of making a few men rich.

Poverty is unacceptable and completely unnecessary and therefore, the imposition of poverty is a crime against humanity.
How can it be that in world where a handful of men own £trillions, every nation is in severe debt?

What is the purpose of austerity, if simultaneously, a huge debt is created?
The prime purpose of austerity is obviously, to increase poverty and thereby, achieve greater control of the populous.

Denial of Legal Aid to the poor is a vital component toward mass impoverishment i.e. With Legal Aid, British Benefits recipients could have successfully challenged Ian Duncan Smith’s sadistic policies as are presently controlling Britain Department for Work & Pensions and which, are known to have killed people.

It has come to this – a battle for life in face of death by slow strangulation. That is what Austerity & Brexit amounts to.

A woman’s lot can only get worse than it already is under Brexit and its associated far-right-rhetoric; Anti-Abortionists are already mirroring their avid USA counterparts; a force of consciousness that claims every fetus has human rights, they want to charge women who terminate an unwanted pregnancy with ‘murder’, they want to force victims of rape and incest to continue the resulting pregnancy, they want to put women who have suffered miscarriage, through prosecution and trial to prove that their miscarriage was a natural event.

All such aspirations on behalf of protecting unborn children from their host’s rights of self-determination and autonomy over her own body, are from a consciousness which simultaneously, stands against universal healthcare, a basic living wage, social & affordable housing, social security, free-education, sick-pay, pensions, human rights, animal rights… The list is endless.

The rancid motive behind the push to prohibit women’s rights to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, has an agenda and while many are persuaded to support the anti-abortionists through force of propaganda that has appealed to their hearts, the only reason their hearts are so touched by this issue above a myriad of others (because heaps of cash are poured into it), is that criminal and maligned characters of power need a ready supply of unwanted and largely, impoverished children born to parents who were unready, unprepared and unable to provide for them; the corporatist-cronies need the next generations of victims for abuse, they need the psychopaths, psychotics, criminals, prostitutes, alcoholic, drug-addicts, psychologically-deranged, competitors and narcissists, to fill their offices of power, their prisons, fight in their wars, knuckle-down to the daily grind of a full-time 2-bit job that condemns workers to a life sentence in poverty.

People who really care about children, spend time, energy, money and effort on providing for every child’s needs. They do not stand against free education, welfare & healthcare. They do not discriminate between a Christian, Jew, Hindu or Muslim child. They do not care what colour is the child’s skin. They understand that all children are equal and have equal rights to love, respect and acceptance. They do not support putting children in cages.

The despicable fact is clearly, that those funding and promoting pro-life/anti-abortionist campaigns and campaigners, do not care about children as much as they hate women having any rights whatsoever: Misogyny is a social & political & religious reality that relishes the opportunity to further impound a rape victim’s distress, by prosecuting her under charge of ‘murder’ for aborting her rapists’s progeny.

The anti-abortionists don’t care to focus on the reality that here are many well loved and cared for children alive today and they enjoy such a life precisely because their parent or parents, had opted to end an earlier unwanted or difficult/risky pregnancy.

At this point, it is important that as a nation, we legally address the historical social foundations of misogyny and take steps today, toward eradicating the ongoing covert agendas against female power and rights:
The prime purpose and/or impact of misogyny is that via denigrating the credibility and power of the female side of man, the male side of man is more easily coerced into subjugation to oligarchal ambitions which then masquerade as ‘Patriarchy’.

Patriarchy cannot exist without Matriarchy, the two are inextricably co-dependent and therefore, the attack against the female-man is a vital component of all despot power.

This process of misogynist-take-over began centuries ago in Britain, where for many centuries prior to and after the Roman invasion, women had full rights of autonomy and were respected and celebrated, for the power and gifts of their femininity, as men were for their masculinity.

It was the corporatisation/monetization of Christianity into Vatican control (like London City, another State-within-a-state), under leadership of a ‘Pope’, that drove the first nail into the crucifixion of woman; woman’s crucifixion was performed not with nails and a stake but with words and religious interpretations applied into law and eventually, entrenched into unquestionable ‘tradition’.

The Whitby Synod of 664AD; St Hilda was Abbess at the time, a time when women featured strongly within the British Church. Celtic Christianity combined both Druid nature-based faith, with the teachings and law as taught by Jesus.

Christian teachings were easily absorbed into Druid faith being as the basic tenets are very similar; care for one another, cause no harm, assist, aid, defend the vulnerable, arrest the criminal, care for nature, give thanks and praises to God. The Celtic Christian Cross does not represent the murder of Jesus on an instrument of Roman torture, the Celtic Cross represents the Four Equinoxes through the circle of time that is the Solar Year: We all live and die and are renewed again on that cross of life. The Druids knew this.

In 664, Vatican ambassadors had arrived at Whitby Abbey with specific purpose of persuading Britain’s nobility to replace Celtic Christianity with the ‘official’ Roman-endorsed version/interpretation of Christianity. There were many advantages on offer and those were all in favour of males among the nobility who, by force of nature, already occupied a larger portion of wealth & power than females.

While on the surface, the Whitby Synod debate focused on the ‘keys to heaven’, what clothing monks wore and how Easter was celebrated etc., between the lines, the British male nobility in attendance at the Synod, were covertly informed that under rule of the Pope, they would have ‘rights’ to own all property, wealth & assets belonging to their female relatives or spouse, that females would be rendered totally subservient to male dominance and order and would be cut from lines of inheritance in deference to males, that males would have the ‘right’ to sire children outside of wedlock without having any legal responsibility to provide for their offspring i.e. “illegitimate”/bastard child, that children were unimportant people and considered inherently corrupt being as they are born in their mother’s “original sin” (according to Celtic Christianity, children were afforded same social respect as given to a Priest), and finally, that the nobility could commit as many sins as they wished so long as they paid a sum in gold to the Pope and thereby, are ‘forgiven’.

Effectively, the Roman ‘keys-to-heaven’, amount to freedom for rich people as Roman-Allies, to commit crimes against men, women & children with impunity; certainly, rich men had no intention of waiting until after death to enjoy the proceeds of ‘heaven’. Such aspirations fell to the lot of the poor; Earth’s alleged ‘nobility’ were going to have their heaven on in the here & now!

Despite Ireland’s refusal to adopt Rome’s thoroughly corrupt version of Christianity, Rome won England’s vote and yet, by majority, Britain resisted the changes until the Papal boot finally arrived in the form of William the Conqueror.

Everything in the church’s structure and theological life would begin to change from this point; even its geographical centre moved as a result of this Synod. “York supplanted Lindisfarne as northern England’s spiritual center, and the conformist discipline of the Roman organization was at last supreme in all of England.”22 Lindisfarne, which had been identified with Irish-Celtic spirituality had become outmoded overnight with the rejection of Bishop Colman, and the much more easily Roman affected York became the hub of theological and ecclesiological thought and activity.
When the Irish defected back to their homeland from England after Whitby, the English church lost the influence of the pure, even if primitive, virtuous spirituality of the Celts. Nevertheless, their influence was still to be felt, to a lesser degree. As Scherman surmises;
Though they had been defeated and in effect driven away, their influence lingered in a diluted form for many years. The accord of the seventh century between the English and Irish, which entered all spheres of spiritual endeavor from scholarship to illuminated manuscripts, was to be reflected in their political rapport, a cordial informal alliance that lasted for four hundred years – until the Normans came.23
Though the direct influence of the Irish was lost, as they were rejected by the English at Whitby, a general sense of comradery remained between the two peoples for some centuries to come. The English church, however, would never look quite the same for lack of the Irish.
Life after Whitby was not nearly as easy as it sounds, however. The resolution of the conflict was far from being absolute. Many Scots, for example were forced to adjust immediately or move. Centuries of debate would follow on the heels of Whitby, and the Celtic Christians continued to oppose Rome until the eleventh century when they were finally assimilated into the Roman religion.24
Following Whitby, the Roman mission in the Celtic world prospered and grew in force and influence. Wilfred’s achievements have been recorded thus: “He introduced into the English churches many Catholic customs, with the result that the Catholic Rite daily gained support, and all the Scots remaining in England either conformed to it or returned to their own land.”25
Though the Roman victory was far from complete in ad 664 at the conclusion of the Synod of Whitby, King Oswy’s decision had indeed signalled the beginning of the end for autonomous Celtic Christian spirituality and the coming to power of the Roman church in Celtic lands. In short, “the Synod of Whitby … confirmed the Romanization of British Christianity.”26

Now, some may conclude that the legal debate herein, has at this point, left the shores of ‘context’, however, I remind the reader that we are dealing with a force of power that wants to take British citizens back to the social conditions as existed 200 years ago. It is therefore, expedient that the reader is aware of the basic premise of what laid the foundations for the social conditions that existed 200 years ago = the other half of the story that never gets told is being told today and in face of those who yearn to return to yesterday, so they can own themselves some slaves and set about establishing their antiquated concepts of a “New World Order”:

Essentially, the Whitby Synod is an equivalent of what the Brexit-Enforcers wish to deliver to Britain this very day = Take-over by fascists who strip women and children of all their rights, to render the populous poor & powerless and make slaves of men. Hilda was forced to relinquish her role as Abbess (as were all Abbesses throughout England), the Catholic Church, as a form of compensation agreed to make her a “Saint”.

We have witnessed exact same subterfuge in operation as existed at the Whitby Synod; no one voted to scrap women’s rights, re-establish slavery and grant rich people the right to commit crimes with impunity and yet that is exactly what Roman Christianity was all about.

Misogyny has become a psychological legacy against humanity; psycho-sexual-diseases that lead men (and even women), to prey on children or find adult victims for subjection to depraved and sadistic fantasies; a ‘culture’ of ‘woman-hate’ is born into the institutions of exclusively male control.

Woman-hate arises simply because the woman by nature of the facts of her being, was constantly proving the males wrong in their assessment of her and thereby, exposing the corruption of the judgements against her that had previously ‘justified’ stripping her of all her rights and power of femininity: Narcissists of power do not like being proven wrong by those they have judged ‘inferior’ – it’s an ‘offence’ and “impudence!”

True strength is in man’s ability to rise above ego-injury, to feel empathy and act with compassion; in that respect, the female side of man is forced to be exceptionally strong and only because the male side of man has been indoctrinated by criminals and fools for centuries, to believe that male power is via his ability to behave brutally and ruthlessly through finding the ‘strength’ to oppress any sense of compassion or empathy.

Only since the late 1970’s have British women been granted the rights we yet hold, barely a century passed and already, the fascists/oligarchs are queuing up to snatch them away again; one thing those despots of humanity know for sure; women’s rights = rights for humanity and rights for the natural world.

When women have rights of autonomy, self sustainability and over when and with whom, they choose to reproduce, they have power to have greater impact on the kind of human consciousness she raises.

When deprived of such rights and even, of the right to educate her children in the ways of compassion i.e. “turning her son into a sissy”, the children are more easily absorbed into satisfying and propagating the prevailing misogyny & oligarchy as ‘correct’, the children learn not to ask the ‘wrong’ questions.

Today, a ‘wrong’ question might be: “Will post-Brexit Martial Law place women and children at a serious risk of harm from armed men with unlimited powers and male lusts?”

Both male and female men are equally and severely harmed by misogyny: Attacking women’s rights is key to erasing all other social rights. Therefore, the issue of Brexit’s impact on female UK citizens is of prime importance and is fundamental to our concerns.

The Lobby

The Tories have pulled a ‘fast-one’ through subterfuge and sleight of hand and The Corporate-Crown is one of their prime beneficiaries as equally, is the same fascist-consciousness currently governing USA & Israel and so too, the Oligarchs of Russia and Saudi Arabia.

While America struggles to address their lawless President, Israel as America and Britain’s alleged ‘friend’, remains unchecked and at liberty to influence every aspect of British post-Brexit culture from both within UK and externally via its power-of-influence within USA; will UK Muslim areas become heavily policed ghettos under Martial Law, implemented with support from Tommy Robinson supporters?

Such a question is perfectly reasonable; millions of Muslims are now at risk in a country dominated by anti-Islamic forces liberated directly, via a Brexit that is designed to benefit only a tiny minority of anti-democratic and largely criminal interests all of whom, are welcomed by Zionists who loathe Muslims.

Britain is in the throes of a constitutional crisis as too is America – is this really a ‘coincidence’ or is it not evidence that the same Zionist puppet-master is controlling the politics & media of both nations?

The Israeli Zionists claim any criticism against their ideology and actions is “anti-Semitic” and is therefore, a crime = an absurd situation where it becomes a crime to expose and/or complain about a crime = the very circumstance that the Golden Rule of Law is established to prevent!

USA President Trump, having escaped conviction for Impeachment via the Senate, complained at an official ‘Prayer Breakfast’ about “People who use their faith as justification for doing wrong“. This is just one example of the hypocrisy of a man, who during the Senate Impeachment hearings, was in Israel handing over most of Palestine to Zionist-control i.e. Zionists whose claim to those lands is based entirely on their alleged ‘faith’ and who have done and are doing wrong to satisfy their objectives. Trump was instead, referring to the one Republican Senator who dared break rank and vote in favour of Impeachment: Mitt Romney had stated that his “faith in God” had compelled him to act in accordance with his sworn oath to the Constitution, above partisan loyalty.

The Zionist government of Israel is a criminal government and it is absolutely fascist to the point of mirroring Nazi-type judgements against Palestinians: Face the facts of official, public statements from Israeli Government Ministers:

After he finishes reading out the statements, Boyd Barrett asks: “These are the official statements of several ministers of the current government of Israel. In one case, the genocide of all Palestinians, including children, has actually been advocated and they have been referred to as ‘snakes.’ Does the Taoiseach agree that if we are defining terrorism, that is the language and thinking of terrorists?”

Al Jazeera Investigations exposes how the Israel lobby influences British politics. A six-month undercover investigation reveals how Israel penetrates different levels of British democracy.
Episode One: In part one, Al Jazeera Investigations reveals how pro-Israel groups are trying to influence Britain’s youth.
Episode Two: In part two, our undercover reporter joins a delegation from the Israeli embassy at last year’s Labour Party Conference.
Episode Three: In part three, our undercover reporter witnesses a heated conversation between two opposing activists. The evidence raises serious questions about whether accusations of anti-Semitism are used to stifle political debate.
Episode Four: In part four, the senior political officer at the Israeli embassy in London discusses a potential plot to ‘take down’ British politicians – including a minister.

What place does an illegal nuclear power, that walks & talks terrorism over respect for law and rights, have as a Lobby group in UK Parliament? Or is Mr Boyd Barrett wildly mistaken in his understanding of terrorism and terrorists? Is Mr Boyd simply, ‘anti-Semitic’ for expressing his concern for the people of Palestine and even, for his own nation to witness his Leader, fraternising pally-pally with a ruthless aggressor?

Considering Israeli-government statements and the levels of harm and terror regularly inflicted against their Muslim neighbours (which has now with help of friendly UK, USA etc., spread throughout the ME), it is equally abhorrent to many UK citizens, to witness just how closely aligned are Jonhnson, Trump & Netanyahu; this alliance does not bode well for the British people; Muslims and non-Zionist Jews are rendered particularly vulnerable, though every citizen has reason to be alarmed about this neo-fascist Zionist-UK-USA alliance.

The Zionists don’t like EU Tax Regulations.
The Zionists want to axe the head/Corbyn, from Labour.
The Zionists want a hard Brexit.
The Zionists want Britain to become a Tax Haven.
The Zionists want to use tax breaks as a fiscal weapon.
The Zionists want to abolish Human Rights.
The Zionists want to dismantle the EU.
The Zionists want war with Iran.
The Zionists want to complete their Greater Israel Project.
“I am a Zionist” states David Cameron.
“I am a Zionist” states Tommy Robinson.
“I am a Zionist” states Trump.

One doesn’t need to be a Jew to be a Zionist and, being as the Zionists own the World Bank, well, it’s like throwing seed out for the birds except, it’s not ‘birds’ the Zionists money is feeding and placing into seats of power in every nation; their Lobbies operating nicely behind the scenes, stirring up division, social unrest, feeding hate; distract & control enough people with enough money and enough intel’ and yes, it’s easy to rob, rape and kill and still receive 29 standing ovations from USA Congress.

The crimes need to end. Lies cannot hide them. The excuses are worn away to nothing. There is no reason, no justification for what Israel has been doing to the people of Palestine and their lands. There was no valid justification beyond what transpired to be a pack of lies, for invasion of Iraq. There is no valid reason nor justification for Brexit beyond xenophobia and neo-fascist criminal lusts for more power and more wealth.

Britain will not be demoted to a Zionist-USA outpost without a fight; is that really what will ‘Make Britain Great Again’ – becoming a Tax Haven – recipient of the global loot – dirty money earned from crime upon crime against humanity, against our planet – our children, little more than debt-slaves on their own native lands paying debts on the money they never knew and never spent?

It is time we-the-people of Britain and every nation, purged ourselves of corruption; as above so below = tackle the problems up top and problems among the lower-levels, will equally be resolved as genuine human intelligence, fully equipped with that vital element of compassion (the head cornerstone on the foundation of God’s Law), will find freedom to do good, to do what is right according to the law and our conscience with it.
Considering the terrible crimes people can be persuaded into via money, surely, the money can equally, if not with even more success, be employed to facilitate what is good and lawful and right?

The psychopathic ‘elites’ have no conscience, their hearts are hardened against the general global populous e.g. Prince Philip (a Nazi from childhood), wants to return to Earth as a “deadly virus” in his next life, so he can eradicate half of humanity.

This inherent lack of care, compassion and empathy, is clearly exposed in Boris Johnson’s plans for Brexit Britain: We need to understand once and for all, that certain types of human consciousness are unfit for high office or any positions of power and authority and exactly because they are intellectually-disabled due to an inherent lack of compassion or ability to empathise.

It’s not that we should judge the psychopath & narcissist, ‘criminal’, rather, we simply need to be aware of and respect the fact that their disability means some jobs are perfect for them and others, like being Prime Minister, or bank manager, are not.

When it comes to protecting our children, we all will resort to ruthless brutality, such is war and at some point, we do need to examine the reasons why for war: Why the war against Palestine?

The war is to steal lands and drive the natives away, so the Zionist power-of-consciousness can expand. Can the instigators of war complain if their population is at risk as a direct response to criminal, military action?

Recently, the Zionist Israeli Government has bombed Gaza yet again, after a rocket is reported to have landed on some wasteland in Israeli territory and/or “balloons filled with toxic gas” have allegedly floated into Israel. We rarely see any footage of such events along with the images of Gaza being hit by Israeli bombs in response to alleged attacks which, have not harmed a single Israeli citizen.

It transpires that Gaza has a large reserve of as yet untapped, natural gas: Perhaps that is why citizens of Gaza are so keen to fire their crude and completely ineffective ‘rockets’ onto Israeli wastelands, so as to give Israel egven more opportunity to bomb their territory?

Israel pushes forward with plans for new gas pipeline to Gaza – report:

Why should Israel have anything whatsoever to do with Gaza’s gas reserves? According to Trump & Netenyahu’s alleged “Peace Plan”, Palestine has no rights to a sea border, the Gaza sea and its gas therefore, belong to Israel:

Trump’s Peace Plan Is Palestinians’ Worst Nightmare
The plan basically consists of the most extreme right-wing Israeli negotiating positions discussed on each issue over the years—positions for which Netanyahu has long advocated. The Israeli premier said the day would be remembered as equally historic as when Israel was created in 1948. “Mr. President, I believe that down the decades, and perhaps down the centuries, we will also remember January 28th, 2020,” he said. The Palestinians were never consulted. In fact, they had not spoken to Washington in about two years.
For Palestinians, their worst fears were confirmed: plans for isolated Palestinian cantons adjoined by bridges and tunnels, with the assumption that all of Area C in the West Bank (the majority of its land and also where Israeli settlements are located) would be annexed to Israel, including the Jordan Valley, the breadbasket of the West Bank.
Refugees would be resettled only in a future Palestinian state and if cleared by Israel, in third countries, or the states they currently reside in. Israel would maintain its control of all borders and overall security, robbing Palestinians of any meaningful attempt to exercise self-determination. Gaza would have no control of its territorial waters, would be linked with a tunnel to the southern West Bank, and would also get some barren tracts of desert land near the Egyptian border.

Zionism in the hands of neo-fascists, is not a religion, it is a political & economic ideology from which the concept of God has been erased and replaced with a few all-powerful males; collectively, they are ‘God’ and the truth is what they say it is and the law is what they want to make of it: Might = Right-To-Do-As-Thy-Will: Luciferian Law as defined by Alistair Crowley; that is what is now replacing UK & USA’s Constitutions = the current ‘law’ of Israel; they’re murdering people for this reason or that but we won’t look into it too deep or ask too many uncomfortable questions because that would be ‘impolite’ and ‘anti-Semitic’?

Zionism does to Judaism exactly what Rome’s version of Christianity did to Celtic Christianity in Britain after 664 and in Ireland after 1066.

God’s Law is; Right = Might-To-Do-As-Thy-Will and as Adam Schiff so eloquently stated during the Senate’s Impeachment trial of President Trump; “Right matters” – “Truth matters“.

What is Right and True is why the Golden Rule exists.

Since Zionist ideology is based on notions of ‘supremacy’ of select individuals by way of an alleged “birth right” to special privilege as “God’s chosen people”, the undeniable fact is, Human Rights & Zionism are fundamentally opposed to one another and therefore, the lawfully evidenced inclusion of Zionist interests being heavily involved in and satisfied via Brexit, is very significant in terms of confirming an effectively, treasonous plot commandeered by foreign powers i.e. We do not witness e.g. Britain’s ethnic Indian citizens, employing their government toward directly influencing Parliament in order that as a nation, Britain services the actually criminal ambitions of India at direct expense to the UK public who as a result, face loss of all our rights, destitution and death!

Brexit is not right, and not because leaving the EU is wrong, it’s because leaving the EU is stupid when we have made no sane or honest reasons for leaving, no adequate preparations to leave and have no access even, to markets for safe, affordable medicines as an isolated nation and with a tiny, impoverished population of just over 60 million; we barely even manufacture our own shoes! What sane & civilised government would facilitate such harm against its citizens? What sane & democratic media would fail to challenge it?

Prior to entering the EU, Britain had numerous, independently owned factories making every kind of product – where did they go? Apparently, labour’s cheaper in China. This is the kind of world we now inhabit – a world where it’s no crime to get filthy rich off the backs of a thousand sweatshop workers.

And now, it’s no crime for Tories and their benefactors to state they want the UK workforce to be “competitive with that of Asia“?
It’s no crime for a Tory PM to raise his glass at a lavish banquet, while preaching “permanent austerity”
It’s no crime for a Tory government to state they are going to “scrap human rights”.
It’s no crime for Tory minister George Osborne to state that Britain should “bring back the workhouse”?

And no one of any consequence, will ever dare question the validity of the votes that got the Tories in – from a tenuous coalition to a “landslide” – how incredibly and ridiculously stupid the British public must be either, to accept such a result without question or else, to have actually voted Tory by a landslide!

Being actually, astutely aware and intelligent, the British people do not accept Johnson’s landslide win, we do question this and previous elections and equally, the last two referendums.

We are aware that we’re being dragged into fascism against our will.
We are aware that the BBC etc., have turned the volume right down against our complaints and sound reason; instead, they’re inviting hard-line Tories into their ‘Question Time’ audiences, or else, they’re (allegedly) ‘finding’ very poor people, NHS staff, foodbank users etc., who happily state on camera, that they “voted for Boris”.

Apparently, everyone up North voted for Boris.

As one member of UK Israel Lobby states:The real strategic goal is to get the UK to behave more like the US than Europe. Pull them – tug them into the US sphere…” Al Jazeera Investigation: The Israel Lobby

Brexit appears to have achieved exactly that purpose and the British public largely beguiled into assuming a closer alliance with USA on grounds they share a common language. In reality, America operates on a level that is alien to European/UK society, in the sense that America’s social systems have more in common with pre-war Europe; the US is somewhat behind in terms of post-war social and political progress that took place from 1945 onward – hence the attraction for Brexit among Britain’s far-right who, like USA Republicans, have strongly resisted those progressions as “communist”.

So dreadfully indoctrinated are Americans against anything cited as “Socialist”, the people have been traditionally oppressed into turning their backs on any mention of Universal Healthcare and meanwhile, ‘Big Pharma’ is forcing USA citizens to literally, pay drug-dealer prices for their vital medicines. People are dying because they can’t afford e.g. Insulin = Another underhand method of de-population?

Already, British ministers are talking about medical-drug-deals with USA Pharmaceuticals and the “need” for price hikes.

The main problem with psychopaths in power, is that they do tend to infect others with the same lusts for crime and propensity for cruelty and, they inspire the same respect and admiration for those who have exhibited extreme ruthlessness = Why Mr Duncan Smith receives a Knighthood instead of standing trial for his crimes against humanity.
A message is being broadcast i.e. Crime Pays.

Brexit surely has to be the final blow, the final glob of mucus, spat onto the war heroes graves by that fascist ‘aristocracy’ those war heroes had once subdued along with the Nazis; no more was Britain to be an elitist-fascist, police-state protecting impunity for the rich and punitive law against the poor – or so we thought.

Many among pre -WW2 British aristocracy, adored Hitler as too, did many prominent Americans of the day, with Hitler featuring on Time Magazine’s cover as ‘Man of the Year’ 1938. Examining the crew at the fore of instigating and funding WW2, we find the usual culprits of human consciousness; Zionists, at that time pushing for establishing Israel in Palestine, oligarch Americans, their puppet-politicians and right-wing media, Nazi-fascists promoting their eugenics agenda so adored by the UK aristocracy in particular, being as its racist ‘rationale’, ‘justified’ the alleged ‘right’ of a recognised ‘nobility’ to be granted special privilege from birth as ‘superior’/thoroughbred humans.

Collectively, the Nazis and their adorers, were largely defeated, though the Zionists did get their Israel and it was Zionist cash behind much of the funding behind the war on every side: The Zionists had been expressing concern about the plight of “6 million Jews” in the decades prior to WW2 and using the issue as grounds to beg for funds to establish the nation of Israel. Hitler gave them yet another dose of Jewish misery on which to lament once again, about the ‘plight of 6 million Jews’ and this time, they had the whole world switched on to their concern via the advent of Television.

References to “Six Million Jews” in Newspapers. Part 1 & 2:

Recognising the probability that 6 million Jews did not die at hands of Hitler, is in no way whatsoever, to diminish the horror and terror Jews of Germany suffered under brutality of Nazi rule; Jews were forced into exile, rounded up into ghettos, imprisoned in concentrations camps, enslaved and experimented on, robbed, raped, tortured, murdered: It is not how many that is most important, what is most important is that we learn from the lessons of history, to identify the difference between a valid political ideology and one that is criminal – to understand how in the guise of ‘protecting’ one vulnerable group, the Zionist ‘protectors’ are in fact, plotting against the inherent value and goodness of that group’s leading faith, in order to control that group and thereby, commandeer total erasure of the law and rights that group established and equally, any other associated group (e.g. Socialists, Christians & Muslims), which upholds the same.

How is Zionist ideology different to that of Nazi Germany aside from instead of Jews, it’s Muslims under attack as “enemy”?

Zionists have no cares for Jews who do not support their fascist ideology, just as leaders of ISIS share no sense of kinmanship with non-extremist Muslims; ‘leftist’ and/or non-Zionist Jews remain identified as a ‘threat’ to Zionists in the same way that law and rights are a threat to every fascist. Netanyahu’s close pal President Trump, recently stated that ‘socialist’ Jews are on a par with traitors.

The president’s charge on ‘disloyalty’ when voting Democrat left many unsure as to what he actually meant, but one historian suggests it may be ‘the first time where dual loyalty is actually demanded of the Jews’

The Zionists featured very prominently in the media during the 2019 UK General Election – one of their Chief Rabbi’s publicly condemning Corbyn as an “anti-Semite” and completely ignoring the undeniable fact that Corbyn has spent his life defending oppressed people everywhere and UK Jews included, even Corbyn’s mother actively defended Jews; the accusations are ridiculous and even more so, when we realise that at that very same time, the Tories had erected a statue in honour of Nancy Astor a Nazi supporter, on grounds she was the first British female MP, admitted into the House of Commons.

If the BBC was truly operating without bias in favour of criminal fascists, their news features would have balanced accusation levelled against Corbyn with known risks as posed against a larger majority of socialist-Jews via far right extremists who support and are supported by, Mr Johnson PM.
Under auspices of the title; ‘Board of Deputies for British Jews’/BoD, the Zionists have recently handed Labour a list of do’s and don’ts on behalf of addressing the alleged ‘problem’ of rampant anti-Semitism among Labour Party members, the list includes expelling people who associate in any form, with those cast out as ‘anti-Semite’.

In some ways, it is true, there is a problem with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party i.e. All of the MPs and members who support Zionist Israel and who share the belief that anyone criticising Zionist atrocities is ‘anti-Semitic’ – all of the members who attacked Jeremy Corbyn and acted to oust him from leadership; they stood by the Zionists in condemnation of the majority of Labour-member Jews, who do not at all support Israel’s Zionist government actions against Palestinians and who face most risks via the far-right extremists the Zionists are funding in Britain and USA = the same far-right, extremist-consciousness that just got voted in by a landslide and allegedly (if not via a ‘rig’), as a direct result of the Zionist-controlled media’s relentless and criminal attacks against Corbyn.

Since when did being a politician, mean that prime media pundits are free to print and broadcast, libellous lies and abusive judgements inciting fear and loathing among the general public against you? How can such tactics be included in a lawfully democratic General Election? And if such tactics are part of a General election, can that GE be accepted as lawful?

Again, we witness the twisted absurdity whereby Jews and their genuine supporters, like Muslims, are dominated and oppressed by Zionists even outside of Israel, here in Britain, where their favoured political party and leader, is thrown aside via a pack of lies spouted by right-wing fascists among the kind of Jews who by majority, do not support Labour but are Tory through & through.

The money don’t just talk it screams and bellows its orders and the money’s backed Brexit as it backed Trump and Boris Johnson and the money of this world is largely in control of Zionist hands.

President Trump’s Impeachment was an uphill battle against bare-faced liars and law-dodgers, standing to defend their abusive, lying, narcissist ‘President’ – according to the grapevine-media pundits, Trump threatened “heads on pikes” for any Senators who dare vote against him. Naturally, the statement has been denounced as “false” but truth is, we all know he very likely said it and if he didn’t, we know he’s perfectly capable of issuing it and that alone, is horrific to contemplate from a POTUS.

It is disturbing that Congress itself, was left to address the whistleblower alert on Trump’s ‘quid-pro-quo’ with Ukraine over Biden; The Attorney General had refused to investigate and as the evidence strongly shows, that same Attorney General was ‘in-the-loop’ of the whole sordid affair.

Adam Schiff stands pleading for justice to a Senate who may as well be dummies in a shop-window – it’s an all for one and none for all. And here in Britain, the people wait with trepidation, for the terrible impacts of Trump’s & Netanyahu’s & Boris Johnson’s Brexit = another ‘all-for-one-and-none-for-all’.

The levels of hypocrisy expose the Zionists and their sycophant elites for what they are = a mish-mash of vagabonds out on a killing; they live it up big in this life because they have no faith in the next because they have no faith in the concept of a God-like-man who loves children enough to establish a law to protect them from monsters.

Until Israel’s Zionist government is prepared to admit they own nuclear weapons and sign the necessary treaties, Israel is an illegal nuclear power and as such, they have no place in UK Parliament because the Zionists are wrong and they are committing crimes and they are corrupting the leaders of every nation to commit crimes with them and we the people of Britain; we are all Palestinian now.
Do we the people of Britain have faith in what is right?
Can we find courage to stand up for our children’s future?
Is there anybody home?


Suspicion is a burden to live with and lawful suspicion warrants lawful investigation and necessary arrests: It is time Britain’s Security Services were called to account for why they have repeatedly from Thatcher on, utterly failed to act in face of the multitude of crimes against our national interests (committed by Tory governments in particular), and instead, have permitted those crimes to be used as leverage for e.g., persuading Tony Blair PM to join USA and invade Iraq minus United Nations agreement.
“Shock & Awe” was the military strategy against Iraq.

It is now “shock & awe” across our planet, as we witness the new reality of ‘wrong-is-right and right-is-wrong’ because the big man with the big guns and the big wad of cash says so: Might = Right-to-do-as-thy-will?

If only the biggest and strongest could be relied on to also, be the most perceptive and intelligent. Unfortunately they cannot. Unfortunately, money will make the most stupid and depraved individuals appear ‘strong’, ‘charming’ and ‘popular’ and it is precisely such individuals controlling our planet today, in a world dictated to by flat people with flat minds, who have no true understanding about what is strength and what is intelligence = a stupid world that is a danger and a risk and it will fail because there is no hope among people who have lost connection to their soul and the Universal Law that created them.

Hope is something we make. We create hope when ever we stand up for what is right, where ever we establish those rights, where ever we stand by the law that defends and cherishes those rights above any amount of cash. We find courage to do what is right when we reconnect with our soul, when we find delight in the reality of the universal golden light intelligence that created us; only then, the money loses its power.

Jesus was the first human being to achieve power of influence over the money as people began to accept the reality of their eternal soul; which is most precious?

The value of our soul is why Rome’s nobility fell; no one could be bought to kill for rich people anymore; the rich were forced to usurp Jesus as their own and the moment they gained the power of their “holy” cross, there they were, revelling in their filth, selling forgiveness, profiting in gold from every crime, and there stands The Corporate Crown today, enjoying the exact same filth-of-being via its Tax Havens, its corrupted government and rigged Parliament, its UK Courts and London City Banks, all ready & willing to ‘forgive’ the crimes of a criminal, global ‘elite’ and grant them the grace of ‘innocence’ in exchange for a fee…

All it took was time, time enough for people to lose their faith in everything but the money. The narrative may differ in each time but the ambitions and objectives are always the same; power and money to dictate over the populous and commit crime with impunity.

Britain has been an attractive place for registering fake-businesses because as yet, Britain holds international respect as a lawful, democracy, a nation of trust and civility; businesses registered in the UK, are trading on Britain’s ‘good name’ and ‘London’ in particular, reads well when one is selling fake, triple-A-rated shares in a fake-business or when one is laundering cash created via the multi-billion-dollar, global child abuse ‘industry’, or when one needs a friendly Court and Judge to clear one of wrongdoing: Are these the kind of activities that give a nation a “good name”?

The people of Earth need to learn some life-skills, as did the native Australians who had learned how to protect their forests from the kind of blaze now tearing through Australia, who amazingly, had managed to end wars in their land via establishing the law; respect for the law allowed the people to thrive in peace & plenty.

Australia burns because the lawless invaders wanted to be king-of-the-castle; they knew no respect for the experience, knowledge and wisdom of native people whom they casually raped, enslaved, killed, just as the Zionists are doing today throughout the world by remote-control over their puppet-corporate-people be they a Queen, a Pope, a Bishop, a President or Prime Minister; they all dance to the same tune in their variant strokes.
We the people have our own tune and from 1945 on, we danced to that tune and we will continue to dance to our own tune because ours is the tune of life and reality and our love will tear down the fantasy because now we know the horror it hides; The Corporate Crown = Prime Beneficiary of holocaust after holocaust.

It is time the holocausts ended and the reparations began.

We can do a lot better than this – everyone’s a winner in life when humanity appreciates what is truly valuable and most precious; our planet, our children, our law and our love.

Despite the myriad corruptions and crimes as exposed herein, beneath the clouds of doom & gloom, British citizens have been at the forefront of addressing every global and national issue of concern; supporting the rights of oppressed people everywhere, establishing community action groups, petitioning Parliament, participating in Class Actions, campaigning for equality, challenging government crimes and injustice etc. Imagine how improved life would be if people were freed from being compelled to survive and address crime upon crime and instead, liberated toward fulfilling our sane and compassionate designs for life such as utilising Hemp on behalf of self-sustainability?

Compared to successive Tory & covert-Tory-Labour governments, the British public are generally, an intelligent, peaceful and tolerant force of consciousness who live within the boundaries of law. That many British citizens are rendered confused enough to vote against their own interests and to extent the rest of the world is laughing at us (particularly Americans who are yet struggling to gain even universal healthcare and who have never had the ‘luxury’ of EU trade-deals & safety regulations), is testament to the immense power of influence the criminals of national & global finance presently hold.

We have reached the point where fantasy & fiction have taken precedence over reality & fact: Anything can be ‘true’ so long as the corporate media & government are prepared to stand by it as such. This is why a genuinely independent media is of such vital importance to a democracy and why media-corruption in service to criminal agendas, is so deadly – it is the difference between news and propaganda.

Of equal importance, are the gaping holes within our political, professional and Justice systems; psychopathy, sadism and narcissism are known psychological afflictions as are often found among the worst criminals and though we have mechanisms such as locks and house alarms to protect our homes from thieves, what do we have in place to protect our nation from sadistic, psychopathic and narcissist politicians and professionals operating in every public office and authority?

People who exhibit signs of narcissism, who repeat blatant lies, who show callous disregard for the rights, safety and welfare of others in favour of protecting their friends; people like Mr Boris Johnson and most of the Tory Cabinet, can never be granted access to Parliament again:

Boris Johnson Darius Guppy telephone call threatening violence

Maligned psychologies cannot be trusted with power over a nation and its people. As a nation and as a species, we need to take responsibility toward protecting the public through establishing laws prohibiting professional-liars, conspirators, fraudsters etc., from standing as MP or any high authority. Certainly, all professionals involved in child welfare need to go through stringent psychological profiling as well as criminal background checks.Money is also, an ongoing source of unacceptable risks against the public, posed by corrupt politicians – again, laws are needed to prohibit private funding to political party’s e.g. A fixed sum to be paid by party members, coupled with public funding for campaigns elections etc., will ensure that politics no longer attracts wealth seekers.

Without doubt, Brexit has and will continue to impose cataclysmic damage to Britain: Brexit therefore, is unacceptable minus a fair deal which continues to provide for British citizens basic rights and needs, all of which have been decimated by Brexit.

We the people, place our last hope that the Supreme Court will uphold our Appeal for a 2nd closely monitored and honest Referendum, after taking into account all of the evidence, laws, rights and issues of concern as shared herein: Are we to progress into the 21st century or are we to regress into the 1800’s? That is the basic premise of what Britain is now facing as a nation and a people.

Without our democracy and our rights, what exactly did British, European and American people ‘win’ by defeating German Nazis via WW2?
Enough is enough, the lies cannot hold water. British people and our children, of every faith and ethnicity, are facing an existential threat – a “shock & awe” removal of our basic human rights and that is outrageous and a criminal abuse of power; a relative handful of Tommy Robinson and Brexit supporters do not speak for a whole nation and do not in any way whatsoever, constitute ‘democratic’ support for a fascist government and it’s suspect elections & referendums.

Boris Johnson PM’s Brexit is unlawful as are all of the powers and freedoms the Brexit-Trojan-Horse is designed to facilitate on behalf of crime & criminals: It is exactly for purpose of inhibiting crime & criminals we have a law in the first place: The Supreme Court therefore, is duty-bound to uphold the Law along with all of the rights as currently form foundation of Public Policy and to challenge all who stand against them.

Here rests our case.

For further evidence please refer to ‘References’ and other links as published via the documents below:

Proposal for revoking or indefinite pause of Article 50
Intel’ For Investigation: Brexit
An Appeal To EU Parliament On Behalf Of British-EU Citizens

An Appeal To EU Parliament On Behalf Of British-EU Citizens

Britain and the EU are presently brokering UK’s exit from the EU and on strength of a Referendum held in 2016, in which UK citizens voted ‘Leave’ by a small majority of just 4%: A minority-lead very likely gained through a variety of criminal activities on side of the Tory-led ‘Leave’ campaign i.e. Financial corruption, blatant lies, invasion of voter privacy, collusion with hostile foreign powers i.e. Russia and Far-Right governments in Hungary, USA, Israel…

While EU officially accepts both USA & Israel as ‘allies’, the reality is that both nations are presently governed by forces of power which are hostile to all of the laws & rights presently upheld by the EU and even, against the power of the EU Free-Trade-Union-Bloc itself. In this sense, Israel & USA governments have shown their true face to the European Union and every nation within it, in as-much as, they have abused their powers to commit and cover up, numerous terrible crimes all committed for purpose of looting & controlling every nation and in that process, stripping away democracy, rights, law etc.

The end objective appears to be finalisation of a new-world-order imposing corporate-feudalism over a serf, global populous, set to run via a two-tier system of one law for the few and another law for the many. Fact is, we are currently, already experiencing the explicit reality of that dual-law system; criminal Bankers & Government Ministers are allegedly “too big to prosecute”.

The point is: We do presently, still have the legal power to address all such predatory powers and simultaneously, uphold & strengthen EU Law and also, apply it i.e. Why is Israel, in light of their gross crimes against humanity, permitted to remain ‘Associated’ within the EU Bloc? A nation is only as good as its leaders and when an alleged ‘democracy’ throws up fascists who oppress even their own populous, we understand that those nations are no longer lawfully recognised as democratic and due to the fundamental fact, that democracy is implemented for the specific purpose of prohibiting fascism. Will Israel be giving up on all the advantages it currently enjoys via EU? If not then why not, considering Israel’s government has been a key force of power behind the push for a UK hard-Brexit which does ultimately, seek to undermine the EU?

Something is very wrong when the political choices within a ‘democracy’ amount to a choice between criminal-liars or else, their less criminal and slightly more honest complicits! Something has gone badly wrong when an allegedly ‘free-press’ has opted to remain ‘non-bias’ and give ‘equal balance’ to both criminal-fiction & lawful-fact and on behalf of satisfying largely foreign interests & agendas.

It gets downright disturbing when the ‘free press’ consistently fails, as a matter of public interest and even, national security, to expose within the context of a General-Election, all of the extreme risks associated with those hoping to profit from their crimes & fictions; lies & slanders against a for-once, humane/sane opposition, are rarely challenged with facts – presumably because that would show ‘bias’? Instead, the lies are repeated on national news programmes against the opposition e.g. Jeremy Corbyn is repeatedly asked to “apologise” for his alleged and actually, non-existent “Anti-Semitism”.

Through ignoring i.e. Israeli crimes against Palestinian people and citizens of Lebanon, Syria etc., the EU is opening the doors to an equally lax respect for EU citizens human rights and to such a degree, UK David Cameron-“I am a Zionist”-PM, could casually announce his plans to “scrap human rights” and then later, after imposing an uncalled-for, socially-divisive Brexit-Referendum on the UK public, more proposals for axing every single law relating to workers rights, women’s rights, environmental rights, health & safety rights…

EU members are surely, fully aware that Brexit is about the single issue of defending Britain’s corporate Crown-Territory Tax Havens, from EU anti-Tax avoidance Laws. Since Britain’s Crown Territories (which includes the square mile of central London), are not part of the EU, these are lawfully recognised as foreign powers & interests, none of which, adhere to EU principles of democracy i.e. Jersey has never held a General Election.

By August 2019, it became very clear that the majority of UK citizens do not want Brexit and certainly not, a ‘hard-Brexit’. Over 1 million people have twice marched through London and tens of thousands in every town & city across Britain, as an impromptu protest against Johnson’s unlawful proroguing of Parliament and in support of remaining within the EU. We have yet to witness anything remotely close to the equivalent in support of Brexit.

Despite all of the risks, evidence & crimes exposed via links as shared in ‘References’ at conclusion of this article, for some inexplicable reason, UK Parliament continued to tolerate Johnson PM & his Government to remain in office and thereafter, to oversee a General Election. This was in direct ignorance of all the evidence exposing a criminal-coup, evidence which includes, a Supreme Court judgement that found Mr Johnson PM guilty of abusing his powers to unlawfully shut-down Parliament/Democracy for purpose of “getting Brexit done” by October 31st.

Some, including myself, had expressed alarm about permitting a criminal government to run a GE; weighing up the risks against a global network of criminal interests, as opposed to the benefits & interests EU membership assures and delivers to UK citizens, it was very clear that Johnson PM & Co, were not only capable of breaking the law to run a rigged-election, they had, after aforementioned SC Judgement, publicly stated that it was their full intention to “break the law” again to “get Brexit done”.

In light of all of the above, UK’s December 12th 2019 GE result is highly suspect and already, evidence is piling enough to validate what amounts to lawful suspicion (see References).

Britain’s postal-vote system is wide open to abuse and it is of major concern that counting of postal-votes is performed by a corporate-entity with direct financial connections to leading Tory Party members – hence, a BBC reporter was at liberty a day before the GE, to publicly disclose on BBC News, strong hints about results of the postal vote via her connections to a Tory Minister.

Johnson’s alleged “landslide victory” is claimed to be the result of a “successful” media attack against Corbyn. While this is very likely true for the Brexit referendum, by now, the British public are fully aware of how they’d been tricked by such methods and, in spite of the mass propaganda against Mr Corbyn, thousands came out to show their support where ever he appeared.

When one examines the facts, the ‘landslide-victory’ makes no sense; the public knew that a vote for Johnson would put a hard-Brexit back on the table (and put millions of UK citizens rights, livelihoods & lives at risk under “50 years austerity”), the public has shown conclusively that support for Brexit has dramatically dwindled and yet, that same public voted by a “landslide” for Mr Johnson? A man who dare not show his face in public nor even, attend TV debates & interviews? Whose ‘manifesto’ was “Get Brexit Done” and “Stop Corbyn”?

It is very probable that Mr Johnson knew he had no need to participate in the usual campaign activities because he already felt confident he would ‘win’ by a landslide because he and his associates were busy preparing to rig the result in their favour. Perhaps Mr Johnson had received a few directives from the Hungarian officials who visited the same building where Mr Johnson was holding a Cabinet meeting on the issue of getting “Brexit done”? Hungary’s far-right government received full backing from former UK PM Ms May – it has recently been reported that investigations into Hungary’s general-election, have exposed solid evidence of vote-rigging.

The UK government are now claiming that turnout for this recent GE was ‘low’ when in fact, people operating the polling stations throughout Britain, were reporting record attendance; millions of people had registered to vote, many of whom, had never voted for years and also, many young people voting for the first time – people who were too young to vote in the Referendum and who, as a social group, are known to be predominantly pro-EU.

Another narrative being pushed online via Twitter etc., is that the ‘landslide-win’ is due to very poor people voting Tory; various news providers have been broadcasting interviews with food-bank users, impoverished disabled people and low-paid, zero-hour-contract workers, NHS staff etc., all stating they “voted for Boris” – apparently, a handful of such interviews speak for the whole of Britain! Strange, how they couldn’t find anyone who voted for Corbyn?

This particular narrative is particularly nasty as it seeks to draw public attention onto the usual scapegoats i.e. The poorest and most vulnerable – we can focus our despair & disgust onto an already, heavily oppressed social-class, blame them for giving the Tories a ‘landslide’ as opposed to questioning the security of this GE and the validity of the result.

Also, why would BBC etc., feel the need to go around identifying Tory voters from among the most impoverished British citizens, unless, they were continuing to assist a criminal government via helping to ‘confirm’ their narratives about how Johnson received a ‘landslide victory’?

Johnson had to win by a landslide in order to have full control of Parliament in order to “Get Brexit done”.

EU Duty Of Care

It is beholden on the EU, to recognise the immense risks now facing the UK public as a captive populous at mercy of what amounts to a criminal-cabal and also, the resulting threat against Europe’s hard-won free-trade-union.

As EU citizens, British people’s only hope now is that EU Parliament honours their duty-of-care toward upholding the rights of all EU citizens and thereby, refuses to commit to any Brexit-deal or even, to permit Brexit, until such a time as the UK public have had a 2nd Referendum and this time, one which is carefully monitored and with a commitment to ensuring the British public are fully and accurately informed about exactly, what they are voting for or against.

While there remains the risk that Johnson PM will simply leave the EU anyway, the UK public will at least, have solid EU backing toward standing up in protest and in support of calling for a 2nd Referendum and/or to oust the Tory-criminals from office and simultaneously, demand arrests & investigations. Should the UK public fail to engage in any such action, the EU will have no choice except, to cut all economic, political & military relations with Britain until, such time as Britain is governed by a law-abiding party which upholds human rights.

Regardless of which political party has been in office, the UK public have paid their dues into the EU and have by majority, honoured EU laws & rights; the British public did not collectively request a Referendum about leaving the EU; no mass demonstrations demanding to leave the EU have ever taken place in Britain and not even, after the the Brexit Referendum. There is no doubt on the fact, that calls to leave the EU, arose almost entirely, from senior ranks within the Tory Party, namely, financial & corporate-business interests all suddenly deeply alarmed by the fast-approaching EU Tax Regulations.

Surely, the EU is legally & ethically obliged to protect the interests & rights of its citizenship over and above the ‘rights’ of a criminal-cabal, established via a criminal-coup and lawfully suspect elections?

On facing EU demands that British people receive the benefit of a 2nd Referendum, as a matter of legal-principle and EU commitment toward ensuring all EU citizens rights to democracy, the present UK government will be forced to shoulder full responsibility for the resulting hard-Brexit instead of being at liberty to claim they are “honouring democracy” via delivering their hard-Brexit.

For sake of the children of Britain, the EU cannot now fail to recognise the severity of this extraordinary situation that is “Brexit” and the core force-of-corrupted-power behind its impetus. In such circumstances, the EU has opportunity and the right, to itself, inform British citizens via public broadcasts/press-conferences, about e.g. Why EU Parliament is insisting on a 2nd Referendum i.e. ‘Due to EU duty of care to ensure national-populations are not being dragged out of the EU against their will, by corrupted-powers, only to become corporate-slaves and stripped of all their rights in order to become a ‘democracy-free-zone’/tax-haven‘.

While EU Parliament holds diplomatic relations with the various EU national governments, a fundamental feature of those relations, is that all governments are recognised as a democracy and therefore, each government represents the people of its nation. However, once a government is lawfully suspected of oppressing or denying democracy and even, proven to be committing crimes against democracy, all diplomacy has to be in favour of the abused & oppressed public suffering rule of any such despot power.

With extreme far-right elements of UK society now joining forces with the present Tory government and for the publicly stated purpose of “securing Johnson’s leadership” for delivering Brexit, alarm-bells are ringing: Britain-First/English-Defence-League led by ex-convict Tommy Robinson, are a party which has previously harassed, traumatised and attacked various minority communities and individuals across Britain; people have been left scarred for life and some, have lost their lives. This, coupled with proposals for Martial Law immediately after Brexit, presents severe risks against minority social groups and women & children.

Again, can EU Parliament morally & ethically, ignore those risks? At this very moment, many UK citizens are feeling literally “terrified” about what Johnson’s ‘government’ have planned and the kind of consciousness now being liberated into social & political power.

It is imperative that EU Parliament thoroughly examines the evidence as presented herein (see ‘References’) and promptly acts to thwart what amounts to, a fascist-take-over of an EU nation which in turn, is backed and facilitated by a variety of very powerful global interests, which have no EU membership and which are completely opposed to the EU as an entity.

Already, as I write, this Tory government is selling off NHS hospitals and even British defence firms! Corporate militarisation needs to be a major concern for the whole of EU. Mercenary soldiers, accountable to no one, are a threat far more serious than that once posed by USSR i.e. An armed body-of-power with no allegiance to law or rights and set to serve only the interests of their employers via troops who will kill for cash – their weapons include social-engineering and weaponized-economic-activities i.e. Sajid Javid’s proposed his “shock & awe strategy” :

What the Singapore-on-the-Thames visionaries appear to have in mind can be summed up as:
A commitment to sweeping tax cuts for corporations and mobile rich people – tax wars as a fiscal weapon;
Tax measures such as accelerated capital allowances to attract mobile investments to UK;
Comprehensive de-regulation, removal of social and environmental protections;
Weak or non-existent compliance with international anti-money laundering measures;
Retaining golden visa arrangements to provide residence rights of wealthy non-British citizens, increasing exposure to oligarchs and corrupt illicit financial flows.

We all know the end-game which is, to erase all the social and economic progressions achieved after WW2; scrapping human rights, workers rights, women & children’s rights, environmental protections – it’s akin to a gang of rapist-thugs taking over the judiciary and granting themselves rights of ownership over every man, woman & child on this planet and meanwhile, the ‘Zionists’ get to complete their ‘Greater Israel Project’ minus any credible voice of dissent…

United we stand – divided we fall.



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PRIME MINISTER Boris Johnson was in the same building as a Hungarian Minister and Hungarian ambassador when he claimed to be holding an “emergency” Cabinet meeting on Friday morning.
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“This is not a situation that should exist in any well-functioning democracy. Britain is now a warning to the rest of the world because what happened in our country could happen in yours.” @carolecadwalla cites work of @CommonsCMS and its unanswered questions.
DynCorp International Targets UK Expansion [Dyncorp, G4S (subsidiary of MOSSAD/Israeli-Intelligence) etc., all at liberty to bring into UK as many troops as they need from abroad and/or hire e.g. EDL/Britain-First supporters].…
Government ‘planning for martial law’ under emergency no-deal Brexit preparations…
Labour unveils free fibre broadband plan for all of UK
Apparently, the UK public have rejected Labour’s proposal in favour of the highly unpopular, very expensive, invasive and actually dangerous, 5G: ‘Boris Johnson’s National Security Council will sign off its decision this week. Chinese firm Huawei will be allowed to supply equipment for the 5G network

The Crown, The Cuts & A Suspect G.E…

Right now, British people should be facing the relief of a £10 minimum wage, major job opportunities from government, independent, corporate & EU investment, focused on; house-building, extended rail networks, free fibre broadband delivered to every household, free education toward training the doctors, nurses, dentists, lawyers, teachers, electricians, plumbers etc., we need; investments in the NHS – improved healthcare, lowered waiting times; jobs & investment into green, efficient energy & eco-technology, planting a billion+ trees. We should have been picking the homeless up off the street, re-establishing legal-aid and reimbursing the sick & disabled with the income they were robbed of: A nation led by a government that does not blindly support crimes against humanity committed by the various, fascist global-powers now controlling Israel, Palestine, America, Brazil, Bolivia, Saudi-Arabia…

Labour Party Manifesto – (BBC etc., could not find anything positive to say about it as a matter of public interest & mass benefits to UK citizens):

All of Labour’s Manifesto, equates to a positively enthused populous, liberated to satisfying the higher aspirations of a 21st century, multicultural, democratic-socio-capitalist culture = more wealth in every citizen’s pockets = more cash circulating our economy to spend in the variety of small businesses and independent services which rely completely, on that public spending. In contrast, the Tory Manifesto amounts to a pack lies and vague promises, more austerity and the mantra: “Let’s Get Brexit Done“.

What population after 10 years austerity, could have refused Labour’s Manifesto in favour of X-amount of years continued stagnation under callous Tory dictates and toward a hard-Brexit that is GUARANTEED to deliver 50 years (at least), of austerity-on-steroids, food rationing, Martial Law, 5G, NHS sold to American corporations, factory prisons, a collapsing £, falling house-prices, a banking & building society bail-in, record job losses and all ultimately, to protect the Corporate-Crown’s tax-breaks & Tax Havens in the Crown-Territories = The self-servatives who claim; “We’re not here to oversee a decent life for the many, the majority are here to suffer economic-slavery, in order to ensure a ‘luxurious’ standard of living and unlimited power ONLY, for the few”?

NHS should be shown ‘no mercy’ in drive for reform
Brexit Job Loss Index: 420,348 Jobs Lost As Of 24 September 2019

This time around, the upper middle classes will feel the brunt, as interest-rates rise, as the £ in their pocket tumbles to 25p? = Return of the pre-decimal ‘CROWN’ for a Crown-owned Tax Haven that what’s left of ‘Britain’ will be? And suddenly, hey-presto! UK wages are “competitive with that of Asia” as the Tories have publicly stated was their objective in realising Thatcher’s vision of our “return to Victorian Britain” = Cameron’s desired ” Permanent Austerity” for the 99%.

The Brexit tax haven: a threat to the UK, not the EU
Brexit and the future of tax havens: Singapore-on-Thames
Hedge funds make £7bn bet (and the rest!) against pound as Brexit bites
Conservative nostalgia for Victorian era is dangerous
It was hard to stomach David Cameron preaching austerity from a golden throne

Why should the vapid fantasies and sadistic ambitions of Etonian-“Tow-Rags”, be satisfied over the honest hopes and dreams of men and women like my grandparents, who fought and suffered through two world wars? We-the-people paid the price in our own blood, sweat and tears, for the rights to enjoy a productive, lawful, humane and compassionate society; by what rights do a minority privileged, self-acclaimed ‘elite’ arrive here today, to snatch all of that away from us and even, in the name of the very FASCISM our forebears fought so bravely & courageously to resist? Was my war-hero Granddad an ‘enemy’ or was he not instead, a defender of law & rights?

How was it possible for the polls to be predicting ‘Victory’ for a lying PM who barely dared show his face in public, had to hide in a fridge from TV reporters, remained absent from national TV debates and dare not face scrutiny even, from fellow right-winger, Andrew Neil?

Over 1 million citizens flooded London in protest against Brexit, TWICE in as many years and with protests across the nation in every town & city – masses waking up to reality, demanding a 2nd Referendum because they now know, the full extent of the outright lies & fraud that persuaded them to vote against their own best interests; thousands gathering around Corbyn where ever he appears – millions joining The Labour Party and registering to vote as part of a massively popular movement to ‘keep-the-Tories-out’.

When the seasoned & veteran politicians among the Labour leadership, publicly expressed their confidence in a resounding WIN, we can be sure they did so from an expert sense and feel for public-mood which was, openly & audibly visible and in stark contrast to the public’s resoundingly negative responses to Johnson.

Never in all my life, as a child of the 60’s, have I witnessed the wave of public acclamation for any UK politician, as I have witnessed for Corbyn and his Shadow-Government but we’re expected to believe that in face of such immense support, it’s the overwhelmingly loathed opposition who gets a “LANDSLIDE-VICTORY“? Seriously?

How did BBC’s Laura Laura Kuenssberg & Tory Minister Domic Raab know the postal vote results the day BEFORE the GE? Why has Labour declined to as any questions but instead, focusing all their attentions on booting Corbyn back onto the backbenches?

Either, this GE was rigged by criminals who stated their intent to and actually did, commit crime to “get Brexit done” or else, the public are once again, mass-victims of Main-Stream-Media smears, lies, threats & propaganda, led primarily, by Murdoch & *BBC: An MSM that has FAILED to honour the foundation of democracy and which has abused and ignored the very concept & ethics of a LAWFULLY Free-Press which is established to inform the public, to challenge any who would attempt to deceive or harm the public, to defend the basic principles of democracy = our Human Rights.

The Brexit Syndicate: Who is taking back control?

Was it too difficult for BBC to inform the public of the extreme, harsh reality of the foreseeable Tory-led future? Instead, the ‘best’ they can do is focus on Corbyn’s alleged and actually, non-existent “anti-semitism”? Meanwhile, Islamophobe, sexist, homophobe, racist Johnson, stands with EDL Tommy Robinson and the likes of Trump & Steve Bannon; forces of consciousness that attack Mulsim & Jewish communities and people of colour, are left largely unchallenged and granted a thoroughly undeserved and truly despicable level of respect & credibility, when we consider the terrible impact of their vitriolic bile ?

Why wasn’t Johnson repeatedly reminded by BBC that e.g. He stands judged “guilty” by the Supreme Court no less, of abusing his powers of office to obstruct democracy in order to HARM our United Kingdom with the kind of EU-EXIT a rogue nation would expect as punishment on being KICKED OUT of the EU? Why wasn’t he repeatedly asked to “apologise” to Muslims, Jews, women, gays and people of colour? Why weren’t the BBC hell-bent on demanding immediate release of the RUSSIA REPORT? Why did they FAIL to give even a FRACTION of the attention on ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ that USA’s MSNBC, has devoted to e.g. ‘The Mueller Report’?

While the BBC claim to have supported ‘balance’ and remain ‘non-biased’, they appear to have ignored the foundation of what makes for lawful debate i.e. No sane entity grants ‘equal balance’ to lies against truth as a ‘democratic-choice’ or exhibits ‘non-bias’ between the lawfully honest and the outright criminal! The point being; fair coverage and non-bias, needs to be in FAVOUR of what is most truly in the best interests of the public that entity is established for to serve and, taking into account that the public does include e.g. Children and young people, who have no ability to vote, as well as, vulnerable minority social-groups. A Free-Press has a duty-of-care to hold power to account.

Why has the BBC declined to comment on any of the evidence compiled here?: Intel For Investigation: Brexit

A ‘free press’ serving the interests & agendas of those openly committed to “scrapping” our human-rights and even, democracy itself, is a criminal force of influence; a danger not just to our own nation but against every nation and indeed, is a risk against our very planet i.e. A press & media that have empowered the kind of consciousness that is right now, trashing the Amazon, killing children & innocents in Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Ethiopia, Bolivia; crippling Venezuela, Cuba & Iran with cruel sanctions and meanwhile, one corporation/TEPCO quietly continues to poison Japan and kill our Pacific Ocean with its 3 ongoing, nuclear melt-through’s and to hell with climate-change…

EU Referendum Briefing 6: A Bonfire of Rights? EU Employment and Equality Law after Brexit

And yes, I DO bring God/YHWH/Jah/Allah into this, as one who has struggled to survive through 17 years CSA and a further 27 years, enlightened and somewhat burdened, with experience of Universal-Golden-Light-Being-Intelligence and the message of Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion; one who has received negative judgement, scorn, attack, ridicule & degradation because of both the abuse and my experience.
Light Being:

Yes, I AM standing with Jah in confronting the enemies of life, love & law to defend the rights of the innocent and most especially, when those enemies are attacking our sanity & intelligence on strength of allegedly, defending self-acclaimed ‘Zionists’ as ‘God’s chosen people’ and, who are behaving nothing at all like God but in fact, are operating like a DEVIL on this Earth and who themselves, have empowered those who can be most RELIED on to attack Jews in every nation! And for what purpose, beyond more death & destruction, to deliver yet more power & profits to the kind of people who flock around the likes of Epstein? = A guy who worked for “Intelligence” = Gathering filth to control the filth that will control the good people of every nation with coercion, hate, lies, division, fear and cruel economy?

Video: Shocking words of Israeli leaders read aloud in Irish parliament
It Sure Looks Like Jeffrey Epstein Was a Spy—But Whose?

We have no time to lose because the sharks & vultures of consciousness are circling; how long before we lose our present online-freedoms and communities, to intrusive & oppressive corporate/fascist-control? How long before “leftists”/”Corbynistas” are being targeted by the Corporate-State as an “enemy-within”? How long before Martial Law rolls out in unison with Johnson’s hard Brexit? What hope for ‘democracy’ then?

It is beholden now for Labour leadership to CHALLENGE these GE results, to demand an investigation into the security of this election. We no longer can afford the LUXURY of blind faith that all ‘up-top’ are operating with integrity when we have solid evidence providing good reason to strongly suspect foul-play and especially, not when we consider the huge sums and related powers at stake as opposed to the rights & welfare of Britain as a nation! Money & power to the elitist-financial & corporate far-right interests that delivered the call for ‘Brexit’ in the first place and only, in response to the newly proposed EU Tax Regulations!

We’re looking at a privileged group who are facing not just extra-taxes but criminal investigations into their collective fraud & theft. What WON’T they do to avoid all of that? Considering they’re happy to squander the lives of over 200,000 of their electorate and ramp up a £trillion+ DEBT solely, on behalf of their corporate-interests, how many more will they be willing to sacrifice to avoid jail? How many more crimes will they commit when the ONLY thing standing between themselves & justice, are papers in a ballot-box? Have they earned the ‘benefit-of-doubt’? No they have not.

*EU corporate tax avoidance rules come into force
*Note the EU scrutiny on ‘companies’ that ‘don’t have any “genuine economic activity” = Money Laundering fronts that involve many among Britain’s monied & political ‘elite’ who currently thrive above-the-law:
The Finchley Road Fraud story:

Now is not the time for Labour to fall apart: Stay in place, stand strong. We need you Mr Jeremy Corbyn and all who stand and stood, firmly by your side through this last 10 years of crime & criminals. We-the-people NEED your united-front at the helm of our push for sense & sanity to prevail: It will take commitment, vision, faith & courage in what we KNOW and NOT in what we are TOLD by liars and criminal-complicits, to believe.

We CAN save our planet, we CAN give the CHILD a future worth living. We can and we WILL because we love our children, we love our Mother Earth and we love the diverse splendour of all the wondrous life this amazing, fantastic Universe, has created here: It is time we walked out of the existential-corporate-nightmares and embarked on an Exodus into higher consciousness, toward realising the dream of what we were always created to be = Universal Beings; Guardians & Carers for our beautiful Planet Earth.

Intel’ For Investigation: Brexit

*Proposal for official investigations into Boris Johnson PM and various others as cited herein, via Security Services Act 1989 for the protection of national security and, in particular, protection against threats from espionage, terrorism and sabotage, from the activities of agents of foreign powers and via actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means and to safeguard the economic well-being of the United Kingdom against threats posed by the actions or intentions of persons within and outside the British Islands.

*For purpose of continuity, the majority of pertinent points raised herein are evidenced via links shared in References at conclusion of this presentation and via Document A and its associated links for reference

Britain is currently, in the historically unique position of suffering governance of a rogue Prime Minister & Cabinet, none of whom were elected into their respective positions via process of a General Election/GE but instead, are appointed by members of their own party on resignation of elected Prime Minister Theresa May.

The majority of concerns are expressed and evidenced in Document A:

Since Document A was compiled during May 2019 and published July 2019, more evidence pertaining to our concerns has come to light and all of this later evidence to be disclosed herein.

In summary, concerns expose lawful evidence supporting lawful suspicion that the UK Government currently under leadership of Boris Johnson PM, is fundamentally dedicated to destroying Britain as a United Kingdom and a democracy and furthermore, is conspiring to severely undermine Britain’s sovereign currency and economy as well as, inflict major hardship on millions of British citizens for purpose of satisfying a variety of foreign interests and those of their British cohorts, as presently have positions in Government Office and among various financial interests.

The Supreme Court Judgement 24th of September 2019 has stated very clearly, that Mr Johnson acted unlawfully via his advice to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, toward satisfying his request that HRH prorogue Parliament for an unprecedented 5 weeks and during a period in which, Mr Johnson PM and conspirators, were intent on delivering a no-deal exit from the European-Union/EU of which, Britain has been a part since 1972 and with all of our trade, business, rights and economy, thus interdependent within that union.

Despite repeatedly claiming that his extended proroguement of Parliament had nothing to do with his plans for Britain’s exit from the EU on October 31st, directly on hearing the SC Judgement, Mr Johnson PM immediately stated that the judgement was delivered to “frustrate Brexit” and “stop this country coming out of the EU“, thereby implying the Judgement was part of a covert conspiracy and simultaneously, confirming the validity of Parliament’s case, that he had indeed, shut down democracy for exactly the purpose of getting his own Brexit plans delivered minus any involvement from Parliament.

An abrupt exit from the EU inevitably, will deliver severe disruption via economic hardship, substantial risks to human life and which in turn, threatens civil unrest as well as, the breaking up of our United Kingdom via Scotland & Northern Ireland opting for Independence from England & Wales, as is their lawful right within EU Law and as EU citizens of semi-self-governing States within UK and, who have each voted to remain in the EU: Parliament has a duty and responsibility to address all of these aforementioned likely/probable scenarios in negotiating conditions for Brexit. Mr Johnson PM attempted to stop that vital process of Parliament.

‘Operation Yellow-Hammer’ as recently published in redacted form to the British public, leaves us in no doubt that this government is fully aware of the terrible disruptions, insecurity and severe hardship a no-deal exit from the EU/Brexit will deliver. Of particular importance is the plan to invoke Martial Law for purpose of crushing civil unrest post Brexit.

The very fact that Mr Johnson PM considers Martial Law is necessary and has planned for thousands of troops to ‘assist police’ throughout Britain, is evidence that this government feels the UK populous and even, Parliament itself, are a threat to security for a lawfully suspected criminal, minority and largely foreign elite, after a no-deal Brexit. In that context and in light of evidence exposed herein, preparations for Martial Law, constitute a terrorist-threat via further abuse of power within public office and via conspiracy with foreign agents and interests.

Martial Law may be applied during times of war, temporary emergency such as invasion or major disaster, or in an occupied territory and most commonly, occurs after a coup d’état.

Mr Johnson PM’s unlawful proroguing of Parliament can be accurately and lawfully be described as a ‘coup’ whereby, he abused his powers of office to effectively, deny Parliament & democracy the right to act toward preventing all aforementioned risks and insidious-opportunities as are known and planned for, in event of a no-deal Brexit.

Certainly, since Parliament is judged to have been suspended/prorogued for the unlawful purpose of denying Parliamentary democracy that is known to be fully against the government’s desired no-deal Brexit (due precisely, to the catastrophic impact that would yield on every aspect of British society, health, security, economy and rights), plans as exposed via ‘Operation-Yellow-Hammer’/OYH, amount to an intent to implement Martial Law toward serving the reverse of what Martial Law in a democracy, is intended to serve, as opposed to the lawful democratic application of Martial Law which seeks to protect the population and associated interests of Parliament, economy and nation.

We cannot forget the fact, that men with guns and power over the public, are commonly known to abuse those powers; women & children are especially at risk.

In their defence, Mr Johnson PM and his British co-conspirators, consistently claim to be serving democracy and honouring the referendum vote of 2016, in favour of just 17.2 million British citizens from a population of over 60 million and, with the many among that 60 million, doomed to immeasurable hardship and even death via the hard-Brexit Mr Johnson claims is his ‘duty’ to now deliver.

It is for the very reason that substantially larger numbers than voted in the referendum or, who were for various reasons, unable to vote (e.g. Children under 18), will be severely impacted by withdrawal from the EU, that the referendum result itself, is legally only an ‘advisory’ vote from the public and thereafter, it is the duty of Parliament, to democratically and responsibly act on behalf of their respective constituents who collectively, form a far greater democratic majority than the 4% among 17.2 million Leave voters who formed a majority over the 48% who voted Remain.

Parliament is also, fully aware that the ‘Leave’ campaign was inherently dishonest and had employed a foreign, global social engineering corporation ‘Cambridge Analytica’ which is known to serve far-right interests in a variety of nations governed by despot powers and, for purpose of serving the same far-right agendas, have violated data-protection protocols and engaged in all manner of underhand tactics to persuade British citizens to effectively vote against their own and others best interests.

Added to these concerns, is evidence of unlawful finances funding the Leave campaign along with evidenced lies about the benefits of leaving the EU as well as, lies about the risks of remaining in the EU i.e. It was alleged that Britain pays £350 million a week into the EU and also, that Turkey was about to join the EU and subsequently, deliver “millions of Muslims” to Britain’s shores.

Such was the extent and impact of the Leave campaign propaganda, that on realising the truth, many among Leave voters have since changed their mind and most especially, on becoming fully informed of the catastrophic impact of a no-deal Brexit.

Parliament as electoral representatives of a far greater majority than 17 million, therefore, have a lawful/righteous duty of care to take all such evidence into account when faced with prospect of acting on the advice of the electorate’s Referendum i.e. The ‘adviser’/electorate is known to have delivered their advice on strength of misinformation and via manipulation from corporate-powers serving both minority British and foreign interests.

It is clear without doubt, that the 4% majority win on side of Leave, is no longer an accurate reflection of the electorate’s wishes and indeed, it is for this reason the opposition Leader of The Labour Party, Mr Jeremy Corbyn MP, has opted to include a 2nd Referendum in his Party Manifesto. Certainly, according to other EU nations criteria for a lawful Referendum, any evidence of foul-play via lies or disinformation, illegal funding and/or concealing of relevant information, renders that Referendum void and demands a 2nd Referendum.

It is important to note, that the Referendum vote did not include a ‘don’t know’ option. This is a very important point as over 40% of the electorate failed to vote and a fair majority of those directly due to being unsure about exactly, what they were voting for or against. Again, Parliament has a duty of care to acknowledge that failure of the Referendum to provide a ‘don’t-know’ option and most especially, in light of the somewhat disturbing fact, that the BBC and various other usually trusted news-providers, had failed to adequately inform the public in respect of the known and severe disadvantages of leaving the EU.

The BBC for example, had decided that being non-bias means balancing lies and truth as an ‘equal democratic choice’ and despite the undeniable fact that lies are known to serve anti-democratic/fascist interests. A democracy is known to be established specifically, for purpose of thwarting the rise of fascism whereby, minority agendas contrive to run a dictatorship which in turn, denies equal rights to various social groups according to ethnicity, faith, class, politics etc.

Also, Parliament cannot fail to take into account that many, perhaps a majority among Leave voters were persuaded by various government ministers, that in no circumstances would Britain exit from the EU without a ‘Deal’. Indeed, a hard-exit is what rogue nations can expect on expulsion from the EU; it is most unreasonable and actually ridiculous to suggest that a nation may be directed by a democratic government to vote in favour of its own expulsion from its trusted trade-union and thereafter, to suffer what amounts to, the kind of punishment meant for a criminal nation whose policies and aspirations are deemed undemocratic and unrighteous according to EU Law, Rights & Protocols.

Since a hard exit/expulsion from the EU would undoubtedly occur had Britain decided to ignore all of EU laws and legislation, clearly, erasing all such laws is the prime motive behind Mr Johnson & Tory plans for a hard Brexit in event of failing to achieve their unreasonable ‘deal’ proposal.
One might think that prior to entering the EU, Britain was some kind of savage nation which had no laws to protect the public, wildlife, the workforce or environment. It appears that freedom from the EU now grants Mr Johnson and elitist supporters, freedom to do as they please within the kind of social, political and ecological ethos as was the ‘norm’ in Britain during the 18th century.

In this sense, the nature of attack is very subtle while the impacts are strikingly visible and not least the cunning thus displayed i.e. A criminal wants to steal your goods but persuades you by underhand means, to give him the ‘right’ to just take what ever he pleases from you:

If Mr Johnson succeeded in getting his Brext, effectively, the Tory Party would have managed to literally wipe-out over 100 years of social, economic & political progress in Britain and by persuading the populous via xenophobic fear & threat, to agree in submitting themselves and our nation, to the kind of punishment reserved for hardened criminals i.e. We kick ourselves out of the EU as opposed to Tories flatly refusing to accept EU rules & regulations and they alone, being held responsible for the resulting catastrophe.

No nation would knowingly do it and no reasonable or sane Parliament would dare suggest it and yet somehow, millions of British people are persuaded via all manner of surreptitious means and not least, control within various internet social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc., that kicking ourselves out of our own very useful and beneficial Trade Union is ‘liberation’ and ‘freedom’ to be a slave in destitution?

Examining the hard facts of evidence, we’ve witnessed a cruel and nasty trick, the magician’s sleight of hand and suddenly, we are aware of the psychopathy behind it, that would throw a whole population over a cliff, to save his own skin and, as shall be revealed herein, it is the Brexit orchestrators who face the ‘cliff’ if they don’t get their desired hard Brexit.

Mr Johnson has publicly complained about the £1bn a month Britain pays into the EU, regardless of the fact that Britain does receive the full value of that £1bn spent (if indeed, in real-terms, that figure is correct), and meanwhile, he obviously had no problems at all with the £1+bn per week Britain is currently paying in ‘interest’ on the £1.27tn Banking-Bail-Out debt, for which, Britain receives, ‘Austerity’ delivering hardship, misery, sickness, homelessness, loneliness and death.

Have Britain’s allegedly ‘free-press’ not the intelligence to make such juxtapositions and thereby, fully alert the public as to how they’re being ‘played’ by political & economic tricksters and fraudsters? Are the BBC News Team not capable of presenting such juxtapositions to e.g. Tory MPs promoting Brexit via such arguments as aforementioned ‘£1bn a month’ to EU?

The reality behind Mr Johnson’s flippant “humbug” attitude is harsh. It is a created, imposed reality via Tories such as Iain Duncan Smith, who punched his fists and laughed with glee when his draconian cuts to Britain’s Benefits System, passed through Parliament, which then led directly to tens of thousands of deaths and for what purpose, if not only to cover the aforementioned £1+bn per week and simultaneously, grant tax cuts, bonuses, pay-rises and higher subsidies to the very rich?

If such tactics are not a crime, a perversion of democracy and government, then what is crime in this world? It is one thing to lie but to lie with criminal intent of deception, to rob and kill, to spare oneself from facing cuts to one’s own income and/or prosecution and instead, orchestrate persecution against the victims of your crime?

Mr Johnson’s comment about the £1bn per month to EU is evidence. It is evidence of deliberate distraction as every trickster employs and therein we understand that Mr Johnson is a trickster employed by tricksters who profit from their tricks and leave millions in their wake to suffer the consequence and pick up the pieces; they know what they’re doing but have no care, their strength they claim, is their inherent lack of compassion and that is their little ‘secret’ and their ‘code’, exactly as the small matter of £1bn a week being paid to a set of largely criminal & negligent bankers, has fast faded into the realms of secrecy too; hidden in plain sight.

The important point here is, we are dealing with a plan, a plot, a scheme; Brexit is not a random event: How does one loot and take control of a nation and scrap the citizens Human Rights without a military army and all under cover of democracy? It appears the world has yet to fully wake up to the reality and stealth-nature of 21st century terrorism.

The very fact that Mr Johnson PM and his Cabinet Ministers, have conspired to deny the democratic rights & duties of Parliament on strength of deliberate misinterpretation and abuse of his powers and for purpose of delivering a no-deal Brexit and/or a disadvantageous deal, to the degree he has planned implementation of Martial Law post-Brexit, is concrete evidence that Mr Johnson’s government and also, those among his backers ‘in-the-know,’ are rogue/criminal elements who have plotted to attempt a coup. Collectively, they represent a constitutional, military, economic and social threat against Britain as a peaceful United Kingdom:

Removing Mr Johnson from Office is not by itself, going to remove the ongoing threat from those who conspired to put him there for such nefarious purpose, in the first place.

All of the above points need to be raised in Parliament when faced with this government’s obfuscation and outright lies.

One of Mr Johnson PM’s ardent supporters and co-conspirators with vested interests in a no-deal Brexit, Mr Nigel Farage MEP, has very recently threatened to “take the knife” to Britain’s Civil Services in event of his desired hard-Brexit becoming reality; apparently, he has “had enough of them all!”

Another Johnson PM supporter, Brendan O’Neill, recently stated on National TV, that there “should be riots” in event of Brexit being cancelled and/or granted with a favourable deal.

There is plenty of evidence, including public statements from members of Mr Johnson PM’s own family, that wealthy financiers and corporations in Britain and abroad, have engaged in the egregious activity of hedging ‘bets’ against the strength of Britain’s sovereign currency, according to the foreseeable circumstance that a hard Brexit will impose a significant decrease in value of the £Pound.

This equates to the undeniable fact that those same interests now stand to take heavy financial losses in event of Brexit with a favourable deal and/or revoking of Article 50 in event of remaining an EU member via results of a 2nd referendum.

It is no surprise therefore, to understand that such powerful collective interests will be proactive toward inciting civil unrest and will continue with their divisive, inaccurate and unlawful narratives that claim a no-deal Brexit is to satisfy the democratic choice of British people.

Foreign interests feature rogue governments of other nations; these include predominantly, America and Israel, both nations governed by far-right extremists in the form of Mr Trump and until very recently, Mr Netenyahu, both of whom, have very close, personal relations with one another and also, with Mr Johnson PM as well as Mr Farage and ‘Tommy Robinson’ leader of the ‘English Defence League’ i.e. The day after proroguement of Parliament, Mr Netenyahu in capacity as Israeli PM, flew to Britain specifically, to visit Mr Johnson PM at No10. More recently, Mr Johnson was witnessed sitting with President Trump at The United Nations and with the pair giving a press-conference in which, President Trump expressed his faith in Johnson PM’s ability to deliver the desired no-deal Brexit. It is known that President Trump is keen to broker a USA-UK Trade Deal in return for corporate take-over of Britain’s NHS and on condition Britain abandons EU health & safety regulations on food.

Parliament, in light of the proposed deal with USA, again, has a democratic duty to ensure that any deal with USA as opposed to EU, is more advantageous to Britain as a whole than a deal with the EU.

In considering the proposed USA deal, Parliament cannot ignore the fact that there is as yet, no deal with America, that Congress is committed to blocking that deal in event of a hard Brexit imposing a hard border across Ireland/scrapping the Good-Friday-Agreement and, the fact that Britain on leaving the EU, will instantly lose all of the 168 deals we have with other nations via EU membership.

The point is; Parliament exists to ensure that the democratic will of the people is not exploited or manipulated to the degree that a populous is persuaded to vote foolishly and subsequently, expecting Parliament to display equal folly such as, unquestioningly abiding by a non-legally binding, advisory Referendum that will without doubt, deliver catastrophe that a misinformed populous are unaware of and will be fundamentally against and to the degree, it will require Martial Law to implement.

OYH for example, refers to rationing and sky rocketing increases in prices of food and other goods – again, corporate interests stocking up on food etc., are hoping to make huge profits in event of a no-deal Brexit and meanwhile, a rapidly falling £pound and a populous already struggling under severe austerity, will be hard pressed to buy adequate food supplies and millions left to depend on foodbank-charities.

Most disturbingly, Mr Johnson’s government has issued a public statement claiming they have ‘no legal responsibility to supply food’ during times of natural disaster or on leaving the EU. Nonetheless, the government is prepared to supply body bags for the tens of thousands at risk of death via a hard Brexit, as it is known the government has invested in a stockpile of body-bags as part of their post-Brexit preparations.

Since it will take on average, at least two years for any of Britain’s existing 168 trade deals via EU, to be renegotiated, it appears rationing and Martial Law will become the mainstay of UK society far into the foreseeable future. How will democracy operate within Martial Law? How long can Martial Law and/or a State-Of-Emergency lawfully last?

Considering Mr Johnson PM and co-conspirators have publicly stated their intent to ignore the law, have actually broken the law and are known liars, Parliament has no choice but to assume the resulting coup, fully intends to permanently erase democracy from Britain via all of the mechanisms as shared herein. Indeed, one of the first post Brexit Acts intended by Mr Johnson PM, is to “scrap” Human Rights.

The EU has a duty of care to act in the interests of Scotland and Northern Ireland for purpose of assuring and supporting their independence from England & Wales and due precisely to the fact that Mr Johnson PM’s government is set on scrapping their Human Rights. In face of a known liar and law-breaker, there is nothing Mr Johnson can say that may lawfully convince the EU or for that matter, Parliament, that he will instead, scrap his commitment to scrapping Human Rights.

This means that a break up of the United Kingdom and/or a resurgence of terrorism in Northern Ireland and/or civil unrest in Scotland, is a very likely prospect for a post no-deal-Brexit-Britain.

Considering all of the severe disadvantages as listed above, coupled with the benefits thus to be gained by minority interests, can there be any reasonable argument to support the notion that Brexit is not tantamount to a terrorist plot, devised among the highest orders governing global economy and corporate-finances?

Further Points Of Concern

According to all of the concerns and evidence shared herein, Britain’s Parliament and that of EU, cannot reasonably avoid the lawful suspicion that Britain under rule of Mr Johnson and his cohorts, is facing a lawfully identified threat against every aspect of our national security & economy which, does include threats via collusion with foreign powers in the form of Mr Netenyahu and Mr Trump both of whom, are facing investigations into lawfully suspected criminal activity and abuse of public office within their own nations.

Added to those concerns is the presence of corporate military & security services within Britain i.e. Dyncorp and their newly granted powers to bring in staff/troops from abroad, all available for hire to Mr Johnson’s government for purpose of e.g. ‘keeping-the-peace’. Dyncorp, on hire by USA, deployed throughout the Middle East and answerable to no one, is known to have been engaged in training members of ISIS and involved in human & child trafficking.

Though to date, USA & Israel as nations, are assumed as ‘allies’ to Britain, this does not mean we may casually ignore any circumstance in which the status of ‘friend’ is abused to extent that ‘friend’ is in fact, plotting against Britain’s best interests via their own commitment to far-right, extremist interests which run against Britain’s own interests and thereby, covertly and overtly threaten our national security.

It is clear that USA for example, is currently under control of a similarly rogue government as headed by Mr Trump who, is presently under impeachment investigations due to his own collusion with foreign powers in his efforts to undermine USA democracy.

Since Congress as democratic equivalent to UK Parliament, has now by majority, committed to embark on impeachment investigations against their sitting President, it is beholden on UK Parliament to acknowledge that status of ‘allie’ applies for now, solely to Congress and not, to President Trump who is himself, in service to the same corporate and largely foreign interests as Mr Johnson PM, namely, Russian and Israeli.

Russian Brexit interests are at present, largely, oligarchal in terms of financial gains to certain individuals. In case of Israel, however, interests are both financial and political in terms of a strategy to support vested interests for Israel’s ruling political Party, to fulfil their ambition to possess the whole of Palestine and even, lands beyond that border.

The fact is, that Israel under rule of the Zionist Party, has broken a variety of international laws and regularly commits flagrant abuses against Human Rights of Palestinians who are openly judged ‘inferior’ and even as ‘vermin’ by said Party. While Britain may remain committed as friend to the nation of Israel as an entity, Parliament has no choice but to recognise the inherent criminality presently governing Israel and illegally occupying Palestinian lands with brutal if not savage force.

Already, EU nations and Britain especially, are expressing disgust and rage in face of Zionist atrocities and in this respect, Zionists recognise a powerful force of obstruction and global condemnation against their plans for satisfying the ambitions of their ‘Greater Israel Project‘.

Therefore, it is no surprise to witness Israeli support for Mr Johnson PM and his hard-Brexit: Mr Farage has publicly ‘predicted the European Union may collapse within two years if Boris Johnson succeeds in securing a Brexit that delivers on demands for independence from the bloc’ (implying that Britain is a captive of the EU rather than an independent member).

Certainly, the ways of democracy in Israel are in no way aligned with EU nations and equally as certainly, Mr Johnson PM’s no-deal Brexit threatens to impose a very similar approach to governance here in Britain and from there, into the whole of Europe i.e. Democracy for the few against the interests and rights of the many and as in Israel, equally dependent too, on military enforcement to maintain that imbalanced status-quo.

The extract below as published by The Telegraph August 2019: Presents active evidence of an ongoing propaganda initiative – spinning the narrative to lay foundations for the suspected global-corporate-coup and break-up of our nation and even, the entire EU. Do we casually accept that the conclusions of their alleged ‘Think Tank’ are in any way ‘friendly’ or in service to the interests of democracy?:

Two thirds of millennials favour “strong leaders who do not have to bother with parliament”, according to a poll revealing a sharp rejection of liberal principles.
‘The report by Onward, the centre-right think tank, found that 66 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds favour ‘strongman’ leaders while 26 per cent believe democracy is a bad way to run the country – and 36 per cent would support army rule

Note the ‘spin’ here is first, to subtly promote the notion that a democratic-parliament is a liberal principle and secondly, on how the figures are presented i.e. ‘The report by Onward, the centre-right think tank, found that 66 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds favour ‘strongman’ leaders while 26 per cent believe democracy is a bad way to run the country – and 36 per cent would support army rule’:

The report focusing on a specific age-group of 25-34 year old’s find that the minority of UK citizens forming that age-group, by majority, favour ‘strongman leaders’ and, that a majority of them do not believe democracy is a ‘bad way to run the country’ and a slightly smaller majority, would not support ‘army rule’. These are the obvious facts of the report which are nonetheless, presented to suggest that the average 25 – 34 year old’s among UK citizens are basically in favour a far-right/fascist-style governance.

This type of ‘spin’ constitutes the mainstay of far-right narratives in that they manage to promote the negative as a ‘positive’ and in that process, denigrate the positive as ‘negative’ – another ‘magician’s’ trick we need to recognise as a ‘criminally-subversive’ form of mind-control which, holds such power that a bragging, self confessed sex-offender can be elected as President of the United States i.e. Various minorities of extremists, criminals, subversive and for the most part, gullible characters among the populous, are liberated, impressed and even, comforted – such are the powers of the resulting cult-fan-base; a dangerous force to unleash in any nation, a force that has been given a ‘right’ to do wrong.

The same has worked successfully for Israeli Zionists for decades and it is a weapon within the covert-terrorist’s agendas. Mr Johnson PM it appears, is presently a pupil in this narrative under tutorship of his mentor-in-chief, Mr Dominic Cummings.

It is therefore, most pertinent to the concerns shared herein, that such levels of ‘news’ are now more than ever, being published in UK mainstream press and at this moment of history, in which Parliament has had to take the extraordinary measures of having a case against Mr Johnson PM and his government, heard in the Supreme Court due to his attempts to effectively shut down Parliament/Democracy.

Clearly, elements of Britain’s media are equally suspect as co-conspirators and as corporate entities managed by far-right individuals such as e.g. Mr Rupert Murdoch who is equally, as heavily involved in USA politics & media as he is in Britain’s.

Mr Murdoch is without doubt, fully supportive of both Mr Trump and Mr Johnson’s desires for a no-deal Brexit being as any deal currently acceptable to the EU, does not include a hard border across Ireland and maintains an insistence that Britain abides by EU rules & regulations and not least, the ‘dreaded’ tax-regulations due to become effective in Britain January 2020. Tax regulations which inevitably involves EU scrutiny on all businesses established or operating within Britain and which include, Mr Murdoch’s own financial & business interests.

As document A explains, the proposed EU tax regulations and restrictions against tax-havens, caused such major consternation among the Tory government and their backers, that they collectively commanded Mr Cameron PM to try and extricate Britain from submitting to them. On realising there was no way out, they embarked on finding a strategy by which to leave the EU i.e. A Referendum and the ‘Leave’ campaign which in turn, recruited support from other far right interests via the English Defence League (known for its supporters terrorist actions against British Muslims) and UKIP which strongly opposes immigration and immigrants.

Since EDL & UKIP have no significant if any members seated in Parliament, it is again, deeply disturbing that such minority and subversive non-Parliamentary political parties have vested interests in assisting Mr Johnson PM and equally Mr Trump as well as, Mr Netenyahu and also, that supporters of all of those parties are known to engage in extremist and/or terrorist actions against innocent people on grounds of ethnicity, faith, gender, politics or class.

It is here noted with deep concern that members of the Supreme Court Judiciary were subject to threats and also, members of Parliament who have acted to thwart Mr Johnson PM’s actions, have received death threats and, in remembrance of the late Jo Cox MP murdered by a far-right Brexit supporter in the run-up to the Referendum, it is clear that Parliament and Britain’s Security Services, need to fully accept the veracity of such threats as a fundamental feature of a coup that is itself, a dire and deadly threat against Britain as an economy, an independent, United Kingdom and, as a democracy.

Ultimately, Brexit is about ONE single objective: Protecting the interests of the top 10% and their global corporations from EU Law and Tax regulations. Collectively, the powers behind Mr Johnson PM, hope to establish and manage, post-Brexit Britain as a tax-haven:

Just to put this in context, Singapore has rapidly expanded its role as an offshore financial centre in the past decade, currently ranks number five on the Financial Secrecy Index, and has a secrecy score of 67. That secrecy score reflects general weaknesses in Singapore’s corporate transparency regime and low level of commitment to tackling corporate tax dodging.

So this raises questions about what senior politicians in London mean when they talk about Singapore-on-the-Thames. Mr *Javid – a serious contender to replace Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party, who has worked as a banker in Singapore – has spoken about using tax cuts and deregulation as part of a “shock and awe strategy” to transform the post-Brexit UK economy.

What the Singapore-on-the-Thames visionaries appear to have in mind can be summed up as:

A commitment to sweeping tax cuts for corporations and mobile rich people – tax wars as a fiscal weapon;
Tax measures such as accelerated capital allowances to attract mobile investments to UK;
Comprehensive de-regulation, removal of social and environmental protections;
Weak or non-existent compliance with international anti-money laundering measures;
Retaining golden visa arrangements to provide residence rights of wealthy non-British citizens, increasing exposure to oligarchs and corrupt illicit financial flows.’

*It is noted with alarm, that Mr Javid is now Chancellor of the Exchequer.

However, it is not merely restrictions on access to tax-havens and cuts in profits, as posed by EU Tax regulations, that Britain’s top financial-beneficiaries most fear, it is the inevitable scrutiny on all businesses and companies currently registered in Britain.

Such scrutiny will undoubtedly uncover and publicly expose, a magnitude of crime and criminals presently operating with impunity, much of which, has already been made public via the dedicated efforts of retired RAF Engineer, Mr Gordon Bowden who has for 17 years, tried without success, to persuade the powers of UK police, government and media, to investigate and/or deliver the necessary prosecutions.

While it has proven a simple matter to thoroughly ignore Mr Bowden’s evidence and relegate his information to the ‘alternative/fake-news’ zone as a ‘wild-conspiracy-theory’, Britain’s top criminals have no such inside influence over EU Parliament and their associated bodies of power:

What we are talking about here is a global asset-stripping £multi-billion money-laundering operation on an industrial scale being carried out by MPs, Lords, Knights, Dames, celebrities and sportsmen alike, and Gordon Bowden can prove it. He has got files and documentation to back this claim up, information that could, potentially, bring the whole House of Cards and ‘The Establishment’ down with it and put a lot of well-known people behind bars for years for their involvement in what is, essentially, theft and money-laundering on a grand scale.’

Examining Mr Bowden’s evidence in light especially, of the Chilcot Inquiry, it appears that Mr Blair PM was persuaded by rogue elements within UK Intelligence Services, that Saddam had WMD’s/nuclear weapons hidden in Iraq. The information was classified ‘top secret’ due to the sensitive nature as to how he had acquired them. This was not information that Mr Blair PM was at liberty to disclose to Parliament.

It is quite possible that Mr Blair PM was subject to undue pressure to keep this information secret via coercion, according to evidence of his being involved in sexual encounters with older males during his youth via an activity commonly known as ‘cottaging’ and which takes place in and around men’s public toilets.

That evidence was leaked and appeared briefly in some of Britain’s gutter press, from there, it quickly descended into ‘alternative news’, none of the more ‘trusted’ news medias picked up on the story and certainly, it was not discussed within any TV news channels. During this time, Britain’s use of the internet was minimal and many of the regular and trusted alternative news platforms now available, were not then in existence. Perhaps, the story was leaked enough and in vague enough terms, so as to warn Mr Blair that at any moment such news or perhaps worse, could explode into the glare of ‘Sky’ or BBC and thereby, receive mass public attention?

This method of coercion is well known as consistently used by ‘intelligence’ via such individuals as Savile and Epstein and, in case of Epstein, Mr Acosta, his lawyer and later Labour Secretary under President Trump, confirmed under oath that Epstien was “working with intelligence“.

Such methods are by now irrefutable and fully confirmed via the disclosure of a UK Intelligence translator Ms Katharine Gun, who blew the whistle on ‘intelligence’ from America requesting UK Intelligence assistance toward ‘finding dirt’ on various UN officials, in order to put pressure on them to support military invasion of Iraq.

15 Years Later: How U.K. Whistleblower Katharine Gun Risked Everything to Leak Damning Iraq War Memo

‘Sometimes you come across a story that seems so unbelievable that you simply can’t absorb and process the information properly. It doesn’t compute or make much sense – until an investigation produces evidence.
The allegation is this. David Cameron sold three nuclear weapons of a foreign state, put them in unsafe hands and the Conservative party banks nearly £19 million which then sets the pretext for a conflict that kills a million people. ‘

In summary, it appears that Apartheid South Africa was permitted via UK, Israeli & USA far-right interests, to build 10 nuclear weapons one of which was tested, leaving a total of nine. Those weapons were then removed from South Africa moments before Mandela came to power.

Peter Eyre writes that David Cameron visited South Africa in 1989 accompanied by Conservative MP, Sir Kenneth Warren, and nuclear weapons inspector, Dr David Kelly. Kelly had made a number of earlier visits having been given access to the covert nuclear weapons research facility at Pelindaba, near Pretoria.

An excerpt from part two of his documentation [4]:
“I find it amazing that David Cameron and others travelled to South Africa during the embargo period and not only violated international law but also violated international law in dealing with nuclear weapons that were not known to the UN. In 1989 David Cameron and others went down to South Africa to carry out some sinister plan that resulted in only 6 operational nuclear weapons going back to the US for de commissioning.The other three were to be purchased by the British Government as a standby mechanism against Saddam. Remember this is all under the radar of the United Nations!”

Eyre stated that David Cameron’s trip, although officially ‘a fact-finding mission,’ [5] which was heavily criticised at the time, was to arrange for three of South Africa’s nuclear weapons to be shipped to the Arabian peninsular, where they would be stored in case they were required in Iraq. This fact alone is alarming. These weapons were not only stored unsafely but they were stored in a volatile region and subsequently went missing.

Correspondence from Gordon Bowden to the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve:
Sent: Fri, 10 June, 2011 14:12:30
Dear Rt Hon Dominic Charles Robert Grieve.
You will refer the forwarded reply from your official office below, dated Sunday 22 August 2010 timed at: 15:42:08. I make and hold on record this further legal communication to you and the added list of Cc Recipients, forwarded to you via your Constituency address.
As a Duty of Care: Given the recovered Documents of Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON I hold, duplicated, forwarded and held safe by others.
I make accusation that you have, as Attorney General committed Treason, lied and conspired with others in perverted the course of Justice, using your respected and trusted Public Office as Attorney General to refuse a new inquiry into the conspired Death of Dr David Kelly.

I make legal accusation. You have used your legal, trusted and public Political position, to criminally protect those who hold high Conservative Government Office, current and Past from facing Criminal prosecution (Under the Nuclear Explosions Act) and Deliberate criminal Fraud involving an Overcharge to the Treasury of £17.8 Million to Purchase covertly 3 Nuclear Bombs from ARMSCOR, the £17.8 million laundered into the “EMPTY” Tory accounts as recorded in HANSARD via a front UK registered Company of Rhodesian John Arnold Bredenkamp.

With all of the above in mind, it seems that Mr Blair was convinced by British Intelligence Services that Iraq held three of the missing South African nuclear warheads. However, it appears Dr David Kelly was aware that those weapons were not located in Iraq and as a matter of conscience, was taking steps to correctly inform Parliament that there were definitely no WMDs in Iraq and to thereby, extricate Britain from involvement in what amounted to, an illegal invasion. Dr David Kelly was quickly silenced; his alleged ‘suicide’ remains highly suspect in the sense that all of the evidence strongly suggests he was murdered.

Basically, according to the evidence; a group of globally powerful criminals, not only deal in secret nuclear weapons and receive huge financial rewards, from there, they get to become and/or control UK Government and then, use evidence of their crimes to ‘justify’ an illegal invasion of Iraq, bomb the place with illegal weapons causing a crisis in child deformities, still births and cancer and thereafter, leave ISIS to run amok.
When Mr Blair PM assured Iraqi people they were to be “liberated” did he envisage that ‘liberation’ included Iraqi teenagers being hung or decapitated for watching football or listening to rock music?

Shockingly, in 2011, the MoD had to apologise to Parliament for lying about depleted uranium. After questions from a Labour MP, the MoD was forced to admit that contrary to his previous statements to Parliament, depleted uranium weapons had not been through Geneva Weapons Review:

Nick Harvey admitted that he had inadvertently misled MPs about a Ministry of Defence review that he said had concluded the weapons were permissible on humanitarian and environmental grounds under the Geneva conventions.’

In context of present day events regarding Brexit and the kind of people the actually criminal Tory Party and cohorts, have installed into no10 as ‘government’, Parliament can be in no doubt as to the true nature of the powers behind the Tory ‘throne’ and as to just how far they will go, toward serving each others interests.

It’s not just Britain’s alliance with the EU that is under attack here, it is also, the European Union as an entity as a voice of power, law, rights and reason on the world stage. Basically, every nation is at risk and Britain it appears, is at the forefront now in confronting and eradicating the presently covert-threat.

With our very planet at stake requiring urgent action which does include overriding present corporate-profits sustaining various criminal powers and entities, Britain as a nation, needs to take courage and invest faith in our ancient institutions and, our monarchy, to uphold and utilise the full weight of law to humanity’s and our planet’s advantage.

The time for divisive, opposing partisan politics is over. Power of governance needs to be granted only to those of sound moral & ethical stature and who are most proficient in upholding the law and all of the rights and values which best sustain a viable and compassionate democracy, for where there is no compassion there is no intelligence and bereft of true intelligence, humanity as a species, is doomed and precisely because intelligence is the unique facet of our being among all other life-forms on Earth: We either serve the life of our planet or we destroy that life for ‘fun’ and ‘profits’ to a privileged, disconnected few who exist in the realms of fantasy and who cannot be trusted to provide a future worth living to the next generation nor even, assure their own survival.

It is therefore expedient that Labour MP’s and shadow cabinet, take steps to reach out across all parties within Parliament and within Intelligence, police, military & Civil Service and also, to the same among trusted sources with EU Parliament with an objective of investigating, arresting & prosecuting key suspects in these insipid ‘games’ as thus exposed herein.

It is necessary, to ask questions in Parliament and for purpose of thereby, informing the public who, deserve to know what their taxes have funded and who has been operating in our name. Such questions will equally empower and embolden civil-servants who to date, have had nowhere to turn with what on the surface, appears as ‘incredible’ information.

Questions need then, to be followed by direct action and perhaps in case of certain individuals, prompt arrest and/or an Inquiry into e.g. The Israel Lobby: Does Israel hold a cache of undisclosed/illegal WMD’s? Until an Israeli government is prepared to provide an answer to that question, there really can be no place for an ‘Israel Lobby’ within Parliament, for surely, as the only (illegal) nuclear power in the Middle East, Israel is not truly the ‘vulnerable’ and ‘persecuted’ nation it purports to be.

Of special importance is the boost to Tory funds via the illegal sale of illegal nuclear weapons which, by nefarious and fraudulent methods extracted over £17-19million from UK public coffers and placed them directly into prominent Tory members and the Party’s accounts.

As a nation and as a democracy, we cannot permit such evidence and crimes to pass unchallenged and perhaps, it is only through exposing the evidence, that far-right elements among the UK public, recruited as unwitting victims of propaganda, will finally be placated in face of the crimes their present “heroes” are very likely guilty of.

The days of ‘conspiracy-theory’ are over – the evidence clearly supports the reality of conspiracy-fact. It is therefore, beholden on all future UK governments, to embark on a process of tightening up on every aspect of economy, national security, police, intelligence and military operations.
Special protection needs to be available for ‘whistleblowers’ and strict vetting of all persons entering into public office with equally strict penalties for crimes committed while in public office for clearly, the traditional ‘softly-softly’ approach has facilitated ever worse crimes.

Various news medias within the mainstream as are known complicits on side of far-right propaganda and agendas, have buried ‘unsavoury’ news and/or resorted to hate-campaigns on behalf of their hidden dictators i.e. Jeremy Corbyn MP is irrationally compared to Stalin.

The mainstream news medias are known and are lawfully evidenced, to have conspired with lawful suspects and their high-profile supporters, for purpose of burying details and information/news citing severe anomalies in issues around police and local authorities handling of crime reports citing organised child sexual abuse, child trafficking and murder of children. Countless children have suffered as a direct result: Again, under control of covertly-fascist agendas, the role of the media is reversed to serving purpose of keeping secrets instead of exposing them as a matter of public interest in terms of e.g. Defending children’s rights & welfare.

It is glaringly apparent that our present laws are seriously out-of-date and out-of-touch with reality.

Perhaps the media by law, needs to be prohibited from publishing unsubstantiated fictions as ‘news’ and/or ‘spinning’ facts to promote fiction as ‘news’? i.e. A code of ethics demanding responsibility, awareness and commitment to reflecting and serving, rather than imposing public interest and opinion; otherwise, more people will continue to distrust the mainstream and rely heavily on alternative news-providers many of whom, are covertly controlled by the same far-right entities controlling mainstream narratives.

Since it is impossible to as strictly monitor independent/alternative news providers without infringing on rights of free speech etc., the only way to protect the public is via assurance of a genuinely free and non-bias press – a mainstream news service that is independent, ethical and accountable.

Left to their own devices, the criminals of power will continue to undermine democracy within every nation. They remain to this day, an external and internal threat and it’s high time we focused our energies toward diminishing both their powers and influence, as is visible in all its horror throughout this world.

It’s time to clean up our act and in that process, our planet too. Our children need action, they need hope and they need guidance from above, they need to know that crime does not pay and that respect, due diligence, competence and compassion, are righteously rewarded. Unfortunately, as I write, the very opposite is true and that needs to change: We as a nation, need to change – to progress into all that our forebears dreamed we can and will be: True Human Beings in a respectful and caring world. Without respect, freedom cannot be.


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Proposal for revoking or indefinite pause of Article 50


Due to recent events, have here included an update to this proposal by way of this introduction. After completing the letter below as sent to my present MP, I have decided simply to share it here as it clearly expresses the concerns and issues surrounding recent events regarding Brexit and to expose exactly why people like Boris Johnson PM and his ultra-wealthy patrons are so desperate to make a complete break from the EU at this present time:

Dear MP [via ‘Write To Them’:

People are calling Mr Johnson PM’s proroguing of Parliament (for an unprecedented 5 weeks and after spending barely more than a single day in Parliament as Prime Minister), a ‘coup’ and having examined the evidence, a coup is exactly what this is.

I am deeply concerned – especially about the hard-Brexit the coup is undoubtedly designed to deliver i.e. Food & medicine shortages, rationing, troops ‘assisting’ police, martial law, scrapping of all our rights, resurgence of troubles in Ireland via a hard-border…

I fear the very concept of democracy is at risk here and the plans for Martial Law are outrageous and threaten no less than civil war! What kind of democratic government needs to employ Martial Law during peace-time and for purpose of enforcing a policy that allegedly, the people have democratically voted for ?…/government-planning-martial-…

There is nothing yourself, nor any government minister presently standing with Mr Johnson PM, can say to assure me that Martial Law is not likely to become a reality in our towns & cities, imposing curfews and travel-bans, because you are all at liberty to commit gross perjury with impunity!:

Astonishingly, it appears even Britain’s High Court is standing by Mr Johnson PM and even, our Queen – apparently, being a Tory MP gives men like Mr Johnson freedom to broadcast blatant lies and regardless that those lies have persuaded people to vote against their own and their children’s best interests and to such a degree, thousands if not MILLIONS of UK citizens very LIVES are at risk!

The fact is, though certain political factions were hankering for a hard-Brexit from the offset and many duped into believing that is what they were voting for, a fair majority of leave voters were persuaded by various government ministers, that the hard-Brexit was never going to happen. Nonetheless the “Brexit-Means-Brexit” mantra began as soon as referendum results were in and thereby, thoroughly negating the now obviously empty promises, about a ‘new deal’.

Equally concerning is the fact that Johnson PM’s Aide, Dominic Cummings, recently sacked Sonia Khan, Aide to Chancellor of Exchequer Sajid Javid, without his knowledge, after Mr Cummings had demanded to examine her private & work phones and discovered she had made contact with former Aide, Hammond . Mr Cummings then had Ms Khan escorted out of no10 by ARMED POLICE! One might think she had been in touch with ISIS or the Kremlin!

Hammond it transpires; ‘is heavily involved in attempts by a cross-party group of MPs to prevent a no-deal Brexit by passing legislation when MPs return to Westminster this week.’…/boris-johnson-must-launch-inq…

This egregious action from Mr Cummings, is itself is a deeply disturbing event, that an Aide to a SENIOR Government minister is sacked and thrown out of office at gunpoint and for nothing more than having contact with a FORMER government Aide who, does not support the hard-Brexit that for months, ministers like Mr Johnson, had repeatedly assured the public was not going to happen?

If THAT level of hostility is shown even, to employees at Downing St., this does not bode well at all for the average UK citizen facing prospect of MARTIAL LAW & rations and who overwhelmingly, oppose Mr Johnson PM’s Hard-Brexit-Coup.

The reality is, Johnson PM’s hard Brexit will not only inflict even deeper austerity on our already severely struggling nation, even more than the 120,000 already dead via Austerity, will DIE and not least, due to sudden lack of vital medicines and treatments.

Why such aggression for purpose of a hard-Brexit? We know by now that EU Tax regulations coming into force in UK at the latest, by January 2020, will undoubtedly expose ALL of the financial crimes & criminals presently enjoying the privilege of existing above the law in Britain, as well as, deplete the revenue of big corporations and individuals, currently paying minimal or no taxes and while they simultaneously, receive major government subsidies/benefits and barely a penny being reinvested into Britain’s economy but instead, poured into various offshore Tax Havens.

Retired RAF Engineer Mr Gordon Bowden has spent years compiling the evidence and the fact is, when these criminal activities are finally brought to EU attention, many involved WILL be left facing not just bankruptcy but slso, prosecution:…

The scam is exposed – we know exactly what’s going on here; a COUP TO PROTECT THE FINANCIAL CRIMINALS OF POWER = The bankers and their ‘elites’ who are allegedly, “Too big to prosecute”: That was, until the EU decided to tighten things up and bring a swift end to the fraudulent financial activities currently draining cash from every EU nation. For surely, left to their own devices, such criminal financiers will ensure every nation ends up like Greece and with what little the populous has left via their own private savings and properties, being devoured via national Banking & Building Society Bail-Ins – certainly Mr Cameron has already established the legislation for a Bail-In:

When will the Bail-In begin? When the Hard-Brexit-Pound has dropped to 50p in value = HALVING of every UK citizens wage & income and just at a time when import costs will vastly increase prices in the shops? Is that when interest rates will suddenly rise too, as part of this government’s plan to make Britain a TAX HAVEN?

My Grandfather gave his LIFE for this country and I for one and countless more besides, will be DAMNED if we will quietly stand by and see everything our war-heroes fought for, get trashed on behalf of giving even more power & wealth to liars, fraudsters, war-criminals, thieves & murderers and while leaving ourselves and fellow citizens, to rely on food-banks for rations and under point of a GUN.

All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. I sincerely HOPE you are one of those good people who will do something to stop this coup and stand up for what is right.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Deborah Mahmoudieh

This proposal is written on behalf of UK citizens who wish to remain with the EU and who form the true, democratic majority: We the ‘remainers’ among the UK populous, who are by now, a majority, humbly request that EU Parliament hold the UK government to account and to please consider cancelling and/or suspending Brexit on behalf of protecting the safety and welfare of EU citizens and children.

Here we present evidence to support lawful suspicion that Brexit has happened as a direct result and influence, from an incompetent and/or corrupt British government, which itself, was not fully democratically elected and had relied on a 2nd party to form a 2nd, coalition government.

All points and statements shared herein, are evidenced via ‘References’ at conclusion of this submission.

‘Electoral system The elections must be based on proportional representation and use either the list system or the single transferable vote system’ (Article 1 of Council Decision 2002/772/ EC, Euratom).

In a nation like Britain with 4 separate voting States governed by 4 separate Parliaments; Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & England, proportional representation needed to be according to equal representation within each state-party, as applies to separate UK constituencies in a general-election, in which case, the leave & remain votes equate to a tie demanding either, a 2nd referendum or else, Brexit is cancelled due to there being no clear majority on either side and taking into account that on average, approximately 40% of all the electorate did not vote and the ‘win’ for Brexit is claimed on only, a 4% lead.

The EU-referendum was not an election but nonetheless, the results will have a significant impact on the rights, economy and welfare of both UK and EU citizens. Leaving the EU brings such immense social, economic and political upheaval, it is difficult to imagine any genuinely sane and compassionate government would commit to that objective without a seriously valid reason: Satisfying a minority of xenophobic demands from a thoroughly oppressed, misinformed and dissatisfied population, cannot be considered as valid enough reason for a democratic-government to leave the EU.

Clearly, some among White UK natives, feel marginalized and ignored and unfortunately, leaving the EU will not in any way address their issue which in reality, has nothing to do with ethnicity of UK citizens and everything to do with banking and corporate interests having greater political-clout than the average working-class individual. Loss of UK nationalised industries and services to private/corporate enterprise that began with Thatcher, is minimised as an issue, by a corporately controlled media and government who, have abused their powers to establish the usual scapegoats of ethnic and religious minorities for a distraction: The working-class voice of power in Parliament, died with the coal workers, transport and steel-workers unions.

In terms of self sustainability, productivity, services and social security, Britain is in a very much poorer and more vulnerable position within the world-markets, than prior to entering the EU and much has changed since; we cannot forget either, that it was a Tory government under leadership of Edward Heath (known among survivors of his sadistic abuse against children as “The Claws”), that Britain got dragged into the EU in 1972, without even a referendum – only after much ado and under a Labour Government, did UK citizens in 1975, get granted a vote to either remain (according to terms of Labour’s widely debated ‘New Deal’) or else, leave.

As with the previous referendum, the people’s vote was merely to express the public’s most popular choice – the vote is not legally binding: Parliament has the ultimate choice about whether or not it is in the best interests of the UK as a whole, to act on the vote-results. A competent government would not grant a referendum if there were known and valid reasons for refusing to act on the results.

The government is there to represent the interests of all UK citizens and that does include a variety of minority social-groups and interests as well as, the best interests of a majority which, includes 40% of the population who did not vote and, the 48% among those who did vote who voted ‘remain’. 

Given the enormous impact on the average UK citizen in event of leaving the EU, it is unfathomable that the electorate was given just a few months to prepare for the referendum and, the Brexit debate barely focused on the realities of leaving the EU: Britain’s commitments to that ‘marriage’ do not allow immediate ‘divorce’ without specifying the conditions and agreements for that divorce; the ‘spouse’ has rights too and the spouse has not requested the divorce and really, has done nothing to warrant the disruption of divorce. 

Although England’s Parliament has relinquished on its duties of granting equal attention and rights to all UK citizens as one nation, in favour of passing general responsibility onto the separate proxy-Parliaments governing Wales, Scotland and Ireland (within what can only be described as a ‘having-your-cake-and-eating-it’ scenario), ultimately, England retains the power to override decisions made by the electorate among those various semi-independent States: Brexit is prime example.

England and Wales ‘leave’ voters have benefited from the larger populous of England, while Scotland and Northern Ireland are disproportionately marginalized as semi-independent States and with the whole of Ireland facing all of the risks associated with a hard border: Since the resulting ‘leave’ win is not legally binding, then it is within the power of England’s Parliament, to honour the choice of Scotland and Northern Ireland and permit those State-Parties to remain part of the EU or else, opt to abandon Brexit as socially, politically and economically unviable at this point in time.

Given the fairly recent peace established between Northern and Southern Ireland, the imposition of a border-barrier on behalf of a Brexit neither side voted for, cannot be considered in any way democratic and it is in fact, a perversion of democracy which has left people at a known and very serious risk of a resurgence of hostility.

There are two points raised from the above. First, is the right of Ireland to have a referendum to unite as one nation, being as England and Wales, has opted to leave the EU and forgo the advantages of EU membership. By the same logic so too, does Scotland have a right to separate from Britain being as both Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own Parliaments and elected leaders.

One might argue that Scotland has had its referendum for independence and has voted to remain part of the UK, however, at no point in that referendum was Britain’s plan to leave the EU, much focused on and also, there is clear and actually shocking video recorded evidence, that the Scottish referendum was rigged for a ‘UK-remain’ outcome.

Northern Ireland as a whole, is committed to remain EU citizens alongside the EU-remaining South; both Britain and the EU surely, has a duty to uphold their democratic choice as EU citizens of EU nations comprised of north & south and whom, among the numerous other disadvantages of Brexit, are facing resurgence of a harsh division across their Island?

From the EU perspective, there can be no lawfully recognised divide between either northern or southern Ireland being as under EU law, both sides have equal rights to the same advantages of EU membership.

The 2nd point, is in relation to the on average, 40% of the whole UK electorate, who failed to vote. Only 62% of the viable Northern Irish electorate turned out to vote and, since Northern Ireland was already an EU member, it is fairly assumed that those who felt strongly about leaving the EU, had to a greater degree, turned out to vote, which means, that the 38% who failed to vote, would probably, by majority, have voted remain: The overall result reflects this as an almost 50-50 split with 100,000+ voters swinging the vote for remain. Still, all of those non-voters remain EU citizens and with all the democratic rights granted to EU citizens,

Is it not a serious matter for concern that a referendum with potential to impose far reaching and dramatic changes to every aspect of what has become, a nation’s social, political, economic and trade culture, can be casually presented as an ‘option’ and with an economically and socially, severely oppressed and depressed public, being largely uninformed and thereby, unaware of the far-reaching consequences  of that vote?

It is without doubt that a fully informed UK public would have seen a larger increase in the vote turn-out and with many more among the electorate, voting ‘remain’ i.e. Were the UK Steel Workers now facing unemployment via Brexit, aware of that foreseeable outcome?

Is it feasible that people working long hours, struggling to pay their bills, raising a family or else incapacitated via disability or ill health, can commit to doing the research into i.e. Brexit and what could be the results? Isn’t that what investigative reporting via a free-press and a publicly-funded news provider like the BBC, is supposed to deliver as a matter of public-interest? That news the BBC and ‘Sky’ etc., did deliver on Brexit, was extremely poor; very few of the serious issues were touched on and in that sense, the public were as much informed by what wasn’t covered as by that which was i.e. ‘Remainers’ out campaigning and attempting to inform people about the bigger picture, were thus relegated to the alternative/’fake’-news zone and were accused of “scaremongering”.

Because the ‘leave’ margin amounted to only 4% between all voting member states and with just under 40% failing to vote one way or another and taking into account that a ‘don’t know’ vote was not an option, it is again, undemocratic to inflict such immense turmoil on i.e. Scotland & Ireland, as leaving the EU will undoubtedly deliver and which those States did not vote for. For example, Southern Ireland being independent from Britain, did not participate in the Brexit vote and yet, they too are threatened with restricted rights, freedom of movement and trade, via what will be a necessary border-wall in event of a hard Brexit.

This is a huge imposition against a nation that has had no choice in the vote; effectively, England and Wales has undemocratically elected to impose a border wall via a referendum that the people of Southern Ireland have been excluded from and in which, the people of Northern Ireland, have voted against. 

Is it a fair adherence to the principles of ‘democracy’ that the EU & UK grant greater precedence to the choice of England & Wales, as an historically oppressive, invading force of rule which, imposed division between north & south Ireland and as a result, it has taken centuries of hostility and only in recent decades, is now peacefully resolved and only it appears, for England & Wales to cast a vote to restore the division?

Can England’s Parliament, via imposing a publicly un-requested referendum on whether or not to leave the EU,  lawfully omit and fail to adequately politically foresee and address, any such outcome as the prospects now facing north & southern Ireland and, with all aforementioned risks as confirmed during the previous division?

Apparently, they can. The question then is why and by what level of lawful, democratic governance? Can incompetence be tolerated as ‘lawful’ and accepted as a ‘democratic choice’? At what point does incompetence constitute the case for ‘negligence’ and at what point, does negligence become criminal to the extent lives are lost and rights-of-trust are broken?

Certainly, the risks posed by an Irish border, were not politically debated to any appropriate degree given the weight of political-gravity against any such border; all such debate needed to be addressed in detail many months before the referendum. It was incompetent that Parliament nor the media, barely at all focused on that outcome; it can be argued that such incompetence does amount to potentially, criminal negligence, should history be repeated between south & north Ireland as direct result.

Can the EU now ignore the risks against the EU citizens of both north & south Ireland and continue to accept, that the referendum’s ‘leave’ result also, applies to Northern Ireland and despite the electorate having opted to stand alongside the south as EU members? Does the EU have no duty-of-care to the citizens of Northern Ireland? Can the EU just leave those citizens at the mercy of far right, religious zealots whose historical battle against Catholics and prejudice against native Irish people, belongs in the 17th century?

The important point here is that the referendum was deceptive because what the people of Northern Ireland were truly voting for then, was whether or not, to have a hard border between themselves and the south. Certainly, voter turnout would in all probability, been very much higher were the electorate fully informed about what Brexit threatened to deliver.

The same is true for the average UK citizen who, as previously stated, were largely uninformed and even, deliberately dis-informed via the mechanisms of the ‘vote-leave’ campaign (largely Tory-led), that is known to have hired a global, corporate social-engineering firm i.e. ‘Cambridge Analytica’ which, is on public record as resorting to all manner of underhand tactics (spying, blackmail, entrapment, bribery and perjury etc.), for purpose of obtaining a desired electoral result.

It is known that all such tactics did have an impact on UK citizens vote. Furthermore, the leave campaign has been cited as guilty of overspending and publishing outright lies as a means of persuasion; one of vote-leave’s lead campaigners, Tory Minister Boris Johnson, until recently, was facing court hearings in relation to his heavily broadcast lie that Britain loses £350 million a week to the EU and strongly implying that were UK to leave the EU, that £350 million a week, would go instead, to the NHS.

At this very moment, it appears the same Boris Johnson is favourite to replace Ms May as UK Prime Minister: Is he a suitable candidate for managing Brexit negotiations? How can the EU commit to any discussions with a UK Prime Minister who has never been democratically elected, who failed even, to achieve a majority vote to remain Mayor of London and who is known to have delivered blatant lies in order to get the vote for Brexit in the first place? Regardless of which Tory replaces Ms May PM, none of them will have been democratically elected.

The thoroughly corrupt London High Court has quashed the case against Mr Johnson because Britain is a nation where the rich and powerful are accustomed to being above the law they apply to the workforce and it matters not, that Mr Johnson’s lies have brought UK citizens lives to the brink of ruin and persuaded a majority to vote alongside a of minority far-right extremists like e.g. Mr Farage who, while happily endorsing barbaric illegal bloodsports, believes breast-feeding women are offensive and “should sit in a corner”.

Radio talk-show host, James O’Brian (see References), presents a fair sample of exactly how misinformed Brexit voters truly are via his regular phone-in i.e. People commonly believe that the EU market prevents Britain from trading with other nations when actually, the EU trades with many nations and, as a large single bulk-buy market, is able to buy a lot cheaper than an individual nation e.g. Medicine costs are vastly subsidised by that method. In contrast, the UK will now have to arrange new trade deals, as a tiny market in comparison to the EU and therefore, costs for imports will rise dramatically.

Another Brexit supporter issue is immigration via EU membership but the fact is, prior to the referendum, the Tory government had passed legislation allowing private companies (mostly, global corporations), to bring in as many employees from abroad as they need. Even, there are global-corporate law-firms established in UK specifically, to arrange the legalities of it all. The only restriction is that corporate-immigrants are not paid less than £30,000 a year. Presumably, the lower-paid jobs are for UK workers?

None of the Brexit supporters nor indeed, any UK politicians, appear at all concerned about the risks to national security as posed via corporate-immigration i.e. Dyncorp a global military corporation with a base in UK (deployed throughout the Middle East on various missions), is available for hire by governments and/or other corporate entities. Theoretically, a hostile UK government or corporate-power in Britain, now has powers to import their own army who can be deployed toward ‘establishing the peace’ in event of e.g. A mass uprising among the people.

This leads to the next alleged ‘Brexit-advantage’ i.e. Ending rule from Brussels: Again, Brussels does not rule the UK, merely, it upholds EU standards of  law and peoples, animals and environmental rights as well as, strives to deliver justice; every year, tens of thousands of UK citizens are forced to turn to EU Courts for justice that British Courts have failed to deliver.

The Brexit voters appear oblivious to the reality that minus EU, every UK citizen will be working and living according to corporate rules which are set purely, to assure worker control and maximise profits i.e. Zero-hour contracts that strip workers of those rights the EU protects; when jobs are scarce and there’s no immediate remedy of social-security to fall back on, it’s “my-way-or-the-highway”; people sign away their rights in order to earn an all too often, very meagre wage: Corporate and financial interests generally, are fundamentally opposed to all of the rights and protective legislations sustained within the EU and which, for the most part, were established in post-war Britain i.e. The right to unionise, retirement, pensions, maternity-leave, holidays etc.

The reality is, Britain has left the EU in order to depend on the USA: Examining the way America treats its citizens as compared with EU nations – it’s a simple matter which union is most advantageous to the average UK citizen and yet, just over half among voters, irrationally chose America? That choice is only understood as ‘irrational’ by those who have indepth understanding via extensive research i.e. The kind of understanding that should have been professionally broadcast by e.g. The BBC.

While it may be a pleasant dream for some, to think of Britain as a “liberated” nation except, the UK is not the same nation it was, on entering the EU: Britain has since then, developed within an ethos of EU inter-dependency: Brexit hopes to tear the graft from the host-tree in expectation that the ‘graft’/Britain can thrive on its own – it’s an impossible dream minus any solid plan to re-establish nationalised industry, transport, postal, communications, social services etc.

The Tory Government is happy to inflict major social upheaval and misery on behalf of bailing out corrupt bankers but no bail-out for British steel (privatised and sold for the sum of £1) – it appears UK industry and the workforce can be casually sacrificed on behalf of protecting their precious financiers from EU banking & tax regulations via Brexit.

Brexit amounts to little more than a mirage in an economic desert – leading the hopeful astray toward leadership-style-USA = war, crime, lies, theft, deception and extremism on every level of society, be it extreme poverty or extreme agendas grounded in a culture born of prejudice, paranoid-fears, prohibition and inflated ego-pride.

When one weighs on balance, the numbers deceptively persuaded to vote ‘leave’ via i.e. Cambridge Analytica and with the ‘remain’ camp vastly underfunded by comparison, the 4% ‘win’ on side of ‘leave’ is in all probability, entirely the result of disinformation, fraud, lies and invasion of privacy.

We cannot forget either, that the vote-leave campaign included employment of fear/xenophobia i.e. Britain would be flooded with “millions of Muslims” if we stayed in the EU and, the EU was going to have its own army and then, could invade Britain -presumably, to force Parliament to honour Human Rights? i.e. Quite the opposite of what the corporate army threatens to enforce.

Given the known impacts of propaganda (companies do not spend billions on advertising to achieve zero-results), it is reasonable to understand that minus the fraud, lies and invasive voter targeting, Britain as a whole, would probably have voted ‘remain’ and with a marginally higher turnout had the electorate been fully informed about what was really at stake.

The resulting Brexit-divide and its associated rise of ‘far-right’ extremism, has left minority-population British citizens, traumatised, maimed and dead. The population as a whole, is thus, deeply divided and left facing further economic hardship, major job losses, food & medicine shortages, a failing currency, substantial rises in costs of living via WTO Tariffs and, privatisation of the National Health Service/NHS.

It is again, evidence of incompetence if not criminal negligence, that a nation already struggling under imposition of ‘austerity’ (an economic policy recently described by the UN Rapporteur as; “punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous”), is knowingly placed at risk of yet further hardship, as posed by the hard-Brexit the UK electorate were convinced they were voting either for or against.

Having failed to reach a Brexit Deal with EU that would be acceptable to UK Parliament, Theresa May PM and her government, were making emergency plans akin to those employed for a nation-at-war i.e. Rationing, Councils being asked to stock up on food, proposed deployment of 3,000 armed troops in central London, commandeering the British Navy for delivering supplies, asking hospitals to “stock up” on medicines etc. The UK public were by majority, horrified as the full picture of Brexit-Britain began to emerge from the shadows where, within any true democracy, that ‘picture’ should never have been. Mainstream news reports stated: ‘Britain’s youth are terrified’

Clearly, Ms May PM’s government were and are, quite unprepared for the results of a referendum her government had imposed as an allegedly ‘viable’ option for leaving the EU and that is not because they were remiss, it is most probably because they had focused only, on getting fully prepared for delivering their despicable ‘New Deal’.

Ms May PM knew full well, that a hard Brexit would be catastrophic and indeed, she was banking on the threat of that catastrophe as leverage, in hope it would be enough to gain support for her ridiculous Brexit-deal which, no one voted for: How can it be considered lawful and democratic, to impose a publicly un-requested referendum which on one side, is actually impossible to actually deliver without having a catastrophic impact on the electorate and with the electorate completely unaware about that catastrophic risk and instead, persuaded that the greater risk was to remain in the EU?

The EU referendum did not include voting rights for 700,000+ UK citizens currently residing in other EU nations. It very likely that the bulk of that 700,000 would have voted ‘remain’ and it is very likely that is precisely why they were not granted a vote.

A similar scenario has arisen during the recent EU MEP elections; EU nationals residing in Britain, were denied a right to vote: Labour MP David Lammy stated that: “The [MEP] election system amounted to “ugly discrimination” for people who had endured “three years of being insulted, exploited and asked to apply to stay in their own homes”.

Anneli Howard, a barrister who specialises in EU law said ‘she doubted any judge would declare the election result unsafe as a result of council clerical errors, the principle of the issue could be established because individuals had the right to sue for compensation‘.

Is that how democracy works; people are unlawfully denied their lawful right to vote and instead of the election being declared void as result of that crime, the electorate is invited to “sue” the government and claim ‘compensation’? Can money buy back the rights and representation provided by one’s chosen voice of influence within EU Parliament?

Perhaps, as a direct result of denying a vote to EU nationals, staunch Brexiteers like ‘far-right’, Nigel Farage MEP, have ironically, been re-elected as MEP?

This is an extremely serious result in the sense that political opponents of the EU as an entity, have gained direct access to EU Parliament and therefore, without doubt, are there for nothing more than to create conflict within the EU and broadcast their far-right extremism. Was it even lawful that staunch Brexiteers have any right to stand for MEP election?

What nation would accept as resident, an individual who is loudly and fundamentally opposed to that nation and is actively employed toward demolishing it?

25,000 jobs are to be lost as a direct result of Brexit via closure of British Steel. By May 29th 2019, there had been well over 200,000 Brexit-related job losses throughout the UK; coupled with further public spending cuts and ongoing business closures, many more will find themselves unemployed at a point where UK Benefits system is in a complete shambles, with new claimants left waiting anything up to six months for payment.

Did the British Brexit voters know they were voting to lose their affordable, healthy food, affordable medicines, jobs, homes, rights and businesses? If not then why not?

In imposing the choice (while purporting to support ‘remain’ via a suspected political strategy of playing ‘devil’s-advocate’), the Tory Government leadership had a duty to ensure the electorate were adequately informed i.e. Despite being fully aware of the facts about how much in real terms, Britain pays into the EU per week, Ms May and her members of Parliament, failed to publicly query fellow Tory, Boris Johnson’s aforementioned blatant lie, plastered on a London bus and with images of that bus & slogan, given mass media publicity, while said ‘bus’ was being driven to various locations around Britain, filled with a veritable ‘fan-fare’ of “Brexiteers”, all heavily promoted via various online social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and with a subversive undercurrent of explicit racism, ‘nationalism’, anti-socialism, anti-feminism and Islamophobia.

Given the “cruel and callous” nature of Britain’s Tory government and their economic policy that is, according to an officially recognised and widely published study, directly responsible for the death of 120,000 UK citizens, it is most unreasonable to assume that the EU referendum was imposed for purpose of benefiting the general UK populous; in reality, Brexit most favours, American controlled corporations as well as, London City financiers tax-havens: Britain is eagerly pursuing a USA-trade-deal on proviso that we abandon EU food safety regulations and hand our NHS over to US Health Insurance companies control and never mind that America’s healthcare system is presently, the worst among all Western developed nations.

In light of the 120,000 austerity-related deaths, the aforementioned Study, accused the Tory government of ‘economic murder’ and considering that by majority, those who lost lives to austerity, had suffered months of insecurity, economic hardship, associated relationship breakdowns, loss of family life, loss of Benefits & pensions, homelessness, unemployment, depression and damage to health via stress and NHS cuts; ‘economic terrorism’ is a more accurate accusation.

Suicides among NHS staff have risen sharply. This economic-injury so severely impacting on the lives even, of NHS staff, who are on the front-lines of addressing the results of austerity on public health, would ordinarily, be a cause for deep concern within Parliament; unfortunately, Britain is ruled by a government that considers its citizens as ‘expendable’ for sake of an ‘economy’ that heavily discriminates against the workforce in favor of the wealthy, privileged few i.e. the UK homeless and destitute via Benefit sanctions, are being prosecuted for begging.

Clearly, Britain has become a rogue nation within the EU, in the sense that via economic-policy, a feudal system supporting a politically and financially powerful ‘corporate-aristocracy’ has been restored at expense of all the rights and privileges won by the citizens of post-WW2 Britain. Apparently, criminal financiers and criminally negligent members of authority, are “too big to be prosecuted“. Such a situation equates to there being no law to protect the public, who by majority and individually, endure the extremely negative life-changing results of those crimes.

A couple of years prior to Brexit, Tory Minister, Ian Duncan Smith was compelled to provide an account of his draconian changes to the UK Benefits system, via a public and televised tribunal; at one point, he referred to UK citizens as “stock“. When queried about that statement he smirked and said; “You know that’s what we call them“.

In short, the British public are a people at risk under rule of a thoroughly corrupt and inhumane government that has behaved sadistically toward its own citizens/”stock” and, those of other nations i.e. Selling weapons to Saudi Arabia despite knowing the horror Saudi Arabia has unleashed against Yemen in an unprovoked and ongoing, military attack that has left tens of thousands of adults and children maimed, starving or dead.

The Tory government apparently, had no intention of delivering the hard Brexit their referendum claimed to offer (except, on failure of their New-Deal) and that is very clear precisely, due to their complete lack of preparedness in event of a ‘leave’ win and the resulting hard-Brexit they planned to avoid with their vile, nonsensical ‘new-deal’ which essentially, was designed to strip UK citizens of all the rights they enjoyed as EU citizens and actually, had previously enjoyed the bulk of, as UK citizens prior to entering the EU.

What British people were voting for, was a new-deal with the EU or else, ‘remain’. Clearly, it was important that the leading Tories were seen by ‘remainers’ among the electorate, to have done everything in their power to soften the blow of a catastrophic hard Brexit via their EU ‘deal’ and, in event of no-deal, can absolve all responsibility and portion any blame onto the electorate who had voted for the catastrophe. Basically, the Tories engineered for themselves and their coalition, a win-win situation with the most favourable result being the hard-Brexit that May, Cameron etc., had claimed to be against from the start begging the question; if the Tory government was truly so committed to remaining with EU, why impose the Brexit referendum for a vote in the first place?

Why did the opposition within UK Parliament, fail to adequately query and/or vehemently oppose the Tory proposal for a referendum, as divisive, unfeasible and actually dangerous within UK’s present economy?

This brings us yet again to the Irish hard-border and yet another angle of perspective on that issue:

Although a host of events can be cited as cause for worsening of the troubles from 1972, those troubles had got worse almost as soon as plans for joining the EU were announced; with hindsight of history, it is more than likely, the troubles and terrorism were covertly orchestrated precisely, to thwart the possibility for a soft-border with Southern Ireland’s entrance into the EU. In response to the deliberate provocation, up springs an invigorated IRA demanding unification.

As a result of the hostilities, Ireland remained divided by what amounted to, a military-operated hard border until 1998, when the ‘Good-Friday-Agreement’ finally paved the way for peace to the degree, Ireland as a whole, thereafter began to enjoy the same freedom of movement as all other EU nations.

Brexit is therefore, suspected as a malicious, subversion and criminal conspiracy to exploit the democratic-process, for (among numerous other covert advantages), purpose of trashing The Good Friday Agreement: But surely, that’s just a ridiculous conspiracy theory because Ms May PM has done everything to prevent a hard Irish border hasn’t she? It’s not her fault that the bulk of UK MP’s dare not put their name to her ‘New Deal’ i.e. MPs who knew full well, that the electorate, on experiencing the full impact of it, they’d none of them ever sit as MP again! And, by that point, those MPs were in no doubt that the vast majority of UK, no longer wanted Brexit at all and certainly not May’s ‘deal’.

Perhaps the Tory New Deal was designed to be completely unacceptable because their ultimate goal was and is, the catastrophic, hard-Brexit that would incur the wrath of their duped electorate suddenly aware, they’re victims of empty promises about a ‘beautiful, sovereign dream’ which turns out to be a feudalist-corporate-nightmare: It’s no wonder May was planning 3,000 troops for central London i.e. Home of Parliament: Would those troops at some point, be replaced by e.g. Dyncorp troops?

Reviewing the evidence and its foundation in history and, taking into account the veritable mine-field of rights and laws granted via democracy and EU membership, which strictly inhibit ability of powerful UK politicians to state (as Trump has done with the Iran Treaty); “We’re scrapping the Good Friday Agreement“; how else could the hard-border-partition be re-established without Brexit and, how could that result be ‘peacefully’ engineered and managed to such a degree, the public themselves, were to be the unwitting ‘fall-guy’ in terms of responsibility as well as, victims of what is now lawfully suspected, as a far-right and actually terrorist plot ?

The implications are deeply troubling given the enormity of exactly who and what is at stake: Is that level of suspicion something we can just casually ignore as a “wild conspiracy theory“? When it comes to fascists and their criminal schemes, there is no denying that given even a inch, they will take a mile…

The ‘new-Tory-deal’ could never be in any way whatsoever, more favourable to the interests of the general UK populous than remaining in the EU and, precisely because all details of the proposed ‘new-deal’ were never mentioned in relation to the referendum, we know for certain that those details would not be popular among an overwhelming majority of the electorate; hence the need for the Tory leadership to play devil’s-advocate and publicly back ‘remain’ while secretly, scheming toward their hoped-for ‘new-deal’…

It is a very important point, if not, a matter of great concern, that the EU referendum was not delivered in response to a majority call from UK citizens to leave the EU.

The referendum is known to have arrived directly, after Tory PM David Cameron’s failure to persuade the EU to acquiesce to Tory dictates and indeed, threat of leaving the EU was issued as leverage toward getting his way on his desired alterations to EU legislations and/or Britain’s ‘right’ to ignore certain rights and laws granted as a foundation of EU membership:

‘Why has the [EU] issue come up now?

‘A growing number of Conservative MPs believe Britain would be better off out of the EU and have been putting pressure on Mr Cameron to give the public a referendum. This has gained fresh momentum following the recent election success of the UK Independence Party and a string of senior Conservatives such as Lord Lawson and Michael Portillo backing Britain’s exit….’

In face of the evidence, it appears calls to leave the EU came mostly, from the Tories who clearly, saw an opening via an increased, ground-base of support among anti-EU-‘nationalists’ as organised members of  EDL and/or UKIP; minority political factions hankering to “get back to British culture“, limit and/or prohibit refugees, impose a ‘Muslim-Ban’, clamp-down on illegal immigrants and avoid having to adopt all those ‘pesky’ EU legislations, rights and laws.

Rise Of The Far-Right

Clearly, there was enough subversive interest among the populous, to go for a power-grab and tilt the political balance to same as that of America i.e. Right & Centre Right and the ‘left’ being crushed behind a commonly instilled belief that anything left of centre-right, is Soviet Communism and an existential threat to “true” British values and culture which, allegedly, do not support free-education, social housing, a living wage, universal suffrage and universal healthcare within what amounts to a socio-capitalist economy, as enjoyed by Canada, Norway etc.

With EDL & UKIP thrown into the political-mix and gaining popularity on a par with the Lib-Dem’s, the Tory stronghold of electoral clout would remain steadfast and return UK politics and society, to pre-war standards where the bulk of the workforce had no political representation and are reduced to marching for their ‘right’ to form workers-unions and a Labour-Party…

We cannot ignore the influence of UK Parliament’s ‘Israel Lobby’, who are on public record in relation to their covert operations among the UK populous and politicians, toward affecting a desired objective: EDL Leader Tommy Robinson is a staunch ‘Zionist’ supporter, as too are David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson. Top of the Zionist list is to suffocate any speech addressing the plight of Palestinians suffering daily oppression and crime via Zionist-controlled Israel. So strong is their influence, UK Parliament has decided that anyone criticizing Zionist atrocities is “anti-Semitic” and criminally guilty of hate-speech.

In Britain, where once the workforce via the Unions, had representation and a powerful political voice and influence in Parliament, there now stands instead, the Israel Lobby. Even UK charities are no longer permitted to Lobby Parliament.

Is ‘Zionism’ a political philosophy or is it a religion? As an ideology promoting Supreme Supremacy of a “chosen-by-God people”, ‘Zionism’ is both a political and religious elitist-cabal, that has major global influence via control of the vast majority of the world’s corporate interests and banking systems i.e. Companies like Cambridge Analytica (who were also involved in the Trump campaign), very likely have Zionist backing.

The prime objective in the fascist power-grab, is to persuade people that their fascism is ‘righteous’ and the opposition to fascism amounts to a ‘terrorist-threat’ and combating that threat, is in the best interests of any populous the fascists hope to control. In relation to Zionism, this observation is confirmed via the openly Nazi supporters regularly witnessed among Trump and Tommy Robinson rallies.

We cannot ignore that hard fact that along with the rise of the ‘far-right’, attacks against Jews have increased exponentially. And, it is very strange that Nazi-supporters align themselves with self-proclaimed ‘Zionists’ like Trump and Tommy Robinson. Except, it’s not ‘strange’ when we understand the dynamics of of carefully planned and orchestrated, fascist-coup: Confusion reigns.

Social-engineering is a very useful tool toward raising a desired culture of ‘popularism’ for a political ‘ideal’ that sadly, does not at all serve the best interests of those relied on to most loudly and aggressively support it. By the time the duped awaken to the con – it’s too late, the deed is done and a century of hard-won social-progress is erased.

As one member of UK Israel Lobby states: “The real strategic goal is to get the UK to behave more like the US than Europe. Pull them – tug them into the US sphere…” (See References; Al Jazeera: The Israel Lobby)

Brexit appears to have achieved exactly that purpose and the British public largely beguiled into assuming a closer alliance with USA on grounds they share a common language. In reality, America operates on a level that is alien to European/UK society, in the sense that America’s social systems have more in common with pre-war Europe; the US is somewhat behind in terms of post-war social and political progress that took place from 1945 onwards – hence the attraction from Britain’s far-right who, like USA Republicans, have strongly resisted those progressions as “communist”.

It seems ‘Brexit’ via the gift of the EU referendum, has operated like a magic wand conjuring-up a variety of ‘goodies’ for the ‘favourite-few’ who e.g. Will happily abandon health & safety regulations on food, will run health Service for a profit and turn the sick and dying away because they have no money to pay; or else, will run a prison service for a profit too and lobby government to pass the kind of laws that criminalise ever more people – the workforce (having no ‘havens’) will pay the taxes to fund the prisons and police: Allegedly, human economy does not include the need to serve intelligence, a heart and a soul.

The UK political opposition i.e. ‘Labour’ led by Mr Corbyn MP, has now promised a ‘soft-Brexit’ via a supposedly, more favourable deal but certainly, not anywhere near as favourable as remaining within the EU.

Neither a Secret, Tory New-Deal nor a Hard-Brexit, is what British citizens voted for and a majority among those who voted for the so-called ‘hard’ Brexit (which really is simply, Brexit), on realising the facts beyond far-right lies and xenophobia, have since changed their mind about leaving the EU. This observation is confirmed by the 700,000 ‘remainers’ marching through London as juxtaposed against 1,000 attending an opposing Manchester rally – this was followed by over 1 million ‘remainers’ marching through London a year later and only 10,000 ‘Brexiteers’ marching in opposition.

By majority, the UK public is calling resoundingly for a 2nd referendum; it appears however, that a 2nd referendum requires lengthy Parliamentary debate; again, why did no such lengthy debate occur in relation to the Tory proposal for the 1st referendum and most especially, concerning potential outcomes for Ireland?

Unfortunately, a Brexit cancellation via a 2nd referendum, will probably be too late for e.g. British Steel: In all credibility, can the Tory government claim they had no idea that Brexit would leave tens of thousands unemployed via closure of a multitude of UK based businesses, all heavily dependent on EU trade? What lawful government would knowingly open the door to any such possibility and even, during a time of economic hardship and without any popular request from the electorate, for that ‘door’ to be opened?

Given the points of concern raised via all of the above, it is beholden upon the EU to recognise the inherent invalidity of the whole referendum and the distinctly unsavoury scenarios of a hard or soft Brexit.

Without doubt, the Brexit ‘win’ has already polarized the populous, promoted & empowered far-right extremism and dealt a heavy blow against, jobs, production and economy. Indeed, what else would anyone expect from a ruling political party that has “pledged” and “promised” to “scrap Human Rights” ?

Rigged Elections

Recent UK elections are lawfully suspected to have been ‘rigged’; the postal vote in particular, is highly susceptible to abuse as a Report on the issue, commissioned by Mr Cameron PM, confirmed.

A van containing 200,000 blank ballot papers got “stolen” during the 2015 general election; a few thousand fraudulent ballot papers deposited in key constituencies, would easily swing the vote in Tory favour: UK media at that time, right to the eve of the 2017 election, were predicting a Tory ‘landslide win’ allegedly, on basis of their polls which to be fair, are usually, fairly accurate. It is very telling therefore, that Ms May PM did not receive enough votes and was forced to govern as a coalition with the Northern Irish DUP (strong Brexiteers): With very probable, postal-vote-rigging in the mix, it is likely that Ms May could appear to have been elected via an apparent ‘landslide’ were it not the case that in reality (minus suspected ‘rigging’), she would have lost by a healthy margin to Labour. It is also possible that the vote was rigged toward creating the need for yet another coalition government…

Ordinarily, one might dismiss above suspicions to the realms of ‘conspiracy-theory’ except, we are not living in the ‘ordinary’, we’re experiencing the extraordinary in which, an (allegedly) democratic government, can employ an economic policy to strip people of their lawful entitlements, axe their public services & jobs and, via the method of economic terrorism, ‘murder’ 120,000 citizens while pledging to scrap their human rights.

Since by far, the bulk of the 120,000 dead, are found among the poorest UK citizens and with the vast majority of that economic class, being strongly pro-‘left’, it is not unreasonable to understand that ‘austerity’ amounts to a ‘right’-wing economic-attack, against a largely powerless and most vulnerable opposition among the electorate. 

It is noted here, that the late Chilian President Pinochet, executed an estimated 3,200 of his people and incarcerated and tortured 80,000+ during his reign of terror. By comparison, two successive Tory-led coalition governments, have killed 120,000 UK citizens and many more than that, ‘incarcerated’ in poverty and/or suffering the daily ‘torture’ of resulting ill-health and/or struggling to eat and sleep minus a home and/or income.

For those on the receiving end of ‘Austerity’, the resulting dead and injured bear testament to an attack that has proven far more deadly than the blunt brutality of Pinochet. The Tory ‘cuts’ are so deep, they have literally, cut people’s lives short and, before the UK populous has had time to confront that terrible reality of 120,000 dead and react appropriately, the whole nation and its media, are thoroughly distracted with Brexit.

Is it merely, a ‘coincidence’ that Ms May’s lawfully suspected ‘rigged’ election win, effectively invites (to all intent & purpose) Ulster Unionists (formerly identified as an ultra-right/Loyalist-Protestant terrorist group), directly into UK Parliament just at a point her government is known to be planning a referendum to leave the EU? A referendum covertly designed to undo all of the advances made toward peace between north and south and thereby, satisfy the partitionist minority of Ireland as a whole and whose loyalties align firmly, with the political ‘right’ of Britain? 

Ms May’s choice of DUP to form a coalition government was cause for concern among the UK general public i.e. No one had remotely envisaged being partially governed by a Northern Irish right-wing political party known to have and/or have had, strong links with the Ulster Unionist Party and both parties strongly opposed to a united Ireland.

In any event, it appears the ‘right’ have won their way and a minority choice is taking precedence against the truly democratic wishes of both north and south Irish electorates.

It is noticeable that Ms May PM has joined a few other EU nations in her recognition of unelected Mr Juan Guaido as President of Venezuela. Mr Guaido, as choice of President Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence, is favoured on the basis that the Venezuelan Presidential election is deemed ‘unfair’/corrupt. In fact, according to all external and highly reputable monitoring bodies, the complete opposite is true.

Certainly, by comparison to that of Venezuela, the present UK voting system is nowhere near as fraud-proof and does not at all, adhere to the principles of proportional representation. It is noticeable too, that Venezuela has opted to establish the same form of ‘socio-capitalism’ as presently already enjoyed in most of Europe and as established in post WW2 Britain via the Welfare State and with the NHS, being publicly cited as “the jewel in the crown” of that Welfare state.

Ms May PM’s strong opposition to Venezuela’s choice, to the extent she has abused her office to effectively stand against democracy in Venezuela, is indicative of an inherent distaste for any democracy that truly represents a majority vote delivered by a fully informed and politically aware populous. Furthermore, her support for a Venezuelan coup, has put millions of Venezuelans at risk via the same far-right extremism her government has commandeered in Britain via Brexit.

The British population cannot be described as fully informed or politically aware: One of the key components of a true democracy, is a free-press that will endeavour to publish any news deemed to be in public interest and regardless, if that public interest might be against the political or economic interests of the ruling political party and/or high profile citizens or public authorities: Freedom of speech is a Human Right exactly, for that purpose of challenging authority narratives and associated damaging public policy.

Unfortunately, the UK mainstream media is fast-becoming commonly known as little more than ‘the-establishment-mouthpiece’, there to ignore the general public interests and spout blatant propaganda in service to  powerful minority interests.

While the Press are free to be either right or left wing, news-medias such as the publicly funded BBC, are required to be non-partisan in their news coverage and in that respect, BBC’s coverage of the EU referendum was on the surface, seemingly fair. However, the BBC’s “non-bias” coverage of the referendum meant ultimately, that extremists views and outright lies from people like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, were presented alongside facts and the related concerns, as an ‘equal choice’ – again, can lies and xenophobia truly be presented as ‘democratic a choice’? Can a democracy thrive on lies and xenophobia/stupidity?

Ultimately, ‘fascism’ is any philosophy or agenda that is fundamentally opposed to Human Rights and Universal Suffrage. 

Is fascism an appropriate ‘balance’ for providing alternative debate for choice, within the concept of ‘right’ and ‘left’ politics? Is it a ‘choice’ to put the lives and welfare of the electorate at risk or is it not in fact, a crime? According to the far-right ethos, it is those exposing the criminal activities of the ruling, covert fascists, who are the ‘criminals’ i.e. Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden…

The BBC had anyway, already assisted toward preparing the ground for a xenophobic-Brexit; during 2011 and again in 2013, Jeremy Paxman, presenter of BBC’s ‘NewsNight’, granted mainstream recognition to ‘far-right’ leader of the English Defence League, Mr Tommy Robinson. He and his followers are recorded to target and harass UK Muslim communities and generally promote anti-Islamic rhetoric via online social platforms, often citing extremist/ISIS antiquated interpretations of Islam, in order to instill hatred among the non-Muslim populous.

Previously, just prior to David Cameron PM’s election, a popular multi-millionaire ‘comedian’ was featured on BBC NewsNight; he was granted a platform to air his debate (in guise of a grass-roots-Brit’), that people should abstain from voting. Without doubt, many among younger voters especially, were dutifully persuaded. While there are valid reasons for opting not to elect MPs who are not truly representing the voters interests, it is very suspicious that the BBC decide to promote that issue immediately prior to a general election via which, the Tories needed to get back into power in order to press ahead with their plans for Brexit.

Since Brexit, hate crimes against Muslims have risen sharply, with 50%+ of all hate crimes being aimed at Muslims.

Very recently and soon after the tragic, terrorist attack against the New Zealand, Christchurch Mosque, 5 Mosques in Birmingham were vandalised via a clearly, co-ordinated attack that is the mark of a terrorist group and yet, these are not considered by UK’s allegedly ‘free’ Press as acts of terrorism, instead, they are cited as “hate-crime”.

Emboldened by an increasingly extremist rhetoric of “nationalism” and Islamophobia, that has flourished under Tory leadership even prior to Brexit, one individual, shouting “Halloo Hakbar!” threw acid into a parked car; the Muslim driver and his sister were terribly injured and scarred for life as a result, with the male, being placed in a medically-induced coma.

Exactly how bad does fascist-instigated ‘Islamophobia’ need to get before all such rhetoric and associated violence, is recognised as an internal, terrorist threat?

None among UK Government ministers have had anything much to say about attacks against Muslims as evidence of terrorism, though in stark contrast, an allegedly “Russian” nerve-gas attack against two Russian-born UK citizens, was considered of immense importance with 23 Russian diplomats being instantly expelled and without a shred of evidence to support the assumption Russian agents were responsible for the attack and despite the fact, that the nerve-gas was deemed not to be of Russian origin. 

‘The European Union defines terrorism for legal/official purposes in Art. 1 of the Framework Decision on Combating Terrorism (2002).[49] This provides that terrorist offences are certain criminal offences set out in a list consisting largely of serious offences against persons and property that;

given their nature or context, may seriously damage a country or an international organisation where committed with the aim of: seriously intimidating a population; or unduly compelling a Government or international organisation to perform or abstain from performing any act; or seriously destabilising or destroying the fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures of a country or an international organisation.’

If New Zealand’s Prime Minister understands that what happened in Christchurch via just one or two individuals, is a terrorist attack, why not also, Ms May PM in relation to numerous attacks against Muslims and UK Mosques?

The primary function of a democracy, is to combat the rise of extremism and/or fascism.

Commonly, it is understood that intelligent and balanced reason does not choose to vote in favour of either extremism or fascism; both are historically evidenced to empower brutal dictatorships. In Britain, the ‘brutal dictatorship’ amounts to an unregulated power of finance commandeered toward serving the sole interest of London City financiers and/or the corporate, political and military interests of a minority ‘far-right’.

Within the EU, surely, every politician standing for election, is assumed at least, to support the basic principles of Human Rights and Law that the European Union upholds? What happens when the assumption is proven false and malicious liars are fraudulently empowered enough to attack the Union from within?

The banking collapse (that forms the foundation of discontent among the public), as an economically extreme and catastrophic event, has been cushioned in the UK, via major banking-bail-outs which in turn, are apparently being paid for, by ‘austerity’ that has placed the heaviest burden of debt on the majority poor and working class; standards of living among the once comfortably-off middle classes, have dramatically dropped, while the ultra-wealthy minority, have received bailouts, tax breaks, public real-estate & businesses and a variety of often covert, government subsidies i.e. Working Tax Credit that essentially gives State Benefits to employers who, are thus able to pay less than a living wage to their employees; businesses get paid a lump-sum as a ‘reward’ for “training” someone whose “wage” is Job-Seekers-Allowance.

The economic-catastrophe is dished out onto the shoulders of millions of socially vulnerable and largely isolated individuals, surviving in a social climate of deepening divides among the working classes; tens of thousands have resorted to suicide.

All of the evidence supports the lawful suspicion that Tory-imposed austerity and the Brexit referendum itself, reflect a deliberate attack against the UK populous and with a direct intent to seriously damage Britain’s system of Welfare and to seriously intimidate the most vulnerable social groups within that population.

The Tories have seriously destabilized the fundamental economic, political and social structures of Britain and also, the international organisation that is the European Union: As the saying goes; “there are many ways to skin a cat” – just because the attack has happened via political policy from within a framework of ‘democracy’, that does not make the impacts any less terrible than the ‘traditional’ concept of terrorism; the results are the same and the cloven-hoof of fascism is once again, hoping to gain power via the backdoor of social engineering, fraud, propaganda, lies, xenophobia and deception…

Democracy has been hijacked by extremists who cite their rights of free speech to lie, judge and condemn e.g., a Muslim majority, for beliefs and actions of a minority and on strength of actually ridiculous levels of reasoning that state e.g. A male raped a woman so therefore, all males are rapists.

Free speech is not granted for purpose of perjury to spread malicious gossip and xenophobia and due precisely, to the fact that all such speech is known to incite attacks against innocent people. The situation is somewhat exacerbated by those standing up for the “right of you to say it“.

It is correct that people have a right to say as they please but people also have a right to hold the speakers to account; a lawful, democratic nation, does not have the ‘right’ to grant validity of such speech via mass publicity and especially not with assistance of long established and generally trusted news providers like the BBC, who surely, must know that such speech is designed to instill hatred and incite intimidation and terrorist attacks against minority populations within that nation?

The point is, true freedom comes with respect for the law and rights and welfare of others; if political-speech is not supported by fact and on balance of an accurate/lawful assessment of risk or benefit should one fail to speak, then that speech has no place on e.g. BBC News.

We cannot forget that Britain is a nation whose police in e.g. Rotherham, opted to ignore organised crimes against countless children, on grounds that they “did not want to stir up racial hatred“, by identifying and investigating Asian child-rape gangs and regardless that many non-Asians were and are, directly involved in those crimes.

UK Muslims are by majority, alienated from the likes of ISIS and by far, the majority of ISIS victims are Muslim. Therefore, it is hate-speech for any UK political party to cite ISIS beliefs and actions as applicable to UK Muslim citizens; a democratic, free news media, is acting against public interest when it deigns to give mass publicity to prime candidates supporting that hate-speech. Indeed, it is a matter of national security to ensure all such social hostility is minimised, in order to avoid what could potentially spark, civil-war. We cannot forget that UK Muslims have strong support from non Muslim UK citizens too, all of whom, feel equally at risk and attacked by what is commonly accepted as fascist rhetoric.

This Tory government and Brexit, are proven to have vastly empowered and even ‘normalised’ the ‘far-right’ perspective and its associated fascist rhetoric, be it against religion, women, the poor, the sick and disabled (widely broadcast as “scroungers” by UK media), ethnic minorities, homosexuals, immigrants or ‘leftist’ politics e.g. Some of the UK News media have published “news” headlines citing Labour leader Mr Corbyn MP, as comparable to Stalin. Because that comparison is not supported by even a shred of reasonable evidence, this amounts to a blatant abuse of media-power for purpose of instilling fear and thereby, manipulating the electorate to make a judgement and thereafter, vote on strength of that propaganda.

In juxtaposition, the aforementioned analogy between Pinochet and the Tory Government, is perfectly valid and founded on actual fact of what has happened and what is happening. Noticeably, the UK news medias have failed to publish that more accurate analogy as an alert and a matter of public interest.

Another important aspect of the Brexit vote, is that UK citizens have largely been denied many of their rights to Benefit directly from the EU. It is well evidenced that as EU-Funding became available, various impoverished communities and community initiatives, were denied EU funding and hundreds of £millions if not £billions, were side-tracked into a variety of ‘quangos’ and with many UK Councils redirecting EU funding far from the run-down communities it was meant to provide for.

Mr Cameron PM repeatedly refused the EU offer of £22 million a year, to stock Britain’s food-banks. Instead, the impoverished UK public are now required to contribute a kind of ‘conscience tax’ and donate items from their weekly shop.

Why would a government that has imposed austerity on its citizens to the degree that people are left dependent on a food-bank, stand in the way of their rights as EU citizens, to receive aid from the EU? Isn’t that what Venezuelan President Maduro is commonly claimed to have done? Except in Venezuela’s case, refusal for USA ‘aid’ was based on the fact that the hostile American government has imposed sanctions described by the UN as a “medieval siege“.

In light of Tory plans for scrapping Human Rights via Brexit (certainly those rights as a foundation of EU membership, could not be scrapped without Brexit), it’s very probable that Cameron was anxious to ensure that the EU was not in any way, positively perceived by the UK populous. Certainly, for those suffering the brunt of Tory austerity, many UK citizens have been suffering a similar ‘siege’ as Venezuelans – the only difference being that while supermarket shelves are full, millions of people have no funds to access the content of those shelves.

Stealth Privatisation: A Crime Against Humanity

Few among UK politicians appear overly concerned about that fact that dependency on a food-bank denies people’s rights of autonomy and choice, about what they eat. Poverty it appears, is a valid foundation for casually denying people’s basic Human Rights: Perhaps that is the real motive behind Tory slashing of 50% of UK’s public service jobs via ‘privatisation’?

Is it not deeply disturbing that many departments within DWP, are now earning corporate-profits; Job Centres, Disability Assessments, Social Services etc? Is that what a Benefit System & Social Services were established for?

Effectively, every child in Britain now has a ‘reward-tag’ potentially earning profits for privatised child-care i.e. £1,800 per week for every child on Social Service books and over £200,000 a year per child for corporate care homes. As a result, over 1,000 children a month are being removed from their families permanently and largely, on grounds of a ‘future-emotional-risk’. Family Support it appears, is not ‘viable’ and regardless that the vast majority of those children, experience actual emotional damage and are placed at severe risk, on forced removal from their home.

Austerity amounts to a present and future ’emotional risk’ to every child in Britain.

Already, children’s rights are casually ignored in Britain – a nation suffering what amounts to, an endemic psycho-sexual disease. Various UK politicians (including Cameron & May) and governments, have covered up evidence exposing high profile child abusers and with some of those given Knighthoods and/or positions of high office.

Britain’s acclaimed IICSA investigations into child abuse and associated authority failures, amount to a ridiculous waste of public funding when we understand that the EU Child Protection Directives, were created on strength of indepth studies into such crimes; nothing the IICSA can recommend, will better the EU Directives already waiting for UK to implement. Doubtless, Britain’s highly organised and State-Protected paedophiles, are strongly opposed to EU CPDs.

Since the EU has established the CPDs and since UK children are equally recognised EU citizens, the EU again, has a responsibility to take children’s welfare in account as its duty-of-care to children within its jurisdiction who, are left at a known and lawfully identified risk in hands of a government that has for decades, casually dismissed child rights and has instead, subverted the whole child care system towards sustaining a ‘legitamized’ form of child-trafficking and is pro-active in what amounts to, an attack against the family-unit and most noticeably, among poor and immigrant families.

British children are presently receiving what amounts to, an abomination of EU CPDs.

Organised crimes against children, are internationally recognised as a ‘crime against humanity‘: According to the United Nations Child Protection Committee, London UK is ‘Child Abuse Capital of the World’.

As developing human beings, child welfare is of prime importance being as today’s children are the foundation of future adult generations; it is a matter of utmost concern, that despite the EU investing vast sums of money, time and energy into devising the CPDs, Britain’s children are not benefiting from them at all and no UK authority held to account by the EU, despite countless pleas from the UK public – is it any wonder that many British parents are left feeling apathetic about EU’s commitment to justice and rights?

Brexit has left British and trafficked children at even greater risk.

Not satisfied by the first round of Britain’s Benefit System changes with introduction of PIP and ESA, now, it’s the ‘Universal Credit’ roll-out  inflicting even more economic misery on claimants and children; people are left penniless for months and some if not many, being made or are threatened with, homelessness. Most disturbingly, many of those affected, are working e.g. NHS nurses forced to rely on food-banks.

Social insecurity coupled with severe economic hardship and emotional stress, are known as ‘key’ to inciting fear and its associated poor judgement within an ethos of economic panic. In reality though, the only people with a valid reason to panic about remaining in the EU, were the Tories and their London City Financiers whom, as time has told, are little more than a set of criminals engaged in pillaging public funds and money laundering the ‘profits’ of drugs crimes, child abuse, human trafficking etc.

With so many actually, very costly, changes to the UK Benefit System over the last 10 years and with costs being both financial and via loss of human lives, this is yet more evidence of how an inhumane economic policy, has been used as a weapon within a covert, terrorist attack.

All of this has happened under the supposedly ‘vigilant’ eye of EU Parliament i.e. Why was David Cameron PM, not immediately put on notice via EU Parliament, that any proposal to “scrap” UK Citizens Human Rights is tantamount to a threat against UK-EU citizens and even, against the EU itself being as the EU is fundamentally, established on the principles of upholding Human Rights?

The notion that an EU member State can casually announce its decision to scrap Human Rights, is a direct challenge against EU founding principles and demands a call for intense debate. 

Certainly, anyone is free to say they’d like to ‘scrap human rights’ but not people in positions of power, who have accepted responsibility for the lives and welfare of millions of people who by majority, support democracy and all of their rights: When a guy with a gun says he hopes at some point, to kill you, we better take him seriously and act swiftly to ensure that ‘point’ is never reached. Effectively, Brexit has delivered the UK populous closer to that point and even facing threat of major civil unrest.

What is to be done on behalf of adequately addressing the myriad issues as exposed herein?

Firstly, EU Parliament needs to accept the severity of continued risk and actual harm, inflicted against the UK populations of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales via what amounts to, a hostile UK government: The present UK government needs to be recognised as a criminally corrupted force of power which, has conspired to subvert democracy toward delivering the kind of political choices and policies, that any lawful democracy is fundamentally designed to prohibit.

Secondly, the EU needs to accept that Brexit is equally, a covert attack against the rights and welfare of a democratic majority within both southern and northern Ireland and also, threatens to severely undermine the hard-won peace now enjoyed by both States of Ireland.

Due to the especially sensitive situation for Ireland as a whole, the EU does need to understand that no truly democratic, humane and lawful government, would so casually threaten that relatively recent and still somewhat fragile peace, for sake a satisfying the results of a referendum that was not demanded by the electorate and which, relied on mass data-protection breaches and perjury, to deliver the desired result.

Like many now, ‘Commonwealth’ former colonial nations e.g. Jamaica, perhaps Northern Ireland and Scotland, could opt to become part of the Commonwealth and simultaneously, remain within the EU? This scenario is very much more advantageous to the populous of both Ireland and Scotland, than remaining under English Parliamentary rule and suffering the results of Brexit. As an EU-Commonwealth nation, North Irelanders could continue to have freedom of movement to and from, the UK.

Thirdly, EU Parliament needs to fully recognise the covert form of terrorism this present UK government has inflicted against UK citizens and even, the EU as an international organisation committed to upholding justice, peace, law, rights and democracy.

On behalf of its UK-EU Citizenship, it is beholden on the EU, to indefinitely ‘pause’ Brexit until such time as Britain is governed by a Party that is committed to e.g. Upholding Human Rights and which does not use economic policy and xenophobic propaganda, as a weapon against its citizens. Only at that point, can UK Parliament be considered ‘fit’ to oversee a referendum on Britain’s future with or without EU membership.

Perhaps the EU will recognise too, the fundamental importance of Child Protection Directives and thereby, refuse to accept any ‘deal’ which does not include an agreement to fully implement the EU CPDs?

Brexit is not merely an issue unique to Britain, it has far-reaching implications against the EU as a whole as a vital independent trade-union which first and foremost, is committed to upholding democracy and a host of vital social, political, economic and environmental rights.

Erasing Social Progressions

In their attempts to avoid satisfying the higher principles of EU membership, the Tory coalition government, has  been criminally negligent and has acted in direct opposition to what one would reasonably expect from a democratic government; quite literally, their time of office is best described as a murderous ‘smash-‘n’-grab’ and for purpose of realising Thatcher’s vision of a return to “Victorian Britain” but this time, with 21st century technology. Basically, we can ignore two world wars and the social advances we gained thereafter e.g. The UK Welfare state is a “failed social experiment” and the ‘jewel’ in its crown, our NHS, “shall be shown no mercy“.

It appears the antiquated consciousness of Victorian society, have somehow, time-traveled into the future in order to grab themselves some new technology to take back to their draconian, racist, sexist, far-right extremist, global empire, where fascism was the ‘norm’.

Surely, the EU was established in a large part, to prevent and prohibit fascism?

The new technology has come with the price tag of a history that involved two world wars dedicated to defeating and eradicating fascism, it is therefore, a form of theft, to appropriate full control of both economy and technology for purpose of denying the social advances that have developed alongside the technology; is only the material world permitted to develop and not the spiritual world of human thought and experience from which, the technology has arisen? Does ANY valid 21st century government have a right to throw those social advancements away? Shall EU women need to prepare ourselves for scrapping of our hard won rights of equality and autonomy too?

Observing what’s happening in America (the nation UK plans dependency on for food, medicines and healthcare); an allegedly world-leading democracy, is State-by-State, implementing laws to ban and criminalise women’s rights of autonomy over their own bodies; a self confessed, bragging sex-offender with 23 women citing him for sex offences, sits as President and certain elements among his somewhat fanatical fan-base, have produced xenophobic killers of Jews, ‘Leftists’, Muslims and People of colour.

As with the UK, compared to Venezuela, USA elections are utterly corrupt in that they are geared to deny, the democratic rights of those who can most commonly be relied on, to defeat fascism via the ballot-box e.g. The USA homeless effectively, have no right to vote. In many US States, anyone convicted of a crime (even when the conviction is spent), is barred from voting and, a perverse system of ‘cross-check’ is established to deny votes to over a million citizens (almost entirely, ethnic minorities) on grounds that they share the same name as a constituent in another State or even, the same State. According to all reputable sources, America’s electronic voting machines are wide open to hacking.

What is clear by now, is that the rise of far-right extremism/fascism has crept upon us by stealth and is all set to pounce on a largely unsuspecting and generally trusting, global populous who, are convinced that e.g. Nazi Germany, “couldn’t-happen-today“, when actually it could, as citizens of America and especially the women, are realising right now. As indeed, citizens of the numerous, war-torn/”liberated” Middle Eastern nations already know and none more so, than the citizens of Palestine.

Such is the power of the  USA far-right, a Democrat-heavy Congress fears rushing into impeaching Trump and even, in face of the irrefutable evidence that he has committed financial-fraud, perjury, sex offences and has abused his office to obstruct justice as well as, covertly incite death threats against various individuals and US minorities!

In America, being a ‘Republican’ now equates to reverting back to the days of the wild-west, where guns were the ‘law’ and where women, natives and people of colour were slaves with few or no rights, where homosexuality was a felony and where shop-keepers were at liberty to put signs on their doors, stating “No N*****s“.

Burying our heads-in-the-sand and pretending it’s not really happening, down-playing the severity of crimes and risks, can only serve to grant even more power to what amounts to, an antiquated consciousness that has no rightful place in the 21st century world and which is ignorant to the inherent value of a humane and lawful/honest democracy – a consciousness that stands against addressing issues such as climate-change and protecting the environment: Human Rights are perceived as a ‘leftist’ imposition.

The rise of the far-right is already, gaining a foothold within EU nations: On behalf of those EU citizens with most to lose and who will be left most at risk i.e. Women, children, gender & ethnic minorities and the political ‘left’, it is imperative that the EU now acts responsibly and declines commitment to any ‘deal’ with Britain on grounds that the referendum result was achieved via underhand and fraudulent methods which are not in any way, conducive to serving democracy and solely, for delivering a result that is against the general public’s interests.

Perhaps it is necessary for EU and UN rapporteurs to monitor UK elections and/or referendums to ensure they are secure?

Had Brexit made any real sense in terms of genuine advantage to the UK populous, there would be absolutely no need for i.e. Cambridge Analytica, nor this discourse explaining exactly how and why, the vote for Brexit is a crime of fraud and theft and instigated by a criminal government which, has committed acts of terror against its most vulnerable citizens.

The EU either learns from the errors of history or else, we are doomed to repeat them: Never again, can a democracy grant such powers to a political winning party, that they may commit crimes against the populous with impunity and to such a degree, a whole nation and even, other nations, are placed at severe levels of risk and upheaval and all because the ‘winning party’ were having a “row” about wanting to e.g. Leave the EU and regardless of ALL the harms as cited herein: It took two world wars to defeat that kind of savage-selfishness, cruel-judgement and sadistic-ignorance: can our planet and species survive WW3?

Do we have courage to face reality – to pick up the sword & scales of justice and deploy our institutions of ministries, courts and police, to arrest the criminals in our midst for their crimes against humanity and our planet?

Rights & Laws are like muscles; fail to use them and we grow weak and only because we were too lazy, too apathetic, too silent, to afraid, too molly-coddled, too oppressed, too disconnected, too psychologically and emotionally enslaved to notice the writing on the wall; the nightmare fictions of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ & ‘1984’ are fast becoming reality and the facts of life in this world are all a ‘leftist-conspiracy-theory’ or else “Fake-News” i.e. Climate-change and the dangers of 5G.

Parties are for people, not politicians and it’s high time UK & USA politicians understood once and for all; winning an election does not give them the right to play ‘supreme-emperor’ until the next ’emperor’ gets elected: Representing a democratic electorate means first and foremost, to uphold a set of lawful and rightful principles that can never include an attack against our Universal Human Rights.

This battle for true progress, is not to be fought or won with bombs and bullets; it’s a war for our hearts, hopes, minds and future – we all need to make a choice: Do we, like present-day Republicans of America, love the narcissist’s hateful-wound of injured-pride about who s/he thought s/he was and what s/he thought was his-her ‘right’ or, do we love more, the laws and social-rights our forebears suffered and sacrificed so much for?

Do we love our planet?

Do we love our children enough to give them a future worth living and to raise them in a spirit of love and not hate?


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Holocaust Remembrance

Holocaust Remembrance

It is clear by now that 6 million Jews did NOT die in the concentration camps. News reports before WW1 & WW2, reveal that the plight of ‘6 million Jews’ was a common theme in the call for establishing Israel in the land of Palestine, previously, a Jewish, Christian and Muslim nation where people all 3 faiths cohabited respectfully & peacefully.

Nonetheless, Hitler DID imprison, torture, experiment on and enslave over a million Jewish people, many died and suffered terrible abuse and all on an evil judgement against their faith. We cannot forget, it wasn’t only Jews who were incarcerated in the concentration camps, the disabled, mentally-impaired, Black people, German & Polish dissidents and Romany Gypsies were equally persecuted.

It is important that we understand the TRUTH of the Holocaust and regardless of how many did or didn’t die, the fact remains that a fascist philosophy once threatened our world – one that used negative judgements against specific groups of people as justification for their ENSLAVEMENT & IMPRISONMENT.

Men and women like my grandparents, rose up to combat this EVIL and when the British soldiers returned home they took steps to ENSURE that the forces of Capitalism would never again permit such a tyrant as Hitler to rule; the British heroes of WW2 demanded and WON our Welfare State.

With Osborne’s recent announcement of plans to “BRING BACK THE WORKHOUSE” – which doubtless will transpire to be a FACTORY PRISON, we cannot in the light of history, fail to recognise the fact that such places of FORCED employment are nothing more than CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR POOR PEOPLE.

Today, the fascists are targeting the poorest and most vulnerable, cutting off their incomes, job & education opportunities, their healthcare, their social services and their HUMAN RIGHTS.

In REALITY, it does not matter what religion or ethnicity – the idea that it ‘matters’ ONLY in relation to one particular group is what has been used to justify establishing Israel in oppression of Palestinians = a belief that has permitted the world to IGNORE for decades on the horrors inflicted against Palestinians – to speak out against Israeli atrocity is judged ‘anti-Jew’.

The important point of the holocaust is that it DID happen and that INNOCENT people and children were socially degraded and incriminated for INSANE ‘reasons’ – their faith, their physical and mental ability were judged ILLEGAL = a reason for incarceration as a slave-prisoner in concentration camps. Europe is facing that SAME mentality again today.

Arguments about the validity of the Holocaust as being responsible for death to 6 million Jews are IRRELEVANT and a DISTRACTION from the truth that corrupt powers will use ANY means to persecute people and then use that persecution to stir-up division via fear & hatred = their FOUNDATIONS of power = justification for Israel.

ASPECTS of the truth of the Holocaust are now being used to distract people from the lessons of History – the Romans demonized the Celts, Nazis demonized Jew’s – today, the West has demonized Islam – THESE are the connections we need to make.

Recent Holocaust information is being employed to spread Jew-hatred despite the FACT that many Jew’s do NOT support the Zionist control of Palestine and many more, do NOT even recognise the state of Israel. Indeed, i have marched with TRUE Jewish people on marches through London in support of Palestine.
An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel:

It was PRIMARILY, innocent HUMAN BEINGS who suffered the horror of the Nazi concentration camps – whether they were killed in their millions or not, the POINT is that NO human being should be treated this way and certainly NOT Palestinian people on the back of it.

The Nazis are back in different suits but with the SAME agenda of global domination and absolute control toward the dictates of their CORRUPT = INSANE agendas. In the end, it matters not WHO they choose to persecute the POINT, is that they gain wealth & power on the strength of the social fear their persecution creates = why we need to take COURAGE and BE BRAVE and through our allegiance to law and our rights, SACK the tyrants from power forever for they are an ABOMINATION of Universal Intelligence.


Crimes of Church & State

Is the following information below, world news? If it is not, then why? Are we today, so banal that we can brush aside abuse and genocide against our very humanity simply because such crimes were committed by what are commonly respected as, ‘honourable’ powers i.e. The Church of England, the Vatican and the British Crown?

‘The International Common Law Court of Justice: Case No. 1 – Genocide in Canada
Convened as a lawfully recognized Tribunal of Conscience in Brussels in the fall of 2012, and issuing its final verdict on February 25, 2013, the Common Law Court named and indicted thirty defendants for perpetrating or concealing Genocide in Canada against indigenous people. These defendants included then-Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, former Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Elizabeth Windsor “Queen of England”, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

After an exhaustive presentation of the evidence of crimes by church and state in Canada, and a refusal by the defendants to respond or refute the evidence, all of the defendants were found guilty of criminal conspiracy and Genocide, and were sentenced in absentia to 25 years in prison and the forfeit of all the wealth and property of their estates and institutions. Citizen arrest warrants were issued, and on August 4, 2013, the Vatican and Crown of England were declared to be transnational criminal bodies under international law, and were lawfully disestablished.’

It is significant that Pope Ratzinger resigned within days of the above Court Sentence, he was the first Pope to resign since Pope Gregory XII (1406 – 1415). Pope Gregory resigned in order to heal a serious rift within the Church which saw two rival Pope contenders; The Avignon Pope, Benedict XIII, supported by the French Monarchy and the Pisa Pope, John XXIII, supported by conciliarists of the Council of Pisa. Why did Ratzinger resign to save the Church or to save himself?

Christian faith is founded on the life and teachings of Jesus, a man who stood against oppression of the poor, the sick, the disabled, women and children. What would Jesus think about the native American Indian case against the Crown, the Church of England and the Vatican?

The International Common Law Court of Justice is a legally recognised and valid Court which was established to address crimes of Church & State against Humanity, crimes which our corporate-controlled Courts refuse to hear. In keeping with the obvious conspiracy to ignore, many regular media-sources, Crown, Church & Government have declined to comment on and/or share the judgement of the International Common Law Court. The BBC for example feigned ‘mystery’ over Pope Ratzinger’s decision to ‘retire’.

Did Ratzinger’s retirement have nothing at all to do with the 25 year prison sentence and the official Court warrant for his arrest? Is it due to the Court arrest warrant that Ratzinger has vowed never to leave the Vatican City?

While officialdom continues to dismiss the ITCCS Court judgement as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘outrageous’, the fact remains that over 50,000 native American children from 1830’s to 1980’s, lost their lives. Today’s survivors, continue to suffer memories of terrible abuse including rape, torture and incineration of newborn babies. Official letters and documents presented in evidence to the Court, reveal a State & Church endorsed plot to decimate a native, American population via germ warfare and erosion of children’s links to their cultural identity and natural heritage:

‘In April, 2011, ten traditional elders of the Grand River Mohawk Nation issued a written invitation to Kevin Annett and the ITCCS to conduct an inquiry on their land into children who went missing at the nearby “Mush Hole”: their name for the Mohawk Institute, founded in 1832 by the Crown and Church of England, where records indicate that on average 40% of the children died until it closed in 1970.’

The evidence and the subsequent cover-up are undeniable; people of means and power conspired to bury the crimes committed via Church & State against the Mohawk people. The rights and respect afforded to children under rule of a ‘civilised’ power, indeed, a ‘Christian’ power, were denied to native American children; removed from their homes and communities to be incarcerated in ‘Residential Schools’, children were allowed home only once or twice a year. Many never returned home at all.

The ‘Residential’ schools amounted to little more than concentration camps providing poor sanitation, little or no heating, extremely limited nutrition which inevitably, resulted in many children contracting TB. Infected children were not quarantined but instead, permitted to spread disease among other children too. Mohawk tribes people suffered and died when children were sent on otherwise, rare home-visits infected with TB, Diptheria and Smallpox.

The Nurenburg Trials after World War II were conducted largely in response to the public horror on learning about the existence of Auswitch and the State-controlled abuse and genocide of peoples judged ‘inferior’ according to Nazi philosophy/insanity. Clearly, the Vatican, our Church of England and the British Crown & Government considered the Mohawk people and their children to be an ‘inferior’ race with an ‘inferior’ culture that our world could easily do without.

Considering the abuse continued well into the 1970’s, can we really as a nation, continue to trivialise these serious crimes of Church & State when those same powers have persistently conspired to deny and ignore those crimes? What kind of church and monarchy is not concerned to hear about horrific abuse of children placed under their care and jurisdiction?

Surely, of all official bodies on Earth, the Church of England and the Vatican as ‘God’s representatives’ ought to have provided the very best in care and education to native children of any land?

Queen Elizabeth Windsor appears to have responded to her own 25 year prison sentence by giving herself and other Royals the legal ‘right’ to “absolute secrecy” which put simply, means she has placed herself above the law and in doing so, contravenes her Coronation Oath and signed legal Contract of office as Monarch:

Archbishop. “Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon, and of your Possessions and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?”

Queen. “I solemnly promise so to do.”

Archbishop. “Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?”

Queen. “I will.”

Where is there any sign of “mercy” in operation at the Mohawk Residential Schools? In what way do the function and running of those ‘schools’ correspond to the “respective laws and customs” of the Mohawk people whom, as British Commonwealth citizens are included in Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Oath?

Are we now to accept that the Coronation Oath and accompanying written & signed Coronation Contract are just meaningless ‘formalities’? Do British contracts now only carry any true, legal weight when they’re with a mobile-phone provider?

According to Law and justice, our present monarch is a convicted felon who has ignored her contract and conspired to both empower and cover-up, criminal actions against vulnerable children entrusted to her authority and care. Far from attempting to Westernise native children, our Queen and her Church vowed to honour and respect the laws and customs of the commonwealth native peoples. These vows were lies to placate who? To placate the masses – to convince us that Church and Royalty are civilised institutions keen to establish human rights according to Christian teachings and God’s Law when in reality, the exact opposite is true?

I truly fear for our children’s future when governing powers so blatantly neglect to operate in respect of the highest principles of law and spiritual faith which, they claim and indeed, promise to uphold as the foundation of their right to hold power over Earth’s people: If our State and Church cannot adhere to the conditions of their own oaths of office and official, legally binding contracts, then by what legal right do they remain in power?

British people are told that fraudulent bankers are “too big to prosecute” and it seems so too, is our Church & Monarch. Is that right, is it fair, is it justice – is it in any way at all reasonable i.e. civilised according to our 21st century principles of democracy?

Where do the rights of native American children end and the rights of Church & State to abuse and kill children begin?

To continue to ignore the crimes of the UK Church & State, is to suggest that it’s okay for those powers to abuse and kill children as a political, strategy for maintaining future control of their lands and resources.

What we are witnessing is a form of social ignorance that is endemic at the heart of virtually every political and economic power on our planet; the notion that the poor are poor due to their genetic, intellectual and/or cultural ‘inferiority’, the notion that certain people are expendable and worth less than others by virtue of their degraded wealth, power and social status.

The point is, certain individuals are entrusted with power in service to ‘we-the-people’ and collectively, we consent to their rule on the understanding that the powers established to serve our highest aspirations and best interests are themselves, supportive of our basic Human Rights and that their purpose is to ensure and strengthen, the power of those rights primarily, through establishing them and investigating all actions which contravene them.

Any conspiracy to deny and hide the crimes of genocide, paedophilia and child abuse is a serious threat to all peoples who live under rule of such conspiracy; no child is safe, no human being is safe who does not hold enough wealth and power to afford protection.

David Cameron has repeatedly ‘promised’ to “scrap” Human Rights which itself, is a threat to ignore the statement within the Human Rights Act which states that no Government may lawfully deny those Rights once they have been democratically accepted by that nation.

‘Article 30.

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.’

Our human rights are our true wealth, they are worth more than all the gold on our planet and without them we are lost to the whims and desires of a lawless, ruling ‘elite’ who, having enslaved, abused and murdered the native peoples of every land throughout history, are to this very day, rewarded with all the wealth and power those historical crimes continue to afford. David Cameron for example, inherited a family fortune and an Eton education directly on the proceeds of his family’s colonial exploits; ‘ David Cameron’s ancestors were among those who received billions of pounds in compensation after slavery was abolished, a study has claimed.’

Where is the compensation for the slaves?

Native peoples like the native American, Mohawk tribe, the descendants of Caribbean and Afro-American slaves, the native peoples of Britain itself and every Commonwealth nation, continue to suffer the consequences of historical crimes committed against our ethnicity, spiritual faith and culture: How much longer can a developed, educated and subsequently, enlightened people tolerate the obscenity of this terrible injustice that empowers and reveres the ‘traditional’ oppressor and leaves their victims condemned, degraded, dispossessed and ignored?

What is a ‘higher-education’ for if not to refine and improve the way we live, the way we function as a species? Are we now to accept that ‘social-progress’ means our Human Rights must be abolished?

Mohawk tribal lands have earned hefty sums for the British Crown, Church & State, money bequeathed toward empowering their own, future generations; money earned directly through fundamentally disrespecting the natural rights of original inhabitants. The wounds of poverty, slavery, abuse and criminalisation have been the heritage of every native generation since colonisation began.

It is high time the crimes of history were adequately addressed and the present day victim-survivors, received full compensation and/or unequivocal return of their lands and resources. Anything less is an affront to our natural, human intelligence and a permanent road-block against any real and truly, humane progress.